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Ditto, its all just gonna wash off in the surf anyway. Waterproof sunscreen is all you need for the beach.

I agree! Sunscreen and some SPF lip balm is all I need. I’ve tried the makeup thing and it just turns out to be too much of a hassle.. especially if it just washes away.

But I guess if you’re just sitting in the sand, hanging out, and not doing anything, a LITTLE makeup might be nice.

I completely agree, especially because I go to the beach to surf, dive, or snorkle. Waterproof sunscreen, and don’t forget your lips!

Bringing a bottle of water is essential, though. Yes, you’ll drink it, but getting the salt water off of your face is pretty refreshing.

I usually don’t wear any, even though I go to the pool instead. It’s a bit of a waste, even if i’m not going in the water… but I swear by sunscreen so I do not burn!

Either a tinted moisturizer or a lightweight powder foundation. Also, I’d wear some powder contour, fill my eyebrows in, and of course my Jack Black SPF 25 lip balm. :]

Besides loads and loads of sunscreen, water resistant concealer under my eyes, waterproof mascara, and something like painterly paint pot that just evens out the color of my lid, and a tinted lip balm

Hey! I would only wear sunscreen and add some waterproof mascara and chap stick. It’s too hot in Florida to wear anymore. haha πŸ™‚

I didn’t either lol I’ve always just used sunblock and never given any other thought to it haha!

Word! I guess I’m odd, but I just don’t like the feeling of sunlight on my skin. And tan is overrated, porcelain white skin would be just fine for me.

Amen to that! I am right there with you. I went to Punta Cana with family in Jan and stayed in the shade with vampire worthy sunblock the whole time! Its lily white flesh for me too!

Lots of sunblock and spf lipbalm. But if i’m on vaca and hitting the beach after b’fast/brunch/excursion etc them i may wear some lipstick/ a tinted lipbalm.

I usually don’t wear any makeup to the beach, but nowadays, I think I’d opt for tinted moisturizer, concealer, and brow powder. Even if most of it did wash off, I do want to look decent before I get into the water.

sunscreen, powder, waterproof mascara, gel eyeliner (for my upper waterline), korres lipbutter

I find it completely unnecessary to wear makeup to the beach/pool… Whatever. I only wear my sunscreen and a lipbalm which contains SPF 20 like MACs suntints. If we’re talking about a party at the beach, then hings change… πŸ˜‰

I’m using tinted sunscreen cause I have those brown spots and during summer they are much more visible and I need to cover them up, waterproof mascara, and if there’s a beach party, some hilighting powder and lip balm with SPF

Sunscreen of course and If I have any spots or blemishes, I cover them with a waterproof concealer. I only put a not too bold MUFE aqua cream, maybe #5 on my cheeks because I’m too pale and a spf lip balm. If my lids are dark or red I put a primer on only or I may wear a MAC paintpot like Bare Study or a MUFE aqua cream #13.

absolutly no make-up on the beach or at the pool! like most girls here said: just sunblock and a nice hairstyle that stays put troughout the day and I’m good to go.
the only thing I would use is waterprove mascara, but as my lashes HATE waterproof mascara and it’s such a PITA to remove no matter what I use, I’ll just skip it.

I don’t, and i don’t understand how some girls do. I sometimes see girls wearing tons of makeup on the beach, their poor skin!

None at all!! Just sunblock and lip balm with SPF. There is absolutely no point in wearing any (for me).

A tinted moisturizer with at least 20 SPF, some tinted lipbalm and super cute colorful or blingy large sunglasses. Rub a little of the tinted balm in your cheeks for lasting color. You could use a cheek and lip stain instead and just bring a lip balm with SPF.

SPF and Becca cheek & lip tint…I also do make sure during summer that I have eyebrows and eyelashes tinted…it makes such a difference!

I wear waterproof mascara and lipbalm/lipgloss with SPF. And sunscreen all over. If I had an awful skin day, I’d wear some liquid foundation though.

It really depends, am i going with family, friends or is it a beach party. However 9 times out of 10 yes. Little face powder (I dont do much swimming…. i have a legit diagnosed fear of sharks lol) mascara maybe eyeliner,maybe eyeshadow, its one or the other definitely, possible both, and just chapstick i dont really care about lips at the beach

i just wear a high spf sunscreen (like 50 or 60) on my face and chapstick with high spf, top it off with a nice floppy sun hat and i am set! sometimes i curl my lashes too.

I wear no makeup to the beach only face sunscreen. On regular summer days it depends….if it is really hot I don’t wear any foundation and if it isn’t too hot then I can wear just about everything. It is 100 degrees today in Texas so makeup is very limited.

OKAY I FEEL LIKE A TOTAL DIVA!Personally, I do wear makeup to the beach. I never SWIM so the water never touches my face. My choices are light coverage foundation with SPF, waterproof mascara & gel eyeliner, bronzer, concealer & lipstick. Plus sunblock, fab sunglasses, MACs fix +, and plenty of water. Sometimes a wear a hat. It’s alot of preparation but when you run into ex boyfriends, ex roommates, people from high school etc ITS ALL WORTH IT! BEING FABULOUS IS A FULL TIME JOB! LOL

I wear a full face almost everywhere not because u think I need to I knownim fabulouse wether I have a full face on or if I just woke up with bed hair. I just genuinely enjoy makeup I love to putting it on and looking unique it’s all good fun to me.

I feel you on this one.I read all the comments just now and I was thinking to myself”Well I certainly wear regular makeup to the beach”.I don’t go in the water either.I can’t swim to save my life.I was actually @the beach about 3 weeks ago and I wore a full red lip(MAC Prolong lipstick), Blush,Eyeliner, the works.If people think that’s ridiculous that’s THEIR problem πŸ˜‰

I completely agree!! I mean, unless I KNOW that I’m going to go into the water, I’m gonna wear some makeup. High five for being fabulous! Haha.

I don’t really wear makeup 2 the beach because everything is gonna go away anyways, but I have had waterproof mascara a few times the rest of the makeup I wore those days just comes off πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

Waterproof mascara , maybe concealer if I need it , and tinted lip conditioner. I don’t really wear sunscreen unless itss sooo hot , I like to soak up as much sun as can . which probably is not good

Messy cute hair, huge hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and SPF lip balm. It’s too bright, and I’ll be too sweaty even if I just sit the whole time! I generally wear a loud sarong in case anyone looks at me that will distract from my flaws (you don’t need a bikini body to wear a bikini!) Also a little sunshine is good for ya remember.

I wear a tinted moisturizer SPF 20 with a little powder, waterproof mascara, a tinted lip balm, and a lot of waterproof sunscreen!

well, I’m not really sure to be perfectly honest because I really just started getting into makeup last September….
But as I usually go swimming when I’m at the beach, then probably just waterproof mascara and I would take a lipstick, concealer and tinted moisturizer for after I get out of the water and leave, so I don’t feel completely naked πŸ™‚

Just my eyebrow gel, spf, lip balm with spf. I MIGHT put a bit of BE spf Mineral Veil on. I skip the eye everything because my eyes will tear and it will run all over even if it’s water proof.

I’ll tuck something like a liner pencil in my pocket if I am going from the beach to the Embarcadero to grab eats after the beach walk.

Ya been wakin’ on our amazing beaches up here? Hoping so!

Why would you wear makeup to the beach? It’d just melt off..even waterproof mascara and tinted moisturizer run and look gross if you submerge yourself in water while wearing them! And if you don’t want to swim…why not just sunbathe at the park? *is confused*

Who says you have to swim to enjoy the beach? People who don’t “swim” such as myself enjoy the atmosphere. The sound of the waves, watching little babies splash around in the water, walking with you feet in the water, powdery sand, cool breeze, Pina Coladas need I go on? I have chocolate skin tone so believe me, I dont “sunbathe” but going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do.

Ditto.Its fun taking in the views.I also like to read at the beach, and walking on the pier is fun at times aswell.There are so many things one can do without actually going in the water.

I just wear sunscreen (of course), concealer, waterproof mascara and a lip balm that has SPF in it.

I think its funny that someone would actually wear makeup to the beach. I guess since I’m married and have 2 young boys I’m more concerned about sunblock and packing snacks lol

What kind of tinted moustrizer do you prefer? Or anyone else? I have been wanting to try it forever and the closest I have come is mixing a little liquid foundation with moustrizer. And do you wear a powder over it to set it? TIA!

i wear tinted moisturizer, mineral powder, waterproof mascara, maybe a paint pot, and lip balm…

Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation SPF 42 PA+++, Benefit Posietint & Banana Boat lip balm SPF 45.

I can swimming, surfing & snorkeling with these on and guess what, it stays on! (this Shiseido foundation is “Very Water Resistant” INDEED!)

Just some waterproof mascara and maybe a lip/cheek stain, plus tons of Jack Black lip balm and sunscreen!

Waterproof mascara and only because my eyelash are strawberry blonde and invisible. If they were dark, I wouldn’t bother.
Also a ton of high SPF waterproof sunscreen and tinted high SPF lip balm.

I made the horrible mistake of wearing full blown makeup to the beach last summer. The problem was going after work and meant to take a makeup removing wipe and forgot So I had glitter and then went in the waves with twin 4-year olds. We got super wet and had fun jumping the waves but the glitter streaked into my eyes and it burned so badly. So no more makeup at the beach! But I do have a family reunion coming up in July at a beach/park so I do no plan on going in the water so I will have makeup, full blown too, summer, bronzy, bright. Just no water (thank goodness it’s Doheney beach and pretty gross so I won’t be tempted!)

I usually wear a lipstick everywhere, and I like to at the beach. However, I find my lipsticks get sweaty in my bag and melt. So I keep it in the cooler (with drinks and snacks) and it helps. I also discovered Beauty So Clean cosmetic wipes too, they remove nasty food bacteria that grows on your lipstick! I had never thought of that. Discovered it through another link. Great stuff, comes in a pack of 48 wipes! Good for pencils and mascara brushes too. Anyone heard of that?

Since summers in France are blistering I just go for L’orΓ©al black waterproof mascara,Stila lip glaze and Yves Rocher peachy blusher πŸ™‚

suncreen, waterproof mascara and lip balm while i’m actually on the beach. i’d stick an eyeshadow and a lipgloss (possibly even an eyeliner…it depends on the plans) in my bag in case we decide to go shopping or to dinner or something afterwards. But those are only for when i know we’re done with the water and excessive sand lol πŸ™‚

Sunblock, lip balm with a high SPF in it & minimal shine so my lips don’t burn, & waterproof mascara. If I’m going to an event at the beach then I do a normal face, but for actually sunning & swimming, just the bare minimum!

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