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My answer hasn’t changed since last time this question was asked: definitely my eyes! Have always gotten a lot of attention because they’re an unusual mix of colors, probably a form of hazel. Dark teal outer band, with a lighter seafoam(?) green inside with yellow gold flecks mixed in. They’re also hooded almond shaped as well. Weirdly exotic, I suppose?

my husband’s eyes do that too. He has blue-gray eyes. when he is mad or upset they turn steel grey and when he is happy they are a lot bluer. it’s soo cool
I wish my eyes did that too. U are so lucky

My eyes do that too, and it’s interesting. They’re a very grayed blue, but depending on on the circumstances, they can looking anything from sky blue through gray to green. In just the right clothes and light, they look solidly sage green.

I have a central herterochromia, the outside ring of my eye is a deep teal blue, the inside is very green, and then I have a little burst of amber in the center. Almond shaped and slightly hooded. I wonder if we share any common DNA.
Erin Recently Posted: Marc Jacobs Decadence

Idk? But I’m beginning to wonder how common or uncommon CHI is? It is quite different from the other heterochromia that causes an eye of another color. It instead is similar, yet clinically different from true hazel eyes. My SIL has hazel eyes, but they don’t seem to turn other colors?

I’m pushing 47, but I like my skin. Sunscreen, skincare, healthy diet, and some lucky genes have paid off. Next is probably my lips, which are still pretty full, thanks to diligent use of SPF lip balm

Face-wise: My lips, for sure! They’re full and can handle various lip looks with ease.
Body-wise: My legs. They’re short, but naturally shapely. And my love for high heels is an added bonus. ??

๐Ÿ™‚ Body-wise too for me is leps- mine are long, thin, shapely and bowlegged and look great in heels if I can say so ๐Ÿ˜€

Eyes for me, too. They have a nice large, almond shape with long lashes (though not as long and full as they used to be). I have Central Heterochromia Iridum. I like that they’re a little unusual, and have so many colors in them. I can wear almost any eyeshadow color with them, and they appear to change color depending on what I wear.

Rachel, your eyes do that same thing as mine! They morph into various shades and colors. I still remember when Lotus was still on here, and she told us about CH. Likely I have it too, but haven’t been in to see my Optho Doc in awhile, so no verification yet.

Well I just learned something new! I have CH as well! My daughter does too and she knew about it. They are my fave feature as well, they’re big unusually coloured eyes (also change due to mood or illness, same colour but different shades of green or the orange & yellow flecks sometimes more prominent) on a small finely boned face. Unfortunately no makeup for me for possibly another 4-6 months as our 1930 oak staircase decided it was high time I took a misstep and had my face become intimate with each step on the way down. So one of my eyes has broken bones all around it ? No complaints, it could have been fatal as it was the full length of the staircase (about 12 or so steps) I’m grateful to be alive (but wish I could wear makeup especially in the dreary winter, can’t even use masks or exfoliate as its too painful, ugh!)

Very kind of you, thank you Rachel? Someone, maybe more than one, or something, definitely had my back. Not being able to wear makeup really is the least of my problems as annoying as it is (at 56 I’ve streamlined and look younger then at 46, mostly miss my treatments-v dry skin-and eye makeup so my CH is highlighted nicely), there are a few other weird complications that are not only a pain in the bum, but scaring me (I don’t scare easily when it comes to health issues, there’s always a solution- traditional or alternative medicine, sometimes the body heals itself without any medical help, we’re quite remarkable beings!) Don’t want to go into how many “cheats” I’ve had (far more than the average), scary thought that I can’t keep cheating fatalities forever… Jet

My eyes. They are almost black, big and round and thanks to Bimatoprost ( Latisse) lashes for days.
But when i am skinnyer i love my cheekbones

What a nice question ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my hair. But I also like my facial features a lot, un-ideal though they might be I can see my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and their ancestors looking back at me thru the mirror and that’s what matters.

To me, the eyes are the most beautiful/important part of everyone’s face. And I love making up my eyes, even if they are small, hooded, wrinkly, and hidden behind eyeglasses. My lips have actually aged better (although the edges are getting faded and indistinct, at least they haven’t collapsed or developed deep lines around them — yet), so are easier to make up in a flattering way. Yikes! Does that sound critical? I actually like my face fine, and realize that I’ve aged fairly well! I wouldn’t go around in bright lipstick and eyeshadow if I didn’t like the way I look!

It’s a tie between my eyes and lips. My eyes have a dark green band outlining them, then light green inside and then gold flecks around the pupil; they sometimes look lighter, like a sea foam green and other times darker like a pine green depending on what I’m wearing or my mood. My lips because they are naturally full and so far at 44, they have retained their shape and fullness.

Eyes! Being corpse pale with light gray eyes makes makeup fun because I can get away using most colors on my eyes and they look pretty! They might look more bright, more blue, or an unknown combo. Other than that I love my skin. โค๏ธ

I have fabulous plump lips! I like most of my features, except my chubby cheeks… But my lips are really my favorite part of my face. Especially since I love a bold lip.

I love my hazel-green eyes and my full lips! Also my cheekbones which you can’t see quite as well lately since I’ve gained weight ๐Ÿ™

I love my lips!when I was a teenager i used To haaate because of the size- la Angelina joulie and now i love it!!?

Lips. Mine are quite full and I can play with colors. I tend to avoid gloss since I feel for me it’s a lot of lip lol. I wish I can play with a lot of bold colors on my eyes but it tends to overwhelm them.

Christine, I would also add your lips as your strong feature! I love your lip swatches, best in the biz! ?

Mine is my hair. It does have lots of fullness,shine and bounce. I really am careful with the brand of shampoo,conditioner,after treatments and type of blow dryers I use. I also don’t use many products to style it and no curling irons,hot rollers or straightening iron. I also must give credit to my hair cutter who is excellent with cutting my hair. People stop me wherever I go and ask who did my hair? Or tell me your hair is beautiful!! The cosmetician in Sephora always says when I walk in,”here comes the lady with the gorgeous hair” Nice feeling to hear this. So when the face starts to go,I will cover it with my hair. LOL.

This question made my day ๐Ÿ™‚
If what part I like pertaining to makeup- my lips- I love lipstick and love my full lips- especially when wearing a bold red lipstick to bring extra attention to them ๐Ÿ˜‰

My favourite feature would be the combination of my natural red hair (courtesy of a Scottish grandmother) and my fair, but good complexion.
I like my eye colour as well – a mixture of blue and grey, but I wish they weren’t a hooded.

Definately my skin. I have used Paulas Choice faithfully for the last 3 years and boy what a difference. I also use sunscreen daily. People think I’m joking when they ask my age and I tell them I’m 59.

Skin and eyes too. And forehead, which sounds weird, now I’ve written it. No one ever comments on your forehead, though–let’s change that! People comment on my skin, which feels sweet and strangely personal too.

Eyes. They change from almost black (which I like the most) to light brown depending on mood and makeup. I sometimes even catch some olive tones. Also I am quite fair with dark blonde hair (used to be lighter) so dark eyes are quite an unusual combo.

It is hard to decide on something so I will go with my lashes. I have long lashes although they are stick straight so I have to curl them and use a good mascara so you can actually see them.

It’s always been my legs but now I am fascinated by my eyes…. ? I have always been busty I wanted a breast reduction like a fat kid wants cake but one day my Granny (God rest her Soul) came to me and said ‘it’s women who’d pay a million dollars for what you have! ‘ She was right, and I better appreciate what I’ve been blessed with!

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