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What movie needs its own makeup collection?

What movie needs its own makeup collection? Share!

I could totally go for a Finding Nemo-themed collection – so many vibrant colors and textures to choose from. Most of the movies I watch are Disney/Pixar, LOL!

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Clio Avatar

Something superhero-themed, like the Avengers or X-Men! Lots of potential colours, effects, and finishes. MAC’s Wonder Woman collection feels like it was ages ago.

tabitha Avatar

it would be awesome to see a studio ghibli themed collection! or maybe something harold and maude inspired 🙂 i could see it being similar to the iris aphel collection, except with like a sunflower/daisy shaped powder compact and blush! and i know they’ve come out with some sailor moon makeup, but i’d love to see a collab with a major makeup company.

Victoria Avatar

I know MAC has already released a Cinderella collection, but if I could have it redone, I’d ask Urban Decay to do it! Also I’d love to see makeup collections for Sucker Punch, Moulin Rouge, and an oldie but a goodie, Princess Bride.

Katherine T. Avatar

Marie Antoinette, the one with Kirsten Dunst. The movie was so-so, but a makeup collection would’ve been awesome– tons of dreamy looking pastels, lace, flowers, feminine and luxe to the max.

Nikky Avatar

I’ve always wanted The Avengers to have a collection. Like maybe within the larger collection each avenger gets a quad and a lipstick or something. Star Wars would also be cool; maybe do a light side collection and a dark side collection. The Mummy might have some pretty neutral options, plus packaging decorated with hieroglyphics, which the history nerd in me would love.

Lizzi Avatar

Maybe you’ll get your wish when Finding Dory comes out next year. Personally, I automatically though of Wreck it Ralph because of all the candy colors in the Sugar Rush game. But if I really thought about it I’m sure I’d come up with a better answer.

Dustin Avatar

Ugh! Let the list begin:

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Velvet Goldmine
Flash Gordon (how great would THAT be?!)
VEGAS IN SPACE (ANYTHING with drag queens really)

Ever see Irma la Douce with Shirley MacLaine? She wears green throughout most of the movie and is cute as a button! And speaking of green…

What about Jurassic Park? I know right?! It sounds kinda odd at first but think of how cool a dino-themed collection would be? Earthy duo-chromes and scaly metallics! Bright pops of tropical orange and red mixed with deep rainforest greens and browns! All in brushed metal packaging maybe? Yes. Jurassic Park. Final answer. This would be awesome.

Chloe Avatar

Seconding Hedwig. In fact I’m surprised it hasn’t already been done. That was the movie that made me fall in love with red glitter lips!

Your Jurassic park collection sounds pretty awesome.

Amelia Avatar

I would have to say The Rum Diary – recreate Chernault’s amazing bronzed skin and bright red/reddy orange lips! A pretty neutral/slightly lilac palette would look pretty as well, plus a black liquid liner – and all sorts of blushers could be worked into the collection, and maybe some waterproof/aqua inspired stuff as most of the movie takes place by the sea 🙂

ilovemakeup Avatar

The Baz Luhrmann version of “Romeo and Juliet” might make a nice collection. There’s so much contrast in that movie. On the one hand, it’s bright and colorful but on the other it’s dark and gritty. Plus it was made in the 90’s, which seem to be having a comeback right now.

Rorie Avatar

I love the colour in Wes Anderson movies; imagine makeup collections inspired by Moonrise Kingdom or The Grand Budapest Hotel. I’d pay quite a bit for good quality makeup in those colour schemes!

GUSnail Avatar

Yes! I’ve always thought that too! I’ve always found that movie to be visually stunning. I would definitely go for an eye palette based on those undersea scenes.

Vanessa V Avatar

Not a movie but a TV show, I think a Gossip Girl makeup collection would be amazing. There could be color story for all the characters Serena, Blair, Jenny, Vanessa and even Lilly. Ahhh one can dream…..

Heathee Avatar

I’d want these all to be Urban Decay…the Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Kill Bill, the Princess and the Frog, Aladdin, and Frozen.

Pearl Avatar

The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. The backdrops, scenes and colors in those movies were so vibrant and beautiful. Even Australia was just lovely. I haven’t seen much of his work, but anything Baz Luhrmann has a hand in would probably make for an inspired makeup collection.

Kat Avatar

I’m such a huge Disney fan too!!!! Could you imagine the beautiful gold and bronze colours in a Lion King collection!!!!! Wreck It Ralph or Brave would be pretty awesome too! Thinking non-disney, maybe something like Gone with the Wind with a bit of old fashioned style!

Brooke Avatar

i would have to say something like marie antoinette. while the movie was lackluster, the collection seems like it has a lot of potential to it. i would love to see something like that! also, seeing a collection on a movie like the shining would be interesting too. with all the colours in the hotel, it would be interesting to see what they come up with.

ceebee_eebee Avatar

The Hunger Games. The cover girl collection was such a disappointment especially given how outlandish the capitol fashions are. The packaging ALONE should be crazy over the top. SIGH.

Cat Avatar

I was just talking about that movie a couple of weeks ago, telling my daughter she needs to see it. It’s been a while seen I’ve watched it so maybe we will watch it together. =)

Lacey Avatar

I know a few I indie nail brands have done it, but a giant collection of Harry Potter themed makeup would be so much fun if done correctly. I also agree with Avengers or X-Men themes that are sort of equally spread between comic inspiration and the films. (Though I use more neutrals in real life, I always feel a little cheated when makeup collections for colorful movies are based on the neutral looks the characters wear and not the film’s color palette or the source material. I’m looking at you MAC Meleficent and Cinderella!)

Pasheeda Morris Avatar

As for me and those who were kids in the 1980s, the upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie coming out in October 2015. The bright neon hues and the zinc pink lipstick. Oh, and those electric hued hair colors. It’s my childhood coming back again on the big screen. Can’t wait to see it!

Morgan Avatar

Avatar! I love playing with eyeshadows and I think this would be very colorful. They would even have unique lip colors (blue!).

Also I’m obsessed with SpongeBob so even though it’s not a movie, I would totally wear something that was made by a professional makeup company if it had SB on it.

Pasheeda Morris Avatar

I know in my last post I suggested that the upcoming Jem and the Holograms movie should definitely get their own makeup collection. Other movies I think should got their own makeup collection are: Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Cabin in the Sky
Princess Tam Tam-1930s movie starring Josephine Baker
The Princess and the Frog
Torrent-Silent movie starring Greta Garbo

Also, can I include some Japanese Animes that should got their own collection as well? How about Rosario + Vampire, Fairy Tail, and Sailor Moon get their own line. That would be so cool.

El Avatar

I’d love an Avengers / Guardians of the Galaxy collection. I definitely think Marvel is missing a trick by not pairing with a cosmetic company to do something for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On the animated front, I’ve just seen “Home” and a colour collection for that would be awesome!

Cecilia Avatar

A Clockwork Orange! The orangy/red/black colors are gonna be awesome! Orange eyeliner/lipstick/blush, and the packaging can be a clockwork

doroffee Avatar

OMG, too many to choose from…

-a Miss Congeniality one with really fun names would be super cool.
-The Devil Wears Prada (maybe there is one… anyways, cerulean ftw!!!)
-Beauty and the Beast <3
-Avengers… maybe weird… I would buy anything Loki… true Loki fangirl here 🙂
-black and white films digitally recolored… like Sunset Boulevard…(fave movie ever)
-10 Things I Hate About You

Dez13 Avatar

This might be off the wall to some, but I think The Fifth Element could inspire some amazing colors and some cool futuristic packaging! Remember that cool gizmo that Lilu used to give her that perfect eye makeup in a second? Awesome!

Rachel R. Avatar

I always wanted one of those eye makeup gadgets. And the pen that changes your nail color from the original Total Recall.

brenda Avatar

I think a james bond collection would be awesome. Sexy edgy make up, and just like the movies, a lot of pieces in the collection.

P.A. Avatar

The Craft or Clueless. I’d like to see some oxblood lipstick (as if MAC hasn’t released enough of those lately HA ), a nude for porcelain skin and a warm toned brown pink. Plus, the 90s were all about imprecise, grungy and sheerer eye makeup so there is no way m.a.c. could mes that up.

Jeanette Avatar

It’s not a movie. But Game of Thrones could make a nice theme. Maybe an eye shadow palette for each faction. Plus some lipsticks and other stuff.

Helen Avatar

Marie Antoinette! The 2006 one. Movie sucked but those pastels…. Hrngg.

I’d also love to see collections based on the cast of Friends. Monica’s would be classic- red and brick lipsticks, black liner, mascara. Rachel’s would be a more natural, beachy look- pinky nudes and corals for the lips, subtle smokey eye looks, maybe a brown eyeliner. Phoebe’s would be fun and fresh- glowy BB cream, pink blush, blue shadows, pink lips. Joey would be more of an exaggerated actor look- sunny bronzers, brow pencils, maybe a contour palette (and of course, Ichiban! Lipstick for men!). Ross would be a very museum-friendly, neutral look- neutral matte eye shadows, brownish nude lips, a blush in maybe a faded salmon colour… Maybe a false tanner just for fun. Chandler’s would be all base products, the glue that holds the look together- foundation, setting powders, and a beautiful glowy highlight.

I’m totally creating this. BRB setting up indie company.

Brenda Avatar

LOL! Most of what I watch is Disney/Pixar/ family movies too – always have. And now with two of my own little ones it is so much easier to say they wanted to watch it!!

My movie picks (for a Looong time have thought this!) would be The Spiderwick Chronicles (the flower fairies are amazing) or the Labyrinth (Oh David 😉 ).. such amazing colours and characters!! Recently we watched Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast and I thought that was a great movie for inspiration as well. Or maybe the Secret of Nimh. I like the old ones 🙂

Non- kid movie – one of my favourites for inspiration is Midnight in Paris.

Finding Nemo definitely has a lot to pull from too!!!!

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