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The oldest product I own… The tube remnants of a nude/peach lipstick that was my mother’s in the 80s. Of course, I wouldn’t dare use it after all these years. But I hope to find a color match one day. I used that color all during high school, but the tube is so old now you can no longer tell what brand it is. The tube is flat on both ends, silver, with a black strip around the middle. I figured it’s probably Cover Girl, Revlon, or Maybelline.

I own two Urban Decay eyeshadows (Shattered and Last Call) that are about 5 years old now! They were my first high end cosmetic purchase.

Everything I own is under two years old. I actually went through my mother’s and my collection several months ago and basically tossed anything that either looked old or appeared expired…which was a pretty significant amount of what my mother owned, haha. Most of what she uses now is stuff she pilfered off of me in secret when I moved. 😛

I think it’s Gash nail polish ( back to 10 years at least, probably 12 ) and then a mono eyeshadow from Lancôme at the time where Aaron de Mey was not artistic Director of the brand. It’s sad to see how much UD was full of creativity then, as for Lancôme well this is a highly pigmented eyeshadow ( indigo ) with a normal and typical Lancôme packaging already.

Clinique powder blusher…dont remember the color…but it has .40 oz. Can you believe that? Almost .5 oz. Nowadays, you are lucky if you get .20 oz. Then I have another Clinique blusher duo which is .32 oz. I have more of this stuff in my stash that are over 30 years old. I keep them because it reminds me how brands start out with a big amount of product and over the years slower decrease the amount and increase the price…just like potato chips. Also, I own my ole lady’s powder compact…called Boac….replaceable powder…probably 50 years old….barely touched.

I have an iridescent Max Factor quad from ’87/’88 (grade 9). It’s 4 shades of white with different colours of iridescence: blue, pink, green, and gold. Back in the day, I wore them on my lips as well as on my lids. In all my years, I’ve never seen anything quite like this again.

The second oldest is almost as old. It’s an Ultima II lip pencil personally sold to me by Kevyn Aucoin in the era of browns. Kevyn’s gone and so is the cat who left her bite marks on it as a kitten. Great sentimental value:)

I have that same quad, LOL. It was from a collection called White Lies, and there were also coordinating lipsticks, of which I have 3 (I’m not sure if there was a fourth, though). I bought a Smashbox quad a few years ago called Eye Illusion (it’s now sold as a trio) that has the same colors, although not quite as frosty. NARS Himaalayas & Iceland duos are quite similar, as well.

White Lies sounds right! That’s a great name.

I had the pink lipstick. I think the collection had an ingredient that was subsequently restricted to specialty makeup.

Pastels and frosts were on their way out and browns and neutrals were coming in. I liked the pale iridescent lid with a warm brown liner.

It was briefly fashionable to wear dark obvious cheek contour with an iridescent highlighter but I was too young for that look.

perfume definitely, I have one Chanel no 5 my aunt gave me in 1998. Other than that I have a Dior eye pencil from my very first print model job and that was in 1996. no dont use either, I cant stand the perfume and the eye pencil just keeping it around for sentiment.

Me too!! Same color and approximate age, I think. Mine was in the mint green tube with a silver band. I tossed it about 3 months ago with some other scarily old cosmetics, and replaced it with one in the new packaging. The old one seemed like a more muted color though, more of a pink than a berry than this new one. It could just be my memory that is faded though, lol!

Extra large Bonne Bell Orange Crush Smacker that had a string to carry around your neck. I think I got it around 8 years old. Which means it’s at least 30 years old. I’m not sure why I have held on to it but I don’t plan on throwing it out. Funny thing, it still smells of fake orange after all these years. Perfume bottles from the late 70’s and through the current years, LE MAC at least 18 years old – 20 years old, and some polishes that are probably 15 years old.

I have much more but these items I have bought as antique and vintage cosmetics. I have many Elgin America cosmetic sets/’purses’ and Stratton compacts that have never been used. That makes me wonder … When I die, how much of my make-up will have never been touched??!

Maybelline Silver Lilac Express Finish nail polish! I got it when I was around 15 or so…which makes the nail polish itself about that age. It’s still fine, too, haha.

Max Factor’s powder eye shadows purchased during 1978-1979. I still use them on rare occasions, and have never had any problem with them.

It’s probably the Guerlain Meteorites in the old packaging which date back to literally last century (pre-2000). They are absolutely fine to use. I also have some lipsticks I bought early 2000-ish that were unused as I bought them as back ups, so they’re fine too. I don’t use them though as the coliurs are very dated.

I still have an eyeshadow palette that my parents bought me back in the early to mid 70s! It’s by Outdoor Girl, and has mostly dark colours, which as a child I became great at using to make fake bruises on myself LOL. I swatched it recently, and all of the colours still apply beautifully with great colour payoff. I’m not risking applying them to my eyes after all this time, though.

I think I do still have a single lilac eyeshadow from that time, also by Outdoor Girl, which I bought myself with my pocket money – I love lilac. I know for certain I’ve never thrown it away.

With both, the foam applicators have long since perished

Well.. I was going to say that I have a MAC pigment in Grape & the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box (the one with 5 bright shadows, a black and 3 neutral shadows) that are almost 4 years old (my husband bought them for me in February 2009 when I started really getting into makeup) but then I realized that those being the oldest cosmetics I own isn’t true. I actually have a couple eyeliners that are 5 years old -I can’t say that I use them anymore though.

Actually I lied. I have a couple NYC nail polishes in my makeup hoard (pretty sure that’s what my husband refers to my collection as, lol) that are running on 10 years old (bought in either super late 2002 or super early 2003), as well as a few my mom gave me from her stash years ago (which are about the same age of around 10 years old). 😐

My oldest is a Chi Chi lipstick I remember my mother buying when I was about 8 (I’m now 23). I wouldn’t use it because of the age- plus it’s metallic almost black purple (I have no idea why my mother wanted such a color) (also, it has the packaging (silver with a black strip) the commenter below described, but Chi Chi is an Australian brand). I have some powder eyeshadows that would be nearing ten years old, I mainly keep them out of nostalgia, but they seem fine anyway.

I definitely have some nail polishes that are about 16 yrs old 😀 I’m actually proud of that bc I still use them and they still work great. Obv, I don’t keep the stuff that isn’t usable. There is one vintage Hard Candy from the 90’s that’s driving me nuts bc I can’t open the bottle but the polish inside is still flowing nicely & the bearings are still rattling freely…rawr!

Try soaking the bottle in hot water for a few minutes. It’ll soften the polish remnants on the neck of the bottle. HTH

thanks I’ll try that. I’ve tried running it under hot water, but not soaking. And the pliers are taking off chunks of the brush handle when I try to open it that way…oy. I’ll try anything!

Soak it in acetone.
it works wonders!
Put it upside down in a sall cup with acetone, leave it for half an hour if less, and ta daa it’ll open!

thanks, I’ll try that if the hot water doesn’t work! Love you guys for suggesting this stuff. My pretty purple polish will soon be free 😀 xoxo

The oldest products I own are a nail polish by Artistry, it is 10-12 years old and still works fine, and a highlighter powder by Artistry that’s probably 8 years old.

A Kissing Kooler from the 80s. What is amazing is that it smells exactly the same as it did when I was a kid (it’s an unused one), has no weird mold on it and is in pristine shape.

That goes to show you that everyone saying that all makeup goes bad within a couple of years is wrong. A couple of backups I have of an older MAC lipstick stored in a dark, cool place is still in fine shape and smells the same as new ones. I only worry about replacing items like mascaras and concealers or if I used a product while I was sick.

I’ve got a gallon baggie full of GWP eye shadows from Lancome that have never been swatched or used and I think those date back possibly to the 2000-2005 time frame. While I was putting those in the baggie I stumbled across a very old stila single eyeshadow in silver cardboard packaging. It had not been swatched or used. It doesn’t have a name on the bottom just a number. I have no clue how old that one is!

I have some chanel polishes from 1997. I used to have more, but some didn’t make it with drying up, bottles breaking, leaking. I have 5 that remain intact and usable

It’s a Chanel quad that was released in 1999, according to the internet. My mother gave it to me as she didn’t use it anymore. The colours are all warm and VERY hard to work with (I suspect this has to do with the age of the product), but I did test them and I got absolutely no irritation whatsoever and the wear is quite good, so I guess I’ll keep it!
I also have a Chanel nailpolish (still from my mother!) which is most likely around 10 years old, and still completely useable.

A Bonne Bell lip liner in Natural Tawny that I bought in the late 90’s. An eye shadow brush by a brand called Beauty by Nature that I purchased at Bath and Body Works, also in the mid to late 90’s. A Wet n Wild 666 lip liner that is at least 10 years old.

I own a Maybelline turquoise blue eyeshadow from the early ’70’s. I bought it at estate sale several years ago–one of those sales where they literally sell EVERYTHING the deceased person owned. I don’t use it but it reminds me of a time when life was simpler. I was too young to wear it back then, but saw it on older girls and thought it was the bomb!!

I had a big clear out recently but still have a couple of eye shadows that have been discontinued, they must be about 10 years old. I don’t use them but I’ve kept for finding a good HG dupe, both were cheep brands but were really good and I love the colours.

I still own the Clinique Plum Seduction quad that I bought around 6 years ago! Don’t use it anymore really, but for some reason I haven’t tossed it either. I also keep looking for similar shades as well. I guess that part of my taste hasn’t changed.

Urban Decay Sin Eyeshadow. I bought it in 2006 at the infancy of my interest in makeup. I don’t use it at all any more because I find that slightly lighter highlight colors look better on me, but I still look at it fondly and keep it for memories.

I have a Shu Uemura lipstick that must be at least 10 years old and I do still wear it on special occasions. It’s still perfect, still creamy, doesn’t smell funny, it hasn’t gone off at all. They discontinued the colour years ago and it’s the most perfect colour on me and I’ve never managed to find a perfect dupe. It’s just a nude beige and I’ve bought every similar colour I can find, both high end and drugstore brands and have never found that perfect dupe, so I wear it sparingly and will probably cry when it’s finally finished.

I still have some of the very first makeup/nail polish I bought when I was 8-9 in my old bedroom at my mom’s house. The nail polish is a bit thick, but still useable. The 20 year old lip products I’m staying very far away from.

The oldest products I have that I still use on a regular basis are some old Chanel eyeshadow quads (about 10 years old now). The color and texture is still the same as when i bought them, and I spray them with a sanitizing spray regularly, so I’m not really that worried about bacteria and stuff.

I still have my lipsticks from high school – Revlon Toast of New York and Coffee Bean LOL. They were the couleurs du jour in the grunge/early 90’s! I NEVER use them but it’s sentimental.

I also have this ANCIENT nail polish from likely 1990 or earlier, (which is completely dried up). it’s a frosty sand colour made by a brand called Mislynn. They also used to make this FANTASTIC frosty magenta pink that I’ve been trying to dupe for years.

I have a Chanel eyeshadow trio (they used to come in threes! It was a golden time!) that has to be 8 years old. I keep it for somewhat sentimental purposes, which sounds silly, but the color combination is still great(opal pink, dusty lilac and smokey gray, gorgeous) even though I’m running low!

I believe everything I own is under a year old. I used to be super paranoid and throw things out, because I hadn’t used them in a long time and was worried they were bad. Also I had a feeling they were on the shelves for a long time, I was big on clearance. Now I have less makeup, but better quality, so I’m more eager to use it them to throw it away. Nail polishes though, I have for almost 2 years or so, a lot of non usable bottles just get tossed.

IMAN eye shawdows from her line launch. Some of the best colors ever. Also the eye pencil Nut Bush (still available) that I use as a lip liner. The best brown, I have yet to find.

A Wet ‘n Wild eyeshadow trio! The name disappeared and I can’t find it anywhere on their site 😀 but I’ts gorgeous and I still use it. Perfect neutral everyday peach and bronze colours… But probably 5 years old :/

Did you know there’s a phone ap that allows you to input the code of some brands and it tells you what the shelf life of those brands are.

It’s especially great for MAC stuff.

My Benefit Dandelion is probably around 10 years old and my Nars Orgasm is about the same. They were the first high end type make-up products I ever bought and I still use them (I’ve never used up a blush).

Nothing I own is older than a couple of years other than my tools. I might have a few MAC shadows hanging on that are older than that, but never use. I go through all my things, not just cosmetics, on a regular basis and rehome anything I am not using to family, friends, charity, or toss it in the bin.

I have a Revlon Streetware Jumbo pencil and a handful of the original Hand Candy nail polishes — relics from the 90s — that I don’t use, but can’t throw out.

I admittedly have several nail polishes that are *well over* 10 years old. As far as cosmetics I think I’ve purged everything that was purchased before ’07 (when I started working in the business and got into high-end)but I still have pretty much all the stuff from then. Even if I don’t wear it, with the exception of mascara, I’m sorry but if I paid $30 or more for something that isn’t used up I’m not going to throw it out!

The only items I toss are those that have “turned”, regardless of how long I’ve had them. I have some eye- shadows & lipsticks that are in all probability around the 25 year mark, and yes, there are some I still use on occasion. I’ve actually had more brand-new items go bad within months, yet I have several “vintage” items that are still as good as the day I bought them. Mascara & liquid liner are the only items that get tossed with regularity. I also had a habit of buying a back-up foundation every time, but I would always end up switching to something else every few months, so I have a bin full of unused, unopened bottles of foundation that are still good. I have great skin, and have never had any negative reaction, so I’ll continue to use them.

I still have my Jane Eye Zing e/s in Tickled Pink. I wore it to my 8th grade graduation in 1998. I never use it, but I keep it anyway. I also own some vintage makeup. They are new to me, but old in general. One piece is an Avon lipstick that was made in 1948. It’s old, but it was a purchase I made as a collectible. I would never wear it.

I have a old tube of MAC Glam l/s, in the ugly silver bullet design they experimented with in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. It is the best red ever, and the perfect thing to spiff up any outfit. It is nostalgic for so many reasons, and every so often I put some on. It still smells faintly of that signature MAC vanilla-ish scent.

this post tells me that i need to work on using up stuff in stead of buying more stuff. my oldest mup is from 2010 september. didn’t use makeup before that.

my mom has a bunch of old covergirl powders(some still in packaging!), maybelline eye shadows, and some avon stuff. She’s a bit of a hoarder, haha.

Oldest makeup & is still perfect is YVES SAINT LAURENT “POUDRE SUR MESURE” (natural semi-soft radiance face powder, no glitter); CHANEL, DIOR, YSL eyeshadow in matt. They are about 15 y/o perfect. I wipe them with alcohol & store in freezer bags in cool, dry place. Same with many lipsticks by the above & Guerlain.

An Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow duo — pewter and a midnight blue that I’ve yet to this day found a dupe for. It must be around 20 years old but the color is perfect.

N.Y.C. Brown Pencil Liner (8 years) – I still have this liner mainly for sentimental value. N.Y.C. was the first brand I used as a pre-teen; I couldn’t live without their clear Strawberry Roll-On Gloss and their pink nail polishes! I swear I kept them in business! LOL

CoverGirl Clean Pressed Powder for sensitive skin (8 years) – I possess the one in the old packaging which I used as foundation throughout high school and college. I LOVED that powder and it worked wonderfully for me. However, I gave it up for high-end foundation when I discovered it was about a half-shade too dark a couple years ago. I tried to repurchase the powder in another shade, but CoverGirl had updated the packaging and shade range, and the darkest shade available was too light for my skin tone.

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette (6 years) – This was a Christmas gift from my sister when I decided to start taking make up more seriously. I played around with it in college, but I don’t use it at all now. I don’t really care for colorful eye looks on myself, and I’m a big fan of mattes now as well.

E.L.F. Super Glossy Lip Shine (6 years) – I was a huge fan of these in college and still have a few left over. They are dirt cheap ($1.00 each!), provide plenty of product for the money, and pack a pretty good punch in pigment (even against my dark skin). I swore by the shade Iced Latte! They are awesome for someone on a budget!

My mother who is now 59 worked at Estee Lauder almost 40 years ago and she used to get a gorgeous shade of blush in her gratis every month or two. I have one of them left, it smells fine and applies beautifully. I get compliments every time I wear it. It’s the best blush I’ve ever found and I will be SO bummed when it runs out. Luckily I’m not done yet!

I have a MAC Cherry lip liner that is 4 years old. I bought it when I got a MAC makeover for my mom’s wedding. I actually ended up using the same lip liner on my wedding day last summer. I guess that could have counted as my something old lol ( I actually used a ring my grandma gave me as my something old).

Oh Lordy…I’m dating myself now!

I was a Disco Queen back in the 1970’s. There was a cosmetics company that catered to the disco crowd – Madeline Mono. AFAIK, Madeline Mono was one of the first companies to produce loose pigments. I bought a small jar of the most gorgeous gold loose pigment. The top of the jar had a smaller compartment which contained an opalescent powder.

Although I lost the top portion of the jar and the opalescent powder LONG ago, I still have the lower portion with the gold pigment. I’ve never found a gold in the same shade, although I’ve looked. It’s not too yellow or too brassy…it’s just pure gold and absolutely gorgeous. It can be applied dry, or it can be foiled. Stunning!

I would be truly heartbroken should I ever lose it.

I have a half used bottle of Sun Moon Stars perfume from the early 90’s. It was the first perfume my mom ever bought for me as a teen, so I’ve kept the bottle for sentimental reasons.

Unfortunately, it fell about a year after I got it and I broke the nozzle; the perfume no longer sprays. But I love the bottle so much I dont want to throw it out! lol

Last spring, when I decided that I needed to get serious about wearing makeup, I got rid of every last bit of makeup I had in my collection but rarely wore. Most of the stuff was purchased before my wedding or when I was newly married (over 4 years now), but there were some items that I’ve had since the mid-90’s. I even had some Garden Botanika stuff from when they had stores at the mall!

I have the MAC Bunny Pink Playboy lipstick and Glitter Creme that was released I think in 2002, which means 10 years old! No, I don’t use it, but it is a collector’s item for me that I won’t get rid of. I do have a MAC e/s palette from the 2004 holiday collection that I still use. I feel powder products are ok to use as long as the consistency doesn’t change.

my T. Le Clerc loose powder in Banane. i’ve been in an on-and-off relationship with this for the past five years, it’s incredible. i use it as a setting powder after foundation, for concealer and just for quick touch-ups to calm my redness down. a little goes a long way! 🙂

I have a lime green loose powder eyeshadow from around 1962, a red lipstick (no brand) and a Dorothy Gray gold metallic pressed powder from 1968, and a number of Biba and Mary Quant items i got in the late 1960s through early 1970s. The eye shadow is still wearable, and so are the powder items from Biba and Mary Quant. But, of course, the lip and cheek cremes are all rancid. I have them “museumized”, and periodically look at the wistfully, because i LOVED the Biba line SO MUCH!

So the eye shadow is 50 years old, the lipstick & gold powder 44, and the Biba and Mary Quant items are 40 to 44 years old. And I have quite a few other items from the 1970s.

I have this canister of Allure body powder which I bought as a “tester” at the old Robinson’s May store in BH and that had to be at least 7 years. They’ve discontinued the product too and now all the body powders are loose and just seem to get all over the place when you travel.

I forgot to add that I also have my late mother’s red Helena Rubinstein listick dating from the 1960s. And, no, I don’t use either lippie!!

I still have a cream foundaton from 6 years ago, don’t put it on my face anymore obviously, but it’s so dried out that it became a really good eyeprimer after I cleaned it up a bit 🙂

Two Revlon animal instinct eyeshadows that have to be dated back to 97/98 one is almost gone but the other is a really ordinary brown, no idea why its actually still there.

I have a Bourjois nailpolish that hails from 98/99. I had been eyeing it off almost a year and about three months before my graduation they put in in the clearance bin. It is called violet 21 and is a beautiful shiny pearl purple with irridecent glitter, there was nothing else like that around in 99. I have not used it since 99 but I can’t get rid of it, sentimental and all that.

I also have a quite a few eyeshadows from around 2001 some Napoleon Perdis loose shadows, Bloom and Max Factor. I use them still almost everyday and they are still as good as the day I bought them.

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