What kind of beauty products do you use now that you didn’t use a few years ago?

What kind of beauty products do you use now that you didn’t use a few years ago? Share!

The biggest one for me is under eye concealer! I’m still really forgetful about using it, but I need it and reach for it more often. I wear perfume more often as well!

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Same as you! I use to never ever wear concealer… still don’t most of the time! I find concealers don’t really help with under eyes. I need to invest in a corrector instead! 🙂 Lip liner too! I use to never ever wear lip liner.

For me it was my eyebrows! I never did them! It wasn’t really what anybody did back then, now it’s the focal point of my makeup. Old photos are totally cringeworthy now! :/

Blush. I know it seems strange to many, but I never was a big fan of blush for *years*, and just contoured/highlighted. Now, I have about 20 blushes in rotation, although to the “average” person they may as well be the same shade, LOL! I used to buy blush, or get them in palettes/sets/GWPs, but none of them looked “right” on me, so I gave up. When I found a shade that did work, I became a bit addicted…

Yes me too! They all tend to look exactly the same on, save for 2 that are more plummy/contour shades – Though they swatch slightly different, I guess they all end up blending/melting into my foundation and turning the same corally-pink color once applied.

Weirdly lipstick. I used to always never bother or use a balm/lipgloss but I’ve grown quite find of lippies over the past few years!

Bronzers, lip pencils, primers, highlighters, serums, CC creams (if that counts), thermal waters.

And finally… Please promise not to laugh! Well, its makeup brushes…. The only one I had was blush brush of some sort, if a product came with a brush or a sponge of some sort that was what I used with it. Gosh, I feel like I’m confessing in smth really embarrassing here :), please don’t be harsh on me.

Makeup – Lipstick, blush, highlighter, luminizer. I used to be pretty basic with my makeup.
Skincare – Chemical exfoliators, sunscreen, serum. Educating myself about proper skincare has been the best thing for my skin!

Bronzer and contour. I thought I was too pale and cool-toned to pull it off, but there’s been some great bronzer and contour products coming out, even for my fair complexion.

primer! that’s probably the #1 thing i can think of that is a huge step in my makeup routine that i never used 5 years ago

For skincare, I’ve recently added glycolic acid (PTR 10%), and I’m loving the results. Have also added some more retinols (Paula’s Choice) and more moisturizing creams for night. For cosmetics, I’ve been mixing liquid highlighters into foundations and wearing more colorful shadows on eyes ( purple, blue, green shadows). Have lately been obsessed with purple — shadows, blushes, lippies – went from having a few items to a whole drawer within a month

Oh gosh, SO many! Up until a few years ago I only used eye pencil, eyeshadow and mascara. Now I also use lip products, face make-up, blush, powder, eyebrow products, errrthang.

Face primer! And gel liner, too! I only began wearing primer under my foundation around 2 1/2 years ago. I do not know why I waited sooo long either. As I recall, I know that I was quite afraid that I’d wind up with lots of breakouts. As for gel liner, I started using that 3-4 years back. Glad I did, it’s been so much easier than liquid!

Well, I used to be so red in the face that I wouldn’t wear blush over my foundation because the redness showed through anyway. It’s better now though.

I definitely use concealer under my eyes more than I used to. I have kids now. ‘Nuff said.

Foundation! Now that I’m getting older, my makeup looks unpolished without it. Gone are the days of just mascara and lipstick.

Definitely face products overall. I used to rarely ever wear blush, highlighter, or contour. Now that my makeup skills have grown, I love the way these three steps complete my look. Once I bought Lightscapade from MAC I fell in love with highlighting and it has become an everyday thing. Before I used to focus on the eyes, maybe a lip gloss. Rarely even wore foundation.

Blush! I don’t know why but I previously felt that was “not for me”. I however changed my tune after recieving a blush in my ipsy bag a year ago. Blush still has not made it into my “everyday” makeup routine, but I now appericate the extra dimension the color gives my face when I use fuller coverage foundation.

Quite a few, although I’ve always worn makeup it was just the basics. Foundation, shadow,liner mascara. Now I do bronzer, luminizer, primer, blusg, lipstick and lashes lol

Cream eyeshadow! I love colorful loose eyeshadows, but they’re prone to fall-out and irritate my eyes, and since my eyes have gotten a lot more sensitive in the past couple of years, I’m more reserved with powder eyeshadows now. I used to avoid cream eyeshadows because older formulas tend to be more emollient and not long-wearing at all. However, long-wearing cream eyeshadows tend to be somewhat water-resistant and fallouts tend to be minimal, so they’re great with watery eyes.

I just bought my first mid-end liquid foundation. I used to use Covergirl liquid every day in middle school, but for years I only used tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup.

Loose/finishing powder. I used to abhor it, and now I can’t live without it. About 8 years ago or so, I think I used to walk around looking like a bit of a very casual shiny mess actually. I wore very little makeup and tinted moisturizer was my ‘foundation’… no powder. My tastes have definitely changed. I still like a glow, but building a good base is my favourite part of my makeup routine.

A few years ago I would never use highlighter, bronzer, setting powder, false eyelashes, or lip liner. Now I use all of those things and I can’t live without them LOL

Inner corner highlight, blusher and bronzer (separately!) only in the last 4 years, mascara on my lower lashline. And if I have time I use a tinsy bit of powder to fill in some gaps in my brow. And as for tools, a beauty blender type of sponge.
I also use a bronzing gel on my neck to warm it up a little, rather than paling down my face to my neck’s color, making me look ghost-like (used to do).

I agree, under eye concealer on the daily is new for me. I didn’t use to bother because I hated the look of creasing and I felt like it made my eyes look smaller…weird! With the discovery of the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer, under eye concealing is now a part of my daily regimen.

A close second would have to be highlighter. Maybe because it’s more of the “thing” now (along with contouring) so I have been slightly obsessed. I’m in the military, so makeup is not common among the females, but I still find a way to incorporate highlight without looking too overdone.

Mine is perfume, too. In Canada people get super offended when you wear perfume in public, but apparently no one cares in Australia! It’s great. Also, a loooong time ago I refused to wear blush for some reason, but now I wear it every single day. Blush, for me, is what mascara is for most women.

Perfume is the biggest change. I thought it was for older women, but with niche brands coming out with unique scents, I got drawn in. I even bought a new bottle two days ago too. Lipstick was another huge change. I never wore ANY, not even nudes or any lip gloss, until a couple years ago.

Blush (yup went 32 years of my life without it) – this actually made me STOP using bronzer since I think both together are overkill on me
Finishing powder (thank you Hourglass)
Setting powder (still only use it once in a while)
Primer (again only once in a while)
Eyebrow powder

Concealer (because the eyebags have gotten worse with age, oh no) and highlighter. I had no idea that highlighter could give me that ethereal glow I’ve always wanted!

Lipstick! I really didn’t wear lipstick much except for special occasions. I was more of a gloss girl. I just kept a few around. I think that is why now I buy lipstick like crazy now!

For me it’s bronzer…I didn’t understand the purpose of it when I first started wearing makeup and it wasn’t until about two years ago that I started to wear it and now I can’t finish doing my makeup without it!

Anything brow related! I started wearing makeup years ago, but I’m kicking myself for always ignoring my eyebrows. Thank goodness I saw the light about a year ago.

Eyeshadow primer, my eyeshadow doesnt crease anymore and looks more vibrant, undereye concealer, because having 2 little kids has left me with awful undereye dark circles, and the beauty blender to apply my liquid foundation, i used to apply it with my finger but always looked streaky, and right now im testing a few face primer samples as im looking for one that can control shine and minimize the look of pores

Highlighter, brow pencil and lipstick were something that did not exist in my collection for a long time. Now, I have a plethora of highlighters and lipsticks but only one brow pencil at a time (still getting used to filing my brows in).

After years of adding products to address the problems that come with maturing skin and features, I’ve reached the age (70) where I’m now eliminating products. I no longer use primers of any kind on my finely textured, dry skin. They’re just not necessary anymore. I also no longer use concealers. When I need to obscure under eye darkness or I’m experiencing a mild rosacea flare up, I cover the area with two thin layers of foundation instead. It does the trick and looks so much more natural.

I vividly remember thinking back in my knuckle-headed youth, “Highlighters are the dumbest products ever! Who on earth would spend money on such useless nonsense?!” And then I tried a sample and immediately ate my words.

An eyelash curler, definitely. I had no idea curlers better suited for my Asian eye shape existed years ago. And sunscreen! Definitely sunscreen.

Basically anything that isn’t powder foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss, I have since been introduced to through the past few years.

Blush! I just never cared for it until about a year ago. Then I realized what a difference blush makes to my appearance (I’m really pale), it just makes me look healthier. Now I use blush every time I do my makeup!

A lot of stuff related to aging: Fine line correcter/moisturizer around the eyes, firming cream, L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Keratin Lash Boosting Serum (aging/rubbing due to allergies), and long-term, daily wearing of facial moisturizer.

I’ve branched out into: Brow products (I’m still not sure what I like there, and I suck at doing brows.), vampy lipstick shades, brighter & darker blushes, bronzer & contour, liquid lipsticks & lip tars, gel liner, setting spray, BB creams and non-powder foundations (now that my skin is not as super-super-super oily as it was).

For me it would be highlighter – until recently I really didn’t see the appeal of adding shine to your skin. I think in part it was because I had a much oilier t-zone but not my skin has become drier. The other thing would be sunscreen…used to hate it on my body and there was no way I’d put it on my face. Now I slather it everywhere, the key was finding a formula that I liked. My favorite sunscreens are still either Korean or Japanese. The sunscreens I’ve seen recently at drugstores are getting closer to their asian counterparts but still don’t have the same texture (or lack there of) and SPF.

I never used to apply brow products because I have bangs that cover my eyebrows. I use brow pencils/powder/gel daily. I didn’t wear under eye concealer before, but I need to now. Cleansing oil is another product I was introduced to a recently and it’s become a necessity as well.

Blush!! I use to think it look clownish, but now i live for blush and highlighters. My favorite blushes are Nars and I am obsessed with the new Urban Decay ones. For highlighting I love Becca!

This is easy! I’ve never worn foundation nor thought I’d have to! I can understand having an addiction to trying formulas! It’s quite fun! 🙂

I use lots of products now that I didn’t a few years ago. For a start, I now use primers, a wider range of eyeshadows (and of better quality – thanks to this blog!) and found out the foundations that suit my skin type.
I have always worn perfumes and have a huge range to choose from.
Next on my list is to tackle my pale eye brows!

One product I do use now is primer, and one I’ve stopped using is eyeliner!! I don’t think I can ever go without concealer or mascara, tho!

Primer, concealer, brow pencil, mascara (bad experience as a girl – tried my mom’s mascara and couldn’t get it off!)

Brow products. I did not realize how my brows had thinned out. now I use a brow pencils and clear mascara on them everyday.

PRIMER, concealer & contouring powders! all things i thought were unnecessary or frivolous before are now part of my daily routine!

Two years ago was about the time I started wearing makeup again, so the answer is “pretty much everything I wear now.” I also revamped my skincare at that time as well. The only thing that hasn’t changed is that I still wear nail polish and perfume.

Wow, there are quite a few. Serums, primers, contours, brow shapers/fillers and setting sprays. I also started using a cake liner on my upper lash line two years ago and it has become my absolute favorite way to line my upper lashes.

Foundation, concealer and correctors. It used to be enough with a moisturizer with a bit of colour in it, I used to love the Laura Mercier ones.

There are loads… I really got into skincare lately, so I probably didn’t use anything other on my face than make-up remover, soap and pharmacy alcohol for breakouts… now I’m trying to do the 3-step regimen everyday (cleansing, toning, hydrating), but I still forget it sometimes. I also use scrubs for face, body, lips. And more hairstyling products, like volumizing powders.
As for make-up, contour products, highlighters, brow products,

liquid liner finally learnt ! also bronzer i use to think why put brown on your face lol now i think its pretty and eyebrow gel 🙂

I never used to contour or highlight. Or do much to my brows. But now they are the three things I normally always do! Lol. I just ordered Kevyn Aucoin’s contour shade and the candlelight highlighter. I can’t wait for them to come in! 🙂

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