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Dark, musky, warm. Dirt, rain, smoke, burning leaves, tobacco, books, ect on the softer side, sometimes jasmine and citrus. Those kind of scents work best with my body chemistry, sweet/florals often make me smell like an onion dipped in rose water. :C

1. Fruity stuff (especially orange or cherry) mixed with coconut, vanilla, or a fizzy/sugary base.
2. Cool forest greens like moss, ferns, wet grass.
3. Dark, spicy stuff like black licorice, coffee, clove, and cinnamon.

So basically either really bright and sweet or really dark and weird and not much in between 🙂

As long as I smell clean and fresh, I can go sunny, citrusy floral during our hellish summers! But once it starts cooling off, I start going for heavier, sensuous, yet STILL clean fragrances. Ie; TF Black Orchid, Juicy Couture Couture, Christian LaCroix Absynthe. I am not even 100% sure what category any of those I mentioned fall into in order to claim a style, LoL!

I love fresh scents! But they all tend to change into the smells of toilet deodorizer or dishwashing liquid on my skin, unfortunately. It took me a long time (also because I do not wear perfume often – as a barista and a coffee taster I cannot have perfume interfering with the aroma of the coffee. Also too strong scents in the morning make me feel nauseous) to realize that sweet, floral, spicier scents suit me better.

I tend to prefer floral scents and I also tend to wear one fragrance everyday for long periods of time and then move on to a different scent. I don’t really change scents with the seasons preferring to wear something that I really like or have been told smells nice with my particular chemistry. Currently I am using Issey Miyaki but I have used Eternity, Joy, Cashmere Mist, Lauren and Halston.

I really love fresh white floral scents with tuberose, gardenia or honey notes. My personal favourite is The Body Shop’s English Dawn Gardenia, which has bergamot, tuberose, gardenia and sandalwood in it. For honey scents, I love the Honeymania EDT by The Body Shop as well. Pity that the longevity just isn’t there! It fades after 2 hours.

Common notes through all my fragrances are citrus, green, white floral with base notes of woods and/or spice; including my winter scent, Kiehls musk, which has notes of orange blossom and citrus. Reviews of all of them often include “clean”; no or very little sweetness.

Yes: Bvlgari Green Tea is my daily go-to for most seasons; I love how it’s fresh and yet complex. Getting into autumn and winter I’ll use more Bvlgari Red Tea that is a bit richer with more peppercorn notes. Haven’t been taken by White Tea the few times I’ve tried it.

I don’t really know for sure–despite loving the idea of wearing fragrance, unfortunately I’m very susceptible to headaches/migraines and many, probably most, perfumes trigger them. I do know that I love vanilla (not super-sugary ones, those smell like Play-Doh!) and non-citrus fruit scents, and I think I also like sandalwood. Sometimes I can handle wearing Marc Jacobs’s Dot, and really enjoy it! I know I’ve previously sampled and liked YSL’s Opium; apparently it’s an “old lady” perfume, but maybe old ladies know what smells good 🙂

I often virtual-window shop fragrance and aside from finding some notes enticing, I’m often really drawn to great packaging and concepts. Dunno if I’ve even smelled any Thierry Mugler scents recently, but if I had the money and space I’d collect them all for their gorgeous bottles!

I actually have a few samples of it tucked away in the designated fragrance drawer of my IKEA Helmer! But I’m scared of getting a headache so I still haven’t actually tried it 🙁

I really enjoy fresh, woodsy, almost manly scents. One of my go-to everyday scents is Burberry The Beat, which isn’t made anymore but I have gone through three bottles and continue to buy online. It’s just refreshing to me!

In the fall and winter, I like muskier, warmer scents. I also feel they last much longer on me. My favorite winter scent is Guerlain La Petite Robe Noir– the one in the black-bottomed bottle.

I like scents that have overt fresh, citrus-y notes, particularly orange scents. It why I love Atelier’s Mandarine Glaciale so much, and scents by Jo Malone. But if you take those citrus scents and darken them, like Tom Ford’s Noir Femme, I can go there too.

I loooooooove Mandarine Glaciale! Atelier has so many interesting citrusy scents, I think my fav is Orange Sanguine, though I do like Cedrat Enivrant and Pomelo Paradis as well 🙂

All the heavier stuff.. I don’t mind some bright sparkly top notes, but the dry down has to be warm,smoky, leathery, gourmand; quite masculine actually.

I’m a fan of white flowers and musk, but I also like woody, watery and green scents.

Here’s a great website to research your favorites: fragrantica.com. There are several ways to search and learn about your favorites and new possibilities.

I can’t wear perfume without getting a headache, watery/itchy eyes, constant sneezing, or some combination of these. Someone gave me Flowerbomb a few years ago and I thought I was going to die until it wore off (which takes forever since the stuff is so strong).

If anyone with similar fragrance issues has found a perfume that isn’t a problem, I’d like to hear about it.

I have similar problems with certain fragrances. I tried Chanel Coco when it first came out and got an instant headache — so strong!!! I smelled it all day, even though I didn’t put any on me. Some scents, like Flowerbomb, turn into pure sugar on my skin, get sickly sweet, give me a headache and linger even after scrubbing it off. So awful!

Everyone is different, that’s for sure. You probably need to do some experimenting to see what families of fragrance notes you can live with. Green? Rain? Citrus? Flowers? Which ones? Spice? Gourmond? It’s kind of a process of elimination. Once you find a note you absolutely hate, you can isolate it by a search of notes on fragrantica.com. If you kinda like a fragrance, you can research the notes in it, and isolate the one or two you like.

I personally think anyone can find something that works, unless allergies simply make wearing or smelling fragrance prohibitive. To me, it sounds like you need one that dries down into a soft, mellow scent that agrees with your body chemistry. I hope you can find one or two you like, because wearing the right fragrance is such a pleasurable experience.

I’d like to add that by experimenting, I’ve determined that anything with pepper or caramel in it is a giant NO for me. I simply cannot wear it. And, I don’t even try. Good luck!

I am just like you, altho flower bomb was the one I could deal with. I’ve learned to only put fragrance on directly under my boob area and the lady space, anywhere else I get a migraine from myself lol and that’s annoying. The lightest scent that has worked has been Bulgari Omnia, I’ve NEVER finished a bottle of perfume in my life until this one. It’s sooo perfect and light

I love perfume, but can’t tolerate them because of migraines. Philosophy fragrances, lotions, showers gels have been the only ones that I can wear daily and they don’t cause reactions for me. Jo Malone scents are nice, but stronger. I mainly like the Lotions and bath oils. My favorite is the Rose. I find perfumes that combine too many notes don’t sit well with me. I also like natural oils from my local organic food market.

Exotic, spicy, and sweet notes such as: Vanilla, orange, bergemot, cinnamon, clove, ginger, pink peppercorns, cocoa/chocolate, cardamom, nutmeg, myrrh, incense, amber, white musk, white floral.

I’ve always been afraid of perfume because of my allergies to it…I itch and get migraines so over the last say 6 years I only wore Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, it was the ONE fragrance that didn’t irritate me. The last year I’ve learned to adjust how i wear perfume (still can’t wear like fragrant lotions and stuff tho) and with Sephora’s 3 samples online I’ve acquired quite a collection of sample fragrances which has allowed me to try out so many others and now I have so many I can wear safely like, Viktor still, Chloes Chloe, Bulgari Omnia, Versace Light Blue, and Burberry and Replica.

I’d like to wear rustic scents but they are too strong so light florals work better and I like it, just would perfer more rich and rustic ones too.

It is funny how people taste varies. I enjoy FB and I think it is strong but lovely. It wears off nicely. Lots of compliments but I smell it every where, just like DG Light Blue.

With the rich fragrances, try one spray on your chest area and see how it wears on you. Other ladies recommended fragrantica. Check out other fragrances similar to flower bomb 🙂

Try more expensive perfumes like Serge Lutens and Frederic Malle. They use premium pure quality formulas . That are less irritating to breathe and amazing to smell.

I like powdery, feminine, clean scents. My every day scents are philosophy either amazing grace or pure grace. Going out or special occasions I like Cartier baiser vole.

Wish I could wear heavier and fruity scents, but I get migraines and they trigger headaches for me.

It depends on the weather, but I always wear unisex scents.
I wear something green in spring such as En Passant Frederic Malle, something citrus in summer such as Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Hermes or Mirto di Panarea Acqua di Parma.
I prefer woody and a bit warm, a bit spicy but still unisex fragrances in autumn and in winter like Tam Dao Diptyque or Premier Figuier L`Artisan but I’m looking for something warmer and I haven’t find my HG yet. YSL Splendid Wood and 31 Rue Cambon Chanel are lovely but a bit too much for me.

En Passant is WONDERFUL, and Tam Dao is a winter staple for me, too. Are you in the Facebook Fragrance Friends group? They could probably suggest things for you.

Hallelujah! Well said, Lindsay!! They tweaked Chanel N*5 to perfection in Eau Premiere!! They made a better version!! Lol! I even included it in my Jaclyn Hill Ride or Die video coming out soon to a YouTube near you, that’s how much I ADORE it!! ?? (FitChickGlows ✨)

ME too. It has to be heavy and I like a lot of vanilla.
My favourites Are Thierry Mugler Alien, Vivienne Westwood boudoir and there was a Limited Edition perfume from loreal mythic Oil which has sooo much vanilla.

I love lily if the valley and violet, especially when powdery! Soft, white, green, sometimes yellow, happy, delicate, feminine, pretty, beautiful fragrances! My absolute favorites are Guerlain Meteorites (smells EXACTLY like the makeup! Like powdered violets), Penhaligon’s Lily of the Valley, Serge Lutens Un Lys, Guerlain Champs Elysees, and Stila Creme Bouquet! I am on the hunt for creme bouquet- i only have maybe 2ml left!

I really like fresh scents with hints of sweetness or light floral bits to them. I don’t like excessively sweet or floral, so having those scents mixed with fresh is definitely better for my taste. I usually don’t like anything people describe as “warm” or “musky”. A lot of those are too harsh for my nose and can cause migraines. Every time I’m smelling perfumes in a store, I always take a whiff of YSL Opium and am always a little surprised at how bad it smells to me. 😛

It varies, depends on my mood. Most of the time I prefer soft, clean and fresh. I love vanilla and amber. For the winter I prefer a bolder fragrance like Tom Ford Amber Vanilla. My favorite now is Laura Mercier Amber Vanilla perfume and body crème.

For hot summer months and particularly day time I like clean, citrus, maybe a touch of light musk. My two all time summer favorites are Neroli Portofino and L’eau de Hadrien.
For evening and cooler months (there is no winter in Miami) I like cozy, warm, musky and especially scents that you can’t pin point as to a flower or anything in particular.
I tend not to like overly flowery and I do not like any fruit except citrus unless its hidden in and mixed with other notes so its not obvious.
I have yet to find the perfect evening/cooler scent, I have bought (and given away) countless bottles and continue to search for that elusive scent…

I use fragrance to either convey my mood or to create an image so I change from day to day. Whilst I don’t use the same fragrance everyday I tend to gravitate towards the same olfactory families : oriental & chypre. A few of my favorites are : Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens, L’Heure Bleue by Guerlain, Rochas Femme & Aromatics Elixir by Clinique.

It’s my best ever combination, from the 90’s…Giorgio and musk oil. It’s combination worked amazing on me. That was then, now I use a spicey tea scent and it works great too. Ah, The scent of a woman!

Anything Jasmine and sultry!!! I am a jasmine ho!! ahaha. I wear LUSH’s LUST every day and I get a lot of compliments on how I smell, so I guess it works well for me!! I keep jasmine scented candles in my home/bedroom too!!!

Fruity, warm, wintery kinds… Having notes of vanilla, musk, coffee, maybe rose. Something which hugs me throughout the day. Love Black opium, chanel no 5, modern muse le rouge, marc jacobs decadence, amongst so many more.

I haven’t found a fragrance that includes all my preferences, but I like smoky (tobacco), leather, tart citrus, and boozy (non-sweet, like bourbon). There are other scents I like, but the inclusion of one or more scents from that short list is usually what pushes me over the edge into a purchase. I don’t like floral, sweet, watery, or incense-y. I’m all about dark, warm, tart, and sometimes edgy (scents that might be described by words like “gunpowder” and “flint”). I cannot tolerate rose in any form.

I should add that I’ve never found a women’s perfume that I like. The closest I’ve come is single-note unisex scents, but in blended scents, I have to shop “masculine.”

I can appreciate all fragrance notes to a degree…but I’m particularly fond of rich waxy indolic florals like tuberose and jasmine BWF’s for spring/summer like SL a la nuit or deep dark spicy mossy, mysterious, rich and opulent scents for fall and winter like SL Amber Sultan & FM Portrait of a lady……yum!

One scent I haven’t seen mentioned is Patchouli. My sister wears that so now when I smell it I think of her. Although, I’ve known men to wear it. To me its clean smelling. I tend toward citrus or light florals. Bath & Body Works orange ginger spray, Versace Bright Crystal are two favorites. I also like YSL Ysatis and a very careful dab of Chanel’s Mademoiselle Coco…that one I spray onto a q-tip and then dab on.

I don’t have a fragrance style. It can vary greatly but I definitely go by season when choosing. I like florals with vanilla for spring; crisper florals, citrus, fruity, coconut for summer; gourmands and those with “heavy” notes like chocolate, amber and spice for fall/winter.

Lavender is such a common base for perfumes, but it doesn’t suit me, and my nose doesn’t like it. Vanilla is great in cookies, not scent! I tend more to soft but rich florals over woods and/or spices, like I do with candles. Tart to sweet, more citrus than British garden. I love white ginger with jasmine for summer, balsam/sandalwood/olive tree undernotes for winter. I find I have to be careful about the trendier perfumes, since they start to smell like a Yankee Candle store once you factor in my shampoo and hair product (mostly Aveda, yum). I always go back to the classics.

I go heavier in winter as well, usually Halston, which is timeless. First is brighter, really good for work. It says smart, with it, female, might kick your ass but will do it like a lady. 😉 Prada is a good one, slightly musky but soft, a good choice for day; Issey Miyake is a perfect spring scent, very subtle floral and green tea, with a touch of fresh rain.

There’s also a rollerball perfume by Soft Surroundings that’s nice and light, but it doesn’t have much staying power. Luckily it’s the size of a lipstick and seals well, so I just drop it in my makeup bag. I really really miss Aveda’s Blue Oil, which had a peppermint base and was also a rollerball. It smelled great and was like a fresh breeze on the pulse points in high summer. WHY DID THEY STOP MAKING IT? :.(

My fave ever is, sadly, Joy, which I swear smells awesome on everyone any time of day, and lasts all day even in Texas summer, but it’s so damned expensive! Nina Ricci eau de toilette was a favorite when younger, but it just doesn’t work for me now.

The one I want to try next is Hanae Mori!

I seem to prefer single notes. My first fragrance was bergamot. I seem to stay away from typically “feminine” fragrances, those flowery or foody things that seem just too sweet for me. I sometimes use lavender, but not the flowery version. I prefer the more herbal kind with sharper undertones. I have always liked patchouli and woods. I’ve used a tea fragrance in the past and currently I’m wearing tobacco, which is definitely not considered a typical “woman’s” fragrance (although it was in the 1920s and 1930s).

Fragrance style: Classic in winter to somewhat fruity or fresh in summers Summer fragrance has been Island Escape by Victoria Secret. Winter/evening fragrance: Miu Miu & Burberry Brit.

Hi Christine & Temptalia,
I have a few fragrances that I absolutely LOVE and I tend to switch on and off with these. Chanel- Chance, Faith Hill- True, Versace- Bright Crystal, Donna Karen- Cashmere Mist. I don’t think that I have a certain “scent”, or that I can actually pinpoint a certain scent. I definitely wear Chanel Chance and Faith Hill True, MORE as my main signature fragrances. When I get compliments on how I smell awesome and what am I wearing… People ARE surprised when I tell them that it’s Faith Hill “True”!! They are shocked because it’s not a high end perfume! But, with Faith Hill’s True…She summed it up. ” It’s inspired by the luminous radiance at the heart of every Woman. It embodies the modern, yet classic femininity of all Women. Successful Women of strength, glamour, and warmth. It inspires Women to believe in themselves”!
So what’s in this perfume that is supposed to leave you so modern and yet still classic and feminine, you ask? The scent is a beautiful scent of it’s own and I can tell You that BOTH sexes seem to compliment Me. I have smelled many perfumes over the years and NOTHING else compares or even comes close to THIS scent! The color of the perfume is blue. She does have many out, and this was Her second one that She has out..and the ONLY One That I WILL EVER Use! It’s by Coty. The Magical Scent’s are a sparkling floral bouquet, crisp pear, neroli, lush pink peony, southern magnolia, exotic jasmine, gardenia, cashmere skin musk, calming iris, and smoky vetiver.
We all pretty much know what the “high end” perfumes smell like, but I just wanted you to know how simply light and awesome this fragrance is. It’s not over powering at all! ?

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