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It’s not a new trend, but I think the trend for Asian skincare/cosmetics will continue to grow, with Asian brands continuing to expand distribution into the USA, and USA companies coming out with their versions of the products ( BB/CC creams, cushion makeup, masks, sleeping creams, essences, etc). Sephora, Ulta, Target, Urban Outfitters, and online retailers now carry some products, but that’s only a tiny % of the many brands and products out there. I’m excited because the Asian brands often have cutting edge skincare products, and some very interesting makeup products and cute packaging

I’m with you on that Alex ? Bring on the snails!!! I would have sworn my entire life that no snail anything would ever voluntarily touch my person. I was using it Cosmetics CC cream daily trying to finish off the tube and some masks I got in a memebox. After about a week I was putting my serum on and realized my skin was so …puffy. But in a good way. I know the snail thing sounds gross but it really isn’t. You will never even know it’s there. Memebox is a great site to try some things too πŸ™‚

Hello Katherine πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure you already know this but just in case Target is carrying some Missha now :::pause for happy dance::: I’ve wanted to try Perfect Cover forever but there was another BB by Missha too that was also dry skin friendly. Decisions decisions lol

Oh thank you!! I heard it was coming, but not sure when. I was already planning a trip this weekend to Target, so will look out for it, hope the display hasn’t been ransacked. Always wanted to try Missha, and if it doesn’t work out, at least I can easily return. I agree with you on snail secretions –don’t knock it til you try it!! With billions in sales, snail mucous has conquered the beauty world, because it works. All hail the humble snail ! πŸ™‚

I have a strong feeling that frostier, more shimmery lips are upon our doorstep…already beginning to creep in. Also, glossier finishes I think are right around the corner!
Not sure how I feel about it perhaps going full-throttle. But having amassed quite a few mattes, the easiest thing to do is just use shimmery or sparkly gloss over them.
I also suspect that extreme contouring/ highlighting is soon going to go bye-bye, and softer, more natural looking face makeup will make a welcome comeback.

I really hope the contouring/strobing stuff becomes more subtle & I seriously hope the drag queen/fade/instagram brows die. Maybe the unruly 80’s brows will come back in a modified fashion?

I think the highlighting/strobing craze will last a little longer, but I’d say we’ll see a movement back towards classic blush after a few years of contouring madness. And probably vinyl-like shiny lips when the matte lipstick trend fades.

Right now, I’m seeing a few big trends: 1) Very light nude eyeshadow palettes keep popping up, and “barely there” makeup looks will get even more low-key. 2) More highly colored and non-traditional colored highlighters are starting to come out. I think more noticeable highlighter colors used in a more restrained way will give strobing a run for it’s money. 3) Glittery nails and lipglosses.

I’m most looking forward to colored highlighters. I love Looxi’s (thanks again, Momo!), and I’m excited about Jeffree Star’s upcoming ones. He used an icy blue one in one of his videos, and it was amazing looking.

Jefree’s upcoming highlighters are going to be f****** amazing I am SO excited. The quality of his stuff is too notch to me I adore his liquid velour lipsticks they are a game changer – also love using them as eyeliner!!

I also think glossy lips are gonna come back at some point once everyone has the liquid-to-matte lip out of their system. And I think I’m going to prefer that, because there are very few liquid-to-mattes that are both within my price range and comfortable enough on my dry lips, so I’ve been over that trend since like ten minutes after it started, haha.

I just bought some L’Oreal Pro-Matte Glosses and they are SO comfortable, they are my favorite “liquid lipsticks” so far. They may not be matte enough for some, but I really really love them! I have them in “Nude Allure” and “Statement Nude”. Can’t recommend highly enough.

With “glow”being the new big thing, according to advertising at least πŸ˜‰ for the face I expect glossy, shimmery “glowy” lips are likely to follow.

The “matte glosses” are moving in for sure. These are the opaque creamy finish liquid lipsticks that dry down to more of a matte but they are not the longer wear formula at all.

I think, as an extension of the strobing trend, all things shiny and glowy will become popular. You know, luminizing foundations, pearlized lipsticks, more highlighters, etc.

Matte lips arent going to disappear but I expect to see a lot more glossy lips for spring and maybe softer eyeliner, with a hint more colourful eye looks. Will be interesting to see which trends are really going to pick up πŸ™‚

I think after all of the contouring trends that we may move into the 80s makeup with the low bright blush and shiny lips, but really, I have no idea.

I think it would be fun to see colorful mascara make a comeback, maybe just for tips and lower lashes? And definitely glossy lips; soo much more comfortable. On a side note, I can’t wait until the crazy robot brows trend dies down, I love a full brow but come on!!

I’ve thought about this recently – 80’s were bright color everywhere, 90s were grungy, smokey, and brown and saw the beginnings of face shaping a la Kevyn Aucoin, the aughts were the nude lip craze, and now it seems like the contour/face sculpting is still going strong . . .I’m not sure what there is left to cover. Maybe going back to the minimalist but glamorous makeup of the 50’s with a bold matte lip and defined, winged eye but not much else definition or color?

Maybe ’20s style blush application – placed high and back, toward the temples. I already see versions of it in editorials, and now the MAC Flamingo Park ads are really putting it out there. I think that placement suits the fun, unnatural, bright blushes that are popping up a lot lately.

That’s actually how I apply blush! I find it’s very flattering and gives a nice “flush.” Putting it on the apple of the cheeks makes me look older than I am.

I’ve been doing that a lot lately, instead of starting near the apple and blending back and up, I’m starting at the cheekbone by the ear and blending forward so the color is more concentrated at the outer face. I’m liking it!

I have no idea but I’m sure there will be something to make us all set aside all the stuff we’ve bought this year so we spend, spend, spend on new stuff. It really doesn’t matter to me at all since I really don’t follow trends at all. I’m at an age where I stick to things I know look good on me (for example, I’ve never jumped on the matte lip or nude lip trends….I don’t think they’re the most flattering look on anyone but I know they’re not my most attractive look and that’s really why I wear makeup – to look more attractive rather than like I’ve glommed myself onto the latest trend).

I have a feeling more “natural” looking makeup will become popular. I think it has been showing up a little bit this past year, but I’m seeing more tutorials, articles, etc. geared towards more natural looks. Not necessarily “no makeup makeup,” but more natural colors, skin-like foundations, etc. Also I’ve been seeing more emphasis on skincare than makeup these past few months.

I haven’t a clue, but hoping for less caricaturish over definition on everything; lashes, contour, brows, stobing..etc. I hope a return to a more natural less hi-def perfected looks. That’s just my own personal tastes for my face speaking here though and I think it’s gratifying to see that pretty much anything goes and anyone can find products to suit their tastes…and then some.

Minimalist eyes- no mascara or white mascara. I also think people will start to take their bronzer/blush lightly across the nose. I’ve seen it done in 2 tutorials so far and I think it looks really natural when done right, and maybe that will catch on?

A more natural look — lighter foundation, much less or no contouring, lighter eyebrows but not pencil-thin. Satin to glossy lips. Overall, a move away from thick foundation that hides every freckle and away from heavy, stenciled, one-size-does-not-fit-all eyebrows.

I think Glossy lips (I hope), and different levels of glitter/shimmer will be in. I also expect to see bold eye liner and flawless skin (although I think this is always on trend).

If the colors of the year are baby pink and blue, I think a more natural, angelic look is coming. That means softer highlighting, no excessive sculpting, no excessive lashes and black winged liner, etc. Lips will not remain dry matte. I don’t know a single person who thinks that is either comfortable or fresh looking.

I don’t think highlighting is going anywhere yet because consumers (myself included!) still enjoy buying highlighters so much as well as wearing it because it’s so easy to do once you’ve found a good product. I have been finding my eye drawn to matte skin lately, but my hunch is that it won’t really become the finish of choice for at least another few seasons. Maybe next winter, maybe longer.

I’m going to guess full, less “done” looking brows will be big for spring–bushier, not such clean lines.

Agree with other people’s prediction of Asian skincare, especially South Korean. Moisturizers in general will be huge this year and in general. I think a lot of the older half of the millennials are becoming more concerned about aging, so between that and our appreciation of dewy skin and health benefits of plant oils I think moisturizer sales will skyrocket in coming years. I know that in the last two years I entered my late 20s and went from owning one moisturizer (that I only used for the SPF before turning 26) to three which I use very consistently in the morning and night. lol

In terms of colors, I don’t know! Maybe sheer finishes on neon colors? Tie die effects using multiple shades? I don’t think the appreciation for strong, unnatural colors is going anywhere this year but it’s so done and precise, I think people might look for ways to make it look more relaxed or disheveled–less uptight.

CUSHiONS, CUSHiONS and more CUSHiONS …. CUSHiON foundations, cushion blushes, and cushion eyeliners. Also other Korean Beauty trends will spread which I’m very excited about! ☺️

Glossy lids. They used to be a “thing” and the trend is cropping back up in Japan. I think we’ll see them make their way back for awhile. That’s my two cents!

I would say, natural lip tints, Asian style. That is a step away from the fully matte look that is trendy in another culture that can have a great impact on ours.
I also kind of think that color eyeshadow is going to have a comeback even for more everyday make-up, but more for occasions, in the next 3-4-5 years.

I think richer, creamer and shinier lips will be in fashion, because matte lipstick can be so drying. The contouring fashion will have had its day too.
I think better skincare is going to filter down to the DS range as well.

Hopefully the trend will be the end of all “matte” makeup, from fingernails to lips to cheeks to face. Matte doesn’t do anything for any woman regardless of naturally gorgeous skin or beauty. Matte does not reflect light which = dull. Dull on anything is dull. I am not suggesting high shimmer, sparkle, glitter and sheen, only a return to light.

I don’t think vinyl lips are a new trend, they have been popular for a while really (based on glossy stains and all their dupes) and it will probably carry on. If the matte nude lips thing was a 90s inspired trend, then it will probably change into the late 90s-early 00s frosty nude trend.

I was a teen in the early 00s and it seemed like then no one was wearing any kind of strong make-up, only mascara, bronzer and sheer lipgloss. Growing up the only people I saw wearing lipstick were older women, so I got excited when the 80s and later vintage trends started since at least they meant it was more usual to see people openly playing with visible make-up. And while I think instagram brows, extreme contouring and matte liquid lipsticks tend to look dreadful, I like the fact that these trends are pushing boundaries with heavy make-up. I’d like to see this experimentation move further, with things like visible highlighters in unusual shades, alternative blush placement and using colourful or dark shadows on the browbone. I’d also like to see it become more commonplace for heterosexual men to wear visible make-up.

I keep hoping that lip stains will come into fashion – I can’t get enough of them! Not glossy, not totally matte, just… natural-looking but coloured lips that last ALL DAY.

Please, please, please let precise contouring, cut creases, and comic-book eyebrows go away! Please!

I have no idea what the trends will be, but I think we’re due to start using colors and placement in unusual ways — maybe ombre blushes (ombre on the skin, not in the compact); as someone else said earlier, blush placed high and back on the cheeks; very light, natural eyes with bold liner only (maybe even different colors liners above and below), but maybe instead of winging the liner, a blended-out halo of color; single-color eye looks in light, non-skin colors, or midtones in darker versions of the wearer’s skin color, again, with the halo effect, ignoring the crease. Lips? No clue. Not matte, but I can’t imagine a way in which we might go “less than usual.”

I think for skin, it’ll be a more dewy look with a toned down version of contouring, especially with Korean beauty trends influencing the US more and more. I think highlighters will continue to stay popular as well as liquid lipsticks. Also, I think bold and non-traditional colors for lips will be more popular and mass-produced.

After all matte probably something glossy. I am already longing for a highlighter type eyeshadow (looking almost wet) and it seems to perfectly go with the healthy, glowy skin trends for spring/summer.

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