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Pumps pumps pumps! Squeeze tubes next but they get all crumpled looking towered the end :/

The only benefit to jars is you can scoop out every little bit of product!

How do jars have the best value? Value depends only on price/ounce. Jar packaging is terrible because you’re always sticking your fingers into it=bacteria contamination. And if you use a spatula, the ingredients will still degrade because you’re exposing them to air and light every time you open it. That’s a huge no-no. xD

That’s why makeup and skincare products contain preservatives, so that bacteria don’t grow even if they are there.

Okay you’ve addressed one part of the issue. The preservatives certainly greatly reduce fungal and/or bacterial growth. However, as with anything, they are not 100% efficacious, so why take that chance when there are infinitely better options available? But the more important concern is the degradation of the ingredients in a skincare product. No preservative(s) will keep antioxidants and peptides from breaking down when they are constantly exposed to air and light, which they would be if packaged in a jar. And since skincare products with higher concentrations of effective ingredients tend to be expensive… why would you buy one in a container that will not protect its efficacy? It just completely mind-baffling. And one more thing, what about the people that are afraid to use parabens (preservatives) because of their alleged hormonal risks? (I’m not one of them.) So those that only use paraben-free products are just screwed? FYI, naturally-derived preservatives are certainly no where near as effective as parabens, which is why they’re not more commonplace. So with all that in mind, can you truly say that jars are the best containers for skincare products?

I didn’t say that all skincare products do contain preservatives. But to address your question, they absolutely should in order to reduce fungal and bacterial growth. Preservatives are only for pickles…? Lol that’s a pretty ridiculous claim. I’m honestly flabbergasted by your comment. Your missing the whole point. Sigh.

Pumps for sure. Jar packaging is not stable at all in terms of keeping antioxidant safe. I also find it hard to keep any jar packaging product clean until I use it all up.

Squeeze tubes. I find that with pumps, there’s always that last bit of product you can never get out, and you have to stick your fingers directly into the product if it’s in a jar. With tubes, you can squeeze out almost all of the product and then cut the tube open to get to the last bit.

I’d have to say squeez tubes or airless pumps. They both allow you to get every last bit of product out of the packaging and they are both sanitary and hygienic. Tubes also tend to take up less space because airless pumps are bigger. I’d rather have access to all of the product that I bought than to have pretty packaging.

Not a fan of tubes, so much product left in when you think its empty. I cut them open and get loads out. But then the air has got at it.
Pump is best, simple and easy to use.

Pumps are definitely the most hygienic and keeps the product fresh and effective. My favourite! Failing that, tube. I’ll cut a tube open to get the last bit of product out!

There are some really cool packages out there, like those weird little Elizabeth Arden Ceramide pellets and Dr. Hauschka’s rhythmic night conditioner ampoules… I am a fan of ampoules for luxurious skincare products, although it’s probably mostly a gimmick!

Jars and squeeze tubes. They are better value, and I really worry about the production cost and environmental impact of pumps – it’s so overly elaborate. Just give me a jar!

I do like pumps and squeeze tubes because they seem more hygienic (not sure they always are) and they’re more portable. What I don’t like is the amount of product that is left behind with most products in pumps…it’s surprising just how much can be left behind. I use an eye cream that comes in an “airless pump”. When it’s “done”, I get my husband to remove the pump (using a vise or wrench or something). There is at least a week’s worth (more like 2) of product still left in the bottle! And this is a pricey eye cream so I especially hate to waste it. But even with cheaper products, I get infuriated when the pump stops working (Olay body lotion and Soap and Glory body lotion are both notorious for this).

I agree. I love a pump with the push up bottom! 🙂 I also feel like it prolongs the life of my products by not allowing air to get inside. The only complaint I have with pumps is that products with pump packaging typically have really flimsy caps that don’t stay on during travel; therefore, leakage of product tends to occur 🙁

I don’t like pumps, because I travel fairly often and they seem the most prone to squeezing all over into my bags. I prefer something with a cap, or a jar with a screw-on lid.

I really don’t care. I’ve barely given this any thought. As long as I can get the product out easily and I can get a sense of how much product is left, I’m good! I don’t get all wrapped up in the thought of germs and things like that. I’ve never had a problem!

Depends on their purpose – at home, I won’t mind a jar (as you can make sure to use up the whole product without a problem). For traveling – reliable (!!) squeeze tubes (hate the aluminum ones, love those made with the flexible soft plastic material) as they take up less space in a cosmetics bag. Pumps are great for no mess use but I tend to avoid them for traveling.

Pumps first choice, squeeze second choice. I hate jars, because I hate getting product under my finger nails

I do,too,so I bought a package of cheap cosmetic spatulas at Sally Beauty Supply…keeps the product more sanitary,too.

Squeeze tubes. Jars are not a big problem for me either. As long as I use up the content within a relatively short amount of time (no more than 6 months) and wash my hands before applying skincare & makeup, there should be no problem.

Pumps get quite annoying towards the end when there’s still a little bit of product left but it can’t be pumped out.

I like squeeze tubes and pumps also. When I have a tube, and it’s getting low, I cut it in half with scissors and slide one half over the other to keep it closed. It’s amazing how much more product is still in the tube when normally you would be tossing it away.

Squeeze tubes! Because I can cut the tube when it’s running low, so I can use the product until the very last drop. But for those skincare that has a short expiration time (like all natural ingredients, etc), I prefer the airless pumps.

Me too! I especially like the kind of pumps with no tube – those with the tube make it difficult to get to the last remaining bit of product. I like squeeze tubes cos I can cut them open when I get to the end. No waste!

i do like pumps but once i had this makeup remover thats super efficient with little amount but the pump is uneconomical it pumps out way to much product and i hate to see my precious go to waste. Cleansing Express makeup remover, not too sure if they have it is US

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