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For me, it’s the way something feels on my skin or the texture of the lipstick.

I care nothing for the outside packaging (for instance Illamasqua, one of my favorites, has some of the worst packaging, I think).

Nice colors that stay on with as little fragrance as possible.

I agree. But generally I just don’t follow collections that closely (plus when something is limited edition, I’m more likely to overlook it, because I know, if I love it, I won’t be able to repurchase). For me – It’s more about the brand as a whole.

The first thing is it has to catch my eye, so the colors should be unique & interesting, and in a range that I go for (ie, pastels & brights are typically a pass). Second, once it’s got my attention, quality *must* be there. Third, I actually prefer the majority of a collection be either products from the permanent range, or at least the items rotated into it. I don’t like to feel I need to go into debt, or pass on another item just to get it before it’s gone, nor do I want to fall in love with a product and not be able to replace it, should the need arise. Also, a couple of “new” items will lend new ways to wear what I may already have, and it tells me a brand stands behind it’s poducts rather than rely on hype. Finally, I *hate* special packaging, as I prefer my items of a given brand to be housed uniformally.

Quality, quality, quality. Also, colors and textures that work for me – I was really annoyed with the whole Tangerine Tango color of the year because I canNOT wear orange, so that was a whole slew of things that didn’t work for me. I prefer companies that put out collections with new permanent products as opposed to LE collections, and I *usually* want regular packaging rather than special LE packaging. Although I’m a sucker for packaging so if it’s done well (see: Guerlain Liu meteorites) I’ll go for it.

I absolutely agree with the whole Tangerine Tango bit… Sephora actually had an eyeshadow quad that had two shades I loved, one that was wearable, but the *orange* would have sat, untouched. It’s not that I “can’t” wear it, I just *won’t*. Unfortunately, the quality was amazing, but I couldn’t justify it. I just wish they (Pantone) would have chosen a more universal shade; I do realize orange was the seasonal “it” shade at the time, but still…

Name, or the story behind. Then, I will decide if I will buy them based on the color and quality. For example, BareMineral’s 4.0 element palette ~ first I see the name, then I see the color, and texture.

texture, pigmentation, if their are colors that I will use often, I just bought most of the glamour daze collection, but honestly I have not use many of the bright colored eyeshadows, I am better off buying pewter ish colors for eyeshadows, I used to be sucked in to packaging but I have learned my lesson on that one now packaging is the last of my concerns if all else is up to par

Timeline: Colour > Brand > Quality
Importance : Quality > Colour > Brand

Because the press release photos are the first experience of the collection Colour is the first thing that will get me excited, then brand as I can use it as an indicator or possibly quality / availability / other issues.

But Quality is the most important item, if the quality is off I’ll use the colours to find possible dupes.

(I also hate mixed tone palettes, I think they are a lazy attempt at a ‘catch all’.)

for me, its gotta be something unusual, cohesive & value for money. im not loving that MAC seems to be just putting out one collection after the next these days. it feels like they are just putting out a collection for the sake of a collection. ive been so disappointed in the majority of the collections recently. the quality & colour pay off just isnt there in a consistent manner. i generally avoid collections & limited edition products because i hate falling hook, line & sinker for a product that will not be permanent.

I’m beginning to wonder if the quality issues with a lot of the Mac collections is because the products aren’t even meant to be worn, just collected for the sake of having them!! I haven’t heard of any grumblings about their permanent products in plain packaging. I assume people are still buying these….

The most important thing for me is unique, but wearable colors that work well with my skintone and my style. Quality comes second. I would never buy products with poor quality, but I actually prefer a collection to have medium quality and unique shades rather than excellent quality and boring shades you can find everywhere. Lastly I look at the collection as a whole. Is there a general theme? Does all the products in the collection work well together? Is it well thought through? Elegant and exclusive looking packaging is a huge bonus.

The products have to make sense to the collection theme, not seem like they’re randomly dumped into a “collection”. That’s definitely the thing that’ll make me really look at a collection. Then quality, etc.

Packaging doesn’t really bother me, but if there’s special packaging, it had better be quality.

Basically, don’t half-ass your collection, and I’ll probably like it.

I second everything you’ve said, but I’d like to add that I also need to love the concept/inspiration behind a collection for it to be a complete hit for me (I can still love collections without a concept behind it that I like, but for it to be a hit an awesome backing concept is a must).

Heavenly Creatures is one of my favorite recent collections in terms of concept and promo images if everything had been of awesome quality I would have been in serious financial trouble. The spacey and surreal look totally speaks to me.

It was so cohesive. I love how they swirled the mineralize eyeshadows to make them look like gas planets. And that image where they make all the mineralize eyeshadows look like planets floating in space was pretty much made of advertising win for me. It got across the space theme while still showing the products.

I like to see new and innovative products and colors that are cohesive to the theme or season they are designed for, such as brighter colors in the spring and summer, and deeper and festive colors for fall winter. It’s nice when a collection comes out that is being added to the permanent range, so there’s no stampede to get it before its gone.

A pet peeve is when permanent colors are repromoted with new packaging at higher prices. If a company can’t come up with enough new colors, maybe that’s a sign to have a few less collections, no?

An interesting concept that is well applied throughout all products, with consistency in quality and original not only in colors, but also in kinds of products and/or formulas. A gorgeous packaging helps too, but with no extra charge for that :)!!

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