What discontinued product would you love to see revamped and re-released?

I would love to see Urban Decay overhaul the Naked series entirely. I’d love to see them embrace their smaller, six-pan palettes and create a core range of Naked palettes that offers all-matte palettes for light, medium, and deeper skin tones (at least three depths) and all-shimmer palettes for the same skin tone depths. Then, I’d love to see more seasonal six-pan releases that add in color or on-trend shades, e.g. earth tones, jewel tones, brights, smoky neutrals, etc. It’d be awesome if they almost hooked or magnetized together to create a larger 12-pan if desired!

— Christine
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I love this idea for UD! Next to MAC, UD is an OG for me. Who among us did not have the original Naked?!? Which i finally tossed just a couple years ago. Currently l am loving and using regularly the Naked Heat palette. I would love to see the quality and creativity of early UD return. 😉

Just one??? Where to start?? Well, the original Naked palette, for starters. It’s the one makeup item I’m closest to using up. MAC Moth Brown (would that count? I was never able to get it and would love a chance to buy it). Cargo Blu Ray Concealer. No need to revamp it at all – just bring it back because it was the BEST concealer I’ve ever used (and I’ve used dozens of them). Oh, I’d also love to see UD bring back those fabulous blushes and highlighters that were just so terrific and then – POOF – vanished! And speaking again of UD, I liked their earlier lipstick formula – Revolution. The lippies they have now are good (though I could happily do without the “bullet” look of the cases) but the Revolution ones were, IMO, better.

Oh my goodness UD did not get enough credit for their blush and highlighters, they were incredible! It’s such a shame they discontinued them but kept the 3 in 1 palettes which aren’t that impressive or practical. I think a rerelease with a wide range of tones & colors would be amazing.

Mariella – I agree with you 110% about the UD Revolution Lipsticks and the utterly fabulous Afterglow Blushes and Highlighters! Those NEED to come back. Because even though I have a few backups, their Catfight and Sheer Slowburn were legendary, as we’re many of the other shades. I’ve hit pan on my Rapture blush, and have no b/up for it. No dupe looks just like it, either.

That’s what I meant the other day with my comment about UD trying to destroy itself. It’s like their business plan is “let’s get rid of ALL our really good stuff and come out with a whole lot of new cr*p and, while we’re at it, let’s take one of our star products – Primer Potion – and put it in even crummier packaging than we’ve ever had before”. Strangely, though, Nancy, Catfight (the Revolution one) is one of the few products I’ve ever returned. I bought it with high hopes, as I loved that formula, but on me it was too bright and garish. But today – for Valentine’s Day – I’m wearing the “original” F-Bomb. Hate the name but love that lipstick. I don’t know what the newer “Vice” version is like, but the original – MWAAH! – as “in your face reds” go, it’s perfection.

Have you looked at NARS Sin as a replacement for Rapture? I’d wanted SIN for quite some time but it never looked quite right on me. When Rapture was released, I was drawn to it because it looked a lot like Sin but looked better on my pale skin.

Completely agree about the Revolution lipsticks. I like the Vice ones that I have but the Revolution ones (at least the satin formula) were superior. And while I thought the colour range was too small in the Revolution line, they’ve gone to the opposite extreme with the Vice formula. The only thing I prefer about the Vice lipsticks is the shape of the actual lipstick. The Revolution ones were harder to apply neatly out of the tube.

I love your idea! I would also like if the pans wereagnetic so you could easily rearrange a 6 pan compact for travel. I miss the old Urban Decay so much.

I also wish they would bring back the Book of Shadows concept. They were such great palettes with a little bit of everything.

Urban Decay needs to take notes from you! I wish Revlon would bring back their Lip Butters and expand the shades into more funky colors. I also really liked the CoverGirl Exact Eyelights mascara, which came in a few dark-but-not-black colors meant to enhance different eye colors. If that came back, I’d buy several backup tubes! To improve it… maybe more color options? The one for blue eyes was a sparkly (lol) dark blue, so they could also have non-sparkly blue for the people who may not want their lashes to be a little glitzy.

This is the perfect concept (if only they put you in charge) but I do feel like the 6 pan feels on-trend but not very UD–for god or bad, I can’t decide. I really like this idea for the naked palettes but I’d almost prefer to see the “trend” palettes become a smaller, more concise version of their formats.

For me, historically, I associate UD with maybe three kinds of palettes other than the Nakeds: the huge bulky box products like the Book of Shadows, which they still kinda do from time to time even though it seems like everyone hates them (did we hate all that unnecessary packaging back then? I can’t even remember…); the bigger but comparatively slim and utilitarian palettes of the vice era (were those just annual?); and the smaller, rectangular 9-12 pans like the deluxe or nocturnal. I’d like to see a new line like the latter two categories.

I loved that the Vice line was treated like volumes in a series, which I think they could do with every new trend palette. I really still love the size and weight of those older palettes, and it just felt very them. What I’d love to see from them is maybe seasonal 8 or 10 pan, maybe 4×5 cardboard palettes, always the same size so they would look nice together as a “collection,” making them more worth buying. If they were different enough from each other and in the $30 range, I could see myself buying one or two of them every year.

I’m not a huge makeup purchaser, but through maybe 2017, I feel like I would purchase 1-2 UD palettes every year and maybe get one as a gift as well, and they were all vaguely interesting, compact, decent enough, and not terribly expensive. Is that so much to ask!

UD needs to hire you, Christine. You could breathe some life back into that brand. I can’t figure out why they have allowed it to become so stale. It had such a fun history.

I’d love to see Tarte bring back their larger round palettes that had the nice closure and a blush, highlight, bronzer and six eyeshadows, like their old Showstopper palette. Do light, medium and dark versions, make sure there’s enough contrast in the eyeshadows for a couple different looks, and I’ll have a new version of my favorite all in one travel palette.

Charlotte Tilbury makes palettes like these! They are a little pricey (although you get a decent amount of product and it lasts, so I do think it’s worth it – especially if you can get on sale or with a code), but the two I have are really beautiful and wonderful to work with. Sooo perfect for travel or when I’m just rushing in the morning and don’t want to think too much! LOL

Great idea for UD! I’d love to see good quality re-releases of the Vice palettes and the old Books of Shadows. I’ve missed them since they got too old to use and I destashed them.

From Urban Decay, i’d love to see some vice edit palettes, sort of like the viseart edit palettes. Smaller palettes but still with a good amount of shades in it. I also want the blushes back as well, i loved them. Maybe have a better build your own palette system of just single pans of eyeshadow and blush because i hate how clunky their palette system is. I loved the face cases, but id want something more sleek and in a wider variety. I mostly just want whatever palettes they do to be available in light, medium, deep, and dark, with cool, neutral, warm, and bright versions.

I love this idea for Urban Decay! Personally I am sad that they discontinued the original Naked palette as it is still one of my favorites.

I want Revlon to bring back their Beyond Natural Protective Lip Tints which had SPF! I also miss their Lip Butters.

I also miss Tarina Tarintino’s Dollskin Cheek blushes. They were so incredibly silky and smooth.

Not discontinued, but….All of Too Faced Chocolate (and other flavored) eyeshadow palettes WITHOUT sodium saccharine! Please, for every future purchaser who would gladly buy these but cannot due to sulfa allergies. Sodium Saccharine IS a sulfa. Also, UD’s newer lip glosses for the same reason.

As for actually DC’d products, I’d say, bring back the old Wn’W 6 pan palettes named after sins that were so excellent in quality, but add a few more colorways to it. Instead of only 4, give us 6 or 7.

Guerlain, they used to do some lovely eyeshadow palettes. It feels like they just gave up, discontinuing foundations, eyeshadows and blushers. Now it is all just Terracotta released with different packaging each year.

I so wish UD would go back to the good old days. It was my go-to brand for eyeshadow palettes and I still use my Naked 1 and 2 original when I need a go-to look and want to feel totally sure of the result. UD tried to capitalize on their success but the quality of the new offering is just not there anymore. Sure there are many new formulas out there that are just stunning for quality and pigmentation in a way UD never was, like PMG or Natasha, but there is a lot of space on the market for something easy, workable and reliable as the old Naked palettes used to be.

All these ideas re: UD sound great, I just would not trust them with revamping of like anything right now, they’d just totally fail like they’ve been failing with every new release quite some time now…

I agree. I used to love these, a decade ago. I am 42 now and have literally zero interest in the new western themed one, I feel like they are beating the same tired drum and they are beating themselves into irrelevancy. I like your idea about smaller palettes, but I honestly just can’t get excited about Urban Decay as a brand anymore since formulas are so updated and incredible now and there is so much amazing makeup from other brands and independent makeup. They really need to overhaul to stay in the game.

I would love to see Ultima II The Nakeds Line come back. No — not UD the Nakeds that everyone else has covered very well, but the Nakeds line from Ultima II from the early 80s. Yep, I’m old!

It was formulated to go with most skin tones and was “curated” before that was a concept — I guess “limited” is a better term. And I *think* it was based on neutrals, before Bobbi Brown re-invented that concept, which is probably why it went with so many skin tones. Quietly packaged in cream and black.

I can dream.

Kevyn. Enough said. The Godfather of Nakeds, with duo e/s and l/s that were #d light to dark. #s that made sense. Not Coral 303 that tells you nothing. The megas were very mega and not fully naked. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Nakeds all go back to Kevyn. Even though KA is solidly in the rear view mirror, his influence is felt daily by those of us fortunate enough to have experienced his work. In a way, he also was The Godfather of Out. We owe him so much and rue the briefness of his groundbreakingly creative life.

Yes, I would like to see UD revamp Nakeds 1 & 2 – get rid of the warmer shades in Naked 2 and really make it cool toned by adding in the Mushroom shade and put Gunmetal in it. For Naked 1, I would add in Ambush instead of Gunmetal. I would also remove those really pale shades at the beginning of the palettes as well and substiute them with better neutral shades.
I would like to see Clinique bring back their navy blue mascara – which was the best navy blue mascara ever. Why they d/c it, I’ll never know.

I would love to see the original three Naked Palettes and the two Naked Basic Palettes periodically re- released as the old palettes become old and less useable.
I wish UD in general, would return to their prior quality.

I would love for Chanel to stop redoing products that weren’t broken, and then making them worse. Like the cream bronzer and loose powder. Also bring back many of your blushes, especially Elegance. And in general I wish they and all other brands would just be color inclusive. It should actually be a law or something that you need to have products for every skin color

If we’re still on the topic of revamping Urban Decay, I would like to see a relaunch of the Naked Smokey palette. I loved the original one, but coming with a new everyday smokey eye palette with the grunge vibes Urban Decay used to have would be amazing.

Yes I loved smokey!! I just got rid of mine a couple of weeks ago as it was about to sprout legs and walk itself out the door… lol. Sad times ☹

I was just checking Sephora to see if UD had discontinued some of my favourite lipsticks (since UD ditches all its best stuff) and I see the ENTIRE line of Vice lipsticks is now marked down and on its way out. There’s a limit to how many lipsticks I can own and realistically use before they start to go “off” (it doesn’t happen often but it has happened) so I’m not going to get backups of Gash, Jilted, F-Bomb or Mrs. Mia Wallace, though I love them all but, again, I can’t help wondering what the heck this company is doing. First, the “Revolution” lipsticks and now these? Not to mention all the wonderful products they’ve dumped so unceremoniously that so many of us have mentioned! Yeesh!

I don’t know if anyone remembers…but when I was in Jr High (I’m 46 now) there was this specific color lipstick from either Revlon, Covergirl, or even Maybelline(I can’t remember)…but it was in the drugstore in the lipstick section when they were all on the same wall. It was this this iridescent purple/pink color and it was all the rage in the late 1980’s…I’ve been on such a witch-hunt trying to find it!!!***Does anyone remember?***

Possibly Cover Girl ice blue pink or rose quartz. That’s what I was wearing in the late 80s in junior high. It was a frosted purple/pink, the ice blue pink had more purple to it.

Years ago, Estée Lauder had a leg makeup like no other. You spread it evenly on the legs and voila, the realistic tan. It didn’t move. Once dry, it lasted for days. The only way to remove was with an oil remover. There was no transfer. Every summer I search for his product. While there are other body makeups, they never come close to this former EL product

EL had many good products they did away with unfortunately. I’ve also used tons of products hoping for a natural looking tan glow + beautifully even color on my pale translucent legs (which I hate): sprays, lotions, gels, mousses, many powder and cream bronzers as well as foundations galore. All tedious! Some looked so fake, dry, cakey even and some peeled. If you’re looking for results that will last at least a few days I LOVE Infinity Sun Glow On The Go sunless tanning spray which is buildable.

*It expires at about 6 months and turns green. I prefer to buy from their site or call their customer service reps rather than salons who’ve sold me expired bottles and sprayed me w/pricey stuff that didn’t come close to the quick results I got from this spray. They make other bronzing products you may like. I’m ordering more once it’s not longer freezing! Hope it helps!

I keep banging my drum about this product from Perricone MD’s formerly great line. I wish they would bring back their Lip Plumper in the white tube or any container at all! I’ve asked the rep I’ve known for many years why it worked so well when their far pricier products (also w/ DMAE) couldn’t achieve the same results. No one seems to know. When used several times a day the results were unbelievable! I had a visibly firmer, bouncier, more defined lip line and my lips had similar plumped results too.

Also their Neuropeptide creamy cleanser and their Chia Serum / oil worked so well that I don’t understand why these products were never revamped. Facial oils / serums, creamy anti-aging cleansers for dry sensitive skin and lip plumpers sell like crazy yet these were never replaced by anything better within that line. Bummer.

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