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well , for the school, sometimes i try new looks, but if i want something comfortable, i just wear teddy eyeliner, mascara, blush creme (obviously blush is a must) and a gloss

I wear foundation, a little blush with some sort of highlighter (to make me look more awake – very necessary on a Monday morning!), a thin line of black eyeliner on my upper lid, and mascara. Oh, and a pale pink lipgloss.

If I have extra time in the morning I’ll do a neutral look with eyeshadow, but most of the time I’m running late, so it doesn’t happen often.

usually concealer and loose powder to set, UDPP w/ MAC ricepaper & woodwinked shadow for a neutral look, eyeliner, mascara, fill in brows, blush, and lipgloss!

Sounds like a lot, but it’s the essentials LOL.

Well I go to highschool, and I wear concelar, clinique face powder, udpp, a lid color like all that glitters or retrospeck ( I switch my eyeshadow up), light mascara and lipgloss.

I really have to feel like crap to go to work without makeup. I wear foundation and/or concealer, lipstick or gloss. Sometimes I skip blush and shadow and just do mascara and liner or some combination of that.

Depends how much time I have – if I have enough time I will do a full face with bright eye makeup, blush and the works! I’m in University so once I hit the work world I’ll have to tone it down, might as well live it up while I can!

i definitely can go wrong with an intense black eye for work! i have to stick with very toned down colors while simultaneously making myself look older and sophisticated, because otherwise i look too young….it’s a delicate balancing act every day!

Depends on the day – work is a pretty lax environment. Colors are okay, etc. I really try to change up my eyeshadow every day . . . usually end up with a bolder eye and a pinky nude lip.

-Mineral Hygienics foundation in light
-Benefit Erase Paste Concealer (under eyes only) or Mineral Hygienics Foundation in a fairly light on face/under eyes
-UDPP sometimes with MAC paint pot in bare study or cash flow (haven’t used this a lot still cant figure out how to make it nice)
-Yes To Carrots Mint Lip Balm (I wear this even when I don’t have makeup on it’s very moisturizing)
-Eyeshadows: usually I wear Stila Wheat or MAC Rose Blanc (I’m still collecting eyeshadows)
-L’oreal Telescopic Non-Water Proof Mascara in Black
-Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner in Daring Green

I always wear a full face when I leave the house. I always wear soft, natural colors (like MAC Malt e/s, Dainty blush, Patisserie lipstick), so I don’t look overdone.

for work I am mostly into neutrals, sometimes a pop of color.
I stick to bobbi brown examples, because I like her sophisticated look for the job. Quick: Eyeliner (fluidline) Mascara, neutral Eyeshadow, Brow Pencil, Highlighter, Concealer, Foundation and Blush and Lipstick (the new bb rich color gloss in tutu or mac jubilee).
Without makeup I appear like an 18 year old ( I am 29), so it is necessary for me.

Well, having reached the ripe age of 32, I don’t have many occasions to wear fancy makeup if not at work. And luckily, my work environment being quite casual, I can wear what I want and people are used to me coming with the most dramatic looks (and nails)
So I hardly ever wear the same look twice, but I always wear a full face. I just make sure it’s more neutral when circumstances (like board meetings or that kind of stuff) require it.

Basically the same thing I wear any other day I might just tone it down a little bit. Long gone are the days when I could just roll out of bed with just some gloss. But for those that can enjoy it while it lasts.

I usually spend about 20 minutes every morning on my makeup…mineral foundation, blush, eyebrow filler, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. Everyday is a new combo!

For work, depending on how late I’m running, it varies from a little liner and mascara to over the top eyes… I’m running late most days, though!

Okay so I usually go with a tinted moisturizer, milani luminous blush (thanks to Christine, I love it!), curl my eyelashes, covergirl lash blast mascara, sephora’s california blonde on lid, a liquid liner on top lash line with a wing. Top of with nude or slighly pink gloss. Sometimes
I do a natural look using brown eyeshadows if I have more time.

I like to wear a full face of makeup because I wear scrubs to work everyday and the only thing that sets me apart from the other girls there is my makeup. I feel naked without it now.

UDPP and eyeshadow (usually neutrals), eyeliner (top lashline only), mascara, and some kind of lip product (though I cheat and just use balm a lot of the time). It sounds like a lot but it really isn’t!

Well, for both work and school I wear Studio Fix Powder, Mascara X, Technakohl Liner, Studio Finish Concealer, Mac Mocha blush, and Viva Glam V or lip conditioner.

I’m at uni so I’m actually really flamboyant with my MU form day to day (one day purple e/s and the next neutrals!) but when I work usually none or just foundation and some mascara

I usually do a full face – I can get away with bright colours, etc some of the time, though if I know I am meeting clients or giving a presentation then I usually stick with neutrals. I am loving shimmery peach eyeshadow a the moment!

I work in a specialty couture store and because of it, i get to go funky any time I want, and I do….its great to be able to do a full face with my favorite vivid eyeshadows….of course no one thinks twice if I go sans makeup though. On most days I will at least do mascara, powder and a lip gloss.

Usually something toned down, mostly Chamomile+Modelette+Mulled Cider, or Ricepaper+Cranberry, black liner, mascara, foundation (obviously), a bit of blush and a nude lipstick, go to is Benefit Good-to-go.

I’m still in school and I work part time as a web assistant for one of our depts so I pretty much just wear whatever I would usually wear. I guess I’m somewhat lucky to have small eyes where barely any of my lid shows when my eyes are open so I can get away with a whole lot more colors than someone with a more obvious lid could. The only color I don’t regularly wear to school/work is teal.

For interviews or more professional settings, I wear Laura Mercier’s Petite Eye Palette in Warm from last holiday season, a subtle peachy blush like LM Nectar or Orange Blossom and a MLBB like Shu Uemura Jupiter Brown or LM Baked Earth. And I make sure my brows are defined nicely and my mascara isn’t clumpy. (I do wear brands other than LM, but she really makes awesome low-key stuff. =))

It really depends. Since I go to school, I can get away with whatever I want :]
So I’ll have super bright eye shadow etc. one day, and wear nothing the next.

If I don’t have a lot of time, but wanna do at least something, I’ll wear concealer & powder, brown eye pencil (smudged out a little), mascara, and play up my lips with a mauve pencil, light pink lipstick and pink gloss. It’s really simple but it works! :]

Im in high school and I just wear mascara, white eyeliner on the water line (makes me look more awake) and beacuse that can sometimes look a bit weird i smudge a TINY bit of black eyeshadow on my lower lashline to frame my eyes…
then theres powder to even out my blotchy red skin…and blush if my skin isn’t too blotchy 🙂

I usually shade in my eyebrows, use some concealer to cover acne scars (powder foundation if i have time), then I use mascara and blush. It usually takes me less than 5 mins.

At the minimum: foundation, MSF Natural, concealer, blush and lipgloss. If I have time: tightlining in black, mascara, highlight on my cheekbones and a toned down e/s look (usually neutrals).

To school I wear slightly diff things but light hand on the foundation usually a thin winged out liner, a light blush like dainty or orgasm and a lip combo of my fancy since I have a million light shades that look good day to day. A tiny bit of highlight and concealer are also used. I like to look put together and awake but don’t want to look out of place.
At work neutrals or smokey eyes. Sometimes a very simple eye and a red lip.

As a stay at home mom, I can wear what I want 🙂 When I want a neutral look — I wear Bisque on the lid, Wedge in the crease, and Blanc Type for a highlight. Black liner/mascara. I wear Blushbaby blush or Warm Soul mineralize blush and Viva Glam V lipglass. Easy and fast, but I feel pulled together 🙂

well i dont have work but i do go to school and if im in a rush all i wear is lancome mascara. but if ihave time i wear the neautral shades of alice in wonderland palette.

Why oh why do you guys not wear make up for school? I wear just about anything for work and school. I am not trying to look ridicilous but I just loooove make up and have bought tons of Mac and other stuff so why not wear them? I am 30 and party very rarely so I quess I have to wear my make up anywear. No matter if it´s heavy or not, ha haa. However, I do not always wear make up but I always try to find the time if I´m of to work or school. I don´t have to wear any make up to leave my place though. I am not beautiful without make up but for me make up is fun, not something I need because of other people.

I would like to use heavy make up most of the time but usually I don´t. Even if I think my make up is quite heavy when I leave home, it´s not when I look myself in the mirrow somewhere. I am actually often disappointed at how “mild” my face looks like. 😀 Don´t know what the others think though.

Christine: You are sooo beautiful and you know how to do your make up just right so wear the lovely stuff you have ;D

I wear…
MAC Sublime Nature Paint or MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot
MAC Style Snob e/s all over the lid or MAC Honesty Shadow all over the lid and MAC Twinks in the crease
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline or just any MAC eye pencil
MAC Plushlash Mascara (LOVE!)
If I feel fine about my face I’ll leave it but for coverage on those not so good days I wear MAC Studio Finish concealer, MAC Studio Moisture Tint, and then MAC MSF Natural to set it…. thats pretty much it. My mornings mostly consume of me doing my hair than makeup lol 🙂

for work :
1. Monistat primer
2. MAC mineralized loose foundation with fix+
3. udpp eden
4. MAC paintpot artifact (+some maroon e/s if i had time)
5. MUFE aqua eyes eyeliner in 0L
6. MAC studio fix mascara (if i had time, i’m not a mascara girl :D)
7. MAC msf blush gentle (+add msf comfort if i had time)
8. NARS loose powder

lot of routine which i finish in approximately 10-15 minutes LOL

Im amazed you don’t wear any make up to school!

I usually wear tinted moisturizer, concealer, Mineral Powder to set, Lip Balm, Gloss or lipstick of the day, Blush, bronzer and/or higlighter if I feel like it and black mascara 🙂

i don’t work in an office like most, so i can be very daring with my makeup. however most days i’ll just do a simple eye look (jest, all that glitters, sketch & vanilla) and some blush with a gloss. if i’m going out after work (i work till 11pm a lot) i’ll wear a full face! 🙂

I love to wear make up to go to work but most of the time I’m in a hurry so can’t spend much time on it. My fave products for a quick make up are: MAC Painterly Paint Pot, concealer, lipstick and a cream blush (generally NYX rose petal!).
If I have some more time I’ll go for some eyeshadow, mascara … I don’t wear foundation every day, but always sunscreen.

I go to an arts school .. so it is okay if i was a lil daring in my make-up .. but i dont think I will :S ..
I love to wear Dior nude natural glow compact powder .. Dior show mascara and YSL nude lip stick ( some times i just wear a lip gloss instead )

I don´t wear makeup everyday, but when I do, I do whatever I feel like 😆 It can be smokey, bright eyes/lips, neutral aso. If I´m really busy, I go for a light smokeyeye, because thats the only thing I´m able to do under 10 min. (entire face).

Usually I don’t wear anything because I don’t feel like having to get up even earlier than I do to put on makeup. Though sometimes a cream blush and eyeliner is all I do. Though I do have a brow pencil and mascara in my desk drawer at work.

I go for rosy cheeks and lips, and a clean black liquid slightly winged liner with a kick of MAC’s permaplum liner and some mascara.

For school I usually just do foundation mascara and eyeliner. If I have time I would do a neutral eye , painterly with all that glitters and glamour check in the crease. Foundation is make up for ever face and body in # 20, mac studio sculpt concealed in nc15 , studio fix powder in c2 , and mac prep n prime translucent powder. If I feel like it Nars deep throat or sin blush. Mascara is mac plushlash and eyeliner is mufe aqua eyes or mac feline

For work I usually focus on having a flawless complexion so foundation, powder, contour, highlight, blush and brows (because I can never skip my brows). If I have time, I blend a bit of color into my crease (I usually choose a purple or a taupe) and black gel liner.

I used to skip makeup for work but now I find that it helps me feel “ready” for the day somehow.

I always wear makeup to school and work! I wear concealer and powder (and tinted moisturizer when I have enough time), brow pencil, mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow. If I have more time, I add blush and highlighter, more colours of eyeshadow and sometimes gloss or lipstick. I usually wear neutral shades, but sometimes I feel like bold colours. I wear more makeup to work than to school, because I work in a shop and I think I need to look good 🙂

I wear a full face for work: Foundation, Concealer, Setting Powder, Fill-in Eyebrows, Mascara & Blush. I usually try to keep my e/s neutral for work. Friday’s are short days so I will spruce it up on the e/s colors to get ready for the weekend!

My work is in healthcare so I have to stay subtle with my makeup or else make sure I don’t run into any patients that may think I am ready to party not work!

Depending on how much time I have, I will usually at the very least curl my lashes and wear a bit of BB cream. If I have more time, I’ll also put on eyeliner and chapstick/lip balm is a must since my lips tend to be dry.

I leave the lips quiet and focus more on the eyes with a nice cheek color to compliment.
I try to tone the liner down for work though.

when i go to work i usually apply mascara (not a lot, i don’t want to look over done), foundation, nude lipstick and light shades of eye-shadow. i work at a bakery, so a lot of make-up is not neccessary, 🙂 x

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