What do you think of nude lips?

What do you think of nude lips?ย Have you found your perfect nude?

I like them, but I think it can be challenging to find a nude that’s flattering and easy to wear at times. A lot of them can be really pale, almost chalk-like, and then others will be too soft, too sheer. MAC Brave New Bronze and Velvet Teddy are both pretty good nudes for me.

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My nude is a neutral pink or a nude pink.

If it’s too brown, it looks odd on my light, warm skin (NC20). I know that brown-y tones are often recommended for warm skins, but mine’s too pale to handle brown-y colors.

Also, if it’s close to matching my skin tone it can almost “erase” my lips and somehow makes my face look redder (I have some redness that chooses by itself when to show up or not).

So neutral and nude pinks it is. And that’s perfectly fine with me.

Hi Allison,

For my neutral pink, I like Mac Viva Glam V (Lustre) and for my nude pink, I like Benefit Lady’s Choice (Full-Finish).

I’ve heard good things about Creme Cup and like the cremesheen formula, so I might try that one out. Thank you for the suggestion.

I think of death. Lol!! I find them unflattering, and I’m talking about truly nude lips; like if they match the skin around the lips.

I’m don’t know why some people categorize a lipstick shade as “nude” and describing them as the color of normal lips when the person has really pigmented naturally-red lips. It baffles me. I’m like… okay.

For a natural look, I love seeing slightly red/pink lips. That’s not to say I don’t love bright oranges or vibrant reds. Ooh, I also find brown lips to be unflattering as well.

I agree that a natural lip look contains some color…whatever is closest to the natural lip color. I go bonkers when girls wash out their lips to match their face then state it’s a natural look. I’m like, uh, NO.

I know right?! Lol, we are being so critical haha! But hey, if girls that do wash out their lips feel good when doing so, more props to them. If it boosts confidence, why the heck not do it?

NARS Honolulu Honey LS + NARS Giza LG is my perfect nude lip (NC20-25). Most of the time, though, I think nude lips are HIDEOUS. I don’t think it’s a cute lip look for most because most don’t know how to pick flattering nudes or they think the unflattering nude is “sexy.” I also don’t understand why girls with extremely thin lips go for the nude/washed out lip look…it always ends up looking like they have no lips at all, which is just weird.

Overall, I’m really not a fan. Nude lips only work when people choose the right one’s for their coloring. FYI, not trying to knock anyone who wears them because I am all about wearing what you love regardless of what other people say.

At least you can admit that! Haha. Too many girls I know claim that their ugly nude lip looks so great and natural. At least you can say, it looks awful, but I still love it! Isn’t admitting it the first step? ;P

I like the nude look, looks very natural and lovely. It is a great look for during the day. I can’t ever wear a lipstick that is too red, my lips make the lipstick go really bright red and it looks horrible on me. I usually go for more of brown tinge through my lipsticks.

It takes *alot* of work, but I like to “create” my own nude shade using my MUFE Flash pallette, and some sort of lip balm as a base. While the color is easy to achieve (brown, coral, & white), sometimes the texture can be a tad tricky. I prefer to do it this way because I can control the shade, and well, I paid nearly $100 for it, so I may as well use it as much as possible. And it’s fun, too. I really like Airy Fairy by Rimmel, when I just want a quick look. I don’t wear lipstick too often, but when I do, I typically go extreme-very pale or very dark.

I think they look better on some women more than others, and in general I find that I like them best with a darkly dramatic, usually smoky eye. I also tend to dislike opaque nude lipsticks – something semi-opaque or sheer is generally more flattering and less unnatural in appearance to my eye.

I only have a few nude shades lying around, but MAC’s Innocence Beware! is probably my most used one.

It’s hard to create a total look around nude lips in a sense of
Still making sure the lips won’t fade off too much(to keep it flattering). I don’t
Really like nude browns on me..
What I have so far closest to nude is innocence beware by Mac
And I’m not sure I could dare to have a more opaque
Nude, maybe I should try!

I did not think I would like nude lipstick at all, but I am actually fond of NYX’s Circe. I acknowledge that it does look a bit dead and washed-out, but I have fun trying to wrestle it into a suitable look.

my perfect nude is mac velvet teddy, but I hate, hate, hate how dry it feels on my lips so I don’t weat it hardly ever ๐Ÿ™ I wish it didn’t feel that way to me..

Have you tried applying a balm first, blotting the excess, then patting on the lipstick rather than swiping? I find this significantly decreases that dry feeling with some of the more dry matte textures!

My lips are too pigmented, I feel weird if I go full on nude. My alternative to doing a nude lip is to go with a paler pink, that lightens my lip area a bit.

It isn’t easy to find a perfect nude lipstick, but I think I found mine. My sister-in-law asked me what I wanted for my birthday, so I just said: a lipstick, nothing too bright.
And she bought me a nude lipstick from Clinic, and it’s sooo pretty! This was my best birthday present ever, haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

Other people think nude lips look good on me but I dont! Even my natural lips are pink so I think just lip balm works better for me than a nude…

I’ve never get seen a nude lipstick that doesnt look like you’ve got foundation/concealor on your lips. It just makes you look like a corpse. Your lips naturally have colour, why would you want to get rid of that? I’d much rather have a natural looking pink/blush lip or like Fitrah said have real nude lips and don’t wear a lippie!

Concealer lips are very unflattering on me. I have very dark eye color that would look too heavy if I don’t have at least a little color on my lips. The combination of my eye color, dark circles, and very light lips generally makes me look as if I haven’t gotten any sleep for a week, and it’s not flattering in the slightest. ^^;

So when I want “nude lips” I normally opt for a muted peachy brown-beige shade with a hint of red, like CoverGirl Smolder or MAC Temper Tantra. It should be at least as dark as my skintone (NC/NW25) but muted enough not to take attention away from colorful eye make-up. ๐Ÿ™‚

for me, a nude os a color that doesn’t show i’m wearing a lipstick, but inhance my natural lip color unnoticeably, i really love bobbi brown lip color in Tulle for that..

i really hate the washed out concealer color some girls wear as nude ..

mac cosmo is my perfect nude! i strongly suggest it to those of you who have very pigmented lips as i do… even if i have a light complexion every other color that i’ve tried washes me out, i’m happy i found my perfect nude!!!

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have cringed at the thought of having corpse lips. Since then I’ve found that I need to use darker pinky brown type nudes. (so not really flesh toned at all, especially my pale skin tone!) Since I have more pink, almost purpley pigmented lips, I’ve found that lipsticks that look brown in the tube actually turn nude when worn. Wish that didn’t take me 6 years to figure out ๐Ÿ™‚

I love loud and bold color on my lips. However, when I want to wear bold eye makeup I give in to a sort of nude lipstick look which is: MAC’s Shy Girl (peachy nude) worn with MAC’s Spice lipliner or OCC’s liptar in Hush (pale pink) with Soar lipliner.

I only like nudes with either pink or peach undertones. My skin has neutral beige undertones, so brownish nudes tend to wash me out.

I never understood why super-pale nude lips are supposed to be pretty.

I don’t like them. They can look really beautiful on others, but it’s not something for me. I need some colour to look alive. I don’t really think that it’s about finding the right shade of nude for me either, I just don’t like anything on my lips that’s lighter than my natural lip colour.. ( i have very pale skin, but a lot of pigmentation in my lips)

Nudes are a must-have for either adding balance to a bold eye look, or to complete an overall natural look. I have 2 favorites (depending on my mood) with lipstick: MAC Fleshpot (when I still want a quasi-bold look out of a nude) or Illamasqua’s Sonnet (man, this one is pretty!). If I’m going for a very natural, “barely there” makeup look, then I grab one of my paler Tarte LipSurgences, like Glisten. The only “nude” Surgie I’m not a fan of is Peaceful because it has virtually no pigmentation on me, and equates to a $24 Chapstick. I am definitely addicted to my lip products though, so I guess it’s impossible for me to narrow down my “nude” lip color faves to a single one.

Not a fan, to be honest. Even women I’ve seen who can pull off a nude lip without looking sickly still look better with some colour on their lips and as we get older, it’s even harder to look your best with flesh-toned lips. JMO and I know some people love the look but, as I say, even those who can carry it off still look better with at least a natural coloured lip.

I guess it all depends on your definition of “nude”.
I’ve seen people using the word nude to describe a my-lips-but-better shade, a the-same-color-as-my-skin shade, and a super-light-like-a-cadaver beige shade.

If by “nude”, you mean a color that is closest to your natural lip color, as if your lips are nude, then I love it. It can look wonderful and beautiful, paired with a dramatic smokey eye, or an overall nude look.

If by “nude”, you mean the-same-color-as-my-skin shade, then I’m really not a big fan, because I think only a handful of people can pull off a look where their lips disappear into their skin. Sadly I see lots of people trying for the look and looking sick.

If by “nude”, you mean the super-light-like-a-cadaver beige shade, that is often seen on women with a super dark tan, then I absolutely hate it with a passion. I don’t think I’ve seen a single person look good with a tanned-skin-white-lips look.

About the tan+white lips part- I’ve seen some cute ganguro girls, but that’s a full-out fashion trend, and the rest of the look tends to help balance it out.

Depends how “nude” is being defined – to me it’s close/spot on with your actual lip colour. Lipsticks that look like you’ve used concealer on them = eww.

I see “nude” as paring back and muting your lip colour, as in an erased lip. “Natural” I would use to describe a my-lips-but-better or natural lip-colour look. My lips are VERY pink and flushed, so their natural colour is far, far from nude!

I agree with most of the commenters here:
*Nude lips are hard to pull off unless you have the “right” shade for you (Viva Glam GaGa is mine)
*They look better when sheer or when used with lip gloss (that can add a bit of pink or peach if you need it – sometimes straight nude is tricky)
*They look best with a smokey eye, or a dramatic eye

I’d add that lip liner is a good idea to use with one. For one thing, it can add a tiny bit of pink or peach, if you need it; for another, it keeps the lips from fading into the surrounding skin.

For day to day, I prefer a my-lips type shade for a neutral look, but I like the drama of a sculpted face, smokey eyes, and nude lips. Getting a flattering color is essential – I have to blend two colors to get my perfect nude (MAC Blankety & Poppy King Confidence).

If it’s that matching your lips to your skin look I think it only works if you’ve got a perfectly even blemish free skin, like a model. And even on them it’s a weird, ironically unnatural look. I also think it’s a hard look to match to other makeup, you’ve sort of made your lips your statement feature- by erasing them.

I love a good neutral, very useful on a daily basis. But, by nude, I don’t mean dead – lips nude, just neutral…In my case, NC40, it’s Mac viva glam V.

If we’re talking nude as in the 1960s makeup look of blacked out eyes and ‘foundation’ lips, I actually love that look on the right model/face; I could never pull it off though, I’m far too pale.

I know some (and I mean SOME) girls can pull it off, but for the most part I think its to be avoided!! Personally I avoid nude or colours lighter than my skin like the plague. But it still needs to be said that a few ladies pull off nude lippies wonderfully.

I used to have a hard time finding a good nude (I’m NC45) because everything made me look like I had mannequin lips. Once I branched out and started looking at brownish rose nudes (Korres Natural Purple comes to mind) and bronzey nudes, I managed to find a bunch of stuff that works.

My favourites are MAC Bronze Sugar lipglass and Bare Again sheen supreme.

Bude lips are hard to find as most of the NUDE recomend shade are way to brown o n me or just like concealer and not flattering.

The bet tip i got years latter was to put a sheer layer of foundation over your lips. The shade you see will be your ideal nude hover if you already have pale lips this trend probably not for you.

The only one that works for me is MAC Creme d’Nude with it’s subtle pink tone. I put it on slightly sheer but it works well with my natural pink tone of my lips. A shade like Myth looks fake on me for some reason.

My favourite nude is Kinda Sexy; it’s very matte so I often pair it with a gloss (Lust is a fave nude look). Other near nude looks are Twig and Matte; I’m NC30 but my lips are fairly pigmented so I find most of the very pale nude colours unnatural looking on me.

I think it looks great on some people, but I am not one of them. My skin is really fair and my lips are really pigmented, so not only is it difficult to even find a nude that will cover my natural lip color, but when I do it’s usually not that flattering. My nudes, or the nudest I can go, are MAC Patisserie and MAC Hug Me

I also struggle with nudes. I think nude lipsticks are more difficult for those with medium skintones to pull off. If you have a darker complexion, you can use more caramel-type shades for a pretty nude, and if you’re pale, there’s tons of great options. But when you’re medium, you have to find this perfect balance of nude that doesn’t wash you out, but is also not so dark that it’s no longer nude. And the undertone makes a huge difference too!

I’ve found, for me, nudes with a little pink or peach are the most flattering. Benefit’s Lady’s Choice lipstick is the only nude I feel looks flattering on me. MAC Freckletone works too, but I feel like I need to pair it with a warm eye and cheek.

It can be a challenge to find a nude lip color for African American women. MAC used to make a green lipglass called Squirt. when applied it gave your lips this honey glazed glow. I still have it. It has been discontinued for a long time. Hate to throw it away.

A nude lip on me – no, just doesn’t work, I need color. I’ve seen heavy eye makeup on celebs with a nude lip and it does look nice though.

My perfect nude is Nars Pago Pago. I love that color. It matches my lips perfectly! I layer on Bare Minerals Nude lipgloss and Viola – Perfecto!
I hate concealer lips. it’s scary looking and reminds me of the over botoxed fishface lips Hollywood’s B-list is desperately trying to make a thing.

I like them on occasion. I’ll never understand why people don’t get the difference between natural (your lips but better) and NUDE (invisible/matching your skin tone) and get all defensive about it. I get that it looks bad sometimes, especially if they’re a frosted nudeโ€ฆbut overall I think a totally blank looks pretty good if you’ve got a lot going on with the rest of the face.

I love nude lips but yes you’re all right, it has to be the ‘right’ shade for your skin tone otherwise you can look ghostly! Also, I have days where I my usual nude lips don’t complete my look so with me depends on my mood!

My fave is Rimmel Nude Delight topped with Rimmel Take A Chance Lip Vinyl – looks amazing
Or for a nude pink I use TBS Lip Liner in 10 to fill in my lips and then slick TBS Hi Shine Lip Treatment in Pink Cream – love it!

I love the look of neutral lips – particularly glosses. My favorite lip shade is Buxom Isabella, which is a shimmery nude look. I actually only wear subtle lip colors – I have never worn red in public – because I have very full lips and feel clownish if I’m not wearing a neutral color.

When done right, I love them. Every person is different in what kind of nudes look good on them. I look silly in pink or peach toned nudes, but a brown-toned nude is quite sexy on me. Especially with a dark, smoky eye!

Wet n Wild’s “Bare It All” is my perfect nude! It’s not too pale and is a little warmer than my skin tone. I’m NC30-35.

On another note, I actually like brown lipsticks; it’s not unflattering on my lips at all ๐Ÿ™‚

Nude meaning could be your natural lip color = great look for everyday or balancing out crazy eye/face looks. I don’t have a lipstick for this, though; if I want to do it, I’ll just throw on a sheer lipgloss.

Nude meaning close to your skin tone = why would you want to wear makeup to be LESS colorful??

i have a really tough time finding nudes. i’m NC20 and my favorites are mac shy girl and freckletone. what are your favorites christine?

also, i wanted to like creme d’nude so badly since it seems to be all the rage, but i think it applies HORRIBLY! it’s so pasty and applies streaky and goes right into my lip lines. i just don’t get it

i look so ridiculous in nude lips, and so i avoid them as much as possible even when doing a particularly heavy eye look.

My favorite way not to give too much attention to the lips is by running my foundation brush (after finishing face) over my lips. Then I apply a shimmery light brown gloss on top (at the moment, really enjoying MAC Beaux). I’m about a NC40.

I like them, but most shades that are a beautiful nude on others make me look like a corpse! The best solution I’ve found so far is laying Dior Addict Extreme Incognito over Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle. I haven’t found one lipstick that gives me healthy-looking (or just not dead-looking) nude lips!

love nude lips!
I collect all sort of colours
but nude / paler colours are what I normally go for..
I feel brighter colours make me look older
and rich colours ex true red, pink, etc make my lips look flatter..

I don’t really do nude that much. It can look a bit sickly to me. When I do really heavy eyes and I don’t want the focus on my eyes, I usually go to one of two options. I use L’oreal’s Colour Rich lipsitck in Gilded Pink , which is a light gold pink or L’oreal Infallible Lipgloss in Barely Nude.

I think it’s kind of a moot question at this point. It’s a style of natural look or means for balancing out a heavy eye look. We all have shades of lips we are more comfortable than others. I am sure some don’t feel they look good with a nude lip. But the style is in the classic category now as one of a # of looks. Many even get to a natural/nude lip just from not being able to keep their more colored lips on over time.

I like the look on many, long as it’s balanced. I think of JLo and how her golden look incorporates her version of a nude lip. When she comes out in a red lip, it’s a real moment of take back to adjust to that look of red on her – not so much when she goes with a fuchsia.

The nude lip is here to stay. I have to say it certainly looks better than the WHITE pearl/frost lipstick we wore in the 60’s! My HS grad pix is in B&W but clearly one can see that whitened out lip and how dirty my teeth look against it. Now that’s a trend I hope never returns because we DO have now the nude lip which we did not have developed in the cosmetic industry back ‘then.’ Would have to think and do some looking to see who came up with the first nude lip look/style – or if it just merged out of the white/pink frost look that merged as I recall to soft peach then soft mauves as well. Maybe the nude just morphed from there. We did not even ‘back then’ have nude undergarments! That was a non option.

I like a pink nude (MAC’s Hue) or a nude with some caramel or warmth to it, but not peachy nudes. Not a fan of concealer lips, and I think nude lips look better when they’re shinny and glossy–not matte.

Absolutely detest nude lips because they are mostly not done well at all.
1. Lips paler than one’s skintone makes you look dead or worse yet, as in the case of very dark skintone, like Al Jolson! Only light skintones look good with very pale lipstick be it nude or even pink.
2. Very dark smokey eyes need to be balanced and not paired up with the no-lips look …. otherwise you look like a bug-eyed zombie! Atleast wear a darkish nude lip that won’t compete with the dramatic eyes but will give your makeup a finished look.
It seems that no matter what’s ‘in’ it’s always taken to the ridiculous extreme even if it looks horrible and unflattering. Many people simply have no ideas what is flattering to them so they just blindly & foolishly copy trends that don’t even suit them. Amen!!!

I agree with you completely. I think, excepting overall lightness/softness, nude lip colours are completely unnatural for most women! I’m going to repeat a comment here, which I think is relevant, which I wrote on a blog called truth-is-beauty. The subject was women with great depth of colouring (Sci/Art Dark Winter) wearing nude lips.

“I think Kim Kardashian may be famous for a nude lip, but its not necessarily what makes her glow. Here’s an example of Kim, a Dark Winter as you say, wearing a nice deep red lip:


See the balance provided to her face?

Now with a nude lip, the worst possible thing for a Dark is going too light and milky:



She may be famous for it, but it makes her lips look the colour of concealer. It doesn’t bring out a glow and makes her skin look quite chalky.

Now, with a smoky eye providing depth, and deep coloured clothes to provide contrast, Kim can pull off a “nude” lip, but compared to other nudes, its DARK, and could probably go even darker to look even more balanced, as below:


Hope that helps!”

I will add that a dark/smokey eye can be balanced beautifully with a sheer colour that gives your lips a natural flush. I love this look by Rae at theNotice!


I think its a shame that, when women all have such strikingly beautiful traits and colouring, they don’t wear makeup colours that enhance and support them. If we’re going to spend so much effort whitening our teeth, clearing up our skin, making our hair look great and trying to look healthy and vital, why wear colours that wash us out and don’t support our unique glow and beauty? Its just beyond me!

reading all your comments… and i just figured out that its ok NOT to be able to carry off a nude shade…. I am dark skinned, so true nude just looks plain weird on me no matter. I have to have some color and the brighter the better!
So i’d say nudes are highly overrated!

All faces have colours that suit them particularly, and colours that don’t. “Nude” may sound safe, but its still a colour, and not all faces have pale, muted caramels and light milky pinks in them!

I don’t really like how nudes look on me…They don’t really do much for me, makeup-wise. Some women look beautiful with nude lips and it really suits them but I can’t seem to pull it off. Sometimes I think the nude lipstick trend is a little overdone…

I have naturally very pigmented lips, so nude lips look unnatural and weird on me. I’ve not found a flattering colour, and less colourful lipsticks always end up showing my true colour if they smudge.

I think that, when done right nude lips can look really pretty and complement a look, especially a bright one, without competing with it – my favorite tones are pink or caramel-ish/brown-y nudes because they tend to look nice on me. As far as nudes that actually match ones skintone – I think they’re fine for say, an editorial look, or if one is trying to do “statement lips” that aren’t a bright, or Halloween… but I’m not really a fan of the washed-out look

I like them, but not straight up nude. Has to have a hint of light pink, coral, or another color. My favorite is Rimmel London’s Airy Fairy, beautiful pinkish nude

I think if you have an overall lightness to your look, or an overall light-softness, a nude lip can work so long as it respects your colouring – you have to find a shade that’s flattering on you. However, if you have deep colouring, are high contrast, have naturally clear, bright colours in your face, eyes and hair, and naturally pigmented/flushed lips, an erased lip can just look horrible, like you’ve sucked all the life out of your face.

Here’s an example of a bright, clear, high contrast face!




I have very clear dark hair, dark eyes and pale skin, and my lips are more naturally matched to a sheer wine or sheer fuschia, so nudes look absolutely awful on me! Chalky. Or like snow white with lips the colour of concealer.

On the subject of natural lips for my type of colouring, I love this article: http://www.truth-is-beauty.com/1/post/2011/03/embracing-winter-lips.html

I tried new Clarins rouge prodige in Nude. It looks like a concealor and all I saw was some shine on my pink pigmented lips, awful.
My “nudes” are Chanel RAs Ingognito and Confidentielle. They don`t wash me out and have enough coverage. Also Buxom gloss in Dolly which goes almost clear on me. I refuse to use fndn or concealor under; cakey lips. Revlon matte Mauve it over is good too. Bright lips = more awake look:)

I never where color, only nudes.
Nude pink and nude brownish.
because i barely where make up wich is visible,
just to make me look good and natural.

I LOVE nudes but they can look good on me one day and no so much on another day. I think it’s me and not necessarily the product. I just seem to have off days in which a look that gets me tons of complements one day, looks horrid on me another day, in my opinion. Perhaps my biorhythms are off or something.

I can appreciate a pretty nude lip. What others me is when I see guests on TV talk shows that are so trended up they have nothing on their lips at all or a shade so nude it messes up the entire face. It looks positively awful! Corpsish. (I do TV makeup myself).

Must be done in the right way now days it could go terribly wrong and you can end up with the “jersey shore ” look ugh !

May as well wear lip balm. I hate how it looks no me. But it looks ok on other people. I feel like its a waste of money to buy a nude lipstick. Add some color girls!

Like them when its done right. My fav thing to use is Nars velvet gloss pencil in sex machine. It has a touch of pink so lips don’t look washed out. And its not glossy, just gives lips a healthy look.

With the right look, but now everyone wears it so they look sickly or they look like they have Concealer on their lips. Personally I wear bright lips everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

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