What makeup trend/fad do you not see becoming popular?

What makeup trend/fad do you not see becoming popular? Why/why not?

Even though we have seen heavier, thicker brows on the runway, I think it’s going to be quite some time (if at all) before we see thick brows to that degree. Crackle polishes, too, I don’t think will ever be fully popular at a mainstream level.

Thanks to Lyza for today’s question!

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I don’t think that double winged liner will ever be popular; at least never as popular as a single wing. Also Snooki makeup should not and hopefully never will become popular

double winged eyeliner is cool but i never tried it…i should
‘Also Snooki makeup should not and hopefully never will become popular’
hahahaha, except romania(my country) ughhh a lot of girls go for that look, it grosses me out+they have bleached hair w/ dark roots too

I have to agree with the crackle nail polish. I personally love it, but I know many of my friends are not fans of it and I think it is just a “fad” that will soon pass and become less popular as time goes on.

1. the line of eyeliner 2 millimeters away from the lashline or along the crease. fabulously unflattering and weird looking (unless there’s another line of eyeliner in between obviously)

2. brown/neutral/matte eyeshadows from the “Trendy/Edgy” companies

I’m not sure about the almond pointed nail shape that some celebrities are sporting and magazines are showing. It just looks so old fashioned, I’m too scared to try it.

Well it’s not so much as it becoming popular because it seems really prevalent amongst women today but I’m not a fan of gray, green, black or blue nail polish. I personally don’t like nail polish at all but it just grosses me out to see these colors on nails.

Crackle polishes are FULLY popular on a mainstream level in sweden. We dont just have two local brands that sell them (Depend, Isadora) but also OPI and China glaze that keeps releasing theirs. The thick full brows youre probably right about though..

Ah, yes! I have to agree with the feather hair extension fad! My sister is studying to be a hairstylist and she is trying to order a bunch of feathers to do those hair extensions and all I can wonder is “Why is this popular?” Is it because there’s a big fashion trend for tribal patterns? Is it cool that tribal patterns and feather hair extensions are in? What type of message are we sending to the Native American community? I don’t know, to me it doesn’t seem cute……

I’m surprised at how many people I’ve seen out and about wearing crackle polish! I like crackle so I think it’s cool when I spot it.

I don’t know where you are, but it seems to me like Crackle polishes are crazy popular right now.. everyone and their mom is wearing it 😐

Those feather strands in the hair. They’re cool, editorially-speaking lol or for a themed-party… But they’re not really practical, like just to walk around town.

Disagree with crackle nail varnish (in the UK anyway!) Loads of people are coming in and asking for them where I work and I’ve seen a fair few crackle manicures already and they released later over here. I only really like black and silver though and not that often. But each to their own I guess!

bleached eyebrows or no eyebrows, they’re the grossest thing i’ve ever seen and my bf agrees :))
people w/ natural light brows look ok(alexander skarsgard :D) but lady gaga doesn’t…or those models w/ black eyeshadow+no eyebrows…
I’m sure no one here(at least) won’t go for that :))
oh, i agree about (scary) thick eyebrows too :)) those are equally ugly IMO

People with naturally pale eyebrows can look great, for example there is this girl in a Swedish commercial with ginger hair, barely visible eyebrows and pale eye lashes, and I love it. But, for some people it can make you look like a scary caveman/alien.
There ARE people who can pull of the no-eyebrow look even if it’s not natural though. (Marilyn Manson β™₯)
I love thick eyebrows (if they have a pretty shape and suits the person), as long as they’re not TOO thick!

cracle polish are quite popular right now in my opinion…at last here in Italy! of course not everyone wears them, but a lot of bloggers love them (me as well)! maybe it’s a trend that will end soon… Opi keeps on creating new shatter polishes XD but it’s true, probably we’ll never see every woman wear them<!

Hm.. while I do agree with you that we probably won’t be seeing thicker brows to that *degree*, I have noticed a resurgence in the more ‘natural’ look of brows, which I personally find very refreshing πŸ™‚ I hate the drawn-on look. In fact, I’m always trying to make my (skimpy little) brows a bit more defined. πŸ™‚ I don’t want hairy caterpillars crawling all over my face, but I do want some definition, and brows really do frame the face πŸ™‚

I wore crackle polish out, and while many thought it looked cool, they weren’t interested in wearing it themselves. I had one girl telling me it looked “trashy”. I love it, though.

From working in retail I can tell you that crackle polish is HUGE right now, although I have noticed that people are desperate to try them and then go… meh!! hahaha so I think it’s just a fad!

Ewww spidery style lashes! I saw this in a magazine awhile back,and yes it was on purpose! And while I admire these ladies for their individual style,I dont think the Kat Von D 2-different-color-eyeshadow-at-the-same-time-1-on-each-eye look or the corpse blue lipstick ala Ke$ha will either. Cool to look at,yes. Wear to work probably not.

Because more brands are make them I can see Crackle polishes still being used past this year.

I find more that people prefer not to use blush but go with bronzer or highlight and contour shades. Blush will never disappear but people are like the polished look these product give that is more subtle.

I don’t think the crackle will ever be mainstream simply because for every person who loves it, it seems there are a few people who think it makes them look like teenagers.

Every time clumpy mascara makes a trend run, I shudder. No.

At a mainstream level, I don’t really see non-traditional colored lipstick gaining a lot of popularity any time soon. I think we’ll keep on seeing them in art pieces and the occasional sub-culuturally mind person, but for the average woman, I don’t see it catching on.

I honestly don’t think I’m going to see people lining above the crease of the eye like in Anna Sui. I also am not sure if Dior’s stick on velvet liners are going to work. It’s a good idea, but it’s just kinda weird.

I see crackle nail polish all the time! I cant go out with out seeing a girl with it. Walmart, out to dinner, friends of friends. So many companies are doing it now. I think its everywhere. and I dont even live in a big city.

crackle nail polish is already pretty mainstream?
i think underground/fashion trends like blue/green lipstick, neon eyebrows, pastel streaked hair, thick black eyebrows, etc.

LOL, so what does that mean if I like a lot of the things people have been posting?! I just moved to Texas and haven’t been looking at girls nails here but back in Iowa, crackle nails were everywhere! I was a waitress and lots of the staff had the crackle polish, as well as customers-teens, mom, grannies, everyone. You couldn’t find a bottle of it to buy it in stores. Saw a display for it that was sold-out in my local Texas Target.

Now, I have to admit, I have about 5 different colors of crackle and enjoy it time to time but I have to use it in an unusual way since it is so popular (LOL)-like with two colors underneath. I was known back in IA by customers for having cool nails (hand painted neon cheetah, abstract designs, flowers, etc) Also, have had the feathers in my hair but took them out when I saw lots of other girls with them in. Also, guilty of having a couple of pale pink highlights in my blonde hair-LOVE it but not doing it for now because I’m worried it might limit my job possibilities.

I think this post is funny because I love being on the start of new trends and then tire when they become a bit more mainstream. I like the Anna Sui eyeliner and will try it out-it’s mod and I love it. Anybody seen the new Instyle Sept? It has some AWESOME eyeliner styles-my fave is a realllly thick blunt black eyeliner look-will definitely be doing that one. Also, have heard of the Japanese tooth tattoos and think lip art is cool. I want to start playing around with lip art, am also digging the colored/pastel lips. However, I do agree that most of these won’t be mainstream. Have seen more unnatural colored hair, nail art, and more colorful eyeshadow and brighter lips though in both IA and TX!

In Atlanta, GA the ombre trend is VERY popular. As is the half fashion mullet/half mohawk on women. I even used to have that cut! As far as the large eyebrows go, I think if done correctly and skillfully thick brows are far more flattering than thin, highly arched, overly plucked brows. They frame the eyes so much better!

I agree with a girl that said that the feather hair extension things are just a fad. I’ve even seen an infomercial about them! I think its cute on people with long hair but I dont see it lasting very long. But that’s just my opinion. But I do that crackle polish everywhere!! I’ve seen lots of people wearing it!

Pointy nails, eyeliner in the crease, bleached brows…
I think it’s more for the fashion industry and not meant to be ‘trendy’ or mainstream. Or at least not for me πŸ˜‰

Really? I’m all about this eyebrows thing! I LOVE my thick eyebrows! :3 I think eyebrows will shortly become common, but yellow lipstick or yellow hair will take a while.

Highlighter yellow or golden hair can look amazing, but I think yellow lipstick is hard to pull off for most people so the chances of it reaching mainstream popularity is not big. I’ve never seen anyone wearing yellow lipstick in person.

I work retail, and I constantly see older ladies (like 60’s) wearing crackle polish all the time, but never younger girls. I wish those stupid rooster hair extensions would go away. It looks silly and it’s cruel.

I love nail polish but can’t get into the crackle. We do our nails to look nice and neat and pretty and in my opinion the crackle looks messy and trashy.

I agree with everyone saying the feather hair extensions. I can see it being cute on a night out (although I assumed they were fake feathers…. I’m not happy if it is causing animal cruelty, but that’s a whole separate issue) but I saw a girl in front of me in line at the local chipotle with a fester hair extension in and her hair all in a messy ponytail and inwas like yuck…. lol she looked silly with that thing half sticking out of there all crazy and cockeyed lol. so it’s such an impractical fashion statement, i don’t see it becoming too popular…. but maybe I’m
just getting old? lol! πŸ˜‰

Also, I’m with you on crackle nail polish. I don’t know if it just hasn’t caught on in the South or if it’s mostly a high-school trend, but I have ONE friend who bought a bottle, and she usually just paints her accent nail.

Im loving the thicker eyebrows…actually in the process of growing mine (of course by time that actually happens, if at all, thinner eyebrows will probably be the rage again!)…

I would have also said crackle polish, because I have never seen anyone personally wearing it. Then when I read the responses here, I was shocked at the seeming popularity of it! I also don’t see those pointy fingernails sticking around. I think they are flat out weird.

I am hoping that the colored eyebrows do NOT catch on. Ugly from the word go! I have seen several YT tutorials where girls are coloring their brows green, blue, red or even rainbow colors with eyeshadow and brow wax. No thank you!

If I’d dye my hair green or red or pink or whatever though, I’d fill in my eyebrows that colour, but it’s kinda odd if you have like, natural blonde or brown hair. I bet a lot of people would rock it though.

My boyfriend’s mom wears crackle polish, and she’s not really into makeup/cosmetics/trends. To me, that’s a sign that it’s definitely mainstream.

Tehe. I thought that about stupid hair feathers, and now they’re everywhere:) So as far as crackle polish, sorry, but the receptionists and lab techs (moms one and all, and none of them particularly fashion forward) are all wearing it. And I’m in KS, so . . . IT HAS ARRIVED. Hehe.
I’m going with blue eyeshadow a la Nars and Dior’s fall launches. Too hard to get right. Even I won’t invest. Which means it’s sure to be a hit, right? :p

i have a few crackle polishes..i love nicely shaped eyebrows but HATE THICK eyebrows… no offense i love tony bianco shoes but the model Bambi eyebrows need plucking BADLY! :S

oh and ive heard of those weird japanese temporary toothtattoos-think thats a fad though-kinda like diamentes on teeth

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