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I would say use mineral makeup! Heard that they absorb oil. I’ve tried using mineral foundation in a really hot and humid day and wow the oil of my face was really controlled.

Apply your moisturizer, let it sink in for 15-20 minutes, then apply a primer. Then apply your foundation, then cream blush, then powder blush, then set with loose/translucent powder 🙂

great tip! thanks! i try to to this on a regular basis since i live in a tropical climate and it has worked wonders! i always though i was using products that didn’t work for me but in reality i neede to layer them on. i still use the same stuff i though was not ok for this climate and it works great and lasts almost all day!

my foundation and eyeshadow used to slip off in the heat, but i found out about eyeshadow and foundation primer! i love mac’s skin primerdfcdfrcddfcv in the summer, because it has spf 50, so i don’t need even need to wear sunscreen on my face. wear a matt foundation and powder.

Doesn’t everyone always do their makeup in layers? I don’t see any other way to do it…

But yeah, in the summer, forget foundation, go with a tinted moisturizer with SPF and keep everything light and fresh. Also, carry Fix+.

I find it more about focusing on it – like I don’t typically wear cream blush and powder blush but humid climates, I always do! 🙂

Living in Texas, I am paying close attention to all of the tips!

For me, a good sunblock (current love Garnier SPF 28 for the face and their eye sunblock SPF 15 over my eye cream) These haven’t caused me one bit of trouble. And Neutrogenia Sheer Minerals (pressed compact) This MM does not turn colors on me and holds up to the crazy Texas summers.

My beauty tip on humid weather is forget foundation and wear in order: moisturizer (lighter than the winter one), primer, light bronzer instead of powder (I’m soo fair!) and blush.

My tip would be…Don’t wear much makeup in the heat to keep from looking like a sweaty hot mess. The less makeup I wear on hot days, the more my skin can breathe and the less sweaty I look throughout the day. So my hot temp routine = tinted moisturizer, blush or bronzer, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss.

Tints for longer wear! Waterproof anything. No creams and maybe a little bit of powder if it isn’t too humid. We get very humid weather over here and anytime I’ve worn creams it melts off, ewww. So I’m currently hunting some good tints and light shimmery bronzers for the summer.

Regular weekly exfoliation to keep oily build up at bay, a sunscreen based moisturizer (and/or) a gel moisturizer for those that get oilier. Definitely a lot of water!

Being a born and bred Florida girl, I’ve become well versed in hot weather makeup application.

First, since I’m an oily skin tone, I skip moisturizer completely in the summer. I also avoid cream blush, but a gel blush, such a Benefit Posietint I apply directly to my skin. Then, since I’ve been blessed with dark circles, I apply my concealer as usual. I finish with a mineral foundation with SPF. I also apply an eyeshadow primer and use eyeshadow as liner instead of regular eyeliner. Waterproof mascara, which I use year around for its curl holding capabilities, is a must with the humidity. A slick of gloss and you are good to go!

Instead of adding more powder when you become sticky and shiny, use a blotting paper (your foundation and powder will oxidize and your powder will get a lovely oil spot in in making it impossible to use). If you don’t have blotting paper, a napkin, tissue or papertowel will suffice.

Now, styling hair is another story! Hehe! Its usually up in a ponytail, bun, or clip. I need help in that arena!

I lived in Vegas for five years before moving to where I am now, up north which is total opposite weather than what I’m used to, due to my husband being in the military. It would get around 120 degrees sometimes, but it’s the dry kind of hot and not humid. I would never wear liquid or cream foundations out there. It would feel like it would be melting off and sliding. I would recommend using a good moisturizer with spf first. After that sets, put on concealer only where you really need it, and then use a powder foundation preferably something you can throw in your purse for touch ups. I used MAC’s studio fix powder because it has good buildable coverage. But mineral makeup works for me too.
I’m also originally from Northern Cali, and summer times there can get hot (not crazy like vegas and doesn’t last as long either). I think your regular makeup routine would be fine all year round in Cali. But I would still use a powder foundation when it’s above 90 degrees out.

lightweight makeup, wear waterproof mascara, don’t wear too much gloss because in hot weather (specially humid) it looks gross, always use powder but a lightweight formula, stay away from to glittery makeup, condition your hair, wear sunscreen and sun glasses very important!

I try to avoid foundation and all over powders completely. also a cream blush or cheek stain rather than powder. i pretty much hate that you can only sustain certain (simple!) looks in hot weather. what is the fun of makeup if you can’t go all out?

Well usually I just stick with tinted moisturizer with decent SPF & some good mascara.
If I find myself having to wear more than that, i spray my whole face with MUFE Mist & Fix to set it & i swear to you my makeup will stay on all day through heat and sweat.

NO BRONZER!!!! Go out and give yourself a tan, its good for you!!! And for those of you that think you will get skin cancer… its actually a proven fact that you are less likely to get cancer if you get sun!

that is not true you should wear sun block if your in the sun all day.

yes the sun is good b/c of vitamin d, but you should still wear a sunblock
if your going to be in the sun all day

Wow, I agree with Melissa. This is such bad information. Being exposed to the sun for a few minutes at a time is ok, which helps your body get Vitamin D. But to tan in the sun? Seriously? Tanning in the sun will increase your risk for cancer AND wrinkles 🙁 Stay safe.

No actually that is perfectly good information. YES there is an extent… but for even a couple hours is fine! Take this for what it is worth though… if you are ultra pale then ya, maybe be more careful. Its just a TON of mislead information companies use to sell products. I think everybody needs to use a little common sense.

No, a couple of hours in direct sun (even in indirect sun) UNPROTECTED is not safe. Nor does it lower your chances of getting skin cancer.

Seriously.. Were you brought up by tanning salon owners or something? I definitely hope that you do NOT pass on this advice to any of your future/current children.

Yes, there is an extent: Maybe ten, twenty minutes tops.

You are telling us that WE need to use a little common sense; what about your own common sense? What, you think that spending a few hours out in the sun unprotected (no sunscreen, being in direct sunlight, wearing clothing that exposes the skin, etc) is really the safest way to prevent skin cancer as opposed to, oh I don’t know, seeking shade, wearing sunscreen and limiting sun exposure?

Definately sunscreen! Too much sun exposure causes wrinkles and sunspots — not to mention skin cancer. (Someone mentioned that studies show your skin cancer risk goes down if you tan = not true, consult any dermatologist). I also love oil blotting papers — a total lifesaver. I blot instead of reapplying powder. Lipgloss with SPF is another must for me.

I wear very little makeup in the summer, I like letting my skin breathe in the heat. I just do sunscreen, tinited moisturizer, a little concealer if needed and some creme blush, and mascara. That’s it.

I would say definitely use a primer before you put on any makeup, it really makes a difference! I live in a place with a tropical climate and its basically hot ALL THE TIME. Then usually after I put on my primer, I put on my Neutrogena dry touch sunblock in SPF 50 (the higher the number, the longer you don’t have to reapply…unless you wipe it off, etc) then a cheek/lip stain, concealer for under-eye circles, and then top it off with a bit of powder to absorb the excess oils. The regular mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss.

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