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My spouse is very sensitive to fragrances and now I’ve become sensitive to them, too. Prefer nonscented makeup. If there is a scent, it must slight and disappear upon application.

Not a fan of added fragrances, can cause sensitivities. Prefer cosmetics with a good scent derived of natural ingredients and essential oils.

I definitely wish there was no added perfume or fragrance, a “masking” agent that doesn’t smell at all doesn’t bother me, though. Funny thing is, I actually do enjoy wearing perfumes and fragrances, separately, but I don’t want it on my face or eye area. A light vanilla or lemon smell in a lip product is acceptable to me. Not sure what the connection is, but heavily fragranced lipsticks, ie; L’Oreal, make my lips dry out and peel! Any thoughts?

I don’t like it at all. A lot of them don’t smell good, smell too strong, or the fragrance irritates my sensitive skin. It’s just unnecessary to me. For example, Guerlain is a brand I’ve always been interested in trying since their products get rave reviews, but I just can’t deal with the heavy fragrance.

I definitely prefer unscented beauty products most of the time, to the point where I will not buy certain products because of their scent. Also, due to my pretty sensitive skin, added fragrance in skincare is a big no-no in most cases.

My initial reaction was “ew, no!” but I do have some products that are scented and I like the scents (Le Blanc de Chanel, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation, MAC, and of course Guerlain Metorites) and my skin doesn’t react so I’m okay with it. I love it when I’m first putting the products on because it adds to the whole luxe experience, but I’m glad the scents dissipate pretty quickly because I wouldn’t want a noseful of it all day long.

I do like some of my scented makeup but, as someone quite sensitive to certain smells, I kinda wish scents were just left out entirely. Or relegated to vaguely vanilla if there has to be something there–that seems like the least offensive? Maybe? I’m sure someone out there hates it–my sister won’t touch anything that even makes her think of mint.

Ugh, hate fragrance in makeup products, will try to avoid whenever possible, or make sure it’s near the bottom of the list because it dries up and/or irritates my skin. My skin can tolerate some natural scents/oils, but straight up perfume, no. The worst offender seems to be L’Oreal, wearing some of their lipsticks is like drinking perfume all day long, I had to toss them. And that’s why my stash has barely any Guerlain stuff and definitely no meteorite powders. Even worse is fragrance in skincare! And I can’t have heavy fragrance in hair care either, because my hair touches my face.

I object to scent on an aesthetic basis and a sensitivity basis. I’m prone to headaches and have skin that’s sensitive to perfumes. I honestly just don’t get the inclusion of perfume as it holds no function but is a known irritant. There are some lipsticks that I cannot bear to wear because I can’t get myself beyond the smell. I’m looking at you, Chanel.

I don’t like it in face products, especially perfumey scents or heavy florals. I prefer unscented. I can tolerate the Too Faced chocolate items and the violet scent of Guerlain Metorites, but anything stronger can irritate my skin and eyes. I don’t like perfumey or floral scents in lip products. I don’t mind a light fruity, chocolate, vanilla, or cake batter scent to lip products, as long as they are not too chemical-smelling or strong. I like the scent of cinnamon, but if there is too much cinnamon oil in a lip product, it makes my lips itch. I pretty much across the board hate artificial sickly sweet cotton candy, cherry, grape, and orange scents/flavors.

I hate fragrance in makeup. It irritates my skin. Base products and powders with fragrance I just can’t even wear, they make my skin turn bright red. My lips tolerate fragrance better than my rosaceic face does, but I hate floral scents on my lips, too. I have to really love the color and texture of a lipstick in order to overlook a floral scent. Wearing a jumble of different scents from deodorant and several different personal hygiene, hair, and makeup products just smells yucky to me. Why wear a gorgeous fragrance when it’s just going to get messed up by all these competing scents? I look for fragrance-free products whenever possible.

What is really annoying is fragrance and taste in lipsticks (looking at petite robe noire lipsticks).

YSL tint-in-oil has a gorgeous tropical fruit fragrance that don’t last long, and no taste, I really like it (I’m on my 4th tube).

There are also herbal medicine like fragrances that I dislike (some kiehl’s products, the last year’s Shiseido wetforce sunscreen).

In products with heavy fragrances, there are Dior’s Foundation, products from Chanel, Guerlain, or La Prairie, but at the moment that I like those fragrances, I can wear them.

Fragrances are very subjective, what one love may give headache to someone else.
So imo, drugstore products should be all unscented, so everybody can wear them without headache.
And 1st line brands should make their products in 2 versions, one scented, one unscented, cause with their overcharged insane price tag, they can certainly give consumers the “luxe” to choose.

I’m fortunate in that it doesn’t bother me but since fragrance is such an issue for a LOT of people, I’m surprised that Too Faced, for example, has not only persisted but also sort of made a name for itself in releasing fragranced EYE products. And while I’m also okay with that trademark “violet” scent in many Guerlain products, I was surprised by just how HEAVY it is in Baby Glow. Even for Guerlain, it’s pretty full on and almost bothers me, someone not generally bothered by fragranced products. So I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone sensitive to fragrance.

I think it’s cute but doesn’t make me want to buy it more or less. I think that the too faced stuff smelling like chocolate is adorable but I don’t own a single one of the items that smell like it. But, on the other end, I know Jeffreestars lipsticks smell like chemicals because it’s the raw product and they don’t put anything in it to mask the smell but it’s soooo off putting. It needs something. I don’t own any of the ones with the new smell so I might have to give it a shot.

Depends on the kind of product (for example I love that YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipsticks have a fruity fragrance!), but in general I prefer unscented so there’s less chance that it will cause skin irritation.

I think it spoils the product. I made the recent mistake of buying the Burberry “Gold Glow” fragranced highlight (graded as A+ by Temptalia, although she warned about the fragrance). While the highlight looked pretty, boy did it make my skin get irritated. My eyes got red and a tiny bit swollen at the outer corners (even though I didn’t apply it there) and I got scattered red pimples on my cheeks. Looking at the ingredients, it appears that the various fragrances and fragrant oils were to blame. This would have been a fine product without the fragrance!

I’m now looking at the LE Guerlain carousel meteorites that were just released, but these are also scented. I have one tin of older meteorites and while I haven’t had reaction from the fragrance, I also don’t use them much precisely because of the fragrance. I think I’ll pass on the carousel ones even though the pink aspect looks like it would be pretty flattering; subjecting facial skin to fragrances seems to make it more vulnerable to sensitivities anyway.

If one day I woke up and fragrance had simply disappeared from all cosmetics, the only product I would shed a tear for is Guerlain Meteorites, because I happen to really enjoy that scent – and even still a lot of people don’t! I’m almost shocked that so many companies feel the need to add heavy frags, considering how many customers are sensitive to them. Plus, they usually aren’t that great. It seems like the nicest thing most folks have to say about noticeable scents are “I didn’t really mind it.” What a ringing endorsement.

Guelain meteorites have a very minimal scent that is barely noticeable. It smells clean, if you can identify any scent at all. Very soft fragrance is not a problem. Stronger fragrances are overwhelming.
Why would one spend about $100.00 or so on a fragrance to have it over powered by makeup.?

I absolutely despise scented makeup as I’m very allergic to fragrance. I cant handle the chocolate scented products either. I knew to avoid too faced but not tarte. I recently tossed my tartist in bloom palette as I could not handle the smell.

I’m so surprised to hear that a Tarte product had a scent. Tarte is one of the brands I usually can use, even though I’m extremely chemical sensitive. So glad I did purchase that palette.

Hi Cheryl, most Tarte eye shadow products are not scented. The 1st tartelette all matte palette is not so I was really surprised that the second one was. Their new powder contour/highlight palette also smells like chocolate.

I find it incredibly cloying… even nauseating. I do not wear perfume very often; typically, only if I am going out somewhere special. With scents in practically everything these days , it’s far too too much.

I’m torn. I like it, especially when the scent is really nice (like the new Benefit liquid Hoola bronzer smells so good), but I know fragrance in cosmetics and skincare is really bad for your skin… So I know I should avoid it, but I really like a nice scent. However, when it’s super strong, like all the Guerlain powder products, that makes me sick.

I prefer no scent. Mild vanilla or fruity is alright. Floral or perfumy makes me nauseous. Not a fan of minty either.

I actually don’t mind fragrance in products…except eye shadow. I’ve never experienced a bad reaction due to fragrance, but something about the idea of putting a scented eye shadow on my eyelids makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know, I may make an exception for the Too Faced peach palette when it comes out, if it gets a great review. But generally, no scent in my eye shadow.

I’m not a fan. The older I get, the less I can tolerate heavy fragrances in makeup or skincare.

Frankly, I’m kind of surprised more brands haven’t figured out that perfumes in makeup don’t do anyone any favors, especially the brands with higher price tags.

It would be nice if the smell was left out of all products because it can be very bothersome to many. I personally love the rosy smells in Chanel and ysl makeup products The mango scent in ysl lip products is so luscious! I do hate the drugstore lipstick smell and covergirl is the worse. I wish those smelled like mangoes or vanilla.

I LOVE Guerlain’s makeup for their violet scent.

I prefer scented cosmetics due to memories associated with scents. If I revisit a product that I haven’t used in a while, the scent of it brings me back to the time when I first used it or was using it frequently…ah, the nostalgia!

I don’t like it at all it doesn’t make any sense & unfortunately most all brands add fragrance and it is the absolute worst when it’s in skin care products.

Depends on how strong it is. If the scent dissipates it’s fine and usually I test a product in the inside of my wrist to see if it will bother me or not. If no irritation then I’m okay with it. I don’t like heavily scented face products if I can avoid it though.

I hate it!!! It makes my eyes water, my skin turn red and my nose run. I try to stay away from any skin product with fragrance and that severely limits what I buy. I can’t even use Olay products, effective as they are, because of the overwhelming fragrance. i complain to Proctor and Gamble periodically about their overuse of fragrance, but my little voice makes no difference to them.

HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT!!! There are so many people, who are extremely chemical sensitive, myself included, who need to avoid synthetic fragrance at all costs. Cannot use any drugstore personal care products or makeup because I can smell all the chemicals in them, which makes me severely ill. Use only certain high-end makeup brands…the ones that are the most pure & natural, without harmful chemicals or any synthetic scent.

It depends on the scent. Some food scents are fine (chocolate, vanilla, etc…) but not into floral scents.

I can’t use anything scented at all so a lot of products is of limits for me. I wish it would be a universal decision to leave out all fragrance from makeup and skincare. I wish you Christine could reach out to a few companies and show this thread.

No to added scents, no to nonessential dye. I have had several perfectly good products that I would not repurchase due to scent. On the other hand, if something has a positive scent due to the active ingredients I like that. Case in point is May Lindstrom products.

I can’t handle synthetic fragrances, so any product that contains it is a big no-no for me. My skin doesn’t like it and it gives me a headache. Not long ago I received a high end foundation sample in with a Sephora order. Dumb me, I didn’t even look at the ingredients, just opened it and started putting it on my face. And then the smell hit! OMG, it was so strong. I washed my face and I swear I could still smell it for a while. Gross.

I hate it!!!!! I am very sensitive and, in the distant past, was limited to Clinique and Prescriptives for all my make up needs. With the advent of the make up artist driven lines, which were usually fragrance free, or many of their products were, the other mainsttream lines owned by Estee Lauder and others, began eliminating fragrance from their products. I have become so spoiled that sometimes I forget to check the labels on lines that I have used in the past, and I got duped by Tarte’s Tartelette in Bloom palette. I have the original Tartlette matte palette and it iis completely fragrance free, so I assumed the sequel would be as well. Wrong! It has a very sweet smell, kind of like candy, which is due to some vanilla floral ingredient that I found in the ingredient list. What’s worse, thier new mini eyeshadow and blush palettes also contain this ingredient! I admit, its not as bad as the rose smell in Chanel and Lancome products (although Lancome has made a lot of progress in eliminating fragrance from many of its products), but its not worth irritating my eyes and skin for. I can handle a tiny amount for fragrance in lipsticks (like the vanilla in MAC lipsticks and the fig in Estee Lauder lipsticke), because they dissipate qucikly, and most people are more allergic to plant based products (like roses) than they are to food derivatives like vanilla. But if it were up to me, I would leave all fragrance out of make up, all it does is irritate the wearer, no one else smells it. If you like to wear fragrance, I would think you’d like to wear one of your choice, not the make up company’s, and one that others can enjoy as well. Thumbs up to those companies working to eliminate fragrance from most of their lines, theu will benefit from a larger consumer base!!

I don’t mind it generally in lip products because I think it sort of makes sense to make something you’re putting on your mouth more appealing – YSL and the old Bite are my favorites (provided you don’t have allergies of course). I avoid Dior face products for this reason, though. The blush is OK, but the foundation is totally unbearable to me and clings for hours. I did notice the Tartelette 2 palette smells like vanilla (aka “a MAC lipstick” to my brain) and I really enjoy it, but I like vanilla so I’m biased. 🙂 Overall, I could live without it all, though.

I do not have any sensitivities, fortunately, and actually love scents. Especially chocolate in my Too Faced products. I have numerous liquid lipsticks with a scent and a face powder that is quite floral but very lovely. I understand those with sensitive skin tho..hence most products should not have a scent for the common good? I realize I’m in the minority here but just wanted to give my take on it.

The only scent I REALLY love and can’t get enough of is Guerlain’s scent in powders .. OMG so beautiful. But in general, I prefer non-scented makeup.

I don’t like perfume added to makeup at all. It is often an irritant to sensitive skin and can cause a flare up of any skin issues that you may have. Sometimes the perfume added to a makeup product is overwhelming and unappealing.
We can all add our own preferred perfumes ourselves.

I don’t mind scent in cosmetics because it always fades – I love the slightly rose scent Chanel uses! Their blushes smell so nice.

I absolutely hate when makeup has a perfume or strong smell. I prefer fragrance free or unscented. I will however make an exception when the product is made with all natural ingredients.

I prefer unscented of course. I have sensitive eyes. I love peppermint, eucalyptus on my lips. Mac have lippies with a slight taste of vanilla.

I actively stay away from heavily scented products and have a strict no scent rule on my skincare. A little fragrance like vanilla in the Mac lipsticks is not an issue but if if goes on directly on my very sensitive skin, fragranced products are very irritating. As for scented mascaras, like the Dior ones, I cannot grasp why one needs scent in a mascara? Being this sensitive to scent in beauty products is somewhat hard as there are fewer options to choose from.

Fragrance can cause irritation to my sensitive skin, so I prefer no fragrance. I try to buy makeup without fragrance listed in the ingredients.

Fragrance is full of chemicals, some harmful, some that cause allergic reactions. Fragrance is often listed as one of the ingredients, however the chemicals contained within the fragrance are not. It’s best left out of the equation due to health and safety concerns.

I’m definitely in favor of masking fragrance as some products smell quite bad without it. As for more of a perfume type of fragrance, I really don’t mind so long as it dissipates quickly so that it doesn’t interfere with my regular perfume. For example, I love the smell of Guerlain’s Méréorites and the smell quickly disappears upon application.

Don’t like it. I have personal scents that I wear, when I feel like it, and I don’t like it when makeup gets in the way of that and/or just smells strong in general. My mom bought me a Lancome moisturizer that I think I’d love, but I can’t wear it very long because it’s so so scented! I gave it back to her, since it doesn’t bother her.
My derm is also against added fragrances.

Do not want. It bums me out when I read someone complaining about the “cosmetic” smell of makeup that’s unscented (or skincare, same deal), because I feel like companies are just starting to realize how much of a problem that is for some of us, and I worry that they could be swayed by the idea of general public opinion back into the folds of added scent. Some people think that “fragrance” is a bad thing. but “natural oils” or “extracts” are somehow a good thing, but many of the natural oils and extracts used for scent are known allergens or sensitizers; some of the more common ones can actually worsen your skin’s response to sun, or create real damage in the form of inflammation in the deeper levels of your skin — something you’ll pay for in spades in 20 years (someday a lot of very common essential oils will have the same rep as suntanning when it comes to rapid aging of skin). There are some extracts and oils that are shown to have real beneficial effect (vanilla, rose, etc.) but they’re often paired with very problematic ones (the worst, off the top of my head: mint, rosemary, citrus in general). I don’t care if lotion smells like lotion, but so many people equate fragrance with luxury, that it’s going to be a long road to getting where we need to be with respect to added fragrance.

Besides which, I do wear actual perfume, and it bugs me to no end when my cosmetics or skincare compete.

I guess I should add that, even though some fragrances are derived from products that benefit the skin, I still don’t want it in my products. For one reason (the one I spoke of above), I seriously dislike adding another scent to my chosen scent base (my current perfume combination, which is my signature). For another reason, just because it’s beneficial, doesn’t mean I’ll like it. I cannot tolerate the smell of rose in products; in the flower, yes, but the essence of rose (which is often from geranium, btw) is overpowering and almost nauseating in skincare and cosmetics.

I must be in the minority here but I quite like things that are scented.
It’s not something I actively seek out in a product but I don’t mind if it’s fragranced, provided it’s not too strong or something I dislike.
I own a few Chanel products and I love the scent. Same goes for the Too Faced stuff – I have a bronzer – and the MAC lipsticks. Love.
I find my Estée Lauder foundations smell like chemicals. That I hate. It won’t stop me buying them though! They’re still the best foundations ever!!

Love the scent of Guerlain Meteorites and wish they sold a perfume with the same violet fragrance.

Mostly that’s a no. I can take a mild vanilla scent but anything more I just can’t buy it. I’m not allergic but I just prefer unscented.

I don’t like it. If it’s not too strong and fades quickly l can deal with it. But, lipsticks are another matter. I won’t buy lipsticks with a floral or heavy perfume smell. I don’t mind vanilla or a citrus scent but I wish all lipsticks came unscented.

I honestly care little about scents but I hate fragrance and flavor in makeup and skincare products. Unless it’s vanillin or vanila extract or something else non-inflammatory, it’s incredibly damaging applied topically. I hate it when they try to market it as aromatherapy, but you wouldn’t use citrus oil in your eye drops, so why mascara?

After throwing away all my Bobbi Brown lipsticks because of the rancid fat smell and taste, any scent is welcome, at least in lip products! I even like Estee Lauder’s fig smell but my favourite is MAC’s vanilla scent.

I have sensitive skin and I have certain ingredients I avoid. Fragrance can’t list its ingredients because they’re trade secrets . So I really don’t like fragrance in makeup. I do not use loreal and rimmel lipsticks, the smell makes me nauseous.

I have to agree with Christine. I dislike strong scents and can over look milder scents in an excellent product I prefer no scent in my make-up products. Scent does not create allergies for the most part.
I do love mild fresh scents in shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer but prefer them to fade quickly so they don’t overpower cologne or perfume.

I prefer makeup without fragrances. I would like lipsticks with a mint scent and taste though! Until now I only came across one tinted lip balm (from an organic brand named terra tints) that has that and I love it.

I prefer unscented makeup . When something has a fragrant smell to it and it’s going on my face I’m always like oh great here comes a break out I just know it and it always does happen . I will say a scent that makes me sick to my stomach and heavily sick it loreal lipsticks yuck ! I used to own fairest nude and I felt nauseous all day the smell just wouldn’t go away and the taste oh goodness was awful. I will never buy a loreal lipstick until they do away with that rancid smell . Sorry if I’m being dramatic but I feel really strongly about loreal lipsticks lol

Prefer non scented makeup and skin care products totally. Bobbi brown is one brand i like bcoz of this. But, overall, if the fragrance is mild, disappears fast or does not cause sensitivity; i do use them a lot too. Like i love chanel and mac though they r fragranced

I really wish the companies knew and respected how many people there is who don’t want scents in their products. I actually thought I was quite alone. I have always hated perfume since I’m allergic to it in anything that goes anywhere on my body. For me it’s also a problem when people near me where strong scents. It’s also hard to find good products for my hair that doesn’t smell to strong. I get headaches from pretty much anything that has a scent.

It really depends on the type of cosmetic. Part of the appeal of the Guerlain Meteorites IS the fragrance. There are numerous other powders available with a luminous finish, but the scent of the Meteorites makes it my absolute favorite. Chocolate scented bronzers and lipsticks are fine. Vanilla, fruit, mint, and chocolate scented lipsticks are enjoyable (most of the time).

However, scented eyeshadow isn’t really appealing — that’s probably why I don’t own any of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes and why I’m on the fence about the Bon Bons palette. The Peanut Butter & Jelly palette (and the soon to be released peach palette)? No, no, no! I love the colors but, for me, I think it would be weird applying those shadows on my lids.

I don’t like strong fragrances, as they can be overwhelming. A subtle scent, however, is fine.

I hate it! I can smell it on my face. Quite often it is a deal breaker! I want non scented or at least neutral. Not flowers or perfume.

I do not like it at all! I have a some kind of sensitivity or allergy to either fragrance or essential oils, so I can break out or get bumps on the skin or just itching. It doesn’t serve a useful purpose at all, I rather have my makeup smell makeup you know.

I don’t care for makeup with any fragrance. Whether it has a slight “makeup” scent or a “lavender” scent. Some mascaras have a funny scent to it, and they were returned. I really think that makeup company’s should have a label on all their products saying “scented” or “unsented”, just like many other products do! It’s very simple really. Makeup should fall under the same guidelines of certain food and food allergies.

Yeah I’m not a huge fan of scented products. I love Guerlain’s four season bronzer but can not stand the perfume smell. It doesn’t prevent me from using a product though, I would just prefer the smell wasn’t there. The only scent I actually really like is MAC’s lipsticks and that’s probably more nostalgia than anything.

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