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i’m a believer in carmex. a little bit of carmex under lipstick or lipgloss works wonders for me.

I used to have super dry, cracked lips, and I’d never be able to wear lipstick cause it would look awful. Mac lip conditioner in the squeeze tube has totally changed them, I’ll never go back. I constantly have it on me, and I love the glossy finish of it. Some say Vaseline works just as well, but I actually disagree. Plus this has a better smell/texture/taste.

When i’m brushing my teeth in the morning i’ll brush my lips with my tooth brush & put chapstick on afterwards

I’m religious to Burt’s Bees regular lipbalm &&& EOS [Evolution of Smooth] round lipbalms!!

It’s hard for me to find brands that won’t give me the “cottage cheese” lip with the filmy stuff forming. Burt’s & EOS doesn’t do any of that & provide the silkiest canvas for my lipsticks or lipgloss!♥

I have a thing for chapstick, i swear there are about 4 different kinds in my purse at one time. Rose bud salve is my FAVORITE!! And just for the record, KORRES jasmine lipbalm is WAAY overrated!…just sayin 🙂

i usually do the same like you christine, moisture every day (chapstick from bodyshop) and at night i use macs tinted lip conditioner in soothing beige, which is waaaay to dark for me…but very helpful 🙂

Bourjois Baume de Nuit is my HG lip balm. It’s called a night lip balm but I use it ’round the clock. They stopped carrying it at my local Ultas (and Ulta.com) so I was on a mission to find a replacement. In that process I found Korres Lip Butters, and while the formula felt the same, I wasn’t a fan of the scent and wasn’t interested in colors. I also tried Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight (Christine, I think that may be the same as your intense lip therapy?) which I do like a lot, just not enough to spend that kind of money. I found and ordered 3 of my Bourjois on eBay. All 3 plus shipping from overseas was cheaper than one Philosophy balm! The Pilosophy lip balm does have longer staying power though…

i always have cherry Chapstick on. and i take it with me everywhere. it’s probably my most used beauty product. however, today i found about the EOS lip balm. the packaging is so cute and unique and i read good reviews about it so i am running to the drugstore tomorrow to buy one! we’ll see if this beats my favorite cherry chapstick!

I really don’t know what happen to me 🙁 there’re a few times I have something that looks like white-ish dead skin cell on the inner part of my lips after a few hours wearing lipstick *I know, it’s disgusting*. I don’t think it’s due to my lipsticks. My lips are always moisturized (EOS and Alba work well for me), I exfoliate regularly, I drink lot of water and eat fruit & vegetable like a good kid. But once in a while that happens.

It’s Vaseline for me all the way! 🙂 During the day I use the tinted (pink) version which is lighter and has a rose scent, it’s so lovely! I used to have dry lips in the winter, but since I started using Vaseline, I’ve not had any dryness. Love it!

I also exfoliate (with Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator) about twice a month (when I remember to do my face).

I use a chapstick with Aloe Vera as a base for my lipstick. When my lips are extremely dry and crack-a-lacked (sorry I just had to type it), I apply a thick layer of vaseline and remove it after a minute or three, then apply the ‘base’.
And I also give my lips the occasional break from the lipprods.

I’m pretty lucky to have good lips to start with, they never get chapped, they never crack, they never look bad. All I do is after brushing my teeth in the morning, I put on some Kiehl’s lip balm SPF 15. I don’t wear anything on my lips for the rest of the day. Then, at night, just before going to sleep (and after brushing my teeth) I put on some vaseline.
When it is summer and I decide to lay in the sun and tan (big word for me and my pale skin), I always put on some lip balm with SPF in it (mostly Kiehl’s, but sometimes other brands).

During the Holidays, my lips totally freaked out. One of my friends recommended me to use Burt’s Bees lipstick and I fell in love. Once a week, I exfoliate them with the new Lip Scrubs from Lush (it is my second week I am doing it).

I exfoliate them with Mary Kays Satin Lips and always keep them moisturized. I also sleep with a lip balm on.

Have you tried Chanel’s Hydramax lip creme – the one for $45 – Its really good at night. Check it out.

I use Burt’s Bees Lip balm during the day as its moist enough but not overly oily to use before your lipstick. For night, I used loads of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream or Rosebud Salve depending on my mood lol.

Smith’s Rosebud Salve is the best. In general, I have to just keep my lips super moisturized. I recently discovered that I’m allergic to MAC’s Plushglass, which makes my lips get bumpy and then dry out. I’m going to have to find someone to bestow it to!

– Rosebud salve (the original rose and the strawberry version)
– EOS lip balms
– cherry chapstick
– softlips (I’m so surprised nobody else has said this one)
– Vaseline (only at night)

I adore lip balms. My favorite beauty product =D

I exfoliate regularly, usually after I brush my teeth. I apply Body Shop lip butter on my lips, like before applying lipstick or before going to sleep. And I make sure that I’m always hydrated.

I am very careful to avoid lip products with petroleum jelly or mineral oil in them as this ingredient just sits on top of the lips and does not actually provide moisture. This is the ingredient that causes people to become addicted to chapstick because while it feels nice ON the lips, once it wipes off, lips are back to their dry state. Petroleum jelly is only good for bandage purposes, which means if you need to cover a wound but cannot put a bandaage over it (ie: cold sore) petroleum jelly works as a kind of bandage because it doesnt not penetrate the wound, but protects it from outside bacteria.

I make sure to use natural lip balms like Burt’s Bees or Korres. These may not FEEL moisturizing at first, but once your lips regenerate their natural oil barrier, these natural lip balms will help keep your lips healthy rather than stripping them of their natural oils like petroleum jelly does.

I used to be a Carmex addict many years ago. Hi, I’m Whitney and I used to abuse Carmex (or wait, I used to abuse MY LIPS!)

Ugh. I DON’T! I wish I could but my lips are often pretty jacked up – Badly chapped and sore 🙁 I have found that my DIY Lip Plumper is just about the only thing that helps (I think because it keeps blood flowing to the area). The biggest thing for me is remembering to apply it ALL THE TIME! Seriously… Every half hour to hour… ALL DAY LONG. At night (if I don’t want to wake up with messed up lips) I usually have to slather on something really greasy like Vasoline (so sexy!).

Eh, I guess it’s a good excuse to keep Vasoline by my bed. (EEEEWWW!) LOL!

EVOO and sugar scrub once or twice a week, a shea balm I make for myself, original chapstick or MAC lip balm in the pot.

I exfoliate lightly with a damp washcloth after my shower almost every morning, and I ALWAYS wear lip balm. Seriously, I absolutely cannot leave the house without knowing I have ChapStick with me.

I use Burt’s Bees lip balm several times a day but at night I also use Lush lip expholiator then apply more Burt’s Bees just before I go to bed, makes my lips super smooth and soft.

I love rosebud salve! However I’ve noticed that as I get older my lips have become increasingly more dry, rosebud does work really well and it gives a nice sleek shine to them with just a hint of color. I also have to practice lip maintenance before bed, my secret weapon? Bag Balm. Intended for use by cows for chapped utters (kiiinda gross) it actually works amazingly well on your lips AND it’s super cheap. You can get a huge tin of it at drug stores for $10. But in desperate situations, usually in the winter, I’ll put a little of my winter moisturizer: Kiehls Anti-Oxident Skin Preserver which is for only the driest of skin but definitely works awesome.

I exfoliate with my toothbrush and if I am not wearing lip products then I always use a chapstick. My lips are hardly ever chapped but I feel like I always need to have something on my lips. I use Neutrogena lip moisturizer spf 15.

Three words – Blistex Intensive Repair.
I swear this balm has changed my life – I’ve not had nasty chapped lips once since I started using it. Little round blue pots are littered everywhere in my life!

I like the Philosophy Kiss Me and their other glosses too, I find them very hydrating.

And each time I brush my teeth, I give my lips a very gentle scrub with the toothbrush, then apply balm afterwards.

I use Vaseline or Burts Bees at night and every couple of days I exfoliate with sugar and EVOO. It works better than anything I’ve ever bought to exfoliate my lips.

I heart burt’s bees beeswax lipbalm.It actually works and it has this cooling feeling to it because it has peppermint so i end up having both soft lips and minty breath..

I have desert dry, sensitive allergic lips with deep lines from years of picking at the flaking. I also sleep with my mouth open, apparently, so I more or less wake up with dry lips every single day. For me, I ALWAYS have to be wearing lipbalm. My HG is Soaplaya Soaps Green Tea Lip Butter (and believe me, I’ve just about tried them all! Rosebud Salve, Burt’s Bees, etc weren’t moisturizing enough and I was allergic to Bourjois Baume de Nuit, Philosophy Kiss Me, Caudalie Lip Conditioner, & L’Occitane’s Shea Lip Balm, AMONG OTHERS!). I wear that night and day and under ever lipstick. I find it very comparable to Garden Botanika’s Vit. E Lip Conditioner but for a fraction of the price. I also try to stay as hydrated as possible.

For lipsticks I have to stick with the most moisturizing formulas I can find. The best I’ve tried are the Laura Mercier Stickglosses (I’ll soon have 8) and the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimiteds (I have 3). The Stickglosses are not only lightly conditioning to my lips, they are also the most forgiving to liplines and dryness. They look amazing on my lips in a way I never thought my lips could look. The Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimiteds are also light, but they’re neither moisturizing nor drying. They do sink a bit into the liplines but they photograph really well. I find MAC Amplified Cremes, Jane Iredale PurMoist Lipsticks and Dior’s Addict High Shines to be lightly drying as they wear down/off. MAC Cremesheens (the first release ones) and Lustres are borderline for me.

When my lips do get dry and flaky (which is pretty much inevitable), I use Physicians Formula Plump Potion as a moisturizing treatment and peel. It is gross and sticky, but within 1 hour it’s more or less healed my lips entirely and I can use a finger to just rub off all the dry, flaky skin without tearing or drying out my lips more. I occasionally use this as an overnight treatment as well and this is the only thing I’ve ever found to actually keep my lips unflaky for an entire night.

I make sure my lips are well exfoliated before I put anything on them. I use some good ol’ vaseline on those bad boys after I exfoliate, let it soak in a min., then I put whatever lip gloss I decide! Easy!

moisturize them as often as possible!!!!! oh and exfoliate diligently (I do it with my toothbrush every morning, gently of course) too!

Nivea Strawberry lip balm
Maybelline lip balm – Mandarin
The Body Shop – wild cherry lip butter
The Body Shop – Lipscuff

Also when I am cleansing my eye makeup using EVOO, i would put some on cotton pad and wipe my lips with them…

I exfoliate my lips with Smashbox’s lip exfoliator and use chapstick when I putting on make up and then remove it when I am going to apply lipstick or lipgloss.

Everynight I use a balm– usually chapstick or Kiehl’s #1 balm
Drink lots of water
Exfoliate with a toothebrush
Always apply a base (chapstick) before lipstick

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