What makeup trend do you regret following?

What makeup trend do you regret following? Share!

None so far! I guess the way I think of makeup is that it is so fleeting that even trying or following a trend is as much a part of growing up, experimenting, and having fun that I just don’t regret trying them!

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xamyx Avatar

I’ve never been one to follow trends… Even after 30 years of wearing makeup, my tastes haven’t changed much. I’ve toned things down a bit (for most situations), but I still wear dramatic eyes & vampy lips-just not at the same time, LOL!

Katherine T. Avatar

Dang, I’m on a roll, 3rd question in a row 🙂 ’80s makeup, as in Joan Collins from Dynasty. As in full-in-your face makeup—pale foundation, pale powder, bold brows, bold shadow, bold eyeliner, bold blush, bold lips. More is never enough. Add on permed hair and power suits with NFL sized shoulder-pads. Good lord, what was I thinking???

Pearl Avatar

I would have been right there with you, in our power suits and shoulder pads (THAT DOUBLED FOR BRA PADDING IF I DO SAY SO MYSE . . .FOR MY COUSIN) and stabby spiky shellacked fierce hair and war paint, strutting somewhere with 80’s synth music! RAAAOWR!

Also, not a makeup trend, but Rachel hair. My hair was too wavy/curly so it looked more like bedhead.

Katherine T. Avatar

LOL !! Good thing selfies didn’t exist back then. And oh, yes, the “Rachel” – it never looked right on me because my hair always fell flat, and my face was too round to pull it off

Laurie Avatar

Lol I was so there with you!!! ☺ I cringe when I think of contouring with fuchsia blush!!! And the whole Madonna circa like a virgin era…though that actually was not a bad look all things cosidered….

Quynh Avatar

High Brow arches. I watched a LOT of brow grooming videos, and I was lucky to not make my brows thin, but they’re sparse because I followed a YT tutorial to tweeze them, not my face shape.

nita Avatar

i don’t regret any trends i took part in, but i do regret the fact that i now have 6 different contouring products. i do so little contouring that i’ll be using these for at least the next ten years and i’d still have most of it left over.

B. Avatar

I wouldn’t say I regret it, but I do wish that I realized sooner that slightly arched brows look better on me than straight brows. Still, I perfected my brow routine because of that trend!

KaseyCannuck Avatar

I don’t regret anything. If something interests me and works for me, then great! If not, then I don’t worry about it. I didn’t give a second thought to the 90’s brown lipstick trend, because there was just no way brown was going to work for me, however mastering a smokey eye without looking like I slept in my makeup was a proud accomplishment for me.

Sadra Avatar

I regret that for most of my working life I stuck with a very corporate, minimalist look. Now, at almost 60, when I want to try something more edgy or dramatic, my aging skin just cannot pull it off – that ship has sailed ):

The Silver Nail Avatar

LOL, Lauren!

At any rate, I don’t regret following any fads but I do feel very fortunate that my brows grew back in completely following the early 1970s trend of tweezing them to a very thin line. So many of my readers say they’re still dealing with the results of that fad.

I feel part of the fun of makeup fads is that, hey, it washes off and makes for good stories. I’d recommend not going in for any fads that aren’t reversible. I knew someone who fell for the tattooed eyeliner fad years ago and boy does it look terrible.

Kuávsui Avatar

Hahahah I think you’re gonna be right!

One of my only real beauty trend regrets is to do with brows. I did the super thin eyebrows from early to late 00s and I can only thank the powers that be that they grew back (and don’t need much filling even by today’s standards :D). Overplucking is honestly the worst and not everyone recovers so be mindful with the tweezers!

Another is winged liner. I regret the hours of my life I spent trying to make it work for me — those hours I will never get back, but at least I learned a lot about working with my eye shape and droopy lids. Sadly all the idea galleries and tutorials are full of black flicks and wings right now ;(

xamyx Avatar

I’m one of those still “in recovery”, LOL! Mine are from the mid 90’s, though. Well, at least it seems to be a trend that keeps coming around…? I have no regrets, though; I’ve become accustomed to how I look with thin brows, and I still prefer them to the ones I once had. Plus, I have more flexibility when it comes to shaping them, we have some great brow products available now, and if the trend comes back around, I’m all set!

Kuávsui Avatar

Thanks 🙂 I think in the end it was not my lacking technique (which was a bit lacking to be quite honest) but a look thing, I never felt at ease wearing winged liner. Maybe some day…!

Katherine T. Avatar

Yep, the cat eye is on my bucket list of things to master… but between oily lids, wet waterlines, and not-so-steady hands, I might just croak before it ever happens !

Kuávsui Avatar

Have you tried a primer? Wet n Wild’s Take on the Day eyelid primer changed the game for me, and I have super oily lids too. I haven’t yet tried a higher end primer because I am happy with the WnW one and it really helps everything stay in place. Hope you figure out a wayof doing it that works for you!

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh yes! I LOVE that primer, one of only 2 that work for me. If it works for you, don’t bother with the others. I’ve probably tried the top 10 primers (low, mid, high end) on the market, and they all failed me, and the WNW one is also the cheapest by far. For the cat eye, I think I just need to be patient and practice a lot (sigh)

xamyx Avatar

Maybe you can just “wing” the outer corner, Katherine? I have a more prominent browbone, so it took me a while to figure it out, and I just started from the outer corners, and eventually worked inward, little by little.

Gina Avatar

I’m not sure I agree! I think the fuller brows trend is fantastic, because it gives women with deeper complexions the opportunity to love their natural bushy brows and be a little less ashamed of their body hair. I think that’s lovely.

The Silver Nail Avatar

When bushy brows are natural and well-groomed I think they look awesome; the fad part is when **everyone** seems to think they have to have them, and achieve them with a heavy, unnaturally dark, one-size-doesn’t-fit-all, stenciled-on look.

jaz Avatar

I tend to like my brows fuller. So my threader just shapes them up a bit. However, I really want instagram/sharpie brows to die. Like ugh!! I am so ready for this trend to die.

xamyx Avatar

I do both of those things, and have for decades. If blended well the eyeliner can look good, and matching shadow to clothes is *always*, IMO, a better option than clashing, LOL! I’m notssaying your eyes should match your shirt, but having an accent can be really pretty. I also believe accessories should match, but that’s just me…

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I did the same for short period of time. My brows were never thick but I tweezed them to very narrow. I did not continue,which may be my saving grace. With time and Matisse (off label), they have recovered well for my age of 66 in a couple weeks. My lashes are incredible BTW.

Lulle Avatar

Nothing I can think of. I don’t follow trends that much, but when I do I try to adapt them to my facial features and personal style. I may regret wearing neon corals on my lips when I see pictures of myself later, but for now I think it’s fun, lol!

Alys Avatar

I agree with everyone that said the pencil thin eyebrow thing. Ugh. I spent so much time tweezing, it was ridiculous. Also, not sure if it counts but the “manic panic” hair I think we all went through. Some women look great still doing it, but most of us….no.

Nancy T Avatar

Over-tweezing my poor eyebrows back in the day. Mid 70’s, let them grow back nice and healthy all through the 80’s – beginning of 90’s. And then skinny brows became “the thing” again. The trend barked and I bit. To this day, my “tails” of my brows are still very sparse as a result.

xamyx Avatar

The “tails” are pretty much the only part of my brows that keep growing back, and that was the part of them that made me start tweezing in the first place… They’ve always been kind of straggly, while the inner part was fine, but I’ve given up hope for a full recovery.

Nancy T Avatar

Yeah, same here, I gave up on them ever looking full and healthy again myself. Thank goodness for L’Oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa, my daily “eyebrows”. It’s the only Infallible eyeshadow that I know I’ll use up!

Rachel R. Avatar

Classic! In the 80s and 90s, that was the only way to get black lips. Thank goodness there are now a few good options out there for black lipstick. And better eyeliners, too. 🙂

Ashleigh Avatar

I hopped on board with the powder foundation train several years back and it really wasn’t a good match for my dry skin. I remember thinking that looking flaky was just normal…. I still have a few powder foundations kicking around but I seldom find use for them.

Blue Avatar

Wait, not quite makeup but related, I regret the duckface/sexy pout in selfies. I am seriously trying to unlearn the reflex to try to pout my lips bigger in pictures and it’s difficult. The easiest way seems to be to smile, so I guess I wish I had spent my youth smiling in FOTDs rather than posing to try to look different.

Eileen Avatar

No regrets! I pick and choose trends carefully with an eye towards what suits me best. Sometimes when I look back at pictures from many years ago (I’m 71), I have to smile at some of the things I did, but I’ve never had a “What was I thinking moment?!?” because everything just looked right for its time. In the case of ridiculous trends like those Sasquatch eyebrows that Lauren mentioned–since I don’t follow them to begin with, there’s never any regret.

Karen Avatar

The over tweezed brow is by far my bigger at regret because my naturally bushy brows were tamed into a tadpole shape. Makes it hard to fake a thicker brow even with the variety of brow products in the market. The worst part is I never quite fit the thin eyebrow right because mine were too thick and now my naturally thick brows are sparse in the tails from over tweeting. What women do for beauty.

Pash-in Avatar

Definitely my super arched thin eyebrows from the late 90s early 00s, it wasn’t so much a trend but it was my trend. I’ve always been an eyebrow girl, just wish I could teach my past self natural is still sexy.

Lissy Avatar

I don’t roll with the traffic or follow any trend. I prefer to find a style that speaks to me and which honors the reality with which I’m working. So for instance, I have very lush eyebrows (thanks, Dad, that’s your only feature I inherited. I’d have liked to have gotten more of your smarts, too!), which used to bother me as an adolescent but as an adult I’ve accepted and learned to groom. This turns out to have been a good approach, since strong brows are now IN and I have seen so many tutorials containing multiple steps to achieving the look that I get with much less effort. I am of course thrilled and amused that my natural state of being now in fashion again (once again, thanks, Dad! Oh, and thanks also for giving me your genes that has prevented my hair from going grey). This reminds me of the transitory and cyclical nature of beauty and fashion, saves me a lot of money, and prevents heartache and frustration to just stick with what works for me.

Rachel R. Avatar

No regrets. I’ve never been a huge trend follower. Whatever I did, trendy or not, I liked at the time (and might still like, but updated).

I’m happiest that I didn’t like ultra-thin brows, so I never got into the over-plucking trend in the 90s and early 00s. If anything, I should have plucked or waxed them a little bit, but I mostly went the Brooke Shields route until my late 30s. Now I get them waxed, but I go for full and natural, but neat.

Vanessa Avatar

Procrastinating on homework, curiosity, and tweezers were a bad combination for me at age 11. Were thin brows trending in late 2004/early 2005? I just remember plucking way too much and adding too high of an arch for my face. The only makeup I was allowed to wear when I was in my early teens was lip gloss so thankfully, I don’t have any other regrets. Currently, I only follow a trend if I like it and if I can pull if off.

Kat Avatar

I don’t really regret any, because I learned something from all of them, even the ones that I tried that didn’t flatter me. Now I know what does and doesn’t work for me, and you can only get that knowledge through trial and error. So no regrets! The only regret is the money I spent on fancy products to try to make them work, instead of getting cheaper alternatives first.

IRockFaces Avatar

I regret waxing my brows so that other people wouldn’t give me so much grief about them being full. Turns out I look so much better with a full brow anyways so haters can kick rocks if they don’t like it. lol Totally serious.

Deborah Austin Avatar

I love the ‘smoky eye look’ but I don’t follow many (if any?) fads and trends. I’ve seen it all anyway – the winged eyeliner was a throwback to my day and the smoky eye too come to think of it LOL it’s all been done before 😛

Lezlie Avatar

i never did this, but a lot of ladies in my area did, and some still do: dark dark lip liner with lighter shade of lipstick. Yikes!

Linda Avatar

I owned a tube of champagne gold lipstick from Revlon in high school. AND repurchased it…
I also had a copper lipstick from MAC that I matched with Amber Lights on my eyes, and my cheeks.


emily Avatar

Definitely would be the pale pale nude lip and bronzer look of the mid 2000s. that was my introduction to makeup. as a fair skinned person, it was a terrible terrible mistake. especially because i never added a smoky eye. just pale lip and bronzer. to this day i cannot even stand light pink lipsticks on me because they remind me of that time!

Kate Avatar

I generally don’t follow makeup trends because they’re trendy…I’ll try it out and follow it only if I know it’ll work for my skintone (and wallet…if I have to purchase 2+ items for this trend, then no, I will not partake). I’m liking the bring back of “strobing”, as I do it anyway since I’m so pale, so I guess I accidentally “followed” that trend lol 🙂

Dreamer19 Avatar

Not sure I should call it a ‘trend’, but using eyeliner on my upper lashline, basically every day. Until I realized tht I have hooded eyes and it makes them look even more hooded. Now I tightline my upper lashline.
Normally, if I don’t like a trend, or if I don’t think it would suit me I won’t follow it.

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