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I look on blogs for inspiration and try to recreate them with what I have. Or I look at all my makeup and see what colors I have not really used and try to use them in a look.

I get together with a friend and we compare notes. It’s a great way to get fresh ideas for new color combinations. They say two heads are better than one.

I look at what Christine does and when I spot a magazine with a pretty look I think might suit me, I would buy it, put on some good music and test drive the look.
I usually only do one part of my face when I do that, and it has happened before that I forget about it and leave the house with half a made up face! 🙂

I just go through all of my stuff until I find something I want to use, or think about products I haven’t used in a while that I really like. Usually, if there’s one product I’m excited to use, I’ll automatically start to think of others it would look really pretty with. I tend to plan my makeup according to the occasion and whatever I’m wearing.

I was bored a little while ago so I looked through the bag of stuff I bought the other day, chose some fun stuff and put it all on to make a really dramatic smokey eye with a glossy pale nude lip… It was fun… Then I took a shower

But also I look for new inspiration in random places from TV , movies , blogs , magazines , other people ‘s looks & just the colors that surround me everyday .

Also , since I dye my hair bright colors , those color schemes tend to make me try new combinations which keeps me out of make up ruts , which is nice .

I agree with Diane–your blog for sure 🙂

Hey Christine off topic: what concealer do you like to use under your eyes?

I rotate the products I use, so I will always be using different brands, but I tend to go for pinks and purples mostly, so I try to pick out colours I don’t often use like greens, golds, browns.

I go back and revisit makeup I haven’t worn in forever and try to remember why I bought it in the first place. I have so much that i’ll totally not get to all of it. I try to think of new pairings for the old stuff.

I look to blogs and mags for inspiration but I also check out what the stars on tv is wearing. When in doubt, I stick to my original. Gold eyeshadow and lip gloss and make sure the nails are deck out.

I flip through magazines or browse my own collection because I always find something I have that I forgot about 😉

I have pages torn from magazines with looks I like or like to trie, collected in a box. Whenever I’m in a real rut, I take my box and look through my pictures and articles.

Hadn’t had one in a while, but magazines & blogs like others said- but also challenge myself to use one brand, one color, one product and work around it (forces me to get creative). Or I just go low key for a while until I get bored of being low key and start throwing on makeup again.

Flip through vogue, or look through my recent looks, see which color tones I haven’t used recently, and try to rotate through those. (lately i’ve been wearing a lot of neutrals, for a similar reason. Went months barely wearing any, and i’ve done several neutral smoky eyes in the past week or so)

Sometimes, i just pick a certain product that I rarely used, for whatever reason. I try to do several different looks with it. Usually that kick starts me again. I think it’s the challenge of not using a product that I KNOW like the back of my hand.

I was in one last night so I decided to try something new for an eye look. I was recently at an Ulta and saw a girl with an eye look that was a “pop of color” (I hope that’s what it’s called) it looked so pretty and I complimented her on it as well. She suggested I try it but I am too nervous to really wear color at all. But I have at least 2 large palettes, one with 88 eye shadows and 120 in the other. So I tried the look and it came out really pretty. Showed off to some family members and got great feedback! Christine are you going to be doing any tutorials with this method? I really have no idea how to pair colors and need the help, lol. Also does anyone know a really good dupe for Mac’s Buoy-o-Buoy lipstick? It’s a MLBB lipstick and a staple for me and I have maybe about a month or so before I have to crack open my backup and that’s just a scary thought! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Well, being in a makeup rut is pretty rare for me! But I usually just go by my outfit that day, use all the colors on my clothes.

I only get in a makeup rut when I’m getting ready for work, in a rush, and have no idea what to put on today. When that happens (like today), I just keep it simple. Some bronze blush with Shimpagne as a highlight and on my lids. BAM!

I give myself a home facial. Cleanse, deep exfloiate, a nice face mask, rinse, tone and hydrate. This always makes me feel renewed and more positive about myself.

I just don’t use makeup at all and go barefaced for as along as I feel like it. (But then again, I tend to go barefaced most of the time anyway…)

Honestly? I open one of my palettes at random, close my eyes and pick out three or four colours. Then I just work with it to create a look until I’m satisfied.

YouTube is always a great source of inspiration for me, as are the Temptalia archives, too. 🙂

I look at or watch tutorials and look at people LOTD type posts for inspiration on colour combos and techniques I might not have thought of on my own!

I usually kind of reject the rut. like.. if ive been using neutrals for what I notice is too long.. then I try to majorly switch it up, just to get my artistic side a kind of “jolt”. 🙂

I’m in such a rut right now.. I’m freaking desperate to feel inspired again. I usually do those things, but it’s so bad that I can’t be bothered to do those things (blogs, magazines, tv, music, pictures and so on)..

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