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Scented Lip Products

Most scents I can get over, even if I can smell them a bit initially, but when they taste soapy or floral-like, that’s a big no-no!

— Christine


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ac Avatar

It’s the opposite for me! I love a [light!] floral or perfumey or tart-fruit/herbal scent, but absolutely loathe anything in the vanilla/cookie/cake batter/frosting/pastry genre. Nothing quite like going out for sushi and having the ocean/wasabi/soy/umami flavor and aroma whacked with a 2×4’s worth of shouty SWISS BUTTERCREAM smell right as you’re putting it in your mouth. (Second worst combo I’ve experienced : strong cinnamon lipgloss + dry white wine. Wowwwwww it was ungood.) Taste and smell are so intermingled that unless what you’re wearing is in the same category as what you’re eating, they’re probably not gonna play nicely together. (Suddenly that Cheeto-scented Lip Smacker doesn’t seem like such a bad idea? Maybe in future we’ll be able to “tune” the scent of any given lipstick to complement our dining experience — yes I’d like to pair the salmon with roasted asparagus with my rosemary-grapefruit lipstick please.)

Moxie Avatar

I love products with scents that are delicately creamy or fruity. I LOATHE unscented products, because I can taste the oils and other ingredients whenever I lick or bite my lips.

Brian Avatar

If a lip product is going to be scented it should at least smell like something someone might want to eat. I typically prefer a light vanilla but I grew up collecting lip smackers so its actually pretty difficult to displease me with a lip product scent.

Nancy T Avatar

About the only scents that I have found to be appealing to me in lip products is vanilla (MAC immediately comes to mind) or that amazing citrus scent that was in Bite Lipsticks (I believe it was in both formulas?).

But not florals! Not even a fan of the violet scent of Guerlain Lipsticks, but will still wear my beloved tube of Air Kiss on occasion. Hey, it looks like MLBS(himmery). Absolutely cannot stand the scent of L’Oreal Lipsticks at all!

zizzie Avatar

There is nothing I like about scented lipsticks. Right under your nose, either synthetic, fake (usually vanilla) or overwhelming florals that don’t go away or worse taste bad. If I want to smell something under my nose, I’ll put it there separately. I really appreciate Christine and the YTubers that warn you about ‘fragrance’.

Maggie Avatar

Don’t like scented lip products at all. After years of scented/flavored lip products when I was much younger as a child and a teen, my lips are now quite sensitive to ALL flavored/scented lip products. My lips even react to a number of unscented lip bullet products if I wear the particular product too often like Revlon Super Lustrous, Clinique Lip Pop or the previous Urban Decay Vice or Revolution Line-up. NARS Audacious Lipstick is the only non-discontinued lipstick bullet that I’m aware of that my lips don’t react to though I haven’t shopped for lipstick since the pandemic started.

Jen Avatar

Unless it’s perfume or some other product that I put on specifically for the scent, I don’t like it when scents linger. It’s not a migraine trigger exactly, but if I’m on the border of an attack my sense of smell is often magnified to an uncomfortable degree.

Natalie Avatar

I generally dislike scented products. I have migraines, so strong smells on my face are usually a no-go. If they are very lightly scented or scented to neutralize a strong-smelling product, I can usually go for it. I tend to prefer sweet or herbal scents, not so much fruit.

Ana Maria Avatar

I understand that in the past lipsticks needed to be scented to offset the castor oil scent (even now I remember the rancid smell of some old lipsticks), but nowadays the ingredients and formulas have evolved… I don’t think they are needed anymore to offset other scents.

Lisa C Avatar

I actually like scents in lipsticks with one very big exception. I cannot stand the scent and taste of YSL lipsticks. Just no!

Luna Vienna Avatar

I hate the scent of a laboratory 🧪
natural-genuine fragrance of 🌿 Botanicals 🌸 ❓ Yes, please❣️
I only use Bourjois mascara because I adore the scent. It is divine. Guerlain’s violet-scented powder is magnificent.
GAWD I hate the smell of Covergirl (noxious⚠️) & Maybrlline. They just reek. I can smell a woman walking by who wears that cheap trash. I have no idea how anyone put that on their face or reapplies lipstick all day with that odour. I couldn’t wear it in HS & still can’t.
You’d think a ‘signature scent’ wouldn’t be that awful, but there we are.

Nina Avatar

I’ve always loved the smell of MAC lipsticks. It’s just a memory and a good memory. Sadly, the shades that had my heart have been discontinued but! I did find a not so old New York Apple and tossed it on…the shade and scent made me smile. By and large, nope to any scent on my lips

P Jill Avatar

I really like the YSL scent in some of their lipsticks. You say pomegranate, It seems more mango to me. I do not mind a faint vanilla, Im thinking Chantecaille. Years ago I thought Chanel put rose scent in some of their product, which I hated.

Ana Maria Avatar

While I don’t mind the subtle vanilla hints some lipstick have (like MAC), I personally don’t like anything about scented lip products. Especially when they go into the floral territory or deviate too much into food (vanilla is tolerable, but going to cakes, cotton candy, banana and so on is too much for me).
Lipstick stays on my lips which is under my nose… having to constantly sniff something is not my vibe.

Hayley Avatar

I understand the higher end lipsticks/makeup companies use particular scents so that it’s harder to make knock off products as they cant replicate the scent as easily as the rest of the product?
I do love me the YSL lipstick smell though, so fruity, like mangoes.

Jane Avatar

No issues with most scented lip products. Fenty Gloss Bomb is a good example of a lip product that is very scented (but that I REALLY like) and the pigmentation and texture also work for me (and I think many people). I tend to prefer less scent with lipsticks than glosses (don’t know why, habit I think.)

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