What kind of products should be limited edition?

What kind of products should be limited edition? Share!

I like seasonal color collections, but I’d like to see more brands incorporate really bestselling limited edition shades into their permanent ranges when that color would fill in a gap. I don’t think skin care or mascara formulas should be limited edition.

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Frances Avatar

Definitely lipsticks, like M.A.C. does and blushes. But I agree, if they do great as a LE they should make it permanent or at least restock for a while (for example the Julia Petit lipsticks; those sold out FAST!)

keg Avatar

Only holiday collections should be LE-and even then it would be nice to have them longer than the end of the holiday season. So, in my opinion, I would like to see LE products last until they sell out, or continue until demand stops.

Maggie Avatar

Agreed with Christine. This is actually one of the reasons why I don’t buy MAC. During Christine’s recent round of MAC product reviews–I pretty much just skipped reading.I dislike the idea that I’d have to make a mad dash to buy or it’ll be gone forever. It’s distasteful and has even put me off from further exploring the permanent range. I honestly only keep an eye on MAC for promo images and product packaging design–and if I see something I like–well, Christine will probably name a dupe for it.

Also agreed that skincare formulas and mascara formulas should not be LE–however, any best-selling permanent formulas in LE packaging is always welcome.

Carla Avatar

I agree. Seasonal collections might be *okay* as limited editions, but the products should be available in sufficient supply to allow those of us who wear, say, berry lipsticks in summer or fuchsia in winter to “stock up.”
I’ve really kind of gotten disenchanted with the whole LE thing. That’s something I definitely do not miss, since I quit buying MAC.
I really prefer to be able to buy a much-loved/used product any time I want, for retail price.

Meredith Avatar

Boy do I agree with both of you. I’ve been so ticked lately because I feel as if I have to make a mad dash scramble somewhere if I want to catch a LE launch somewhere, dare I miss the product forever. I believe at this point, it’s all just become a marketing ploy and often I find that the products that are LE are sub-par! *Ahem* I’m talking to you, MAC.

Andrea K Avatar

I hate the whole limited edition situation. Agree with the seasonal shades, but this madness of the limited edition frenzy is driving me nuts, amd don’t like it.

GG Avatar

Pretty much what you said. I also think that using LE collections for the introduction of new formulas as to test without committing to them could be alright? If they’re well-liked they can make a permanent return.

Rachel R. Avatar

Holiday collections, charity collections, and things with collector’s packaging, such as movie tie-ins or collaborations with famous artists, designers, etc.

Arlene Avatar

I feel like the only items that should be LE are products made from other artists or brands. Not a collection of already permanent products being released under someone’s name but true, never before seen colors and products. I also feel that if a LE product sells extremely well, it should become permanent. Like the Lorac Mega Pro palette.

Stacey Avatar

No product should be limited to the point that only a select few can get them. All seasonal selections should have at least one dozen selling in each store. ……not one or two, let say. It is ridiculous to go searching for it. If one doesn’t get it in a reasonable time, then too bad…..but to make it so it feels like only the selected elite obtains the product….that is really not appropriate.

Mariella Avatar

Should be or shouldn’t be? From your answer, it sounds like the question is “shouldn’t be LE”. Anyway, I agree with you, Christine and I’d love to see more companies (especially MAC) make more products (like Moth Brown) and formulas (Starflash and Mega Metal) and the whole Alluring Aquatic eyeshadow collection) permanently available. Alluring Aquatics (I guess they were the Extra Dimension formula) sold out so fast and was SO popular that I think MAC would be smart to either repromote or make them permanent. I’d have bought 2 or 3 more from that shadow collection had they been available but they sold out in no time!

Carla Avatar

What Mariella says makes good sense to me.
If a product is really good, customers will want to buy it repeatedly, and it stands to reason that the company will make more money that way.
I like the way Illamasqua promoted their Glamore lipsticks – they were introduced as a “new formula,” with quite a bit of fanfare, and[at least Glissade, the shade I happened to want] quickly sold out.
BUT that item was re-stocked fairly promptly, I got it for retail, and it seems to now be permanent.
And I’ll but it again, again, and again.
All that to say: “New can be just as exciting as “limited edition,” if it’s a really strong product. In fact, I think I could live without the whole LE thing, as long as there are always a lot of great products to choose from.

Katherine T. Avatar

Personally, none! It seems like my favorite color is always LE. But realistically, the brands have to issue LE products to generate sales, stoke consumer interest/frenzy, and to refresh a product line, etc. And if every LE product became permanent, it would take up too much shelf and warehouse space for them. I think any color item (shadow, lipstick, blush, highlighter) can be LE because of seasons or holiday specials. If an LE item is popular, I hope they make them permanent

Nichole Avatar

I really don’t care what type of products are LE, but what annoys me to death is how some brands deal with their LE releases. (I’m looking at you Mac, Maybelline, Bite.) I recently tried to buy a LE Mac lipstick and it was sold out online by 8:30AM and gone in stores by 11:30AM the same day. Seriously!?! It’s getting to the point where it is not worth the effort.

Sorry. I used the question to rant.

Mariella Avatar

I share your rant. I really don’t understand this sort of marketing….I mean, if you can sell double or triple the amount of product, garnering double or triple the amount of profit, it seems to make no sense not to do this. I think a lot of us are coming to think it’s not worth the effort. One reason I don’t own Moth Brown from MAC is that it was only available online when it was repromoted and I am one of those strange souls who likes to see a product in person. Then there are all the products that are sold out before most of us can even get to them. So ridiculous and, in the long run, I think it alienates a LOT of customers.

Christina D. Avatar

None! I realize that it’s a marketing ploy to generate interest and create demand, but it’s really not necessary. It’s just an annoyance and has actually put me off some brands. Besides, even products that are labelled “permanent” are eventually discontinued. I remind myself of that before I go out of my way to track something down because it’s LE.

xamyx Avatar

NARS, I think, has the most ideal plan to market LE products, and I wish every brand would follow suit. Having 4-5 small, cohesive collections per year, producing enough product for people to actually buy from the brand itself (and not paying outrageous eBay prices, leaving more money to buy more from the brand…), and rotating several products into the permanent range. If consumers like something, they will repurchase; focus on quality, and people will continue to buy from the brand!

Deborah Avatar

I never have understood limited edition products β€” why not permanent and delete those that don’t sell well (after a certain period of time). MAC always retires products. I rarely if ever buy limited edition – why fall in love with something and then find you can no longer purchase it?

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

I agree that unique shades make sense for LE products. But I still wish one of these shades are made permanent. Like MAC’s Ever Hip, It’s not soo unique to be non wearable, in fact I’m treasuring the last tube I have because I would wear it on a daily basis.

I also like LE packaging with permanent products actually. I’m willing to pay the $2 more if the product is good from the permanent range. It’s what gets me with MAC every time, but if the product is not so great why bother. The blush ombre’s are pretty but the product wear and pigmentation was very disapointing the first go around.


Personally, I don’t or can’t rush to buy LEs because they’re usually so expensive and sell out so fast….then they’re gone. I feel they do that to generate cash and to tease loyal fans. If they have made popular limited editions, they should make them PE. THATS WHAT EVERYONE IS SAYIN and I think we all agree on. If they don’t, then I don’t buy the products. I work hard for my monies and I’m going to spend my monies on a co that appreciates me and my buying power…period.

Nicole Avatar

I hate it when brushes are put in limited edition sets and mascaras and skin care too. those are things one gets used too and may really feel a need for and they are “consumable goods”. So, You fall in love with said brush and love the way it does your eyeliner and it just is on it’s last leg and completely irreplaceable. I almost bought the eyeliner brush they have with the mac is beauty collection. then I thought of that scenario and just passed. I can see colored products. But, in all honesty, I think a LE collection should be special and not just an everyday red lipstick and one like the other 5 you have in your drawer.

Morgan Avatar

Lipsticks. Eyeshadows. Especially seasonal colors. Definitely not plain black eyeliner or mascara, foundation, or skin care products.

Am I the only person here who is OBSESSED with MAC? I love them so much. I only buy MAC products when it comes to lipsticks. I love the thrill of putting lipsticks and eyeshadows in my cart and thinking “yes nobody else (that I know at least) will have this color!” Out of the 7ish years I’ve been addicted to MAC, I’ve only missed a LE that I really wanted 2X. One was Hautecore (black) but that was rereleased this fall so I did end up getting it. The other was Rocky Horror so I just picked another item because it was really just for the packaging. I quickly learned to wake up early if I want something that bad. I had NO PROBLEM getting the quickly sold out Cinderella collection in my hands!

Melissa29 Avatar

I agree with all you ladies here! It’s annoying and frustrating. Now I don’t even bother to check them out unless it’s something truly unique. I missed out on getting the lavender jade lipstick from MAC. Luckily Christine had dupes for us to look at.

Genevieve Avatar

L.E. products are either really fantastic or duds – so if a product is fantastic it should be part of the permanent range. It is SO annoying when you find a wonderful lipstick in a colour you love, be part of a LE range that cannot be found again.
Eye shadow colours, nail polishes, lip glosses should be part of a LE range.

Karol Avatar

I would love to see companies release fabulous, limited edition packaging (perhaps even with a LE color) that’s refillable at a later date, much like Paul & Joe does. I realize that would probably cause quite a disruption in how most configure their regular options, but I have to be honest – I wish more makeup makers would go the route of offering cases and color separately. I think it would allow for more more creativity and variety in presentation, plus it would be good for the planet.

Judy H. Avatar

Products that come out as part of a special collection , for a particular look, or a special occasion should be limited editions. I feel there are far too many limited edition products. If a company realizes they have a product that is going to be widely accepted and wanted by many women, why would they make it a limited edition? I get so frustrated when I buy a lipstick from MAC (among the worst offenders) and when I go to purchase another, find out they don’t make it any longer, it was an LE. The reasoning is beyond me.

Jaine Avatar

I think it’s a great idea for cosmetic companies to release limited edition products. However, it bothers me when they make it so limited edition that only few and in between are able to get it, and they ignore the request from customers to produce more, example is Lorac Mega Pro Palette.

doroffee Avatar

Definitely seasonal colors and scents (like body wash), “unwearable”, crazy colors, crazy design fake lashes, and more or less products that you don’t go through that quickly – blushes, color eyeshadows, lipsticks and glosses, glitter body products, color nail polishes.

Kelly Avatar

I love any brand that comes out with Limited Edition eye palettes, especially Too Faced and MAC (except I cannot ever get my hands on the MAC Limited Edition items, then they sell the for inflated prices on eBay.) Oftetimes I’ll get onto eBay and find either find Too Faced, Lorac or Smasbox Limited Edition palettes!

Telesilla Avatar

I think things like holiday items or maybe movie tie-ins work as limited editions. For me, the real question is how a company handles the LE. I think the product should live up to that companies standard and be at least a little unique. Obviously just about everything in the makeup world is dupeable, but seeing a neutral palette like all the others disguised as a holiday item is disappointing. I also want the LEs to be available for longer than 24 hours. Companies need to make a decent amount of product and have it available until it’s gone.

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