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Orange as well, and blues, greens, teals… I love statement lips but those colours make me look so ruddy unless my base isn’t full-coverage, and my teeth look yellow! Although I did decide that I will wear lilac and lavender so maybe it’s just a matter of making it work 👌🏼

This question is easy because I have quite a bit of lipstick-envy when it comes to certain shades:

“Greige” shades make me look like a corpse, which is disappointing because I really like them.. Blue tends to look ugly on me, except Colourpop Getty, which works for some odd reason…maybe because it’s got some green in it? Most corals look icky on me, with two exceptions: MAC Crosswires and See Sheer. White-based shades and super light shades, like MAC Blankety, are unflattering on me. And dark burgundy shades make my naturally full lips look thin, and make my smile lines look more prominent.

But, thankfully, there are tons of shades that do work on me, ergo my three-digit lipstick collection!

It’s not so much I can’t wear it, but I can’t pick it. Anything but beige, if I choose it without help, I look ill. I know the rules and I think I understand my skin tone, but I always pretend to be clueless and go ask for help because I’m incapable of choosing something flattering on my own. It’s incredibly frustrating. (I know we’re allowed to chuck the rules out, but I like looking like I’m outside for reasons other than a doctor’s appointment)

Dark reds, browns, purples – they age me.
Very light peachy nudes, greyish nudes – I look dead; there is no contrast with my face.
Taupes, certain dusted pink mauve, mauve – they don’t good look with my skin undertone and are not flattering.
Bright orange, certain red-orange, gold – not flattering on my fair skin.

On another note, for my fellow Canadians: the three new E/S palettes from Pat McGrath are available on Sephora Canada as I write.

Don’t let Samantha hear you say that about orange lips, lol! I also really love the *idea* of superbright, orange-red (e.g. ColourPop Rêver, Dose of Colors Hot Fire), but oranges tend to bring out the yellow-green in my skin AND the yellow in my teeth. 😔

Me too! Cannot wear many nudes or greige shades either. The only Nude I have is CT Bitch Perfect. It looks good, but need a lipgloss over it to make it pop. I look best in corals, fushias & orange-reds.

Very cool toned fuchsia and pink shades look utterly hideous on me, yet I can wear some warm purples or fuchsias! Pale shades like MAC Snob and St. Germain give me powder donut mouth, so shades like those are a no-go, too. As is anything with a strong yellow base, as I’m an ex-smoker and I still drink coffee and tea. Oh well, I can live without those, anywho!

But; the one that makes me really sad that it looks ugly on me? Strongly, resolutely greige lipstick!

My lips are the one place where I wear whatever I like without caring about the final effect, so in essence, I don’t find any colors that I like hard to wear on my lips.

90’s style browns…love the look on other people, but it doesn’t really match the rest of makeup style.

Also greiges and light mauves. They look so pretty, but they look too light on me (medium-tan) and give me that zombie-look.

Pinks and fuschias…I love them until they are on my lips.

BTW, I think you look great in orange lipstick Christine, along with every other color. I envy your ability to wear corals too.

Orange lipsticks are really tricky. The enamel on my teeth is transparent, so the yellow dentin at the center of my teeth is visible. Red-oranges or super-bright oranges seem to work well. True oranges are trickier. Some lighter, yellow-based oranges make the teeth yellowing worse, while others seem to make them look whiter! It’s a crap shoot, and frustrating.

Navy can have similar issues. Most have no effect, but some make my teeth look whiter. Others can make them look more yellow or even slightly green.

I have quite a list that don’t work on me but I will try and restrain myself from listing them all. Suffice to say, anything that is too pale as I have pigmented lips and even if I try to wipe the colour out with foundation, it just looks horrible. Not something I think looks flattering on someone, even if it didn’t wear off horribly. I can’t wear anything with too much orange in it. I never have been able to but would say it has gotten worse as I have aged as the orange shades bring out the yellow tones in my teeth. I can’t wear anything too deeply purple as it makes my under eye circles look more pronounced. Anything that is going to brown or greige I can’t pull off either. So, I live in the world of pink, plum, fuschia, red, mauve (as long as it doesn’t have too much of a grey cast).
I don’t wear statement lips in the more unusual colours as they would be high maintenance and I just don’t have the time or patience for that. Also, in the little town that I live in people would laugh if I went out with teal, black or blue lipstick. It isn’t that I care what anybody thinks or even that it might not look good but I think I am just too conventional (insert old) to wear them, LOL.

Really light nudes that normally look fab on no one ever. And the peachy nudes. And green. And some blues. How can you tell a warm undertone blue from a cool undertone blue, by the way?

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