What lipstick do you have that you think is the most timeless for you?

What lipstick do you have that you think is the most timeless for you? Share!

MAC Viva Glam I is probably one of the closest to me, because it is a powerful red, but it is also retro in a way that doesn’t read out of style but vintage.

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Nancy T Avatar

Is it RED? Then it’s timeless! Especially reds that aren’t too glossy or shiny, more like super-saturated in pigment, and satin or matte. Today, I put on my MAC Maria Moretti lipstick and instantly felt very glamorous and elegant in a timeless kind of way. And sexy, too! MAC VG l is *still* on my list of to-gets.

Celia Avatar

I’m so glad you got to pick up Dusty Rose during the weekend limited re-release! I meant to tell you they were re-releasing for a bit, but work got the better of my time. I got a backup of Dusty Rose and Merlot this time πŸ˜‰ I hope you love it as much as I hyped it up haha.

Nicole Avatar

I saw the email and immediately remembered your comment. I snatched up it,Merlot,ant the $5 travel brush! Since we last talked, I’ve also added Red Velvet and Besame Red. I love Besame! I’m dying to try the glosses!

Celia Avatar

You are developing a wonderful Besame collection! They are definitely worthwhile investments given how long they last. The travel brush is lovely. I picked one up as well. Dying to try the glosses too! You’ll have to let me know if you grab one. I’ll do the same πŸ™‚

Berry Avatar

so beautiful right?! I was also eyeing for the pinks and that Carmine! but then they were not available in Sephora and if I pick them directly from the website, the int’l shipping fee is hard to take. :/

Nicole Avatar

Ahh.bummer! I have portrait pink. Its gorgeousness! I don’t have Carmine yet. But, I think I will eventually have most of them. I hope Sephora will starts carrying their full line. I don’t see why they carry only reds when they seem to be doing well and are 5 star rated!

Michele Avatar

I find I am no longer bound by rules of convention. I have embraced my inner chameleon if you will. For me, every shade I buy is timeless and I enjoy each and every one of them depending on my mood or the mood I want to convey.

Leslie Avatar

MAC Sophisto…my all time favorite. I just purchased another tube last Friday because I ran out again. I think that is my 5th tube lol. It’s my perfect everyday go-to lipstick….perfect shade of medium rosy pink that just lights up my complexion. Love love.

MissJae1908 Avatar

Probably Ruby Woo by MAC. No matter how drying the formula is, we still continue to buy it over and over and over again…#Classic

Celia Avatar

Tough one! But the first that popped into my head was NARS Mascate for very similar reasons. It’s a power-red that goes well with pretty much anything and has a lovely matte finish that doesn’t emphasize dryness or lines. Both constantly modern and classic, so timeless.

A Avatar

Viva Glam I was the first thing that popped into my head at the word “timeless” before I read your answer!
I think MLBB shades are “timeless”, but they vary so much from person to person, there’s no one shade. I guess it depends on your definition, but I can’t imagine perfect, flattering MLBB shade ever going out of style.

Tessa Avatar

For me, I think maybe a My Lips But Better — although of course people have very different ideas of what that means. It’s hard to argue with mostly natural looking, just slightly redder/perkier or more even lip color. Good for all ages and not trendy — some MLBB colors have worked for me the past few decades!

Sheer reddish colors with a touch of brown to soften them are the most trend neutral on me. I’d say that YSL Sheer Candy in Sweet Fig is the platonic ideal of this, for my skin and lip tones.

Diana Avatar

Love, love, love Pink in the Afternoon by Revlon as well and have worn it for years! It’s a beautiful Bridgette Bardot sultry soft pink, perfect when my hair was blonde. Two years ago, I decided to let go of the bottle and I now have stunning silver hair with white highlights! Who knew?? This lipstick is as pretty with my hair and skin tone now, as it was previously. To me, that’s timeless. And while I love reds, I find myself wearing the corals, nudes and warm pinks more often.

Rachel R. Avatar

For me, it’s Max Factor Creme Rouge 537. I’ve used it for I don’t know how many years: It’s my signature red. It’s bright, warm red cream. Think MAC La Vie En Rouge, but slightly redder and slightly cooler (537 is not quite a red-coral), and a creamier finish.

Because MF hasn’t sold in the US for years, I actually have no idea if they still make it. I’m on the last 1/3 of my last tube, so I had to go to ebay for a new one.

Rachel R. Avatar

I’d pick La Vie En Rouge as a close second. Honorable mention for UD Mrs. Mia Wallace — it’s a totally different kind of red than 537 or La Vie En Rouge, but it’s a wonderful more dramatic, darker red for me.

Katherine T. Avatar

Hey Nicole, is MAC Rebel a dupe for BITE Barberry? Somebody posted both swatches online side by side , and they looked similar, but online swatches can be tricky. I got a backup of Barberry, but know I will run out someday….

Nicole Avatar

Hi Katherine. By my standards,no. (They are in the same same color family-that wine color). But, by some people’s standard’s, possibly. I could see where a photo would be deceiving. Mac rebel is more red/purple leaning and to me Bite barberry is pink/purple and much more muted. Rebel is darker by 2 shades or so. IMO bite’s is better quality-more creamy, longer wearing, moisturizing. Rebel is an outstanding lipstick that I have had since it hit counters and I don’t see it leaving my collection. You could probably concoct a shade similar to Barberry by mixing something pinkish with Rebel. It may be worth getting at $16 to stretch Barberry because it’s around close.
I stated it as a classic because I has stood the test of time and I like those wine colors on myself.
I just have a feeling that these two collections Bite has released are test sets to see how well they sell. I think they will wind up bringing back the shade’s that sell well. Just a hunch though. I feel your fear though. I wound up getting back ups of all three of the one I got. I know, I may regret it three years from now, lol!

Nicole Avatar

Ahh..Christine is gonna kill me . I forgot the opaqueness. Barberry is more opaque. I prefer a liner with Rebel. I can do without on Barberry. But, I’m pretty used to liplining. It seems like a lot of people don’t do that. But, I have forever with darker shades particularly .

Katherine T. Avatar

Nicole, thanks for the great info! With my huge lipstick stash, it will take me a while to use up Barberry and its backup, so hopefully by that time, BITE will either make it permanent or I will find a dupe!

Nicole Avatar

Let’s make a deal Katherine. Since we both love Barberry so much, let’s both keep each other posted if we find a dupe or hear word it’s coming permanent. Since Christine is mediating, we can pull her in too as well as any one else whose game. Fair enough?

IRockFaces Avatar

Nars Cruella is probably my most classic lip. Its bright enough for impact but not to the point that it can’t be worn for work, lunches, or important events. Its classic and easy to wear.

Ashleigh Avatar

Red lipstick used to be considered vulgar, so it’s not as “timeless” as people tend to think it is. Although I think it’s here to stay, for sure!

My vote goes for a pinky nude. Looks great on all skin tones, and for every occasion. ^_^ Too Faced Nude Beach is my favorite!

Rachel R. Avatar

Red lipstick has been around since ancient Sumerian. That’s close enough to timeless for me, even with the occasional blips of being deemed vulgar. It’s never gone away. I agree: It’s here to stay. πŸ™‚

Celia Avatar

Totally with you, Rachel! I love beauty history so much. Shalimar used to be considered vulgar and rebellious! For heathens wanting to lure a lover and cover up their cigarette smoke (ladies, smoking! πŸ˜‰ ). But it was always popular, and coveted by many for its assumed vulgarity. Now you’re more likely to hear people call it a “grandma” scent. I personally love it. Red lips have been around forever. Eye kohl used to block sun from ancient people’s eyes. Beets for blush and lipstick, though admitting to this was also considered vulgar. Beauty history is full of supposed vulgarity on timeless classics πŸ™‚ Love it.

Tova J Avatar

Well, if I had a classic red similar to MAC Russian Red or Ruby Woo, I’d mention it, but I actually don’t! I guess a MLBB is another great shade, my favorite is MAC Velvet Teddy!

xamyx Avatar

I’ve just begun a massive purge of my lip products last night, and nothing looks any different than what’s available today… A lot of my lipstick hoard dates back 20+ years (some were kept for sentimental reasons, some as references for dupes/replacements, and some which were just so hideous I put them in a bin and forgot about them), and nothing stood out. If I had to choose, I’d go with something more “universal”, which would be NARS Cruela, a nice, clean, true red that looks good on anyone.

Kira Avatar

Ruby Woo πŸ™‚ Not my favorite, but the one that I think is most timeless (worked well for graduation from “Big Red” hehe)! I’ve also given it away as a gift to someone who doesn’t have a MAC store in her country, because I think it’s also one of the most universally flattering.

Dawn Avatar

My Estee Lauder lip pencil in Fig. Works alone as a matte, with clear gloss as a shiny neutral, or as a base for any other lipstick. It’s the absolutely best. I wear it all the time – reach for it whenever I don’t know what else to wear too. Also works great with smoky or neutral eyes.

Laura_Lou Avatar

My personal classic/timeless shades would have to be MAC Russian Red which is my absolute favourite red, blue based, not too bright or to dark, and also Guerlain Georgia which is the most beautiful dusty rosy pink colour that just looks so pretty.

badgerpaws Avatar

Revlon Cherries in the Snow and Revlon Black Cherry!

Cherries in the snow is a bright pink-red that is very 50’s pinup vintage and modern at the same time!

Black Cherry is amazingly dark and wine-colored, and is such a vampy shade that I think will be stylish forever. It worked in the 80’s, the 90’s and now- I’ve even worn it with 40’s style clothing. it’s so beautiful and Goth and pretty at the same time.

xamyx Avatar

Those were 2 of my very first lipsticks… Unfortunately, mine are very, very old, but they’re on my “replace” list! Both have been around for decades, which just proves how classic they are.

kellly Avatar

I can’t pick just one. The ones that look the best on me that I keep going back to are MAC Goddess of the Sea, Sephora Fever, and Ulta Pink Chocolate.

kastehelmi Avatar

Shiseido Dragon is a timeless neutral red. Bobbi Brown Wine is elegantly classic…Bobbi Brown Pink Mauve is a natural cool purplish rosy pink that transcends trends…

miekogirlie99 Avatar

KVD everlasting liquid lipstick in outlaw. Red is classic to me, all the other colors are ever changing. and with this formula i dont have to worry about it running into the creases! πŸ˜€

Phoebe Avatar

I think for me it will either be a my lips but better or a super pale white pink colour. MAC Pretty Please is definitely a my lips but better lipstick I will keep coming back too. I have many white pinks but recently got MAC Bianca B and can make it work really well on my very pale NC15 face!

Erica Avatar

I never worn red and never will. Red is not timeless for all. Some prefer pinks or nudes and considering they have never gone out of style I would say they are pretty timeless too!

Irene Avatar

It might not be your style (my mother has never worn red lipstick, and she’s in her 60s), but red is a timeless color in that it has never really gone out of fashion since the 1920s, except for a short period in the 60s when the fashionable colors were nudes and pinks.

Kat Avatar

A nice, bright matte red lipstick. Red lipstick has never gone out of style, and a matte finish keeps it from being too dated looking (at least in my opinion). I also like a non-traditional red, so something with pink, coral, or orange undertones instead of blue. I’ve been wearing MAC Relentlessly Red for almost two months obsessively.

Johnna Avatar

Kat Von D’s Lolita is my go-to timeless MLBB. I probably wear it 3 times a week, and I just love it. The other lipstick that would be my personal timeless is Mary Kay’s Downtown Brown, it might be just a bit 90’s style, but it is deep burgundy brown and I have worn it for the last 20+ years.

calimom Avatar

Since I look best in MLBB shades mine is Revlon Champagne on Ice. Every time I apply it I almost can’t believe how perfect it is for me!

Ti Avatar

Another vote for Mac RiRi Woo (I don’t own Ruby Woo)! If I don’t have time to really *do* my makeup, a red lip never disappoints. And, RiRi Woo is my all-time, ride or die, go-to red lip. It just looks great with everything, and it always makes me feel put together and powerful.

Gigi Avatar

Cailyn in “Corruptionist”. I’ve just jumped on the liquid lipstick train and I’m riding it to the end. This LL was my introduction into it and this deep plum hue is FIERCE!! I get compliments on it all the time – even when I’m feeling lazy and that’s all the makeup I use (you know, other than foundation of course).
Men have power suits, I have Corruptionist.

ShirlJ Avatar

I have dark skin and dark pigmented/purplish lips, so my “my lips but better” go-to color classic is any dark berry, either with (OCC Lip Tar in Black Metallic Dahlia, NYX in Burgundy, KvD in Wolvesmouth) or without shimmer (Milani Black Cherry, MAC Cremesheen Hangup, E.L.F. lip stain in Berry Blush).

Marissa Avatar

i don’t wear it often but RED. Like MAC russian red or Nars Mysterious red… If i feel very edgy i might suggest a bright pin up red like Mac Lady Danger or Nars Audacious in Carmen.

Vanessa V Avatar

I’d really have to say because of several purchases over the last 5-6 years MAC Viva Glam V, I love the tone and finish, I can also change it up slightly by using different lipliners!

Angie Avatar

for nude lips, definitely ysl sensual silk for me (though with boldly bare lip liner)
for “louder lips” i’d like to say it’s dior liquid stick in aventure, but then nars fire down under seems more appropriate

Pasheeda Morris Avatar

A great nude and a great reddish brown lipstick is always timeless. You can never go with them.
My mainstays are Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick in M3-Matte Caramel and Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Amsterdam.

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