What kind of touch ups do you do regularly during your day?

Usually, none for me. If I’ve finished testing everything, and we end up going out to dinner, I’ll usually top up on powder or add setting spray!

— Christine
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I change my lip product throughout the day, and if I’m being a mature adult I’ll blot down shine with a blotting paper. If I’m being a goof I’ll add more highlighter.

The only thing I touch up is lipstick – I reapply after lunch and I’ll sometimes slap on some Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm during class. If the weather is really hot and humid (the dog days of June and September in classrooms that aren’t air conditioned and filled with bodies giving off even more heat), I might also use a blotting powder mid-way through my day.

Since I always use setting spray, the only touch up I need is lipstick. For some reason, no matter what I do or what product I use, lipstick never lasts. I do have dry mouth and must sip constantly. Perhaps that is the reason.

Lipstick, but only on a rare occasion. Most of the time I just let it wear off and have nekkid lips. Instead of reaching for the lipstick, I usually grab a lip balm.

Sometimes I’ll blot my T-zone with a blotting sheet but other than that I never touch up. I just can’t be bothered. πŸ˜‰

Because I have a tendency to “eat” my lipstick and/or gloss off due to licking my lips or biting off the icky edges I get where my lips meet, I always carry around my lip products to touch up!

During hotter weather, I might have to touch up/ fix my concealer and powder if things start to get melty/creasing/pooling.

I get that! I carry my lip pencil and balm with me through the day too, but usually by noon I just feel like my lips feel gummy and I end up wiping it off, haha! But at least for the first half of the day my lipstick is nice. πŸ™‚

I touch up my lips a couple of times a day, whether with lip balm, lipstick or gloss. Usually around lunch time I will also blot and powder my T-zone. I recently bought the Supergoop Refresh Setting Mist and so far, I like spraying that after powdering midday, to add some sun protection.

I don’t do a whole lot of touch ups. I might do some powder on my forehead if needed (or blot with a single ply) and put on more tinted balm or glass because I have a need/want to feel them on my lips. More of a me thing that actually needing to retouch. I don’t have anything in my purse to touch up anything else and feel like the way I look leaving the house is the way I’ll look all day. I know some people bring eyeliner, mascara, bronzer/blush or concealer with them… but that is definitely not my style. I’m fairly low maintenance after the makeup is actually on.

I don’t use setting spray because I don’t want alcohol drying out my face, so over a day a lot of stuff just fades away. Lipstick I of course touch up. But I also have to touch up concealer and sometimes do a whole re-makeup if I am going out at the end of the day. Any advice apart from alcohol containing setting sprays welcome.

I usually reapply lipstick and/or lipgloss and powder my face if it’s really shiny. Once in a while I will touch up my eyeliner, but depending on the day I sometimes like the “almost worn-off and a little messy eyeliner” look.

Years ago when I wore makeup to work every day, I usually blotted my nose with blotting paper or powder after lunch. Nowadays, if I do wear makeup, I don’t touch it up at all.

I always remove/reapply lip products when eating, or drinking if I don’t have a straw. I wear sunglasses, and have almost no eyebrows, so I carry a brow pencil with me at all times, in case they wear off/smudge. I have drier skin, and use emollient skincare products, so I do find I have to touch-up cheek products at least once a day, and a bit of powder. My eye makeup typically stays put, but if it’s a long day, I may add a bit more eyeshadow, and “clean up” any smudged mascara/eyeliner.

Definitely lipstick as I am a lip worrier. So, at least 5-6 times a day I reapply lipstick. That pretty much always involved using a powder or powder foundation to redefine the edges because when I worry my lips the margins, which are not really there any longer, need to be defined. I use to always use just a powder compact for that but now I almost always use a powder foundation. It just adds a bit of coverage.

A couple pats of MAC Blotting Powder if I get too shiny, and lipstick (sometimes I reapply the shade I was wearing, sometimes I change to another color, and sometimes I switch to a tinted balm).

When I was working, I ate lunch at my desk most days and kept a cloth napkin and real food at my desk so afterwards, I used the paper napkin to blot my face. If I had a late afternoon meeting, I tried to remember to use blotting papers beforehand Now that I am not working, I rarely do any maintenance during the day but if we are going out in the evening, I will make sure my under eye concealer is in place and I will put on new lip color.

Hmmm…for an event or full face, I usually bring blotting sheets/tissue, the lip product I’m wearing, and a little foundation/concealer with a brush/qtips. If I’ve already worn a full day’s work makeup and have an additional important event in the evening AND have time, I’ll wash it off and start over anew.

None. Not even touching up lipstick after a meal or before going out. I’ll just wear whatever clear balm is hanging out at my desk or in my purse the rest of the day.

The only real touch ups I do during the day is lipstick. If I am going out for dinner, I will probably touch my blush and setting powder, maybe redo my brows.

I have to powder or blot my face every couple hours because I have the oiliest skin ever. Sometimes I reply lipstick but usually I just do a balm/gloss of the same colour instead!

I have to do a complete second look halfway through my day, so not so much a touch up as a full face. I work two full time jobs – the first one is as a data collector in retail environments (Walmart, Safeway, WinCo, Rite Aid, Whole Foods – stores of that sort) where I am crawling around on the ground and scaling racks with a belt full of scanners and the second one is basically clothing sales. Four days a week I leave the house very ‘minimalist’ – complexion product of some sort (depending), blush, tight lining and tinted lip balm. However, I end up using the break room at job #2 as an office/kitchen/vanity to run my final reports, write emails, eat a meal and do the rest of my full face of makeup in the corner before dashing back to the fitting rooms with my duffel bag of nice, ‘other job’ clothes so I can emerge like a beautiful, if slightly disheveled, busy little butterfly.

I swap out eye palettes weekly, but usually have at least two with a z palette full of singles in my makeup kit in the car. I’ve found that a light reapplication of powder with a colorful eye look and a fresh coat of lipstick goes a very long way to making me look pulled together enough to consistently make more sales than anyone else in my department, even if I usually do have a bit of Walmart/Winco/Whole Foods/wherever smudgy stuff in my hair. πŸ™‚

Usually just my lips but in the past month or so I’ve really been afflicted with watery eyes. Sometimes the liner on the outside of my eyes just disappears after 6 or 7 hours. I’ve been carrying a pencil liner with me to reapply if I’m going to have a long day.

Definitely my lips – I reapply my lip product after lunch. I touch up my concealer under the eyes. And sometimes I use my eyelash curler to recurl my lashes (they are the kind that go straight after a while no matter how much mascara or how well I curl them). Sometimes a spritz of setting spray again. That’s about it. Even with a full face of make-up every day, those are really the only touch-ups I do which is actually surprising.

My lips have a lot of natural pigment which affects the colour of lipstick, so I reapply concealer, powder my face to reduce shine and then reapply lipstick.

I reapply my lipstick or gloss, and use my fingers to blend out any foundation that has gotten in my smile lines or that one forehead line. If I happen to be home and hot and I’m about to leave the house again I might quickly go over my chin, sides of nose and right in the middle of my forehead with a powder brush but I won’t use any product.

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