What is the most you've spent (or would spend) on mascara?

Chantecaille’s Faux Cils is the priciest one I’ve tried at $72, and it’s supposed to help lashes grow, so there’s a bit of extra room for justifying the price. I used one tube fairly regularly but wasn’t really certain if there was growth or not. Louboutin’s mascara would be the next, and I did enjoy the very vinyl, inky black look of the lashes, but I enjoy lots of other mascaras that it wasn’t on my repurchase list. Mascara is like foundation for me; I only fall in love with a few and tend to flit between so many that I don’t repurchase favorites that often!

Please respect other members of this community who may spend more or less than you. It’s about discussing and thinking about own personal limits without judgment of others’ choices nor insulting someone who does or doesn’t want to spend more or less.

— Christine
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The most I have spent on mascara was $28 for the hourglass one. But I feel like a always have a off relationship with mascara, I often feel I can never get a consistently good mascara, but if I found one I would probably spend some money on that.

I think the Marc Jacobs and Clarins mascaras I have are the most expensive ones I’ve bought. I do have minis of some pricey ones from Dior, MUFE, Bobbi Brown. But mascara isn’t a big deal for me – I just want something to darken my lashes somewhat and not smudge under my eyes. I don’t want a false lash effect or anything like that so I’m quite happy with the original L’Oreal Voluminous and find pricey mascaras a waste because they’re just not a big deal to me.

I don’t have much of a choice because I can only wear tubing mascaras. So Blinc is my HG with Hemish’s as a cheaper alterative. I’ve tried the Clinque’s tubing mascara but the tube dries out too quickly and when the tube starts to dry out, the formula starts flaking off on my eyelashes.

I’d love any tubing mascara recommendations!!

I’ve really enjoyed Trish McAvoy High Volume Mascara which I believe is a tubing mascara. It’s $30 something. I picked up the Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara at TJ Maxx. It’s exactly the same as the Trish McAvoy. Same wand and tube so I assume they are owned by the same company. They are my stand out makeup finds of the last few months. I don’t know how they compare to blinc. Ive had both for 4 months. Love!

You might like Stretchex super stretch lash effect. It’s on Sephora, or was! I think Blinc, which was always go-to, has gone downhill in the past decade. For DS, the No 7 tubing formula is not bad. The Catrice tubing is quite good, but I don’t think it’s available any longer on Ulta or their dedicated website. The L’Oreal tubing big sucks.

L’oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes is pretty good. I think I like Blinc better, but not so much better that I would spend the extra money for it. It’s a double sided tube with a primer on one side and the tubing mascara on the other. The primer definitely adds volume, but the mascara works fine without it and lasting power is the same either way (and excellent, it’s a true tubing mascara).

I want to try the KA one but I haven’t been willing to spend the $$ on it yet.

NYX makes one that is decent. It’s called Doll Eye. It didn’t dry out too quickly that I remember (totally know what you mean about the Clinique one). MAC Zoom Lash is tubing also, I believe. And they sell the small size tubes for cheaper. Both of these get really flaky when you remove them, so they don’t remove as easy as Clinique. But I liked them both. I’ve purchased Zoom Lash a few times.

I really love L’Oréal double extend mascara, which is a tubing mascara. I like it just as much as my Giorgio Armani (not tubing) mascara which is about 3 times the price

YSL baby doll mascara, as well as the volume one in waterproof version. I don’t have that many choices because I can only wear waterproof mascara (straight lashes problems). Those are both in the 30s price range. I don’t think I’ll spend that money again because Japanese drugstore mascaras are just as good.

I gave away that YSL Babydoll mascara to my daughter. It smells like old fashioned perfume and it’s a pain to remove. I picked it up during Nordstrom buy 2 get 1 sale. I won’t purchase again lol. It can be a pain if you have limitations like only waterproof:(

I thought they were a pain to remove until I discovered cleansing oils! Now they don’t give me headaches anymore 🙂
I agree that YSL mascaras always have that scent that doesn’t dissipate. I can still smell it during the day, yuck!

I might pay up to $30 if my favorite stopped being made and I couldn’t find anything similar for less. That said, my favorite is usually $12-$15 (with a long shipping time), and I don’t see any point to trying anything else. (Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Long and Curl Super Waterproof–adds length and volume and is the only one I’ve found that holds a curl on me.)

Try your local Asian marketplace, if there is one. I found the Isehan Heroine Make there, in various formulas. Cheaper, and no Amazon, shipping, wait. Pretty much my fave black, too, but I like color, and might do Club Clio for some Peripera colored.

Sadly, I live in a pretty rural area. I think there is a little place I could look about a 50 minute drive from me, so I will check there the next time I go to that area! Thanks! I’m good at ordering this ahead, though, so the shipping time isn’t a problem for me. I am highly motivated for this mascara! 🙂 I’m going to look into the Club Clio now–I haven’t tried mascara that isn’t black or brown ever! Thank you for mentioning it!

Usually Amazon–I always click on “other sellers” (actually, you click on the ” new” next to “other sellers) and make sure to use one that has a rating of 96% or better. The last seller I purchased from there was Import Japan, and they did a great job. It looks like Volume & Curl is available for $16.83 on Prime with 2-day shipping–I’ve noticed that’s usually available on Prime but Long & Curl isn’t. I need to try Volume & Curl one of these days!

YSL’s Vinyl Couture (the first version, the one that was unceremoniously yanked off the shelves), $39. Canadian. I bought it for its electric blue colour. It was a good mascara, but not $39-great. I kept it much longer than recommended because it was so expensive.

Have you tried the new one?? Does it compare? I got a sample of that first debut and LOVED it. I don’t wear makeup as much anymore, so I haven’t ponied up for the new formula. I want it to be as awesome though.

Lancome Definicils, $27.50 is most I’ve spent. I don’t have a set cost limit. Eye health is so important that I don’t want to compromise on quality and trustworthy brands; mascara and waterline liners are the only two products I can think of that are so close to the actual eye. I’m thinking ~$30-35 is the practical max for me.

I usually buy mascara mini sets from Sephora & Ulta. I end up with so many minis that I don’t have to buy a full size mascara. Although, last year when MAC had a collection with colored mascaras, I did purchase two on sale.

I’m currently working through mascara but I want to get to a point where I just have one or two full size or 3 or 4 minis. I only have as many as I do bc of samples and doing those buy 2 get 1 sales events. I’ve worked through my minis and now I’m working on full size. My mascara collection is way out of control and funny thing I’m not into trying every mascara. I usually just pick something up where I’m at and make it work:)

I think around €17 for L’Oréal Lash Paradise. I don’t think I could ever justify spending much more, especially since there are so many good cheaper ones out there

I love mascara and love a blacker than black formula. I’ve spent in the $30 range but I’m not into trying every mascara or looking for a HG. I kind of buy out of necessary and find something based on where I am. If I’m at Sephora I’ll pick up something in that $30 range. If I’m at a CCO or Target I’ll pick up something that catches my eye. I’m happy if mascara is black and has a natural bristle brush that isn’t too fat. Tbh, I’m not into a lot of the overly hyped mascaras. I don’t care for the Lash Paradise, Better than Sex, Rollerlash or It Cosmetics Superhero mascara. I’ve enjoyed Clinique High Impact Black Mascara for every day. I’ve also enjoyed Trish McAvoy High Volume Mascara that I picked up at Nordstrom during their buy 2 get 1 mascara sale. MAC Mineralize Multi Effect Mascara is a favorite. I haven’t tried many drugstore lately bc I’m using mascara up. I have liked Loreal Million lashes. Loreal is usually my go to brand except for their Voluminous line:)

The L’Oreal Voluminous is actually my favorite DS brand, LOL! I’ve been using it off & on for about 30 years, and always come back to it. I’ve strayed for something cheaper, or that I got as a “freebie”, but every time I go back to it, I question why I ever stopped.

I want to love it. Loreal is my go to mascara brand. I venture out and try other things but I always go back to them. BUT I have never really got into their Voluminous line. I don’t really like overly fat brushes and their formula is too wet and gloopy. Always too much comes on the brush. And in my experience it transfers. Just too much for me to deal with lol

The fact that it is a “wet” formula is what I *love* about it, LOL! I find drier formulas tend to be the ones that end up flaking on me. Like I said in my original post below, I’m quite fortunate to not have make requirements when it comes to mascara, and I feel really bad for those who *have* to buy HE… I haven’t tried the new Lash Paradise, though, so I can only speak to the others, particularly the “original” one.

I actually prefer a formula somewhere in the middle. Not too dry and not too wet. And even if a wetter formula, I like when not too much comes on the wand. I don’t want to battle spider lashes. Im pretty lucky too that I don’t have too many limitations on brands/formulas. I don’t need to find a tubing mascara or it has to be waterproof bc I have allergies or whatever but if I did, I spend more. I usually can find something I like in a reasonable price range. I only have HE bc I treated myself. I’m perfectly happy with drugstore and prefer it most of the time. When you have to replace it so often, I don’t like to spend too much. I like my Trish McAvoy High Volume Mascara but it’s about $34. That’s not a price point I want to keep up with. I rather spend that on and eyeshadow palette or at least something that will last me longer:)

I have tried many mascaras, haven’t found my HG one as yet. I did like the Caite one, but I found after only a couple of weeks of use it came out with big clumps on the brush and was messy. Currently using the Bobbi Brown smokey eye one, and its good for a natural look, which is what I like most of the time.

L’Oreal Voluminous is the most “expensive” mascara I’ve ever purchased, but I’ve almost always caught it on sale, or had some type of coupon, and having bought it from various retailers, I honestly can’t say exactly how much I’ve actually spent… Mascara & liquid eyeliner are the two products I hate spending a lot of money on, even more so than lip products, so fortunately I don’t have any real requirements other than making my lashes darker, and adding a bit of volume to my already reasonably long, full, dark lashes that have a natural curl. As long as a product doesn’t flake, isn’t “crunchy”, and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I’m not picky. While really love Lancome mascaras, they aren’t so much better than the L’Oreal that I can justify the price.

Loreal owns Lancome so you are probably better off sticking to Loreal. The loreal owned brands imo pass off a lot of the same products throughout their brands. I do want to try the Lancome Monseir but I hate their Defincils which everyone seem to love. I’m really not picky. I really can find something depending on where I am but I do have mascaras I haven’t enjoyed. I agree I don’t spend a lot on mascara bc you have to replace it so frequently. I only have higher end ones bc of the CCO, Nordstrom mascara sales, Ulta’s 21 Days of beauty and I got it as a freebie w another purchase

Oh, I know! In fact, I think some products get “tested” in the L’Oreal range, while prices are more reasonable, before being placed in the Lancome range, at a much higher price, or some products are nearly identical, but with a smaller shade range. I had a foundation that was nearly identical in terms of feel, wear, and coverage to Teinte Idole, and although I didn’t compare ingredients, I felt I could use them interchangeably.

As for mascara, I like Definicils & Hypnose, and don’t see any real difference in the formulas. I have the Monsieur Big in a mini, that I got in a Sephora perk, but I haven’t tried it yet. That said, I have a feeling the biggest difference will be the bigger brush…

I’ve paid for the Diorshow mascara in a limited edition color and not regretted it. I’d pay probably up to $30 if it was fabulous, but I just tend to prefer budget mascaras (L’Oreal particularly). It’s not about saving money, I really think the formulas and brushes are better!

Around $35 – I’ve bought Diorshow and Giorgio Armani’s Eyes to Kill and love them both. Diorshow is HG for me – love the drier formula and the brush, GA ETK a close second. I repurchase both regularly during the Nordstrom Mascara Madness sale. I’ve also bought Chanel Inimitable and Volume De Chanel ($32) but didn’t care for the wet formula and brush.

I haven’t tried Armani Eyes to Kill but I’ve tried their Black Ecstasy and really enjoyed it. Nordstrom always gets me with their mascara sales events. I bought the Le Volum by Chanel and didn’t care for it at first but have grown to love. It makes your lashes super dark which is hard to find!

Hi Erica,

I too love Le Volume! It’s my favorite. It’s awful at first though. It’s clumpy and gross! So I totally understand what you are saying. If you like Drug Store mascara at all – L’Oreal’s Telescopic reminds me a lot of Channel. The wand isn’t quite the same, but it hugs your lashes like it does. There isn’t anything like that snow wand!!! I’ve looked and looked. It is unique. I may very well splurge on it next month. I do use MAC Gigablack Lash on the bottom lashes – nothing, and I mean nothing coats your lower lashes like gigablack. It doesn’t go ANYWHERE. I have bought numerous tubes and I will continue. It is a tubing mascara.. and jet black.

I love Door Show mascara in black but have turned my attention to mini me to avoid waste. I love UD Perversion in the small size along with other minis. As an RN, I am paranoid about infection.

Looks like….$16.50 for Clinique Naturally Glossy mascara. I really liked it but I decided to stick to drugstore because it seemed like all mascaras were basically the same and I could get something as good for cheaper.

Frustratingly, since I made that decision, I haven’t actually liked any of the mascaras I’ve tried. So much spikes, so clumps, wow. I just got a new one the other day that I haven’t tried yet but if this keeps up I might go back to Clinique.

If you are near an outlet mall that has a Cosmetic Company Outlet, you can find Clinique for even cheaper. They had a 50% sale going on and I got a Clinique High Impact Mascara for about $6. I’m suprised I like it as much as I do bc I used to always hate Clinique mascara bc they bleed on me so bad. No problems with that one. My biggest annoyance with drugstore is their clunky zany packaging. I know they have to stand out in a flooded market but yikes!

That is good to know, thanks! I googled and there is an outlet of that store about 40 minutes away. A bit far for mascara but I occasionally have other reasons to go there so I’ll have to check it out next time I’m in the area.

Mascara is the one product that I much prefer drugstore over high end. I have tried a couple of high end mascara’s, Marc Jacobs, Lancôme, Estee Lauder, UD and Nars and can honestly say I didn’t really like any of them and actually hated a couple, (I am looking at you Marc Jacob). So the most I have paid is for the Marc Jacobs and since I can find mascara’s I like in the $10 range why pay more? I do have a tube of Benefit Roller Lash and I don’t know where it would fall in terms of expense, certainly higher than my drugstore choices but I do like the Roller Lash, The thing is I always top it off with a drugstore mascara, LOL. The roller lash seems to fan my lashes out quite a bit and isn’t clumpy so it sort of sets my lashes up to be how I like them and then I go in with the drugstore mascara and add volume and length. I know, high maintenance!!

I enjoy Chantecaille Faux Cils and have repurchased that for years. I tend to rotate though that, CdP mascara (love!), Tom Ford and Armani. I’ve always had smudging issues and these don’t smudge on me, so I’m willing to pay for that result.

I’m not loyal to any brand or mascara. My favorite right now is the “Roller Lash” from Benefit, I used to love their “They’re Real” but it was such a pain to remove I gave it on it. Both of these mascaras I purchased on sale (half price so around $12) which is not bad.

I’d spend more if the wand was perfect (I hate big, chunky, plastic wands), the formula curled and lengthened with just the right amount of added volume, and the color was the blackest black. I feel like I either get too much volume (which leaves clumps) or I feel the formula is so thin it doesn’t curl enough.

I absolutely LOVE Benefit Roller Lash! But I hate that it’s not waterproof in the least. If they ever made that mascara waterproof, I’d be buying the travel size every few months.

This is the reason that I use two mascara’s when I use Benefit Roller Lash. I love how the Roller Lash fans out my lashes and doesn’t clump but it doesn’t really give me much volume or length and I have to have waterproof or I get all kinds of raccoon eye. So, I start out with the Roller Lash. Let it set up a little on my lashes and then go in with my waterproof. Kind of crazy having to use two mascaras but you do what you have to do, right!!

I’ve never purchased a full size midrange or high end mascara, so probably around $12. I’ve purchased a couple mini It Cosmetics Tightline mascaras for around that price, but I usually spend <$10, there are a lot of drugstore mascaras that work well for me. I’ve also used a bunch of deluxe sample sized high end mascaras, but haven’t liked any of them enough to spend the extra $$$.

That said, I’ve been interested in the Kevyn Aucoin Volume mascara since it’s a tubing mascara and so many people love it. I generally love tubing mascaras – I’ve used a couple (deluxe sample) sized tubes of Blinc and I am currently using L’oreal Beauty Tubes. I prefer the Blinc to the L’oreal but only by a little, so wouldn’t repurchase the Blinc. If anyone can compare the KA, Blinc, and L’oreal I’m all ears!!

I cannot compare but the KA is very good. Check out TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I have found quite a few KA products there. I picked up a holiday set that included that mascara. It’s very good!

Now THIS is where I’m a real cheapskate! There were a handful of times where I bought one over $20, but 99% of the time, I buy a really good, ultra black, waterproof, non- smudging, super wearing DS mascara. My rationale is that this is something that I have to replace at least every few months, so it’s not an investment type of product. I just want it to look and wear fabulously!

I fell in love with Lancôme’s Définicils after receiving a sample of it, which is $27.50—but I never go through a whole tube of mascara by the time it dries out/expires, and the mini is $13. So my mascara budget is $28, but I rarely reach it.

Have spent up to $30 in the past, but I would be unlikely to again unless I fell madly in love with a sample. Like others, I’ve found several drugstore brands that do as well as (or beat) the most expensive mascaras I’ve tried. (L’oreal Telescopic is my holy grail. I like separation and length rather over crazy volume. Hard to find, but I buy it when I see it!) I have a small face and not a lot of room, so some of the big fat brushes that were so popular with the higher-end brands for a while were just useless for me. Plus, mascara is one of those items that isn’t meant to be long-lasting, so it seems a good place to save rather than splurge.

Hi Ruby

L’Oreal is my favorite too! It cannot be beat! It reaches each and every lash! I just wish we could get our hands on the waterproof for under what they want for it on Amazon! I wish they would start to make it again. I wonder how someone gets a product influenced like that? You have any ideas?

Yes! My experience too. I have pretty small eyes and really need that separated look.

I wish they would make it again also. Not sure what can be done. Maybe start a petition to L’Oreal?

Sometimes I still see them in drugstores and will pick up a couple … but mascara probably dries up after a while so not sure it makes sense to pick up lots of them, even if the price is right. Have looked for a dupe, but have yet to find one. I think someone said it is itself a dupe for a Lancome mascara but that will only be more expensive …

Yes!!! It will be more expensive! I am trying my best to stay out of the higher end mascaras — the MAC one that I wear is high enough for my budget right now. It’s $18.00 I think. I loved their Zoom Lash until they changed the formula (ugh!) this just irks me to know end!!! I’ve tried a few of the other MAC’s but have not found one to write home about!
I did not like the other L’Oreal that everyone raves about – that one in the pink tube — Ooh — I hated that! Smudged everywhere for me and I hated the application. I too had huge wands. I get it EVERYWHERE!!!

Telescopic is my absolutely fav. I wish I would run across a few wproof!!! But you are absolutely right– even sealed, I don’t know if I’d trust it, ya know? I have chronic dry eye — and they are very sensitive, so I have to be very careful.

Best of luck to you on your mascara adventures… may all your lash dreams come true!!!
God Bless,

Before I went CF, I regularly bought Diorshow. The curved brush was really good at getting my corner lashes. Now I am using up a mini of Lancôme Monsieur Big, which I do like but am not repurchasing. Then it is on to finding a CF brand. I have minis from TF, Tarte and IT to play with.

$30 on diorshow waterproof in brown, which is my all time fave and all I’ll buy anymore. Never flakes on me, lasts all day, right color for my fair ginger look.

It’s hard to find waterproof in just brown, not black-brown. I’ve never seen one that was drugstore price range.

A few years ago I bought the Dior Overcurl along with the Dior lash primer. At the time I think it was a $50-$60 purchase. I was happy enough but went on to try others. My favorite now is Benefit Roller Lash $24?, but there are a few from the drugstore that I like (Supersizer, the newish Loreal) too. Actually I have so many deluxe size samples and travel size tubes that i dont need to spend any amount in 2018!

The only high end mascara I ever fell in love with was a discontinued lancome product who’s exact name escapes me at the moment, but it was a voluminous one, and had no discernible fragrance. I do not like Defincils, it does noting for me, and the new voluminizing ones all have fragrance! I was very loyal to Almay One Coat Thickening, until it was changed and then repackaged and reformulated. Now I am going thru a tube of Maybelline Lucius Lashes with the curved brush, which I like. I tried the one with the straight wand and it was very clumpy. I wouldn’t pay much over $35 unless it was something amazing, and I just have not found that. Thus said, Bobbi Brown’s No Smudge mascara is the best waterproof mascara that I have tried, and I will continue to purchase it for that purpose. I don’t know the exact price offhand, but BB usually has sales and bday specials, so does Sephora which sell the brand.

Hi Ellen
If you like Drug store mascara you might try L’oreal’s Telescopic. I find that both the gold tube and the black tube are really nice and I’m very picky!! You have to work it a bit – but you can pull any discernible places where it may clump. It gives great length – and decent volume. It is the best I’ve found at the drug store or Walmart – in years of searching. It doesn’t smudge or clump after hours of wear. It isn’t really hard to get off – but it does take either a eye remover or good cleanser. Give it a try and see if you like it.


The most I have spent was about $36 on the Lancôme oscillating mascara many years ago when that was the new big thing. Now my favorite mascaras are the Charlotte Tilbury legendary lashes which is $32 and Urban Decay cannonball which is $20. I’m still on the lookout for a perfect hg mascara but wouldn’t pay more than $40.

I’ve always been a real cheapskate when it comes to mascara. I currently use essence mascaras because I like volume and a couple coats of that and I’m set to go. I like UD Perversion for its blackness but only buy it when I can get it on sale.

I think I spent $35 for Gorgio Armani Eyes to Kill and it is good. But I’ve found drugstore mascara just as good. I liked better than sex but it smeared at the end of the day under my eyes, tried the L’oreal Dupe and it was great. Then I got Essence and it cost $7 for 2! I bought 2 varieties and the 1st is just so very good!

I’ve tried Perversion think it was around $30 and it was pretty good and so is Chanel.

I only apply one coat and don’t like clumpy or too watery.
I’m just using Essence!

Mascaras are not a big deal for me, as I just want a bit of colour on my lashes, a bit of volume, but not lengthening as I wear glasses. Minis in GWP are perfect for me. Generally I use whatever I find on sale. I really don’t like mascaras that clump my lashes or deposit too much colour on them so they smudge.
One of the better ones I have tried is the Clinique Black Honey (I think that’s it) mascara.
I do like coloured mascaras and currently have the Clarins Aqua green one, which I purchased on sale for about $16.
Generally I spend between $10 and $20 on mascara.

I bought a Sisley Mascara So Intense Volumizing Mascara for $67, the Cle De Peau Perfect Lash Mascara $50 and Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Lash 32 during one of the Nordstrom buy 2 get one free sales a couple years ago.My favorite of the 3 was the Cle De Peau but I never repurchased it.

I retired last year. When I worked I had lash extensions. Now I can’t really justify them. I used mascara with them as well. The longer and lusher the lashes the better! I have found a few mascaras that I would repurchase but I am constantly trying the newest that is on the market, always looking for better, longer, lush lashes. I am afraid I don’t have a limit on what I would spend. I think lashes make the eyes. I do go for a lash lift and tint every second month now for $95 CAD. It helps with my straight lashes.

I never buy high end mascara unless I get a sale that makes it comparable to drugstore. I think around $12 is the most I’ve spent on any mascara. I spent $22 on Urban Decay Subversion Mascara Primer, though, because it makes brightly colored mascaras adhere better and makes the colors really pop.

I just can’t justify full price on higher-end mascaras, because I have to throw them out every 3 months, or I start to get styes around my lashes and my eyes water. They’re a product I follow the expiration dates on closely. Plus, I’m allergic to most mascaras, and it makes no sense to spend a lot of money to try a high end product I might be allergic to. I only try high end mascaras if I can get them as a free sample or GWP.

Never have tried a HE mascara but plenty of drugstore Maybelline the original pink/green tube is good but doesn’t do much on making my lashes look that much bigger or longer I also collected their colored ones. Cover Girl I like the one in a red tube it is great actually. Recently tried the Cover Girl waterproof (orange brownish color tube forgot what is called) but don’t like in fact hate the plastic very short bristles they clump too much. Tried a few of WetnWild ones although I love many things WnW the mascaras don’t do much for me and the colored ones I tried also not much color payoff compared to Maybelline. I liked the Elf one also not bad but my favorite so far is Essence I like the brush. Princess ones they really make my lashes stand out like nothing I’ve tried before! I keep a spare of good metal brush from some other mascara I have finished cleaned well and use it to separate any clumpiness Princess can clump a bit it is sort of wet when applying but I still love it! I have tried a few minis from Max at TJ Max and they are also good! I think I will stick with Princess for a while. Is a winner. Should try Loreal also. Have never had a pink eye and I do keep them past the extended expired time unless they smell weird then they are out.

OOOH! How I would love to try a $72 mascara and good for you those that can!! Channel is as far as I have been able to go — but I love it!! I used to use Lancome regularly – but they changed the formula… so I was on the hunt again. I do use a MAC on my lower lashes regularly. I would also go upwards of $100.00– I agree Christine, it’s like foundation. My lashes matter to me, there long and I want them to spotlight. I will wear lashes, but I don’t have to. I’d really rather not – there a pain!! I’ll admit it, I am on a lower level than some – and I even splurge at times, but I adore mascara — and I’m always happy to see those that can relish in it. I have found my holy grail now in a drug store. It’s taken me years.

I use Lancome Grandiose Extreme at the moment. The one with the bent wand. It’s OK, but I dont think I’ll repurchase.
Next one I’ll use is a YSL, Volume Effect.
I also use DS mascaras, though I prefere the more expensive ones.
I quite like all the Dior ones I’ve tried.

I was using the classic Cover Girl Great Lash – it’s a classic for a reason – but fell in love with UD Perversion after receiving a deluxe sample/travel size from Sephora. When I bought a full size of it, it just didn’t work out for me. Within a couple of months it wasn’t dried out so much as it had dried and thickened very slightly – just enough that I noticed – and I didn’t like the way it performed anymore. Same thing happened with a couple of other minis that I bought in full size later. Now I only use minis, usually snagged for free from Sephora using a coupon code. It’s rare I buy one now, and when I do, it’s a mini. The last one I actually purchased was the mini Monsieur Big for $12 (IIRC). My favorites are UDs Perversion for the deep, dark black and Lancome’s Monsier Big – I get the BEST fan out of it! I just got a mini of the new Benefit BadGal BANG! and it went on a bit wetter than I’m used to, but was actually quite nice.

Anyone else think mini/travel sizes perform better than full sizes? I don’t ‘pump’ the wand or anything, but I do feel that after a month or two enough air has managed to get into the tube that the product simply doesn’t perform as well. At least that’s my guess as to why a two month old mascara wouldn’t work as well as a fresh one.

I used the “cheaper” Chantecaille for a while at $45. I recently switched to Cle de Peau Perfevt Lash for $50. I get a new tube every 3 months. I have a lot of allergy issues, so I have to find something that works with my sensitive eyes. My eyes also drip a lot from migraines. I’ve tried all kinds of mascaras, and if it’s going to make my eyes itch and have it end up all over the place, it’s just not worth it to me.

I spent $10 on a full size Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes on Cyber Monday. I also bought a 6 piece (5 and a makeup remover) mascara sampler on sale for $10 at Macy’s, which I think was a much better deal. Travel sized mascaras are awesome! I would never spend more than $10 on one mascara. It absolutely has to be tossed after three months, so why spend a lot of money on it when there are cheap ones that will perform so well?

Years ago, I did a combination of two Dior mascaras, recommended by the sales women (DiorShow for volume, and a lengthening one) and layered them. That combination together was close to $50. My eyelashes looked fake, but also probably a little over-the-top, since I went pretty intense with mascara back then!

I think 30 is about the cap for me. But sample mascaras, high end ones, are often included with purchases, and I get tons of them in beauty subscriptions. so I always have more than I need on hand. Some of you who don’t have all those beauty subs might justify buying a more expensive one and using it exclusively for a while.

If it doesn’t leave me with raccoon eyes at the end of the day, I’ll pay $70 for a tube of mascara. Sadly, even the expensive luxury brands still have a tendency to flake and deposit most of their color on my lower eye socket.

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