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Right now, MAC and Freakonomics authors Levitt and Dubner, just because I would love to see them apply their technique to MAC and the brand’s books. I think that would be very interesting! Or World of Warcraft and Illamasqua, because I think that would be beyond awesome. I vote for the second one, now that I think about it!

— Christine

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Urban Decay and True Blood.

Yes, I know that Tarte did a collection for them this year, but to be honest I don’t think Tarte’s brand really works with True Blood – and I don’t think the collection worked either. I’d love a take two with a company that really does bold color and I think UD would be perfect for it.

argee.. Tarte’s collection didn’t get me that excited..UD would be perfect..even Illamasqua
Like a lipstick named Eric’s Girl or Fangtasia or even V..Blood red lips.. lashes.. okay fangirl moment..

Yeah True Blood and Illamasqua would be awesome since they are big on red lipsticks and provocative colors. I would seriously consider spend more money with them over Urban Decay.

Although I bought the Tarte for True Blood palette, I’d love a True Blood for Urban Decay palette with the BoS packaging like they did for Alice in Wonderland but with all new colors.

something for any of my favorite books would be cool. i am a Fantasy nerd so i’m always longing for looks from those story’s.

This already came out…(but i missed it πŸ™ ) MAC and Barbie! It would be so cute.
And has there been any collabarations w/Marvel comics whatsoever? Cause I’m thinkin i would buy everthing from a spiderman collection.

…and how do you guys think a Sims 3 collection would work?

Well MAC came out with Wonder Woman but that’s not Marvel. I didn’t really like the collection. I think a Fantastic Four collection would be cool if they ever did a collaboration.

I’m liking the idea of another comic collaboration, but I’d love to see the X-men or just a general Marvel Comics collection!

They could do a few collections within a collection like they did with Disney Villains. Think of all the mini colour collections they could come up with for Jean Grey/the Dark Phoenix, Mystique, Storm, Shadowcat or even the Silver Surfer or Magento. I would buy all of it.

And it’ll never happen because it’s too late, but a Harry Potter MAC collection complete with special packaging depicting the different house crests would have been magical.

Karim Rashid and MAC ,
He did a lot of collaboration with KENZO
but I would like to see a makeup collection that’s done by Karim

I think MAC or Nars with Louis Vuitton would be gorgeous. Imagine the lipstick and compacts with LV all over them πŸ™‚

I would offer up a Moral Orel collection waaaay before being subjected to any more of the nauseating Kardashians ( Christine I kept this post relatively polite because you’ve such a mannerly blog πŸ˜‰ )

Wow, those are some awesome collaborations. I never pegged you for a gamer ;). I’d want a MAC X Square Enix (In particular a Final Fantasy VII and/or Kingdom Hearts collection; crazy how I already have some names for items like a white eyeshadow with pearl that reflects like 3d silver glitter, I’d call it Supernova)or Capcom (love me some Resident Evil lol). I find it even more funny that you picked a book too and Illamasqua as they have an eyeshadow called Lestat and I’d love it if they made a whole collection dedicated to Anne Rice’s characters and themes. I could go on and on about dream collaborations/collections!

Lady Gaga and Illamasqua πŸ˜€ I think they just have a similar vibe and philosophy, and no-holds-barred creative sensibility

I’d love to see a collab with one of my favorite directors..maybe Quentin Tarentino for Urban Decay? Sam Raimi for Illamasqua? Havoc would have been right in line with an homage to The Evil Dead! πŸ˜€

definitely a band, maybe bright eyes or la dispute for sheer lyrical emotion, or mother mother for intense, moody, girlish imagery…anyway, probably with MAC since that just seems sleek and iconic. It would be so interesting to see that kind of mix up, an alternative band with a prominent makeup line!

MAC and Dustin Hunter? Just sayin… LOL!

It would be a “science kit” FULL of things like new Pigments with fancy new Mixing Mediums (I LONG for colorless lipstick formulas that you could just ADD Pigment to)! JUMBO versions of the Chromagraphic Pencils AND NEW Reflects Glitters: Purple, Blue, Emerald Green and BLACK. Okay maybe a Reflects Transparent Lavendar too πŸ™‚

Plus many other awesome things… AND NO QUADS!!!! Blech! πŸ˜‰

Lol WoW and Illamasqua I just wouldn’t enjoy: the moment it came out I would die of awe πŸ˜€
I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones (the novels), I would love a brand with lots of shades like MAC, Inglot or MUFE to make e/s quads and lipsticks based on the colours of each house, it would be so fun! I can almost see the Winter is Coming MAC quad *.*
Merry Holidays!

Lol I can just see in front of me a beautiful green and golden Lannister palette… With shades like Lannister Gold or Pride! Of course it would have to be super lovely and expensive… Maybe shu uemura πŸ˜€ and the Stark palette, all frosty whites, greys and silvers! I hate realite xD

I think a Vivienne Westwood and Illamasqua collab would make more sense–both British and both considered rebellious and bucking the norm.

I agree!!! Maybe they can do a few K pop groups for a lineup. 2NE1 will be more edgy. SNSD could be more girly. etc etc

THIS x 100
Although, maybe Shu Uemura, or any Asian brand, would be more feasible?
The 2NE1 collection would consist of wild and loud colors while the SNSD collection will focus on cute and princess-y looks.

Of course, I’d love to see a collab with my ultimate bias, Super Junior, but I have no idea how they can execute that, since they’re a guy group hahaha!

MAC and JK Rawling. IΒ΄d love a HogwartsΒ΄inspired collection, a Sectumsempra lipstick (Bloody red) a Hedwig highlighter and an Weasley blush. Do you like?

Sectumsempra lipstick sounds so bad ass. A “Severus” eyeshadow would probably be a black or really sooty brown based cool taupe with olive green duochrome. I imagine a product called Goblet of Fire to be a rusty-reddish-orange blush with very fine gold shimmer that’s perfect for people with darker skintones. Or it could be a gold eyeshadow (similar to NARS Etrusque – which I missed, so I hope this product comes true).

We should totally be part of MAC’s creative team.

I would love to see Illamasqua and Rammstein. They’d be a perfect fit – both all about dark horror romanticism. I’d especially love pieces inspired by Rammstein’s songs that are inspired by traditional tales – the little matchstick girl or Goethe’s Erlkonig and Heidenroslein.

I’d love to see a Lord of the Rings collection from anyone – it could be a huge one a la Disney Villians, with a collection each for hobbits (earthy, natural colors), elves (ethereal, shimmery), men (bold, modern), and dwarves (dark, vampy/gothy).

Rammstein alllll the way. Should I hold out for a Lords of Acid/ Coop throwback collection? I can only imagine Illamasqua being adventurous enough

I would love an Urban decay x Adventure time collection. Imagine all the bright colors! I want a lady rainicorn palette πŸ˜€

I would also like an Illamasqua dragon collection. The colors would be very deep and maybe duo-chrome!

Harry Potter & Mac Collection ! I feel they could make a load of money from that ! If they had a highlighting liquid called lumos it would be just too cute ! A gold nail polish called felix felicis ! I never buy nail polishes from Mac, but if they made that collection I would buy EVERY SINGLE PIECE. No word of Lie πŸ™‚

I’m not too picky about the brand, bu I would love a Harry Potter collection, The Hunger Games collection (I know ChinaGlaze has one but I mean an actual makeup collection, a Winnie The Pooh collection, and a Sandman or Batman collection. I think that would be amazing πŸ™‚

Someone doing a Murakami inspired collection. I’d go with Uemura just because everyone else is saying Illamasqua and… πŸ˜› That or MAC/Assassin’s Creed. I don’t even know how that would work, but I’m thinking a mix of neutrals and spacey silvers and blues.

Sorry that doesn’t sound appealing at all. Taylor is just fine, I just don’t see her as a makeup icon of any sort.

i think it would be better if it were taylor swift and bobbi brown or laura mercier. it seems more appropriate and more natural.

Illamasqua and Jean-Pierre Jeunet could be cool. Or, as a Trekkie I would of course love to see a brand do a Star Trek collection! Preferably Illamasqua πŸ™‚

LoL (League of Legends) and MAC, but only if MAC goes back to putting out quality products, instead of the let-downs they’ve brought to us lately.

Actually, LoL and Illamasqua would be better, just because I trust Illamasqua more, and it’d be real interesting to see them apply their own style to it.

Laughing my ass off at the idea of an illamasquaxWoW collab! Now I really really wish it would happen! Nail polish in ‘Burning Legion’, eyeshadow in ‘Camp Mojache’…oh how wonderful it would be. *eyes glaze over with nerdy daydreams*

Illamasqua and WoW would be so perfect together . that would be something really interesting, im sorry but all mac collections are boring .
But Illamasqua , yes , hope that happens ! ^^

You play it, Christine? Or your *fiance*? ;DD

I’d like to see Lady Gaga and Illamasqua… talk about AWESOME!!!!

MAC x Rachel Roy. Her current collection that I saw in Macy’s on 34th was amazing and rocked some beautiful on trend colors! Maybe Fall 2012 we’ll see her.

I would love a MAC and Broadway collection, especially with shows of the fifties and sixties, like Sweet Charity, Damn Yankees! Hello Dolly, Funny Girl, West Side Story, etc.

Mac and Barbra Streisand! I miss the icon collections. She would be great in one. Mac and Elizabeth Taylor, nuff said!

Christine! Are you a World of Warcraft player? I really can’t think of any collaboration I’d rather see than WoW and Illamasqua now that you mentioned that, by the way!

Christine! Didn’t know you were a wow fan! πŸ˜€ World of warcraft is my third love (boyfriend, make up then WOW). !

I would love to see a WOW make up collection YOU HEAR ME BLIZZARD. Unfortunately most of their player base is male so I don’t think it would happen but we can dream! Oh yes…

MAC and the Hunger Games would be really nice! They could have a huge variety in that collection – earthy, natural shades and then they could also have bold shades (such as fire, etc.)
MAC and Hello Kitty and MAC and Barbie. Yes, I know they released both of those collections already but I missed them both as makeup didn’t mean ANYTHING to me back then. I’ve been praying for a re-release for a while now, but somehow, I doubt it’ll happen. If only MAC would trade its crappy new collections for its excellent old collections…

I have heard a rumour that in Canada, the Hunger Games collection will be done with Mac, since China Glaze isn’t widely distributed here- it’s just a rumour, though.

illamasqua or mac and wicked!
I think it’d be cool to do a two part collection: one for Glinda and the other for elphaba

i can’t believe they haven’t cashed in on this yet… but a MAC and Twilight Series collection…. i’m sure that would make a killing… from the brooding dark colors and ethereal sparkly/shimmer shades… i would have that it would be inevitable.

Twilight did have a makeup collection, it was called luna Twilight. Anyway, I know they had it in the Shopper’s Drugmart stores in Canada a couple of years ago, not sure about the U.S. though πŸ™‚

I love vintage make-up, but can’t use it, so my dream collaboration would be any decent historian of fashion and make up+any high-end brand to recreate collections of 20s 30s 40s and so on.

I know its utopia, as some of the components are banned today, but I’d love to have a brand new and usable collection of Chanel 1st launched lipsticks for instance. I collect perfumes, and own some 20 and 30 years old No.5, they are different from No.5s we can get now, but true perfume from the 20s are really expensive and hard to find, so I’d love that formulation to be recreated.

I’d love an Vampire Diaries for Urban Decay Palette with shadow names like “doppelgΓ€nger,” “original,” or “vervain” in a sleek Naked like palette complete with a little look book with how to get Elena’s, Bonnie’s, Caroline’s, and Katherine’s look.

You can also add Grimoire, Salvatore, Talisman, and 1864 to the list. I think some brooding, smoky neutral matte and satin shades would be ideal.

WoW and Illamasqua! Please let it come true. I would bankrupt myself buying every single piece…twice. And how cool would it be to go to blizzcon w/ WoW makeup on. ^__________^

Wyvern taupe eyeshadow. Sunwell and Moonwell highlighter (gold version and silver version)! Black temple smoky eye quad. Ooh a troll lipgloss – pink that flashes blue. Aggro lipstick (rich red). LFM nude lipgloss. Netherwing loose shimmer dusts (want want want!). Dark lady eyeliner. Dark intent mascara. Prowl bronzer/contour. Cleanse makeup remover. Embersilk cosmetic bag!

Oh so much fun. πŸ˜€

Dear friend Temptalia, first of all… I hope u had a Merry Christmas and i wish you and your family a lovely New Year. Reading at this post and your comment about your dream collaboration, i think is a very interesting question. And one of your answer make me think….on the reality when you say World of Warcraft with Illamasqua. Is absolutely perfect. But i also think… have you played this two games yet? IMVU and Second life?
I have both, but i confess i use more IMVU. On this 2 games u mad your avatar (like World of Warcraft) but is a bit diferent. On IMVU and Second life you can personalize them like your self (my case) and in there u can choose be a creator. Like a designer, you can create things and put them for sale, when u sale you win in return credits(their virtual money) in case of IMVU and Lindens at Second Life. In both places the creators a very, i mean very creative . You can create a nail polish colors and nail designs, hair, shoes, clothes , bags, ear rings, piercing, tattoos, rings, bags, furnitures.. well everything who are made on real life are made on virtual. And i was wondering and if the big brands like MAC, Illamasqua, Nars, UD,DKNY, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, NARS, OPI do a partnership with this games? I think would be AMAZING!
What u think? Big hugs, Lucy

At first reading the harry potter X MAC collab ideas sounded good, and then I remembered Mac’s lmtd edition collections are pretty horrible… and I would never want the perfection that is Harry Potter to ever be associated with something horrible so NO.
But I wouldn’t mind disney princesses X mac. I’d love to see Marchesa do a line with Laura Mercier. I know they did one with LMDB but it was very limited in scope and availability.

I’d love to see a collaboration between Ray Caesar (http://www.raycaesar.com/) and a cosmetic company. Illamasqua would be really appropriate, but since they aren’t very well distributed here (have to order from their web site, which means buying sight unseen, other than online swatches), I guess I’d rather it be Mac.

Hayao Miyazaki & MAC πŸ™‚ He is quite the artist, and they’re the Makeup Art Company, so I think it would be suiting. Plus his movies are so vibrant and full of color, I think they could come up with some really interesting palettes, MES, and MSFs. And can you imagine TOTORO packaging, or little “dust bunny” imprints or something, I’d buy it all.

This is a GREAT idea! But I think Hayao Miyazaki X Shu Uemura would be more well-executed? They did a good job with their Wong Kar Wai collection

I think a collection for foodies would be pretty awesome–though I think if you were doing a tutorial and had to say “I’m now going to apply roast beef to my eyes…” it would sound a little weird.

Also, a Marie Antoinette collection, possibly by Illamasqua or MUFE.

Oh wow, I have a lot of ideas!

Audrey Kawasaki + Shu Uemura (a great Japanese collaboration!)

Camille Rose Garcia + Urban Decay (her art is so dark and would be perfect for UD!)

Tim Burton + Urban Decay (Because why not?)

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo/Lisbeth Salander + Illamasqua (awesome literary series/character + awesome brand = ridiculously cool collaboration)

Megan, i think is a great idea too about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo & Illamasqua.
Im addicted with the swedish film and the books, im reading now The Girl Who Played With Fire, nearly at the end of it. Lisbeth is a perfect anti heroine. I hope the american version is so good at the swedish one. I love her makeup also. Black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black nails, nude lipstick.
But Illamasqua could play also with dark browns, grays, silver and purples. Iven made one of that claws they made in some special colection,doing like dragon claws. They also could do a brush set inspired! That would be awsome!

1. MAC and The Beatles, Game of Thrones, The Lion King (has this been made before?)

2. Illamasqua or Make Up For Ever and The Cure and Queen (just because I feel like they can take the concept and create a darker themed collection much better than other brands)

3. Make Up For Ever and The Hunger Games, Moulin Rouge, Gustav Klimt (YES!)

I know many of them are dead but collections inspired by these people are going to be AMAZING. πŸ˜›

“Mac and The Super Model”
Have different looks on different super models-Perfect Collection It could be called “The Super Model by Mac”

I have been a HUGE fan of Marilyn Monroe since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

With that being said,

I’d like to see a drug store collab of Marilyn Monroe and L’Oreal.

For high end/department store I’d like to see Marilyn Monroe and EstΓ©e Lauder.

I actually think Dior would be a better fit for Marilyn Monroe. Wasn’t she a J’adore spokeswoman?
A Marilyn collection would still be fabulous!

Really weird but i could LOVE to see Broadway shows and MAC. Think about the names that would come out of this collection. haha. Idc about limited edition packaging but i feel like this collab would be so interesting.

Tim Burton for either urban decay or illamasqua (sorry bout the spelling)
Amy lee (singer from Evanescence) with Mac or illamsqua
Adele with Mac
Betsey johnson with Mac

MAC and the fabulous Ms. Grace Jones. That’s my MAC collab dream and it always has been. It would be a fierce collection the way I’ve dreamt it up. I hope MAC would not mess it up though – hmmm. I’d also like to see a Pam Grier (bad girl) or a Jackie Onassis (style & grace) inspired collection…as if. I’ll just keep dreaming.

I would love a Harry Potter collection, but NOT with MAC. I don’t trust them to do it justice, especially with the ratings their recent collection has gotten.
Maybe Urban Decay?

1. MAC and Sailor Moon ( I am SUCH a fangirl! <333 )
2. MAC and Nintendo ( I loooovvvveeee Mario! )
3. MAC and Louis Vuitton ( Although it would be very expensive… )

No joke, i would love if MAC did something like style black again but use The misfits as an inspiration. so it would be very dark, and have the ghoul embossed on the eyeshadow(or something like that)! GAHH!!! i would so love that!

Illamasqua with Tim Burton for winter collection. Bold colors with a dark edge!

…and here’s the bomb…

MΒ·AΒ·C with SpongeBob SquarePants for summer collection. I imagine:
β€’ Satin finished light peach with medium coral starfish pattern mineralize blush, it may be called Blushing Patrick;
β€’ Satin finished light yellow-pink with magenta swirl pattern mineralized blush just like Gary’s shell pattern, it may be called Meowing Snail;
β€’ Mr. Crab’s true red colored Kissable Lipcolour, it may be called I’m A Cheap Crab;
β€’ Medium bluish pink with fuchsia shimmer Kissable Lipcolour which resembles the color of jellyfish, it may be called Jellyfishing;
β€’ Shimmering yellow Mineralize Eyeshadow with olive irregular dots just like SpongeBob and his pores, it may be called Porous Sponge;
β€’ Satin finished medium grey with 1/3 ellipse part shimmery silver with charcoal stripes mineralized eyeshadow that resembles Pearl’s whale throat grooves, it may be called Mr. Crab Won’t Give Pearl An Opal (hence this “Pearl” shade doesn’t has opalescent sheen);
β€’ Olive with olive, golden & slight forrest green shimmer Fluidline, it may be called Plankton Takes Over Bikini Bottom;
β€’ Medium brown with golden shimmer Fluidline just like Sandy’s fur, it may be called Ka-Brown! (because Sandy likes karate);
β€’ Sea foam blue/pale teal cream finished with medium silver glitter nail lacquer just like Squidward’s bald head, it may be called Squidward Wants Hair;
β€’ Lavender cream finished with tiny purple glitter nail lacquer, it may be called Whistling Clam;
β€’ Orange cream finished with very small amount tiny brown & gold glitter nail lacquer, it may be called Pineapple Under The Sea.

OMG, I’m super excited like I’m gonna create this collection for real! I’ll buy the whole collection! πŸ˜€

I know I’m late to the table but how about Pokemon and UD the palette could be filled with shades named for characters. Starbucks and tarte would be cool too. It would be pretty neutral with mostly matte browns but a few awesome greens and how about a fuscia pink called passion tea lemonade.

Another Partnerships: P!NK + MAC & LMFAO + Illamasqua, or LMFAO+ MAC on this partnership we could wait some very bright pink, yelLow, blue, purple… they could made the pakage with leopard and zebra prints, and write on them Sorry For Party Rock, Do a gold bronzer like The Dancing Jesus …. I think have a quite big range of products can be created between this partneships.. Eyeliners, lipglosses….

NARS owes Allure more than just a set of two pencils. It owes Allure an entire LE collection. After all, Allure introduced Francois Nars to the American public with the pictures of him applying body makeup to Madonna’s breasts and butt.

Hmmm a Resident Evil collection? A Haunted Mansion collection? I like my cosmetics loud and proud so
Zombie make-up for me is not verboten. Boardwalk Empire offers a lot of cosmetic dichotomy and would be fun. I’m a geek for Tim Burton so Sweeney Todd,Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow all offer inspiration. I’m still waiting for a *real* Dita Von Teese collaboration, I see it being with Dior. Bettie Page & Tempest Storm would both be fun as well. Reflecting on my list, I can’t think of too many MU companies that are brave enough to do exciting, innovative collaborations. Shame, that.

mac and tim burton or illamasqua and pedro almodovar or mac and disney princess or a huge collaboration between guerlain, dior and chanel for charity or between chanel and valentino garavani.

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