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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Decent sized samples (like the ones Clarins gives in their GWPs) of my skin care products so I can travel (ha!) with approved amounts of liquids (and also take up less room in my luggage). I like it even better if they are sample bottles and jars that are refillable so I can continue to use them for my products of choice.

I, too, enjoy fragrance samples! Skincare samples are tricky because they’re too small to tell whether they have long-term benefits AND because they might break me out; makeup samples might be the wrong color or difficult to use (looking at you, weird foundation cards with a single smear of product under foil!).

But fragrance is one-size-fits all, usually has a week’s worth of sprays, and is something that I like to test throughout the day on my skin before purchasing anyway.

If I hate it? Throw it in the grab box for my nieces. Absolutely love it? I’ll usually buy at least a travel-sized spray if my heart breaks after running out of the sample. 😉 Either way, I keep track of the fragrance composition to narrow down individual notes that are likely to be nice or nasty on my skin. (Helps with the occasional blind buy. Patchouli? Risky. Citrus? Safe!)

I do the same! I have a Excel document where I track ingredients and preferences, and one sheet is for fragrances. I note what fragrance I tried, if I liked or not and why, along with the notes; so helpful when I blind buy or have to select from multiple samples.

Everything and anything I regularly use in small format is welcome to add to my weekender bag.

I only buy my volumizing mascara (I use different mascaras for top and bottom) in mini format. It is more expensive, but perhaps not given I typically toss a large tube before it is finished because nobody likes dried out excessively clumpy mascara.

I am not as experimental as I used to be with fragrance so those are the samples I tend not to select.

Wednesday, which mascaras do you use on top and bottom and why? I need to try a different brand and am not sure which to try. I like volumizing and some lengthening (even curling is nice) on top whereas my bottom lashes are fine so I just need something that won’t flake or run.

Bottom lashes: MAC extended play gigabyte black. I have been using this mascara since forever. I have very spiky longish lower lashes and this has the feel of lancome definicils to me only cheaper. It fans my lashes out nicely and gives enough length and volume to define them. No clumpiness. I do not mind heavier look on top lashes, but I do not like it on bottom because I am mature and it would just transfer.

Top lashes: I’m coming off lash extensions. The last bit of them came off roughly 6 to 8 weeks ago. I am using lash serum to encourage growth. Right now I like Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir (available in mini size) It is a heavier more volumizing formula that has that thicker clumpier vibe without looking too cluttered and it actually extends the length of my shortish stubby lashes and makes my lash line look fuller. My upper lashes are also spiky, but have a tendency to not curl. Curling mascaras do not work on me. The Marc Jacobs is by no means as dramatic as extensions and nor does it provide curl, but this covid situation has me deciding lash extensions are not part of my future. I cannot risk my health over lashes.

I have experimented with the extended play as a base and the MJ on top and that looks lovely on both top and bottom, but the MJ on the bottom does tend to migrate after many hours of wear. The MAC alone does not.

I don’t know if this ramble helps. Clarity is not a strong suit in the mornings.

Thank you for the details (and they were quite clear!). I’m glad to hear about the MJ one as your lashes sound similar to mine in not holding a curl, and I was unsure about this particular mascara because it has an F rating on Fakespot (with only 27% of the reviews being reliable). So that will definitely be one to try.

The MAC one sounds great but it has an ingredient that I’m allergic to, so your comment about it migrating on the bottom lashes does give me pause. Right now, the brand I’m using that has been discontinued doesn’t have that issue. My lower lashes are long but curl a bit (few spikes here and there) so I do have to be careful to not weigh them down to much.

You’ve been quite helpful though! ?

Clarification: In my second paragraph, I was referring to your comment about the MJ migrating–I wasn’t clear in my sentence that I was referring to the MJ and not the MAC in that regard. The part about the ingredient was referring to MAC…

Thought I’d contribute my experience bc I have stick-straight lashes that easily weigh down even after using a lash curler. Mascaras that have water as the first ingredient will straighten out my curled lashes. Lash lift is important to me so I buy water-free which is typically also “waterproof.” I use Maybelline Mega Plush, which feels weightless and uses “40% less waxes” whatever that means.

Thanks Maggie. I can’t use that particular brand (like MAC, their product contains an allergen) but your findings are insightful for considering other brands.

Hand or body lotion and fragrance samples (sometimes, I am picky and a lot of things smell very masculine on me :)) if I can pick between some samples it’s usually awesome! Naturisimo offers 5 samples for free or cheap with every order and you can choose thwm yourself, love that!

Mascara is my favorite. I have sensitive eyes, so I absolutely have to throw mine out after three months. I can also try new brands. Most likely I will be allergic, but at least I did not spend extra money to learn this. I also love to get eye primer, face primer, and fragrance.

The only samples I really hate are foundation products, concealer, and tinted face powders. They never have a shade available that is even remotely light enough for me. I donate them.

I don’t like spending a lot on mascara, so I love getting mini mascaras from non-DS brands when I can. I also love perfume samples.

I like mascara samples. Otherwise, I tend to just discard whatever samples are included with my order. I wish they would stop including samples unless they could include only those for which people ask. If I purchase foundation equivalent to shade nc10, do I really need dark bronzer samples?

I would have never thought to be my first choice, but I do must agree with Christine now. 😆 I like getting fragrance samples because I rarely go through fragrances, so I prefer to have 2-3 of my favorites as samples/minis. Also, I never minded getting fragrances I didn’t liked, since it was a great way to try them and pass them to my mom if I didn’t liked them (she likes any fragrance, I am very picky); but nowadays I can’t visit her to pass them down. 🙁

Otherwise, I do like getting mini mascaras and eye liners, there was a time I didn’t have to buy them for months.

I do like getting travel sizes of skincare, but I am very picky with skincare products, so for me it makes sense only if I get to choose them.

I love getting samples of primers because it only takes a small amount to tell if they are going to blur my pores and lines. Also I like getting samples of cleanser, eye cream and moisturizer. A single use is enough for me to tell if they will irritate my skin and, unless they are actives, whether they do anything. But I have never received a fragrance sample I enjoyed.

Skincare samples that I will actually use because: a.) They are ones I already use and so I save them for travel or for in the event I cannot get them immediately upon running out of them, b.) I’m genuinely curious about how well they work with my skin type, as I may be thinking of buying the full-size version at some point.

I like almost anything except foundations (sheer/tinted formulas are fine), perfumes, and hair care. I’m very scent sensitive and it is a bummer to get perfumes that I’ll never use. Foundations are just too hard to match so that is why I don’t like anything meant for coverage in a sample. I do like getting skin care, primers, etc because I have sensitive skin and sometimes just one try of a product in a sample and I can cross it off my list pronto if it burns/blemishes/turns me red – I feel better about trying things out that way than buying a mini size and having to return it. If my skin doesn’t react to a sample, and I’m curious about it and would be interested in trying it on a longer term basis, then I pick up the travel size. I love getting sample mascaras, lip products, eyeshadow primer, and eye liners. If a color doesn’t work for me I’ll share with my best friend who has completely different skin tone/under tone and she does the same. I get the pink based stuff and she gets most of the red!

Travel sized refillable skin care is my top pick. I’m too picky about fragrance, most colored cosmetics are colors I wouldn’t choose. I’d be fine with a mini mascara, but don’t think I’ve had that option.

Anything less than a deluxe trial/sample size, I just toss in the trash so most are lost on me.

If it’s a Deluxe sample then lipstick/gloss/balm, foundation, face or eye cream, serums, oils,, fragrance, mascara, shampoo and conditioner….. pretty much anything.

I don’t mind skincare products as GWP – but not if they include a toner – which I never use. I quite like mascaras to try out and perfumes sometimes (depending on the brand). However, when the brand includes lipsticks they are never my shade.

the largest ones possible! it’s hard to know if you truly like a formula if you don’t have sufficient time to give it a good try

I like samples of almost anything. I can take skin care samples on vacation. Perfume samples help me because there are so many to choose from and I’m very picky. Hair product samples, I have fine thin hair I can tell after one use if it will work for me. Cosmetic samples gives me an idea how the product applies, if foundation samples are too dark for me I use them as a contour colour, they last quite a while.

Pretty much anything that’s a decent size that I can actually form an opinion on. Blister packs and single use samples never (almost never) encourage me to buy.

Fragrance, no.

Best for me travel sized samples (5+ uses) of: primer, foundation and concealer (if my shade), mascara, skin care, mini spray setting sprays, lip glosses, tints/stains, lipsticks, makeup…

My one single use exception: Duo packs of shampoo and conditioner, I take these rather than a bottled shampoo as they don’t count as liquids in my carry on–they go into my makeup bag. I hoard these.

Hair or skin care. Maybe makeup if it’s reasonably sized like a mascara or eyeliner. Usually foundations or primers aren’t enough for a single use – and forget about eyeshadow samples.

Fragrance is my least favorite. Most of the popular fragrances are…….not to my taste.

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