What brand's palettes have the most eyeshadows you wish you could purchase individually?

Urban Decay is my personal choice (as I like that formula best), but they do still have an extensive single range. I think brands like Tarte and Too Faced really lack individual ranges!

— Christine


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Katherine T. Avatar

Well, almost every set seems to have a shade that I like that’s either LE or not sold individually, or for the cost of getting the single, you might as well buy the set LOL I would say sometimes UD or MUFE, but I can usually find a dupe or wait for the single to go on sale. I woud say the Limited Edition Colour Pop sets ones are the worst! There always seems to be 1 color (out of like 6) that I totally love but it’s LE, and I can’t justify buying the set for it, and Colour Pop’s formula is so unique, it’s hard to dupe.

Katherine T. Avatar

I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels that way. I had to bypass several sets, but finally caved on the Forever Freshman set, because I wanted Baby T (a top quality blue), and it went on sale. They NEED to sell Baby T as a single! I ended up liking the other colors more than I thought, but I didn’t “need” them. But every time I see a CP kit, I just groan. The makeup gods are so cruel !!

Zoe Avatar

was going to post the same thing. there is always 1-2 shadows that are really nice in the LE sets, that do not justify purchasing the rest. maybe try sites like poshmark?

Nancy T Avatar

The first 2 that popped into my head as I read the question on Facebook were Urban Decay and Too Faced! So many very cool shades that can only be had by buying the entire palette. Personally, I would love to see Dragon, Sonic and Alchemy from Vice 3 made as permanent eyeshadows in the permanent formula!
Oddly, though, Tarte just never occurred to me. Probably because I have never gone utterly gaga over them? Even though the Tartlette HAS been on my beauty scanning radar forever!

Kat Avatar

I agree, I adore UD’s eyeshadow formula but I avoid buying their singles because they current packaging is next to impossible to depot (and I don’t like having singles lying around not in a palette, because then I’ll never use them). Maybe if they offered an incentive to buy their make-your-own palettes I’d buy more (like maybe offer a free 4-spot palette with the purchase of 4 singles or something like that). The formula really is one of the best, which makes me sad that it’s so hard to depot.

xamyx Avatar

I’ve depotted all of my UD singles, and actually found them to be the easiest to do! I just pop out the “base”, then use a flat iron or iron, set it on the hot surface, and use a pin/needle to dislodge the pan. UD doesn’t seem to use a very strong adhesive, so the come out very easily (I even did a few without heat, and the popped right out).

Kate Avatar

Soldering iron! Fantastic idea!! (runs to check the garage for hubby’s old soldering iron…) I love depotting so I can mix and match my own palettes (regardless of brand)

Chella Avatar

MAC, hands down. I used to totally be a UD girl (obsessive palette girl actually), but after buying MAC warm neutral pallete, I am sold. Way better quality that UD, no fallout even with the loose shadows. Their color range on neutral shadows (singles, or pro palette refills) is amazing. As much as I love UD palettes, even with using pixie epoxy, the fallout is terrible. MAC MAC MAC!

Alicia Avatar

I actually have had just the opposite experience! I used to be a MAC girl but their formula/quality has gotten so schizophrenic, I almost never buy MAC anymore. I find UD’s shadows (in their singles) to have much more consistency with the formula. Their palettes don’t have the same quality formulas as the singles though. At least that has been my experience

Rachel R. Avatar

High end: Urban Decay for me, too. As you said, they have a large singles range, but there still always seem to be colors I want from palettes I don’t have or wish to buy. I’d also love it if the Electric Palette pigment shades were available as singles. It would be great to have Chaos and Thrash in singles for trips where I don’t want to take a the whole palette.

Too Faced, Tarte, Lorac and Smashbox could all really use singles.

Drug Store: I wish Wet n Wild would do singles of some of their palette shades. Their Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Singles are good, but the color selection is very limited.

Makeup Revolution could use an expansion of their singles as well, though it’s better than Wet n Wild.

Kathleen Avatar

Hmmm.. not sure. Probably Viseart? I love their formula best, even preferring it to MUFE, just because it feels smoother and thinner (not in a bad way) and looks more melded with the skin. But with my Paris Nudes palette, there’s nothing I will really leave out, as I love all the colors in it, so I’m not sure that I will prefer the singles to the palettes. But it would be a nice way to try their formula if you can’t bite the $80 price of the palette.

pePear Avatar

Too Faced! I’ve many favorite palettes from this brand (Chocolate Bars,StarDust,Neutral palette)and some eyeshadows in chocolate palettes I’ve hit the pan but it’s feel silly to just buy a new palette for one or two eyeshadows while I can buy a similar ones in another brands that have a single eyeshadows

Deb Avatar

I would have to say Lorac. I love the Pro Palettes but the eyeshadows in those palettes are so tiny that I think I will go through my favorite colors at some point and then the only way to get them again would be to repurchase the palette which wouldn’t be very cost effective.

Mariella Avatar

Probably Tarte, as they have virtually nothing available as single shadows. I recall, after purchasing the Tarte for Aqualilies palette, looking for one of my faves from that and being really surprised that at least at Sephora there were NO single shadows at all. At least UD has a wide range of permanent single shades and even if something in a palette isn’t available as a single, there’s probably something very close to it in their own line. AND – they will often release shadows that were popular in palettes (Mushroom is the example that comes to mind for me) as singles, which is great.

Gillian Avatar

It would have to be either Urban Decay, Smashbox or Suqqu. I only have the one eyeshadow palette from Smashbox but it has loads of great colours and from Urban Decay I have a few but I mostly use the Naked and Naked3 palettes. For Suqqu I only have a few quints but the quality is excellent and there’s one particular peach colour that I’m almost out of because I love it so much (shimmery peach eyeshadow is my go-to lid colour when I can’t think of what else to use, followed by taupe and then pale gold). ?

KaseyKannuck Avatar

Mac. They have an extensive collection of singles now, but they’re in the habit of repromoting past shades or putting new ones in palettes, so if you want them, you have to buy shades that you may already own, and more often or not the quality is substandard.
UD mostly releases new shades in palette form as well, but they do release some of them as singles eventually. I also prefer UD shadows and I own a few singles and a lot of palettes. I do have repeats but I don’t find them to be quite as repetitive as Mac *cough carbon cough* ?

Dani Avatar

Tom Ford comes to my mind first! While I really like his quads, there are still some duds or repeated shades I want to avoid, especially at this price point!

Chelsea Avatar

Definitely Urban Decay. There’s the purple one, Smolder, in their Smokey palette that I’d like. So pretty! But I feel like I have dupes of the other colors.

xamyx Avatar

None, honestly… I really prefer pre-made palettes. I find them more cost-efficient, and even if the singles were available for shades I may run out of (although that has yet to happen, LOL!), it would be cheaper just to replace the entire palette. That said, I do wish UD would rotate some of the “palette exclusives” into the singles range. For example, Protest from the Spectrum palette; I couldn’t justify getting the palette for just that shade & one other that is available, especially with Vice 4 & Gwen Stefani being released around the same time (as well as Naked Smoky not too long before!).

I wouldn’t mind seeing Kat von D releasing some singles (or even duos), but maybe in shades that are real “workhorses”, like some of the neutral shades from Ladybird, or some other light to midtone matte, neutral, transition shades.

Alice Avatar

Definitely Tarte for me. They have a lot of good quality darker matte shadows that I’d like to have, but they’re always in a palette with a bunch of neutral/nude/pink shades. It’s just not worth it to me to buy a whole palette for 2-3 shadows. (also I wish they’d do more stuff like the Tarte for True Blood line, and that the Energy Noir palette had been better)

Also Tarina Tarantino. Her singles are terrible but the palettes are great.


I’m definitely going to have to say ABH. I am OBSESSED with her palettes (especially the Self Made Palette) they are pigmented and she has a wonderful range of colors.

Genevieve Avatar

I am not really a great fan of individual pans – I find that they are annoying to find in my stash. I only have a few. I am into quads, quints and palettes (but not the mega ones).
To answer your question – it would be Urban Decay as well because some of their colours really suit me, but I don’t use the purples, pinks, blacks and the dark chocolate browns. These are the shadows that usually take up half a large palette.

Lourdes Avatar

Too Faced. I am in love with Nougat from the Chocolate bar palette as a transition shade. I even hit pan and now I’m on panic mode because that shade is not offered single. Can you suggest any dupes?!?

Fran Avatar

Urban Decay (since with MUFE, I can purchase all the shades individually)! Often, there are a small handful of shades in a large U.D. palette that I really, really, like, and that maybe don’t have a ton of dupes (are fairly unique shades), but I don’t want to buy the whole big palette to get them, since trying to use up the shades I don’t really care for kind of interferes with my fun. The same thing happens with MAC palettes once in a while. In the beginning, I’d buy the palette anyway, but, now that I have a nice collection of eyeshadows that I love, I usually resist.

Kelsey | The Balmaholic Avatar

Viseart, hands down. Nothing I have used thus far compares to that formula, but there is always a shade or two that I’m not very fond of in all of the palettes. I wish they sold them separately and/or had a make-your-own-palette type of system.

Anne Avatar

I wish Urban Decay sold their single shadows as refill pans, as I don’t currently buy them in the bulky packaging. Same with the Too Faced ones (though I’ve never really been impressed with the Tarte ones so don’t care about those).

miekogirlie Avatar

i actually prefer palettes because of the value! but if asked this question a month ago i’d say Saucebox BUT they recently came out with singles! 🙂 yea!

Zelda Avatar

Definitely Urban Decay. I just checked their web site and they have 86 colors of singles (not counting the Moondust shadows). It seems like 86 would be enough, but it’s not. I want Grifter (from the Ammo palette) as a single.

Ashleigh Avatar

Too Faced, definitely. They have a lot of very popular palettes, yet almost no shadow singles! I have a single from them from a loooong time ago, and it’s beautiful, but being able to replace staple shades with ease would be very nice!

Cat Avatar

Thanks for posting my question! =) I had a feeling UD would be a popular answer. I wish Buzz, Sonic, and the newly created Harajuku and Punk were available individually as they are my favorites. Especially Punk! It’s the shade I was hoping ABH’s Red Earth would be when I bought it online. Harajuku is one of the few pink shades I’ve used that actually shows up on my pink-toned skin (most tend to blend in with my pink skin regardless of what base I’ve used). Oh! And the gold color from the Glinda palette! That’s an amazing shade, too!

From Too Faced, I’d love to own a single of Coquet as it’s a shade I dip into 90% of the time when I use the A Few of My Favorite Things palette.

From KVD, I’d love singles of Night Crawler, Astrological, Ludwin, and Succubus.

ABH would have been on my list but, thankfully, new singles were just released which include Morocco and Intense Gaze, my two favorites from the SCWT palette. (Sadly, they were released two or three weeks AFTER I decided to purchase eight of pre-existing singles…)

Kate Avatar

I agree with you choices of Too Faced and Urban Decay (mattes specifically–although they have some of the naked matte shades available individually, not all are available as singles) mainly because I don’t really like pre-made palettes because I’m not personally buying the product for the fancy/pretty/cute packaging and they take up a lot of space. I only have one Tarte palette and I can’t say I’m wishing for anything other than that one.

Paz Avatar

Idk, buying singles is way more expensive. I also use them less, and I refuse to depot them for whatever reason. That being said, I’d love to have a bag of money to spend on Anastasia singles and a cute magnetic palette from Etsy.

Zoe Avatar

All good points made about UD and Too Faced.
I agree Colourpop and KVD also need to consider releasing more singles (in CP’s case, making LE colors permanent).
Sometimes I feel Clinique needs to put out more singles too. They tend to favor palettes composed of a bunch of tiny pans.


I know it was not so well received by the beauty community but I love the sparkly shadows in the Smashbox Full Expisure palette and will be sad when they are gone.

Sharon Avatar

Urban Decay. . . love their palettes but always end up using some colors more than others . . .I’m sure they make certain palette colors unavailable as singles for this reason.

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