What is your biggest beauty concern at the moment?

It’s been acne lately, but it might have been brought on by a new medication I’ve been taking so I’m currently off of that and seeing how it goes… I’m writing this in advance, so it’s only been a week off the medication thus far and I plan to go as long as four weeks before making a call!

— Christine


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Nicole Avatar

Trying to find a primer/foundation/powder combination that won’t settle into my nasal labio folds (lines from nose to corner of mouth)!

Agona Avatar

I finally figured out my issue with mascara (I needed to put setting powder underneath my eyes to prevent smudging) so I’m exploring mascaras now because it turns out a lot more formulas work for me than I thought previously…but actually my biggest concern is finding a pencil eyeliner that doesn’t give me raccoon eyes. Nothing lasts in my waterline. I also prefer a micro tip that I don’t have to sharpen — because I don’t have the skills to precisely get the liner in my lashes vs above unless it has a small tip and the latter because I hate sharpening! I want to try the Shiseido MicroLiner Ink eyeliner but I need to finish my BE One Fine Line Micro Precision Liner first—love the format but the formula smudges. Plus, BE is discontinuing it.

Erica Avatar

Using up certain makeup items. I know I will never use up eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlight but I have perfumes, eyeliners, lotions, concealers, foundation, mascaras and powders I’m trying to use up before I purchase anything new in those catergories. I’m trying to buy less in certain areas of my collection bc I’ve learned how long it takes to use makeup up!

Frozendiva Avatar

I organized my assorted stuff last fall and was shocked at how many gift with purchase and deluxe sample sizes I had of cleansers, lotion that came with perfume, perfume samples, etc. In November, I started to use my store counter worth of stuff. I am now almost done. If stuff is good enough for my face, it can go on my body too. I would also wear my perfume samples, cycle through perfumes – so they get used.

My beauty concern is probably common. It is not really acne but the white pimples on my nose caused by heat and sweat.

Rachel R. Avatar

I have three big ones:

1) My light, occasional redness seems to have developed into full blown rosacea. I have a dermatologist visit to make sure on Wednesday, but I’m 99% sure that’s what is going on.

2) My skin has gone back to being really oily, so I’m having to completely change my primers and foundations and use new application methods for full coverage foundation when I wear it. I do still need to wear it if I’m really red or I have a big cystic acne breakout. Powder foundation is my best friend again.

3. Aging. I’ll be 51 in a couple months, and I hit menopause a little over a year ago. Some fine lines in my forehead are permanent now. Crows feet are deeper and there are more lines. My eye hoods are slightly droopier, and I’m losing the fat pad under my eyes. My laugh lines are getting deeper and I think they’ll be permanent before too long. All this requires completely different foundation application, especially with full coverage foundations. I can’t wear highlighter on my forehead any more.

Elizabeth Avatar

I had struggled with rosacea for years and cystic acne also. One thing I tried that you may or may not have already experimented with is argan oil. Not the pricey brands or any version with additives — but the Vitamin Shoppe and Trader Joe’s both carry pure forms for about $10 for the same quantity for what another brand charges about $35-40. I thought it was counterintuitive to use an oil but it helped a lot.
Good luck !

Emily Avatar

Yep. Trying to figure out which lip colors are truly transfer-proof. So far only the Maybelline Matte Ink and Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips have fit the bill. All of my cream lipstick is feeling sad and neglected.

Nikki Avatar

Jennifer and Emily, I’ve heard-and it may even have been in a comment on a Temptalia post!-that (assuming you can find them, of course) paper masks are less likely to smudge lipstick because you can use the adjustable nose piece to adjust them so they sit outward a bit, keeping your mouth and nose covered while still being far enough out to minimize lipstick smudging.

Arena Avatar

1. I am about health and safety. This mask thing is tearing up my face. In my industry. I am required to wear the mask often for in-person meetings but also look professional at a moments notice for zoom calls. I understand I am a niche market but still. So far Chanel has been the only one almost meeting the need. And my wallet is screaming in pain.

Specifically: foundation that breathes but is up to being touched. Almost like being in a sports setting. Mascara that’s indifferent to stressful environments (Chanel waterproof does). Skin care that address fungal environments which constant mask-around-mouth wearing causes. Nadine Baggot and Caroline Hirons have addressed how to care for beat-up skin and I am thankful for their thoughts.

2. Using what we have and thoughtful purchases to invest in our soul and happiness. For this I am eternally grateful to Christine and the lovely community here. I am done with fast fashion and also done with similar beauty brands (looking at you ColourPop) .

Christina F. Avatar

This is what I came here to say. I have never had a problem with acne before (except when I was pregnant with my second child) But now I have Maskne. Three pimples (one HUGE) because of wearing masks. It’s difficult. (but I will still keep wearing the masks.)

Christina F. Avatar

Please try Neulash first. It works so well, you don’t need a prescription and there are no side effect. (give it 4 to 6 weeks) It worked so well for me! (and I have sparse, short lashes)

brendacr1 Avatar

I tried Lastisse about 10 yrs ago. I did not see a noticeable change in my eyelashes, it was very expensive and I gave it almost a year to work, I used it faithfully as I stopped getting eyelash extensions and wanted good results. That’s just my experience I know it has worked for others.

Shelley Avatar

I love Latisse. I’ve been using it for years. Many med spas stock it so you don’t have to worry about a pharmacy. Throw away the applicators and use one drop in the lid of the product with an eyeliner brush instead. The product lasts much longer and you get the same results. Ends up being cheaper than OTC dupes.

Sarah Avatar

I haven’t worn makeup since I went to online classes and haven’t had a reason to wear makeup. I realized that by the time I need to wear makeup again, pretty much all of mine will have expired. There are worse problems to have, but it feels daunting!!

Teasha Avatar

I keep getting really dry cracked skin along my nose, but I don’t have a cold. It’s odd and painful. Since it’s summer, I use lighter weight products or else my skin gets oily. I’m currently trying to target specific zones on my face in the hope it’ll get better, applying more moisture around my nose. It’s been about a week. Still killing me. I’m wondering if it could be a new face wash I’m using, but it seems like I should have issues in other places as well if it were from a face wash.

Gamze Avatar

Sagging upper lids. They were extremely hooded to begin with and now that my skin has got thinner and lost its elasticity, my eyelids are creepy and drooping. Powder eyeshadow only accentuates the lines, so I only wear cream eyeshadow now.

Kellly Avatar

Eye makeup! No one sees my lips any more and blush just smears off on my mask. I’d love to see more eye shadow singles again. I’m sick of palettes.

Mary Avatar

Finding a foundation that matches my Summer tan skin and a texture that works under a mask.
Even though I wear a high SPF I get color easily and not being able to swatch foundations is making it a guessing game .

T Avatar

Dry skin! It’s so bad. Day, night, inside, outside, constantly. I’m guessing it’s all the air conditioning but this has never happened to me in summer. No amount of layering humectant and occlusive moisturizers is making any difference. My skin is so dry and tight and itchy and visibly dehydrated. I swear I look like I’ve aged 15 years in the last 3 months. Time to go to the dermatologist.

Genevieve Avatar

I don’t really have a beauty concern at the moment, although I do find wearing the mask tricky because it fogs up my glasses.
There were comments on the news last week about the higher incidence of mask acne surfacing and some dermatologists were saying to purchase a cotton mask, not wear makeup underneath it and treat the acne with prescribed medication. It was also suggested to use hydrating moisturisers as well.

Kitty Avatar

Hmm. Aside from occasional skin allergy flare-ups, nothing too concerning right now. I’ve accepted most of the aging issues I’ve had with my face because I don’t intend to get any surgery or other enhancements. I honestly think that most of the surgery and injections that many people get are way overrated and super obvious anyway, at least when these interventions are done at my age and older. (This is just my opinion so I don’t mean to offend anyone.)

brendacr1 Avatar

I agree Kitty, I’m trying to convince my sister that she doesn’t need fillers, that aging naturally will look better in the long run and it is also less expensive. Her girlfriend is all about lip fillers and tattooing eyebrows and lipliner and it’s not very flattering, it’s actually making them look older. I’m trying to lead by example, sigh!

Kitty Avatar

Hopefully you can convince her. Every time I see someone who’s had work done, I feel like shouting “you’re not fooling anyone!” Some of the celebrities who get work done look so unnatural and have changed their looks so much that you can only recognize them by their eyes alone. And many of them (women especially) look alike — sort of like a blurred smooth small-nosed high-cheeked surface. But their necks and sagging body skin give them away.

DVa Avatar

So many individual and obviously stressful comments here.

I don’t have a beauty issue per se, except I dislike the physical ageing (I don’t mind the mental part of it) of my skin and aches and pains of my body.
I’m super fit and careful about my skin, and there’s nothing much I can do about ageing–we all are.
What I find interesting is it seems somewhat less relevant to be concerned about how we look these days. We’re all more concerned with the bigger picture, our health and the impact of COVID on the economy–at least I am.

For me, I still like to have fresh and glowing skin and I’ve managed to get a routine down that takes 10 minutes using (almost all) cream/liquid products.
I do it for me, plus I still see people–I’m outside a lot with the dogs a lot, and I’m fortunate that I rarely have to go into places I need a mask (maybe 2x per week). While zoom calls/seminars were so exciting in the beginning, they’re waning now, so less reason to put on a full face.

Ironic that in very early March my dermatologist and I were talking about some filler in the cheekbone area to lift some of the tell-tale age signs of sagging around the mouth, I’m going to be 51 this fall, (although no one ever guesses I’m anywhere near that age –thanks mom!) and I was totally for it, but I decided to hold off for a couple months, not realizing how bad things were going to get.
Now I’m not really thinking of doing it if things go back to normal, it doesn’t seem IDK, as important?

Who knows, I might change my mind next year, but that’s okay too.

Linda Avatar

This has been a big concern for me since January. I’m 73, and I have Loved makeup since I was a young girl..I’ve got stashes of Cosmeticss all over the house. I found out in January that I’m allergic to most cosmetic ingredients.. I happen to have Lupus and RA and I was having strange rashes so my doctors sent me to a dermatologist that specializes in autoimmune disorders. I have had to go through all the cosmetics that I was using to determine what was allergenic to me and then replace it with something that was safe. Fortunately I was given a list of products I could use to guide me. My allergens are mostly derived from perfumes and aromas and includes hair care, perfume, deodorant, candles, and even cleaning products!I can tell you that most of the stuff I was interested in has fragrance so this was a huge undertaking . My concerns have changed since being diagnosed. I read the ingredients list on everything, something I never did before. The good new is my skin hasn’t looked this good in years. The bad news is I miss the joy and the thrill of trying a new product or brand. I still love makeup and will always read my blogs but theres a lot of sadness in my heart that I can’t participate with you anymore (sigh)

Tine Avatar

I have a small spot of eyelid (inner corner, left eye) that often rejects eyeshadow (every type there is). It leaves me with a bare spot…
Extremely annoying! I have tried different primers, different textures, …. but nothing seems to help.

Ana Maria Avatar

I have had a couple of years of good skin, I learned what my skin needs and how to modify my daily routine depending on temporary needs (maybe some days with drier skin, maybe some surprise breakouts).

I don’t have major issues or concerns, but as I age I’m more focused on preventing my fine lines to get more deep. I am very expressive and fine lines appeared rather quick around my mouth and on my forehead.

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