What do you listen to when you do your makeup?

What do you listen to when you do your makeup? TV? Music? Specific songs? Kids?


Sometimes music, but usually nothing! When I lived at the dorms during undergrad, I definitely played music, but there’s no room for any music-system in my bathroom, ha!

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I mostly have the TV on more than music but I definitely play music once in a while. I think that’s why it takes me forever to do my makeup because I get distracted by the television. LOL

When I first started doing my makeup I always had to have on Diana Ross & The Supremes. LOL! I guess I wanted to get into “diva mode”. Now I don’t make it a point whether to have music on or not.

It depends.. on weekdays I’m surely “listening” the news on my TV… if I’m doing my makeup to go out and have fun then I listen to my “party” playlist!

i loveee this band called Metric. theyre very edgy, and uplifting to listen to while doing makeup, especially putting on lipstick 🙂

It’s weird but I have to either watch a movie on DVD or a series on DVD like Sex and the City, Friends or old episodes of Roseanne. I don’t know why?? It helps me be creative for some reason. Sometimes I’ll listen to music too but it’s rare that I do that when putting on makeup.

It was NPR but then I got a speaker dock thing for my mp3 player in the bathroom. I am lucky to have a huge countertop (but the lighting sucks). Lady Gaga or RuPaul are perfect for channeling your inner diva. ;D

i do makeup in the morning im my room. because i never have much time in the morning i don’t listen to music. i would forget to turn it on and off.

at weekends, when i have plenty of time doing makeup, i just let the door to my room open and listen to my boyfried, my cats, the tv.

My first thought: why would I listen to anything when I do my makeup? I just want to get it done and then get going! It’s all about efficiency man! 😀

I always listen to music when I do my makeup :). Lately it’s been Muse, Brandi Carlile, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga or Mariah Carey. It’s fun to listen to upbeat music when you’re getting ready to go out.

It depends on the day. Some mornings I pick one of my Pandora stations, other days I catch up on Youtube subscriptions, and some days I do a Netflix stream and watch a tv show or part of a movie.

In the mornings nothing, but if I’m getting ready to go out I crank the clang and boom of Tom Waits. Gets me fired up and strutting around 🙂

definetely lady gaga when i want something bold. It’s a mix of diana ross,aretha,pink, and beyonce. Serious girl power to get ready for the day.

I usually am checking my emails, checking youtube, reading blogs or listening to Pandora Radio when I do my makeup… I do tend to get distracted so I wake up an hour earlier to do my makeup and get ready. :p

I usually have the tv on in the background. Not only does it give me something to listen to but it also gives me an idea of what time it is based on whats happening on the news. I know when it’s weather time, its time to finish up, spray the Fix+ and head out the door! 🙂

Usually nothing. If my grandmother is watching tv, I can usually hear whatever she’s watching. Occasionally, I’ll bring my iPod into the bathroom with me if I’m doing a makeup look that’s going to take a while to do.

I usually have my YouTube subscriptions running in the background 😛
Sometimes I listen to music too. Different artists and types of music depending on my mood 🙂

Music, usually upbeat, right now i tend to put my make up on to zz top or meatloaf as it gets me in the mood to get all done up :).

It depends on how I’m feeling/what I’m getting ready for. If I’m about to head out to a club it’ll be lots of high-tempo rock and dance like Garbage or Lady Gaga to get me in the mood for smokey black eyes and sexy heels. Every day looks (which for me = lots of bright colours) will be drawn up to something happy and fun like Green Day or Harvey Danger.

Usually music, but sometimes I’ll be watching a youtube video at the same time. I do my makeup in my bedroom so I just listen to music from my laptop. 🙂 xx

Depends on what I’m doing my makeup for! If it’s for school then I just put my ipod on shuffle, but if I’m getting ready for a night out then definitely something upbeat like Lady GaGa!

During the week I do my make up while watching the morning news (GMTV in the UK), at the weekend I normally listen to music (my favourites include bands like Europe, Bon Jovi, Van Tramp).

I sometimes put some music on..but I get so engrossed in my make up that I don’t really pay a lot of attention to it!

But when I do my make up before work, I often give myself a time limit using my itunes- 5 songs, 10 songs etc depending on how long Ive got to get ready…I’d spend hours on my makeup otherwise!

i’m usually going thru my podcasts on my iPhone like NPR or watching YouTube vids on makeup 😉 it’s so convenient when i’m copying a tutorial and i prop it on my caboodle! LOL

On my days off I listen to music since I get ready later in the morning. On my work days I don’t listen to anything because it’s to early in the morning.

I used to listen to the TV…CNN news…but I moved my makeup to a different room, so now I listen to music or long youtube videos that dont’ require me to’watch’ them (i.e.; tags adn stuff)

The sounds of silence! It’s the one time of the day that is truly private for me so I like to spend some quality time with me, myself, and I.

During the week, as I am getting ready for work, I will listen to the news. On the weekends, I will watch the E! network or anything girly that is on TV.

I listen to music, bands like Bush, Metallica, Bullet for my Valentine, Silverchair, Paramore, Evanescence – actually, whatever grabs my attention.

On a night out it’s usually film scores, Pirates of the Carribean, Sweeney Todd, Lord of the Rings or some epic classical music like Shostakovitch’s 7th symphony, Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite or Schubert’s Wanderersinfonie.

I wear my mp3 headsets. I get easily distracted with nothing audio in the background, so I live ni headsets, or with teh TV playing. Can’t hear the TV from the bathroom though.

What an interesting question!

Most mornings, I have Saved by the Bell on in the background while I get ready for work. However, when I’m “getting into character” for a show or a game, I’ll put on some mood music. I’m hoping to do a Lady Gaga-esque character in a few weeks, and I will definitely have some of her songs on loop.

On week days I usually listen to the morning news to find out the weather and all that. On weekends it’s usually my iPod.

Depends, in the morning before usually nothing. When I’m getting ready to go out the the bar or party then I blast some music.

My vanity is in the same room as my computer, so I usually have YouTube going on! Mostly product reviews, favourites-of-the-month type videos, etc.

I listen to myself think! lol I’m always up doing my make-up at 6:30am so nobody else is awake. Otherwise it’s probably be the TV.

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