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I’m medium, medium-tan I find browns and cranberry colors really flattering on me πŸ™‚ also blue or purple

Golds. I think Golds are probably the most flattering shade for me. They really bring out my eyes. I’m in the porcelain category, and I favor neutral to neutral warm. Peaches and teals are nice, too.

I’d say I’m light to light-medium, I typically think that olive green, gold, and purple look best on me.

I’m also light-medium, olive toned and I love purples, greens, and silvery champagne and taupe colors. Anything too heavy on the warm spectrum and I look like a clown (literally).

I’m a warm toned NC35, so warm colors tend to look very flattering on me! I love warm matte and shimmery browns like MAC brown script, saddle, antiqued, glamour check, coppering, texture, saffron, and cut to fit just to name a few. I also love golds like MAC woodwinked and UD half baked! MAC Ricepaper is an ideal highlight shade for my warm skin tone!

Taupe: but it’s mostly because of my blue gray eye color not my skin tone. I’m light with pinkish neutral undertones and eyeshadows are the only time I ever go for cool tones over warm tones.

I am way pale, but tan easily with brown hair and ‘hazel’ eyes (they are rarely hazel because they change with colour of clothing or just do their own thing) …

I use a variety of colours, I’ve yet to come across a colour that didn’t suit me. I have 3 go-to looks that I use most often.

1) Stila Kitten with a random neutral e/s from the UD Naked or Naked 2 palette. = For days when I want a natural/neutral look or when I’m in a rush.

2) CK Calvin Klein blue shimmer e/s cream with a random or Hard Candy grey e/s over the e/s cream. = Smoked night look.

3)Purple e/s. I used to be bonkers for purple. I have like a bazillion purple eye products that I use quite a bit. = For when ever I feel the mood of purple.

Typically, the 3 above looks are used about 60% of the time. And about 40% of the time I use a random coloured e/s.

I’m neutral leaning more warm-toned, and light to light-medium in cooler months then light-medium to medium in warmer months. I can easily wear both warm and cool colors, but I find that purples, plummy and red-toned browns, antique golds, golds, bronzes, etc all look great on me. Also, coppers, peaches, corals, and oranges look great. Greens work well, too.

The only colors that really don’t work so well are most blues and pinks. Yellow isn’t a favorite on me, either.

I’m East Asian, NC30 (in winter) with warm undertones. I can’t get enough of gold (any kind of gold really), green, and purple (though purple is tricky because when it goes wrong it goes REALLY wrong)!

I prefer light or medΔ±um tones. Generally use beige,light brown,pink-purple,smokey grey…..I also like brillant grey or gold…..

I’m porcelain with beige undertones and I have green eyes. I love wearing medium reddish browns. MAC Sable is one of my favorites. I also love Trax and Sketch. They really bring out my green eyes.

Sketch is amazing and I love it to death. Also coppering- would totally pop the green, use it under your lash line!

Anything with a pink or purple undertone. I really like Urban Decay “Sin” to brighten up my eyes and MAC expensive pink to make them pop.

I’m light-meduim asian skin with neutral-warm undertones. I can pull of most colours, really. But my favourites are greens and blues. πŸ™‚

I am asian with warm medium, yellow to olive undertones.
And I think it depends how you mix the colour..
Ex. Red or pink look horrible if I wear them alone
But red or pink with bronzy brown at outer corner with crease is one of the most flattering combination on me.
And I like all the pale colours on lid ex white, babypink,champagne etc and darker colour around so when the eyes are open,they look darks and smokey but when u blink, the light colour will pop.

If I am going out I would go for a dark look, a lot of silver,white and gold, but during the day I opt for natural looking make-up. I mostly use a matte brown and then highlight my brow-line with white shadow.

Browns without noticeable red in them, all shades of taupe and some shades of blue (like MAC’s Birds & Berries), though I tend to shy away from colour for work.

I’m medium-tan medium..i find purples make my eyes sparkle whereas pinks are the worst.smokey greens,blues and cocoa browns also look pretty good.
nice post –hope we can follow with blushes and lippies πŸ™‚

Hey can someone tell me nw35 dark hair, dark eyes what colors should I look out for?!?

Any suggestions would be great πŸ™‚

hi Emily im nw35 with black hair and dark eyes..i hope ure looking for specific shades rather than general colours–bobbi brown -burnt sugar and copper cocoa (browns),MAC- dandizette ( blue) and noir plum (purple).thers an estee lauder eyeshadow quad with browns and green-i cant remember thename,that green is also good.

I’m very pale with neutral to cool undertones. I wish I could do golds and green but they just don’t suit me. I mostly stick with purples, browns, pinks and navy blues.

My complexion is deep dark with warm undertones. I like the same colors as Christine on my complexion with the addition of copper and bronzes.

Peaches and pinks for me. And for eyeliner, eggplant seems to work better than black or brown for some reason.

I’m an extremely pale (think n … 3? Never found a foundation pale enough for me, I use becca’s luminous skin colour in the lightest shade but even that’s too dark truth be told) brunette and brown and even gold inevitably look muddy on me. For subtle definition I like grey or grey taupes, but the coloured look that looks the best on me is… don’t beat me… bright red O_O! Think Geisha make up!

weirdest colors πŸ˜€ like bright matte fuchsia, turquoise, dark blue, light blue, grass green. also silver, gold, dark purple, stuff like that πŸ˜€ my skin is pale with yellow undertones πŸ˜€ even greenish

I’m light, lots of freckles with a warm undertone. Light bronze, gold and peach suit me best. Doesn’t stop me wearing most other colours, but I want to look my best I go for what suits best.

I’m a light-medium with warm undertones (but do get red at times as well), and find that purples, greens and other jewel tones look best on me . πŸ˜€

I’ve got light beige skin, dark blue eyes and dark blond hair. I’ve found (though a lot of trial and error) that my absolute best neutral is a cool brown. I also like olive green, champagne or gold and teal blue. Copper is my worst.

I’m dark skinned MAC NW45 and I LOVE JEWEL TONES! Greens, purples, golds! They look great against dark skin!

I’m about a medium-toned complexion with cool undertones (I define that as having a yellow undertone) so there’s quite a bit I can get away with I find. I love teals, golds, champagnes, rich deep browns, purples, all shades of blue, and blacks πŸ™‚

Golds. I’m a warm toned NC45 and colors like MAC Woodwinked, Fyrinnae Book of the Dead, Inglot 7 and 11, UD Half-Baked really look good. A gold smoky eye is my go to look for every occasion. I use brown with it for daytime and black for nighttime.

Asian skin, NC20 golden undertones. I find warm smokey looks work best for me… I personally prefer warm purples, the ones with golden shimmer works great. Taupes and champagnes look nice too. Golds and browns are easy to use, but I usually feel the overall look would be too warm with all the yellow that already exists in my skin.

I have a real love for neutrals- taupe shades with a grey or purple tinge, but those sorts of colours tend to look good on everyone. For a bolder look, I’ve realised that oranges and corals really make my blue eyes pop against my pale skin. Also, as weird as this seems, shades of pink always seem to come out looking good. They seem to play with the cool undertones I have and make me look very fresh-faced.

im asian, about NC 25 skintone, i think greens and golds suit me best.. sometimes i like using light shades of purple..
dark color eyeshadows dont look good for my eyeshape, it looks like I got punched in the face

I’m very pale/light, cool undertones (nc15).I love taupe-browns, chocolate and gold browns. Shimmery militar-greens and bronze.

I’m medium deep/dark warm/golden undertones. I prefer warm /jeweled tone eyeshadows, I stay away from silver/icy toned colors & browns that have red undertones.

I have light skin with cool undertones – nw20, blue eyes. The best shades for me seem to be warmer like orange/bronze/copper for making my eyes “pop”

I’m very fair so I have to be careful with shadows that are too dark and saturated… I hate blending down so they’re no so harsh… But I like warm medium tone browns, light to medium grays and berry tones… The berry tones are a lot of fun and I think they make my blue eyes ‘pop’ more πŸ™‚

light-medium with neutral undertones, brown eyes

I think that dark blues, taupes, and olive greens look best on me.

I have a pale, pink skin tone.

Lighter and pastel colors look best on me. I think that greens, purples and pinks look very nice on me. I manage to pull of some blues as well.

Golds, bronzes, and coppers do it for me! I’, nc20 with blue eyes and red hair. And for lips I love reds in all their beautiful incarnations!

Fair-Light, Cool (pink undertones) NW15-20
Cool to Neutral shades

On lids: icy pink or lilac, pale peach or yellow, champagne.
For liner & in crease: deep shades of taupe, gray, purple, khaki/olive, navy.

Usually anything that’s warm toned and/or red based looks terrible on me.

I am very pale girl, though not quite porcelain doll levels, with very strong cool and pink undertones. I tend to stick to neutral/cool browns and taupes, as well as purple/pinks to bring out my eyes (which are brown with a tiny hint of green in the iris). I’ll use blues and greens occasionally, but they’re always the richer jewel tones instead of the brighter ones. Black tends to be a little overwhelming on me, so I use it sparingly and tend more toward navy and iron grey if I want a smoky eye.

I will, very occasionally, use warm tones like coppers and golds, since they highlight brown eyes, but I always blend around them with cooler toned makeup to keep it from washing me out.

I think purples are the most flattering on me. I have a lighter neutral skin tone with dirty blonde hair and greenish grayish eyes.

I think muted, soft, and somewhat pale colors are the most flattering for my skintone. Pale gold and mauve-like colors work well. I think cool-neutral colors are the best, because I’m more cool toned. However, I usually do eye makeup to complement my green eyes, and in that case, I prefer warm colors (especially warm gold).

I’m not really sure what undertones I have… I have naturally light skin but I don’t burn in the sun and I tan so my skin is a pretty light bronze color πŸ™‚ like nw25ish lol

But my favorite eyeshadow shades are definitely black, blues (any shade), purple, and silver (especially cool toned metallic silver)

Does anyone know what undertone I might have? Lol I usually look better in a more yellow foundation and my cheeks don’t go red, for reference, if anyone can help!

I’m light medium and I find that golds, silvers, browns, dark greens, dark blues and dark purples look lovely on my ‘fire-y’ honey brown eyes (this is how most people describe my eyes lol).

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