What keeps you excited about makeup?

New formulas, textures, combinations! I also feel like my enthusiasm is often related to how readers respond to new products in general.

— Christine
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The entire creative art aspect of it, for one thing! Plus, there’s literally ALWAYS something new to read about and see, and then possibly buy if I really love it and can see it working on me personally. Learning new methods or tweaking my skills here and there through tutorials also keeps it new and fresh, even after 44 years of working with these tubes, bottles and pans of many colors!

The enthusiasm of the beauty community is very contagious. Knowing what is out there and how it will effect my appearance and my skin keeps me enthused. Blogs such as this one and good YouTube gurus also help.

Ultimately, it’s the feeling. It’s that daily hit of confidence and pleasure I get from feeling I look my best. It’s really fun to pop on a bit of lipstick or blush and have it change so much externally and internally.

Eyeshadow combos keep me going too. The Viseart palettes have given me, literally, thousands of new choices to try. You ladies here broadened my views about branching out color wise, so the fun of that only keeps growing.

Plus, it’s very fun to check out colors, products, brands mentioned here that I may not normally venture into. Exploring online or having a swatch party in Sephora — even if I don’t buy anything — keeps it all very fun.

i’m just always excited about makeup…i love new colors, textures, collections! i love giving everything a try to see if it’s a hit or miss

Me too — the new products, categories, finishes, colors etc. continually being introduced or discussed keeps me engaged. Finding that just-right [fill in the blank… lipstick, mascara, etc.] is always energizing.

I’d agree with exploring new formulas for sure. This was the first year I really started practicing with liquid foundation; the Colourpop blush/highlight/eyeshadow formulations have sort of “kept me young” in regards of my technique. It seems silly but it can even be subtle things like using a new brush for a few weeks or trying a new foundation that does more than you would think to inspire you!

yes, me too: new formulas. how they change, how they develop.
and i find it very fascinating how people collect and spread more and more knowledge. through this blog, mua and different national blogs. wikipedia has become a really good database for ingredients. how professional make up artists share their knowledge through youtube and instagram. there is so much to learn and improve, thats absolutely amazing.
30 years ago i was a freak, an outsider who reads ingredients lists and who buys highend make up and skincare. now i feel i am a part of a huge international steady growing community.
if i post comments, take part in discussions or not, it doesn`t matter. and even if i can`t find anybody in person in real life, i know i am not alone 🙂 *bit pathetic*

Viv, that’s not pathetic. I’m the only one in my family that wears makeup. My mom, maternal grandma, sister, nieces, even my sisters-in-law don’t wear makeup. None of my aunts do. It’s nice to connect with others who share something you love.

I agree…NOT pathetic. I used to feel like people thought I was ridiculous, shallow, and overly materialistic, but since then I have found other beauty junkies. I only know a few irl, but I see so many of us online. I wish all store personnel was like us, because if I had a dollar for everytime some cashier made a comment about my buying every shade of a product…well, I could buy more product 🙂 Sigh, I may never be rich like this, but I’ll always be pretty 😉

Will also add artistic presentation. When the product/formula is good, there is nothing like opening a gorgeous compact and feel luxurious before a product touches your face. Am thinking about the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson collection and the Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham collection.

Brushes also make me excited to use my makeup and see how beautifully makeup applies when using a soft, well-made brush (e.g. Wayne Goss).

Oh Tracey, I am usually the victim of a husband who does’t get it right at Xmas (regardless of how many hints I drop), so this year, “he” ordered the new Wayne Goss set. It came last night. I opened to inspect to make sure the order was right but am making him wrap it and waiting. I am JUST DYING to use that tiny brush (08?) for tightliniing my lowers.

I don’t know how to word it exactly.

But, it’s the feeling I get when I apply my makeup every morning. I feel so warm, and fuzzy and I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to!!

I also love trying new colour combos on my dark brown eyes, that’s always so much fun!!!

Also!! The bond’s I have created with other women!! Weather it’s at a party and I’m touching up lipstick and a women will come up to me and talk about her favourite lipstick. Or The lasting friendships I’v made through makeup artistry!!!

I just really love the art of makeup 😛


I have social anxiety, and makeup is such a AMAZING ice breaker!! And I personally, always try to compliment strangers when I like something of their outfit/makeup!!

I love the bond between two women who wear makeup!!!

New formulas is a big one for me as well, especially with skin products. That fine line of long wearing full coverage and natural is extremely hard to get.

I long ago I hit the point of not needing more makeup but seeing what indie brands are doing keeps me interested in the way that if that can have excellent product and unique (and not gimmicky) packageing has me coming back.

I started reviewing because I wanted to test out products that can last a long 16 hour day in the heat myself so I’m still looking.

Creatively I know that I can use a lot with inexpensive products as well so it’s not a matter of brand but performance with my curiosity.

It’s all about owning the rainbow, as a kid I only wanted the biggest box of 120 crayons knowing all the colors I wasn’t getting in the 24 truly truly bothered me

I don’t know of a time when I haven’t been excited about cosmetics! There are always new colors, textures, brushes, new ways of doing new things, etc and I love it!

I love the way I feel when I wear it. Especially when I try a new product and it’s superb. I love compliments on a new look or even just a great skin day.

To try out new products always hoping to find the perfect foundation, Primer, Mascara etc… or at least to find a product that is better than the one I have. Even if I like a product I always try out new things because maybe it is better.

I agree with so many other responses: improving formulas, innovative products, beautiful packaging, and searching for the perfect product in every category.

I also have to say that in my personal collection, the way I have my makeup table organized makes me feel excited to do my makeup every morning. It feels like I get to go shopping in my vanity table and I know everything I pick is something I love. It’s like a successful, luxurious shopping trip for thirty minutes every morning. 🙂 If I didn’t have that, I don’t know if I would have the motivation to sit down and do my makeup so early in the morning.

There’s nothing like a beautiful new palette to inspire me or a great lipstick. I just love the different colour combinations available and to see how they work on me. I love reading about makeup, new products and adding to my skills. Your beauty blog is the best Christine.

I have to agree with everyone else’s replies, but I have one more… I get a sense of well-being from doing my makeup each day. If I’ve had a particular bad day or week I can wander around a Sephora or Ulta for a half hour or so and my blood pressure will drop 20 points. I don’t even have to buy anything, lol. For me, my facination began when I was 10 and I’m sure it will continue until I die.

I totally agree. I go to Ulta to wander around when I need some “me” time. Even if I don’t buy anything, I leave feeling much better!

For me, it is the transformative power of makeup. When you find the perfect color of lipstick and it changes everything about your lips or that perfect color eye shadow that makes your eyes sparkle with added depth. It is also the thrill of the hunt. I think we all love a good chase and when we score that coveted product there is nothing like the feeling, LOL.

I will always remember, as a child, walking through a nice department store with my mother and seeing all the cosmetics counters with the huge displays of colorful testers and perfume bottles. It was like seeing a gemstone treasure spread out before me. I still get a bit of that thrill today when I walk into a cosmetics store.
Of course, as an adult, I appreciate new colors, products and formulations but that little kick I still get keeps it exciting!

I’m mostly drawn I to colors! I love gardening too so it is colors for me to draw me like a bee! Also the design especially the beautiful perfume designs I love to check them out although I’m picky about perfume don’t like any screaming of high alcohol prefer a dry musk sort of combination. Is just so much fun going through the makeup isles just to browse and whom am I’m kidding we always fall for something. I think it is a special time to apply makeup although when at home I prefer to let my skin breath but love getting a makeover.
I go for a natural look I’m pale so I blend, blend, blend and find most colors/products unless really lousy do work on me. Blush is my best friend and mascara. Lately I love a touch of bronze very lightly what a difference it makes on this ghost. Lol!

What doesn’t keep me excited is the Cost that’s for sure. I guess what is exciting but also a disappointment at the same time is always thinking that the next item they come out with will be the best concealer or the best foundation but most of the time it is costly and disappointing. I still love makeup because I think it is going to improve my appearance but sometimes I think I expect to much from my makeup.

I would agree on new textures and formulations; it’s made such a difference in the products that catch my interest and make their way into my routine. The acceptance of a wider array of colors being considered “normal” is fantastic. I’m still by no means non-traditional, but reds, burgundies and pinks mixed with more standard fare makes my hazel eyes look more green and pop. Contrary to what my Black Friday purchases imply, I actually feel myself slowing down a bit in my acquisitions. I have my holy grail items in several categories, so I’ve really stopped looking for the next new thing there and I have way more eyeshadow and lipstick than I could possibly need, so something has to be unique to make me buy. Given that, new innovations keep coming! It’s amazing and wonderful!

Everyone has commented with things I agree with, from innovation to techniques etc. For me it boils down to two things: transformation and possibility. Every time I wear makeup it gives me the chance to decide who I will present to the world. Will I be the glamorous vamp? The sweet English Rose? Bronzed goddess? Fresh faced nature lover? Every “character” represents a part of me. Possibility is endless –will this be a holy grail item? Will it cover or emphasize just right? Will my lips be more defined, my eyes shining bright? Everything has the possibility to be meaningful art or frivolous fun. Transformation and possibility it is!

Color, packaging, and advertising…gotta say. Without all that magic, it’s just liquids and powders, but when you add in all the pretty stuff, it’s special! Not only do I want it to make me look prettier, but I want the experience of using pretty things. I moonlight at Walgreens, and I’m always over there in the beauty department trying to make everything look as pretty as possible.

I just realized this – makeup is grown-up toys for me. Collecting, playing with each day, opening, swatching, admiring packaging, getting new stuff, etc – it’s connecting me to my inner child, LOL.

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