What is your least used makeup tool?

What is your least used makeup tool? Is there a brush you never use? Some device that you never reach for?

I have the no!no! but I could never get myself to commit to it! There are a lot of specialized makeup brushes I rarely reach for – I tend to just use a core set of brushes. I don’t regret it, but I wouldn’t recommend “collect ’em all” mentality with MAC brushes — better to buy multiples of ones you use all the time!

Thanks to Caroline for today’s question!

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I agree. I have purchased several eyelash curlers over the years and never use them. The curl never holds, no matter what mascara I use, the clamp never fits my eye shape correctly.

Same here. Well, by foundation brush I mean the flat-head, standard foundation brush. I usually use powder foundation or just concealer, so the “foundation” brush I use is my Sigma HD flat-top duo fibre brush. In my opinion, that brush is better than any streaky, flat-head foundation brush. I also NEVER use lip brushes, or concealer brushes. (For concealer, I use an Eco Tools fluffy crease-type brush.)

Oh and other comments reminded me. I’ve never used my foundation brush (fingers work so much better and don’t leave the weird lines) or my mini eye fan brush.

This little brush that I bought a couple of years ago at IMATS for lining and detail work–IT SUCKS. I can’t use it for…anything. It was originally really thin, but it’s splayed now and has no tension at all and is useless. But I can’t throw anything away so it just sits there in the old pico de gallo jar I repurposed ๐Ÿ˜
Also, a lip brush (same brand, also from IMATS two years ago) that’s really scratchy and…splayed.

Eyelash curler! I just never got into using those. They don’t fit my eyes right and they hurt sometimes lol. But I am going to try the Shu uemura one or the Mac half eyelash curler since I heard so many good things about those.

Is that the thing that removes hair? I could NOT fall asleep at my friend’s party once and I had no idea where her remote was, so I was stuck watching an hour long infomercial about the No No. But anyway my eyelash curler doesn’t get a lot of love because (luckily) my lashes curl wonderfully with just mascara.

Definitely my standard foundation brushes, since I don’t really wear foundation (I’m more of a tinted moisturizer kind of girl) and when I do I usually apply it with my fingers.

I never use my eyelash curler either and it’s a Shu Uemera,I don’t see why everyone raves about how great these curlers are. The curler doesn’t fit across my lashes all the way and I end up having parts of my lashes uncurled which looks terrible.

probably my lip brush, though i’ve been trying to use it more now! it always gives me perfect lips but i it’s always such a hassle reaching for it in the first place

All my brushes haha… except the MAC 266 for my eyebrows and the MAC 182 for my setting powder, powder countour and/or powder bronzer. Everything else (foundation, concealer, liquid highlighter) I use my fingers. Honestly I’m just too lazy to wash my brushes everyday… and big brushes require so much cleanser to completely clean, and even longer to dry. I haven’t noticed a difference when applied with a brush or sponge versus with my fingers so why bother. Also, though I love my Dior Shimmer Star Amber Diamond powder highlighter, I haven’t found myself reaching for it very often. I wonder why.

I should just give away the brushes that I don’t use.

I would have to say my eyelash separator. As much as it is a pet peeve to some people, I actually like my eyelashes a little clumpy because I have really thin lashes and I need as much volume as possible.

Eyelash curler. Mine don’t hold a curl to save their life. I’ll curl one, and by the time I’m done with my other eye, the first one is straight again. Lost cause, and now I don’t ever use it.

Eyelash curler I’d say.. :p Or eyelash brush, those plasticky ones with two sides that youre supposed to brush through your lashes with. Never need them and never use them.

I completely agree. I am thinking of buying at least 2 more 239’s, another 217 and a couple E35’s from sigma. I even wouldn’t mind another F80. I already have at least 6 eye liner brushes, and every single one is in use. It’s like having a million pairs of underwear; it lets you do the laundry less. lol.

I never use my angled eyeliner brush. I have 3 because when people buy me some type of eyeliner they ask a sales associate what type of brush I should use and they recommend an angled brush. For eyeliner I use my MAC 210 I like thin eyeliner that is barely visible, and I have trouble using an angled brush.

My eyelash curler never gets used. I keep it front and center, hoping that some day I’ll pick it up, but it goes untouched in the morning rush most days.

Foundation brush – whenever I try it, my foundation looks worse. I just don’t know how to use it properly I guess. I prefer fingers anyway. Another one is the little comb to separate your lashes…never use it.

Some foundation brushes are not worth it – some are. It’s like finding the right brush for other face parts. I think they put out a lot of foundation brushes that are far too small to do the job. I got away from using my fingers other than for tinted moisturizers. I prefer brushes and sponging on foundation if it’s liquid or cream now. My coverage is much better looking – but you do tend to use up more foundation using a tool.

definitely my lip brushes. I’ve never actually specifically bought one, but they always come in travel sets of brushes and with certain lipglosses and I have just never got the hang of them…. maybe I’m not using it right? lol

Time to toss them out. I have to force myself to toss out brushes that I don’t like and don’t use – or give them to some teens that live close to you or you know – they go nuts when you give them anything makeup wise!

MAC 187, I don’t like it, it’s scratchy and… i don’t know.
Ever since I got intoduced to sigma F80 I stopped using that brush

Angled brush and MAC 109. The angled brush i got really cheap so I wanted to try it, but I don’t really have any use for it. The 109 was recommended by a MAC MUA when I bought my Studio Tech but I prefer other brushes.

I have to say it’s my foundation brush. After I use it, I won’t end up using it again until I deep clean all of my brushes, so it just ends up sitting there while I use other methods of application that actually end up being faster and easier. Then, once I clean it, I don’t want to use it again because it’ll get dirty again (of course).

MAC’s 194 concealer brush (it’s awful and I never use it and wish I’d known enough when I bought it to realize how poor a brush it was and that it “wasn’t me” that was the problem). OR Clarisonic’s Mia (I know – sacrilege). A very generous friend wanted to get me one for Xmas as she had one and loved it. I tried hers and, to be honest, it was no better than my 5 dollar Buf Pufs! So glad I had a chance to try it out and save her the $$$.

I bought a bourghese brush set from Costco a few months back, and I don’t think I’ve ever used the round foundation brush it came with, even once. I use make-up wedges for foundation then use a kabuki with finishing powder to blend anything in. The other brushes I use quite regularly, especially the eyeshadow brushes.

Eyelash curler – they just don’t seem to work for me. I’ve tried several but aren’t worth the bother. Maybe I don’t have long enough lashes.

I have a ton of brushes I never use. I also never use my eyelash curler, it always makes my lashes look shorter, and I have a Shu Umera one and it still does that. I don’t see the point

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