What makes you leave a review on a product?

I think I’ve only left a handful reviews over time on any site other than my own (it’s like… I already do this regularly, I’m not inclined to do MORE if it’s not here!). Those rare moments have usually fueled by really loving a product and not feeling like the product was getting enough love or reviews weren’t useful.

— Christine


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Erica Avatar

I have only left a few reviews ever. I only usually do if I didn’t really enjoy a product or there was something faulty with it. I don’t write a scathing review per se but a more like buyer beware type of review. For ex, I left a review regarding a treatment product from Philosophy. Imo the issue lied with the packaging. It dispersed too much product at a time which mostly you washed away and therefore used the product too quickly which is uncalled for with such a pricey product. I thought others should know.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I’ve left a handful of reviews. I am really getting turned off by all the influenster reviews. I rely on reviews for skincare. I see reviews from people who are in their 20s talking of the benefits or slamming anti aging products that “do nothing”. I try to leave objective reviews and mention my age. For makeup, I just come here. I may avoid pinks and other colors, but I love seeing your and the community’s comments for these products as I have friends that love these colors and can rock them if good. The latest PML Mothership is a perfect example. Not for me, but great for thee.

I also rarely leave reviews for books. But one book that stood out that was incredibly popular “The Nightingale” I had to post why I disliked it. As an avid WWII fiction and nonfiction reader, it failed on so many levels.

Lauren Avatar

I totally agree–I’ve started to skim past any review that mentions Influenster. The reviewer might actually enjoy the product exactly as much as they profess, and occasionally I’ll see some that appear more objective, but I just prefer to filter that variable out altogether.

Bonnie Avatar

I actually do Influenster reviews and I am very honest. However, they do prescreen who will receive what products, so they tend to only select me for products that are geared for me in some way. With this type of customization, I often actually do like what they send.

At 51, I have received anti-again products from both L’Oreal and Drunk Elephant from Influenster, and I did mostly enjoy the products. Some I have even repurchased on my own.

Mariella Avatar

I review everything I buy makeup/skin care/hair-care wise at Makeup Alley because I rely so much on that site before I purchase things so I feel it’s the least I can do – provide feedback for others. I’ve left a lot of reviews here too (for colour cosmetics) but not as many since I feel you reviews, Christine, are what most people measure performance by and rely on, but when I love a product (and when I remember), I post reviews here too.

Ana Maria Avatar

I wish more people will leave reviews on this website. Christine’s reviews are amazing, she’s very knowledgeable and objective… but people are diverse in opinions and preferences, it’s great to read other opinions even if they aren’t as well expressed as Christine’s.

michelle Avatar

I write reviews for products that I feel under-perform. I think it is important to have an honest review posted along with the hundreds of reviews from customers who “received this product for free.” I have also written a few reviews for products that I feel are truly outstanding and deliver the results that are promised. As a consumer, I appreciate the people that take time to write reviews with information that will help me decide if a product is worth purchasing or not.

Deborah S. Avatar

I rarely write reviews on any channel besides Temptalia and I don’t leave reviews very often here because you do such a good job that there isn’t much to add. I do sometimes add my personal experience if it differs but that rarely happens. I don’t follow a lot of blogs or other makeup channels. I have significantly cut back on watching beauty channels on YT. It becomes a great little time waster and I don’t get as much out of it as I once did. As my investment in my art work increased something had to give and I realized I was watching a lot of channels just to pass time. So, I really only watch Tara, Angie and Renee at this time. When I do leave a review it is usually because I feel strongly one way or the other, about a product.

Lauren Avatar

I don’t often leave reviews but feel perhaps I should do so more often, just to give others researching as fair an account as possible. Funnily I just wrote a review for the first time in a while, for a product that actually performed better for a different function than the reason I bought it (the Farmacy sunscreen, as a primer.) I figure people are basically after comparisons: how does this work for someone who has similar x, y, z concerns as mine?

Jen Avatar

I’m more likely to leave a review on something if I have something to add that hasn’t already been repeated a dozen times. When I do, I make sure to include specific details about the product and my experience that I liked or disliked because the only thing worse than 427 echoes of “great product!” or “this stinks!” is not explaining why.

Ana Maria Avatar

I always leave products reviews, for anything that I buy and use, not only cosmetics. I review meah products, I review loves, I review hates, and I try to be as objective as possible (if I like a product for one thing, someone else might hate it for the same reason, and vice versa).
I sometimes even review on multiple spots. Like I review on Sephora a product purchased there, but I’ll also leave my opinion on beautypedia (skincare) or temptalia (makeup).
I rely a lot on reviews and I like to take my part, and share my opinions. I love a good detailed review. ?

Heather Avatar

I review all makeup, skincare, and haircare products I’ve purchased or tested from samples on MakeupAlley. I rely on reading other’s reviews and like Mariella, feel it’s important to give my experiences for others to consider as well. I spend a lot of time giving feedback about the product in all aspects, texture, formula, performance, ingredients, etc. It’s especially important for me to read thorough reviews when I can’t test the product before purchasing.

Genevieve Avatar

I really only write reviews of beauty products here and through Blogloving. I add my personal opinion of the product, particularly if I have used it and can provide more of an insight as its performance, personal experiences with the brand etc. That’s about it.

Ximena Avatar

I don’t typically write reviews. I only do it if the product has surprise me for its awesome or terrible quality, and aren’t many reviews of it. You would be surprised at the lack of updated reviews of certain items that aren’t new or “holy grails”.

Fatma Alici Avatar

I actually like writing reviews, but generally I take forever to decide to buy something. I’m buying procrastinator. Usually when I get around to even buying something it has been out at least 6 months, so it feels kind of pointless to review it. Everything that needs to be said has likely already been said. If I happen to buy a product while it is ‘new’, I usually write a review after I’ve gotten a good sense of it.

Susan Avatar

I write comments here more than reviews as Christine does them so well.
I often review Amazon products because it needs to be done.
I have a question for any of you who would like to answer for me. What are Influencers and how do they get that title?

Alexa Levin Markoff Avatar

I will review a product if I think that is unique and oustanding. I will also review a product if I think it is terrible. I definitely review more unique and outstanding products. I like to share my thoughts w/others because I buy a lot of my products based on recommendations.

Bonnie Avatar

If I feel something strong for a product, whether good or bad, I’ll review it. I want people to know if something is amazing, or terrible, and I want to see if others agree with me.

The only other time I review products is if there’s something in it for me. Like on a sub box, you get points toward other products. Or Influenster, where the product is likely something I will like because it’s geared toward me. I still only give honest reviews, and only on items I actually try, but if there’s a motivator like that, I will probably review it.

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