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91% alcohol in a spray bottle with a towel on hand. It’s fast, easy and does a great job sanitizing my brushes. I’m a SFX makeup artist and I’ve learned this trick from the amazing Wayne Goss 🙂

Unfortunately using straight alcohol can damage *some* brushes. Most commercial brush cleaners do contain alcohol but mixed with water and other ingredients.

Personally I use Mona Lisa’s Pink Soap which is a brush cleaner that conditions the brush as well as gets it nice and clean. Once my brushes have been washed and dried I will use an alcohol mix to sanitize the brush tips but I will not submerge my brushes in straight alcohol.

I use a mix of Avon Natural’s Antibacterial hand soap, Avon Moisture Effective Makeup Removing lotion, and a few tiny drops of alcohol. After they’re washed I condition them with a bit of Clairol conditioner.

I actually just used e.l.f.’s brush shampoo for the first time last night and it was awesome! Did the same job my previous Sephora shampoo did and only $3!

I use Marseilles’ soap (real ones are made of 72% oil – a mix of olive oil + another oil, depending on the manufacturer – no risk to harm your brushes and this is more efficient than shampoo) and I regularly use a silicone-free conditioner on them (silicone leaves residue on your brushes, which will gradually dull them down). I also try to avoid anything with alcohol because they dry the bristles out and damage them in the long run.

Mac brush cleanser for eye brushes and lip brushes on a daily basis. Baby shampoo on a daily basis for face brushes and foundation brushes.

I use baby shampoo and Shu Uemura’s brush cleaner. But it stinks though. .__. So I only use it once a week.
Sometimes I use Bobbi Brown’s conditioning brush cleanser as well.
I have yet to try MAC’s one~!

I kind of have a system, lol. When I take them to the sink I use MAC’s brush cleaner. If I am running low, I use baby shampoo. If the brush is really dirty with a difficult color or paint pot, I will use MAC’s oily cleanser first, then brush cleaner/baby shampoo. For spot cleaning, I use the brush cleaner on a paper towel. Works like a charm in a pinch 🙂

I like to use Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (peppermint scented, mmmm) and then I place the brushes in Sigma’s Dry’n’Shape. It seriously cuts down dry time by several hours! If I’m in a pinch I’ll use the MAC brush cleanser and a paper towel 🙂

Just some detergent and olive oil. I got this method from one of the Michelle Phan video. It cleans away the makeup residue very well without drying the brushes too. Also, it costs like nothing! But this usually takes a entire day or night to dry.

this is how I clean my brushes, and it usually only takes about an hour or two for them to dry, do you remove all the excess moisture first?

For lighter brushes, like eye shadow brushes, a couples of hours will do. But for thicker brushes like liquid foundation brushes, powder brushes, it takes a day to dry. After a couple of hours, they might feel dry but they still leave a wet spot on tissues.

I also use baby shampoo and sometimes, a cleanser from Pur Minerals that says it can be used for cleaning brushes. I do have a spray brush cleaner from Lise Watier but it has such a strong fragrance and seems very ‘chemical’ – I can smell acohol when I spray it – that I have stopped using it. I want to get some MAC brush cleaner and give it a try one of these days.

MAC Brush Cleanser and I deep clean with the same soap I use on my face.

When I’m doing a more complicated look I also keep a clean Micro fiber cloth on hand to wipe my eyeshadow brush on so that I don’t re deposit the previous colour on the brush before picking up a new one.

Thanks for the tip,now I know what I can do with the HUGE Nordstrom anniversary size I bought! I sadly can’t use the cleanser because it breaks me out,love the scent of it and imagine it would work nicely on the brushes!

I use 3 different products:

1) 99% Alcohol for a quick sanitize
2) Cinema Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner for a quick spot cleaner
3) Homemade Brush Cleaners of 1 part baby shampoo, 1 part olive oil and 1/2 Tea Tree Oil this mixtures deep cleans, moisturizes, conditions, sanitizes and disinfects my makeup brushes.

I LOATHE Mac Brush Cleanser. I clean my brushes everyday with Baby Shampoo and a Mac SA told me I should be using Mac Brush Cleanser — it was great, it cleans well, etc. So I bought the big bottle, and used it a few times, and it’s now back in the box, practically full.

I don’t think it cleans brushes well at all. Especially brushes that have been used with darker and more pigmented colors. The color residue is still on brush after cleaning with Mac Cleanser

Did I get a bad bottle?

Same: MAC brush cleanser and baby shampoo, with antibacterial handsoap for my concealer brushes (that’s probably bad, but they’re synthetic brushes, so I don’t think it matters too much…MAC brush cleanser doesn’t get out oil-based materials).

I used to clean with philosophy 3-1 gels but I had to wash them like 2-3 times with that! Now I use Paul Mitchell Awapuhi shampoo, it’s the best thing I’ve tried, it does a wonderful job! It’s my favorite shampoo too,(I love that stuff), I also like that there isn’t lingering fragrance!

Spot Clean: Mac Brush Cleanser
Deep Clean: Sulfate free shampoo. For example: Giovanni Smooth as Silk or Kinky Curly Come Clean Shampoo.

Since I am from Trinidad, which is the home of Sacha Cosmetics, I use their professional brush cleaner, which is antibacterial! Works well and is pretty inexpensive.

I use 90 or 91% isoproply alcohol in a spray bottle after each use after i finish i put the alcohol in a dish and swish around. fast drying and sanitizing. it’s my perferred method and just like xia says I learned it from goss as well =D

Baby shampoo…. antibacterial dish washing liquid on concealer and foundation brushes.. I always use conditioner! Mac brush cleanser for spot cleaning..

Depends on what I product is on the brush, whether the brush in natural hair or synthetic, how much time I have to spend & how soon I will need to use the brush again. For gunky creams like foundation & gels that I want to get out immediately, whether hair or synthetic, I use Cinema Secrets which gets like 100% positive reviews, doesn’t contain alcohol & is much less expensive than other vendors. It works like a charm. For periodic deep cleaning of hair brushes, I use Enkores deeping cleaning formula. I’ve read great thing about the Pink Soap & someone mentioned here in a previous product review that The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver is excellent& super-cheap compared to a recently reviewed high-end vendor’s similar product. This week gonna use my AC Moore & Michael’s coupons & pick these up. Also have a bottle of Dr. Bonner’s to try as everyone raves about that too.

I mix a bit of anti-bacterial dish soap with olive oil in water, helps to efficiently clean/disinfect and keep the bristles soft. Ill let my brushes soak before I gently wipe them down on a paper towel, I do this until they wipe clean, usually just twice and the third being just water as a rinse. I lay flat to dry, works great and its super cheap!

I use Victoria’s Secret Body Wash and after the brushes are dab towel/paper towel dried, with a quick run over with alcohol on a paper towel. Honestly my brushes came out amazing after I started this routine, I just don’t do it as often as I should.

I use “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver. I love it. I clean after every use and have not had a problem. Have used this since my Tole Painting days. It’s in the artist’s supplies area at the craft store and with a coupon I paid less than five dollars.

The blue Dove bar soap! Super cheap and effective. I only use the MAC brush cleanser when my brushes are stained or I feel they need an extra deep cleaning.

I’m amazed at how many spend so much $$ on brush cleaner– all it is is a detergent– as in many shampoos. I don’y want any fragrance going near my face so I use Dawn dish washing liquid free & clear– no fragrance no dyes. A very mild detergent that isn’t really that great on dirty dishes but is great for brushes & my dogs!

dawn dish soap and extra virgin olive oil.. its disinfects and reconditions then i dry them upside down with the brush guard

I spritz them with a spray sanitizer for brushes after use then weekly I use a gentle shampoo and then conditioner.

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