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I stumbled upon Chanel Phoenix right before it was discontinued. Fortunately I was able to pick up a couple more before it was completely sold out. It quickly became an HG product for me.

Delux Beauty Crush Lip/Cheek tint in Sugar Melon, the most amazing color for the cheeks! Becca Beach Tint in Peach was a close dupe (but more orange) but that was discontinued as well!

Not a recent discontinuation, but I still miss MAC Scanty l/s. Still trying to work out a good dupe for it. πŸ™

Yes! This was a great product. I’m still working through a pot of ‘Peach Satin’. Every time I put it on I think “Why on earth did they discontinue these mousse blushes?”.

Tritto on the Dream Mousse blushes. The bouncy ones are chalky and hard to blend. The L’Oreal cream blush in a pot is a decent substitute, but the shade I bought is a little too matte.

I’ve hit pan on my HG cream blush Soft Plum, and I gave the other one I had to my mom awhile back before I knew it was DCed. I was seriously bummed to hit the store and see that they not only had reformulated but that the shade range had completely changed. πŸ™ You break my heart, Maybelline.

Definitely the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Ash for filling in my eyebrows. Gah that = perfection! It’s the only HG product of mine that’s been discontinued (thankfully), though that occurred over a year ago. πŸ™

I have dark brown brows and use Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse – it’s amazing! It’s SO pigmented, and a tiny bit goes a long way. Maybe that would work for you!

I haven’t actually swatched those yet, but I’m not loving that I have to pay for a new brush every time I repurchase… But maybe I’m being too picky?

I mean, I’ve virtually looked at every standalone cream shadow/gel liner/cream liner from every brand that’s available at the department store (and a few at the drugstore), and the closest thing I found in terms of color, texture, longevity, and ease of application is the MUFE Aqua Brow in 25. What do you think of that? πŸ™‚

For reference purposes: the Ash color is this neutral dark brown that leans a tad taupe and has a greenish undertone, rather than purple or blue one like the Maybelline Color Tattoo E/S in Tough as Taupe.

However, there are a few products that I’d like to try but cannot easily access them, such as that eye brow product in the pot from Mally, and another similar product from either Vincent Longo, Kevin Aucoin, o something (I can’t remember). But alas, I’m not going to order something without testing it first.

But yeah, maybe I should really try the Tarte poduct, or at least swatch the shades. How have you gotten around the brush issue?


I just bought the MUFE in 25 and am in LOVE! I find a lot of darker brow-specific products to be too brown/reddish, but this has just enough taupe/grey for my nearly black brows. A little dot is the perfect amount for both brows, and it lasts all day, unlike powders. You should definitely give it a try!

Not really recently, but I was really peeved when Almay discontinued the Smart Shade powders.
I have a knack for discovering favourite products when they’re on clearance because they’re discontinued. My most recent finds: L’Oreal Triple Active moisturiser for normal/combo skin and Biore’s Microderm exfoliator πŸ™

It wasn’t a HG product because I never got to try it, but I’m bummed about Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer, too. I heard good things and poof. However they told me they’re relaunching a BB cream instead this spring – whether it’s the TM in a new hat or something different I couldn’t say.

Other than that I haven’t been into makeup long enough to have any favorite discontinued products *g*

Nothing recently… The most “recent” happened a few years ago, and that was Max Factor, as a whole, but especially the Pan Stik; however, the brand is still available, to an extent, but just not in the US.

Of course, there have been LE products, but I don’t place those in the same category. For that, I would have to say Chanel Notorious; although I never had a chance to try it, I think it would have been a great fit, and I’m on high alert for something similar.

MAC Party Parrot of course =C I bought extra but still…and I’m still very annoyed that MAC’s Prince Noir lipstick is not in their Pro stores. Much nicer than Film Noir (eww) if I do say so myself. =CC

I’m really pissed Chanel discontinued Ballet Russe (Rouge Coco #29). I wanted it for so long, only to find out that no store had any stock left where I live. Luckily, I snagged one on ebay (unused).
I’d also like to try Kaska Beige, provided I can find one…

Not recent but I’m still bummed about Nars’ Sertao being discontinued. Perfect shade for my olive tone and nothing ive bought since has ever compared. πŸ™ *tear*

Not a holy grail product, but I was certainly miffed when they discontinued most of the UD Deluxe shadows. Honey was such a beautiful color with my gray/green eyes.

I hate Smashbox and the only product worth the money was their cream liner in midnight brown… HG brow product for me πŸ™

My beloved Chanel Rouge Coco Ruban Rose πŸ™ my first Rouge Coco, I loved it so much it was such a pretty color. The closest color I have is Rouge Coco Gardenia but itΒ΄s not the same since Gardenia has more pink in it and itΒ΄s darker. I had no idea Ruban Rose was to be discontinued and I never got a back up sadly πŸ™ .

Not really that recent but MACs Viva Glam Cyndi lipglass. My absolute favourite lip colour EVER!! Really wish I would’ve got a second backup πŸ™ Mine ran out the other day. If anyone knows a dupe please let me know!!

Ah I know it’s such a beautiful colour! I hate how MAC makes all their prettiest items LE (Party Parrot, Stereo Rose, Superb EDSF, etc.) I have seen VG Cyndi at some CCO’s in the NY/PEN state areas so you might have luck their. You can google lists of locations to find the one nearest you. They’re owned by Estee Lauder and so they carry all those brands.

I’m in the UK and I’ve scoured the internet and 2 CCOs (there’s only 5 in England) and I’ve never been able to find it. So sad because it really was the most perfect colour for me πŸ™ And yeah MAC do have a terrible way of making all the best things LE and then not having enough so it sells out in like 2 minutes πŸ™

Christine: I am shocked about the Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer, I loved it in light (I have combination skin), could you recommend another tinted moisturizer which gives the same dewy fresh finish?
How does the Laura Mercier one compare to Kiehl’s?

Thank you!!

Neutrogena’s Stress Control acne moisturizer or whatever it was called. There are so few products for dry skin that still breaks out, and this was one of the best. The only thing I can think of close to it is Paula’s Choice, which is at least twice the price.

And I’m missing MAC’s Coygirl blush. I’ve yet to find an acceptable dupe.

Bourjois mascara coup de teatre, the double one, the new 2 in 1 is not that good. I like L oreal double mascaras but they are not like Coup De Teatre.

It was a couple years ago but Chanel Big Bang 109 lipgloss was my staple everyday lipgloss. I’ve never been able to find anything to replace it! It made me switch to lipsticks for colour and now I just use juicy tubes for shine.

Mac X-rocks Blush. It was discontinued a long time ago, but ive just hit pan and im looking everywhere for a dupe!

Ugh! My favorite eye brow pencil by Maybelline. The define a brow in dark brown, they only discontinued this color, why! The next color up is way too redish for me and it really stinks.

M.A.C Red Racer ! Of course it was LE but I do hope it will be repromoted ! I couldn’t have it on time, a pity because it is such a great red shade.

MAC Moisturelush eye cream. It was such a good, basic product (no outrageous claims but very moisturizing). And I missed out on MAC Moth Brown both times (the 2nd time, it was because it was only available online and that irked me). Also from MAC – Jardin Aires pigment.

EstΓ©e Lauder’s Double Wear foundation in Shell! It was the perfect shade for my pale skin, and the shade they replaced it with is much too dark. Why is it so hard to find foundation for pale girls?

The DUO MAT is still available online until July! However, the profinish powder is a pretty banging substitute! and there are so many more shades!

yes!! HoneyFlower really hurt my feelings. i tried it on at the counter, fell in love with it but they were out of stock. i looked it up on the web and saw that it was discontinued. i found one on ebay and i bought it but it’s very old. eww!

I liked their lipsticks, but their eyeliners in those pots were really thick and tried out really easily. I am a much bigger fan of the new style.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! How did I not know that??? UD’s formula is one of the very few that works for me. Naked and Rush are two of my very favorite lipsticks. The only brand that’s left for me now is Cle de Peau. This makes me sooo sad! I feel like crying now. πŸ™

Yeah, it was a double-edged sword thing for me, because I’ve managed to get practically every shade (though I don’t actually have Naked), because I splurged on a pile of them when UD had ’em on clearance.

I haven’t used Cle de Peau, but since we both really liked UD, I can tell you I’m fond of Guerlain Rouge Automatique going higher end, and Milani’s HD Advanced lip color on the drugstore end ($7.50~$10.00). Though the Guerlain smells like Guerlain and the Milani HD smells like watermelon (why), if that sort of thing bothers you. The colors I have in both of those lines are that nice, glide-on texture that’s mostly opaque, with enough translucency to look more natural on your own lips.

I immediately caught that double edged sword reference too. lol. Still, it was a very sad day when I’d accidently found out myself. Revolution Red is a HG for me. At the time I’d gotten the last one on Amazon. To this day everytime you mention Chanels Dragon I wistfully feel I’ve missed out on a fantastic other red.sigh…

I was completely dumbfounded when MAC discontinued Kid and Samoa Silk… I bought back-ups of both, but I still can’t believe they got rid of them! Both shadows, Kid especially, seemed pretty popular!

Samoa silk hasn’t been discountinued. Or not on MAC UK anyway. I’m sure I saw this shade a few days ago at a depertment store so checked the website and they still sell it!

Mac Romp e/s would be my favorite that was actually discontinued from a permanent range. But Mac Gem of Rose l/s is my favorite that was limited edition. There are tons of others that I will miss when I run out, but not like these.

MAC Romp for me too! It would seem like a common shade but it’s been really difficult to find a dupe for it (I’ve been trying to find a dupe for it while I still have the original). This is the only bronze shade I can wear without it turning orange on me.

The other 2 recently discontinued things that I use and love are MAC Kid e/s and the Kiehls TM – I use the TM in Medium and it was the perfect mixer for my BB creams which tend to be a bit greyish and pale in colour and thick in texture – the TM warmed it up nicely and gave it some fluidity. πŸ™

I haven’t been able to find this for a couple of years, but it’s definitely the product I;m most disappointed about being discontinued: Nicolas V. Perricone Ceramic Skin Smoother! At $75 a pop, it was a splurge, but you I only needed a tiny, tiny bit to give my face that airbrushed, porcelain doll look; it was AWESOME! One bottle would last me the better part of a year; thus, it took me a while to realize it was discontinued. Some people I talked to even thought it made one’s complexion look “too perfect”; for me, there is no such thing!

P.S. If anyone here knows of a dupe for this, please, please, PLEASE share! I’ve tried and tried, but I haven’t found an adequate replacement.

These were permanent, but have recently been discontinued, but most places still have them. Call a store or counter. Honestly they should be pretty easy to get your hands on.

I didn’t know it was discontinued! What a bummer, I’m nearly done with the one I have – I agree, it’s a great color.

Add me to the list of gals who missed MACs Party Parrot… *sigh* I have some similar shades, but what can I say? I need that one too!

I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Maybelline for discontinuing Full n’ Soft mascara. Also, Revlon should bring back the shade ‘Strawberry Suede’ in their Matte Lipstick range.

My favourite of all time chanel hydrabase lipstick. They replaced that with rouge coco I am totally disappointed with that. Hope they will have a bring back champagne.

I haven’t been into makeup very long, but I already have one. Urban Decay “Gash” is my favorite lipstick, and it was in the process of being discontinued when I picked it up on sale.

The funny thing is, I wasn’t sure the shade would work out, and of the three I got, it’s the only one that did.

Not super recent, but I can’t believe OPI discontinued Parlez-Vous OPI, the most perfect dusty lavender polish. It’s the only beauty product I’ve ever purchased on evil bay.

Not really recent but: Mary Kay Almond Glaze lip gloss and Lash Injection from Too Faced. They brought it back but changed the formula and now it’s crap πŸ™

Mainly drugstore products I have read reviews for, wanted, and then found out are discontinued. Revlon’s Pink About It and Strawberry Suede lipsticks and one of Maybelline’s reds from a few years ago, namely.

There are also limited edition mac lipsticks I wish I had bought/bought more of. After buying Strong Woman on a whim (because I already owned Heroine and they looked similar) I found out that it is probably my favorite purple lipstick ever… its formula is amazing and I love the color. If it ever comes out again, I will be buying spares. Also mad at myself for missing Party Parrot multiple times. I was heavily considering Pink Pigeon but I bought Milani Rose Hip and I am satisfied with that.

Chanel Magnifique lip gloss! My ultimate favorite pink in the whole world it was the best combo of pink blue based lip gloss. I am so sad I can’t get it anywhere!
M.A.C. Viva Glam Lady gaga Lipstick again another perfect pink lipstick. I am a pink girl and I search for the best pinks, both of those lip colors compliments any one!

Not discontinued but I’ve been searching for Estee Lauders LE Violet crush lipstick. Such an amazing shade and I was gutted that I only bought one. πŸ™

Also disappointed that MAC haven’t re-released hypnotizing eyeshadow which is a taupe/purple shade. Looks amazing on brown eyes.

Aside from Lauder’s Modern Mercury highlighter (which I now have several of thanks to MAC’s Supurb so I’m not hurting too much) I would say Chanel’s Dragon, Pro Lumiere foundation and their old cream foundation. THREE products from one brand! I can’t remember the last time I even bothered looking at Chanel… it’s been awhile.

Not recent, but the Max Factor line is not available in the United States or Canada. I loved their whole line, lipstick, foundation and mascara. Especially loved their 2000 calorie mascara. The covergirl mascara recommended as a replacement is really horrible, flakes in your eyes. None of the places that have it in other countries seem to ship to North America.

I miss Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara. It stayed on all day without smearing, or flaking. This mascara kept my lashes curled and lifted from the base of my lashes and gave great length. I sometimes miss Chanel Prolumiere in naturel. Oh, and I am mad that Shiseido changed their liquid pen eye liner so you can’t buy refills anymore. You have to buy a whole new pen each time.

Shiseido reformulated their Tender Sheers and discontinued the previous shade range. I’ll get backups of Natural Red and Natural Wine but I wish they’d kept them.

Clean and Clear Soft Night Moisturizer when I was in high school. It was the only moisturizer that didn’t make my oily skin feel slick. And it smelled so good! And just felt all around lovely on my acne-ridden face. BOo that they discontinued it.
And on behalf of my sister, the Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser. This was a perfect cleanser for her. Somehow, it made her acne better. I bought 5 back-ups for her from ebay.

I second your sister on the Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleanser. Nothing else I’ve tried compares to this cleanser.

It’s a wonderful foam that takes off even waterproof mascara. And it leaves my skin so soft. When I realized it was being discontinued I bought 8 bottles. I still have some left, and I’m hoping it will last until Johnson & Johnson re-releases it (fingers crossed).

This isn’t exactly discontinued, but I used to love Prescriptives Traceless Skin. Once they closed all physical presence they also trimmed some of their product line. They still have Traceless Skin but they don’t have the half step colors (1.5, 2.5, etc). So now none of the colors work for me. They are too light or too dark. This was my Holy Grail foundation that wasn’t really a foundation lol. I still have a tube but once it’s gone I’m in trouble or I’ll have to play the mixing game and hope I can get it right. I prefer getting certain cosmetics like foundations in person so I don’t know if I’ll order from their website. Besides…MAC Face and Body seems to be a decent replacement…but it’s still not the HG status for me like Traceless Skin is.

This was discontinued around late summer of last year but MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioners. I didn’t really get why, I thought they were a popular product and certainly well liked. I haven’t been able to find a good dupe since except for Korres’ Lip Butters but you get less than 1/2 the amount of product for $3 cheaper. Just recently counters have started to run out of this product which greatly saddens me as I’m running low on the ones I did manage to stockpile.

Not as recent anymore.. but Guerlain Wulong. Just when I was ready to jump in with both feet and get it – gone! I was actually *very intrigued by the packaging too!

I can’t help but remember my first heartbreak with discontinued products – Bloom’s Deep Coral lipgloss back in high school! It was *so hard forgetting your 1st love!

my problem is that all of my favorites are discontinued. i loved the disney collection from mac. doesn’t exist. i guess the most recent thing is the lancome juicy tube in honey violet. my favorite shade. gone. πŸ™

Oh God! which of my favourite products HAVEN’T been discontinued?

Chanel Coco Shine in #48 Evasion
Chanel Rouge Coco in #35 Chintz
Bobbi Brown Extra SPF moisturiser (replaced with a different one)
Origins Brighter by Nature serum

New York Color (N.Y.C.) Blushable Cream Stick! They were offered in several colors, including bronze and gold, as well as the more “usual” blush colors. Inexpensive(about 3.99, if I remember correctly). I loved them because they applied smoothly, and had a reasonable wear time. One of the few blush products I’ve actually used up. I don’t understand why they discontinued these, as they always got very good reviews.

My list of Chanel products is crazy-long, but the most recent is Rouge Coco Shine in Evasion. Grrrr. Also, I just recently learned that my favorite blush, Illamasqua’s Unrequited, has been discontinued. And, wouldn’t you know it, they look amazing together.

Mine is Esteè Lauder day wear plus sheer tint release. It was amazing and I have yet to find another product like it.

I completely agree. It needs to be a permanent shade. I have a tiny bit left and I only wear on very special occasions. I fear the day I’m completely out of it. Are there any reliable dupes out there?

I will never get over MAC’s Kid Kat lipstick disappearing. It’s been years so I have been hoarding the small nub I have left. I also miss Club Monaco cosmetics!! They had a pale pink lipstick (that I’ve forgotten the name of) and it was beyond perfect. Discontinuing my favourites is one reason I can barely muster up enthusiasm for MAC anymore.

I don’t know if this is actually discontinued or not, but St. Ives Timeless Skin Daily Microdermabrasion Scrub. It was the ultimate HG of all HG scrubs for me and improved my skin tremendously. Even though it’s still on the official website, I’ve discovered that I absolutely cannot find it anywhere anymore, and some places online are selling it for ridiculously marked up prices. I’m so sad. =(

I’ve been devastated with the discontinuing of the Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. It was my holy grail for a long time, and now I’m using up the one I have with just one back up of it. Still in the process of finding one that can stand up to it in terms of pigmentation and long lasting finish. =]

Urban Decay Doormat eyeshadow, it’s a muted purple that I haven’t been able to dupe in more than 5 years of trying. πŸ™

Also Loreal Endless Lipcolor in Naked Ambition and Timeless Tawny. I loved Fawn Fatale also. Heck, I just loved that whole line, I wish they still made it.

One of my favourite drugstore foundations. It’s so so hard to find a light shade that is not too pink in the drugstore, so the discontinuation actually hurt somewhat. You can find a substitute surely, but always having to look for something new in fear the old favourite might get discontinued…ugh. Don’t want to know how non-beauty-insiders do it!

I wish I could buy someone’s backup chanel dragon that they are not using. Chanel dragon was my hg product as well sigh.

Boots no 7 Stay Perfect liquid foundation, specifically in the shade Cream 05. πŸ™ It was the first foundation I found that truly matched my skin tone. I just love the way it makes my skin look and its longevity. I found it by chance at Target and I forever regret not buying a backup. I told myself I should, but didn’t. There’s no official “this product has been discontinued,” but stores and even the Boots website don’t sell it anymore. I may suck it up and spend extra money to buy one from Amazon, but that option isn’t always available and part of its appeal was that it was fairly inexpensive for the quality. :/

Some of these are not recent:
MUFE l/s in N36, Chanel True Red l/s, the original UD Gash l/s (the one in the bullet casing, not the new version that looked nothing like the original), UD Gash eyeliner, Stila Hint blush…

That’s all I can think of, though I’m sure there are many more. Also an FYI, I was just recommended MAC Kid by both someone in-store and via live chat on the website, plus I don’t see it listed in the Goodbyes section of their website. Maybe they reconsidered after the reactions? Doesn’t appear to be discontinued.

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