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Nancy T Avatar

Not that I had a huge interest in these before, nor have lost all interest in them even now, but the first few that spring to mind are: Too Faced (if they EVER get that sodium saccharin out of their products, I’d LOVE them!) , Tarte (except their Amazonian Clay products and ROTS Palette), YSL (too many poor quality offerings) and Hourglass (do they even register anymore?). And basically almost all the major DS brands, too.

Rayna Avatar

Tarte, I don’t like their business practices and before that their palette’s were inconsistent and snore inducing. I was bored with their “same colors over and over” motto a year after I started doing makeup.

Nicole Avatar

What’s wrong with their business practices? (I honestly don’t know.) I’ve never purchased anything from them and the one thing I was about to purchase, the Shayla contour palette, I didn’t.

Rayna Avatar

The one thing they did that really bothers me is that they’re forcing a small business owner to change the name of her salon. The name she has is tart and despite it being spelled differently and having had the name for longer than tarte cosmetics has been a company they trademarked it and sent her a cease and desist. If she doesn’t change it they will sue her. It will cost thousands to change everything from the signage to the legal stuff. I feel bad for her. Before that, after NYX released lip lingerie with all nude shades they released lippie lingerie with all nude shades. Most recently they announced the release of unicorn horn makeup brushes the same day as a company that had been working on custom unicorn horn makeup brushes for almost a year. They then claimed the unicorn horn brushes are “never before seen”. That’s all I can remember right now. I feel like they lack originality.

Nicole Avatar

Oh wow, Rayna! The small business name issue alone is enough to make me not touch anything of theirs. I hate hearing stuff about that. I would, however, look up the unicorn brushes to find the other company and buy from them. I also hate the thought of larger businesses stealing ideas from smaller businesses.

Lesley Avatar

I agree!! What’s the point of making collections and discontinuing them, especially if there happens to be real winners amongst them? (Well besides the company creating huge hype over the “rareness” ?) That’s why I’m over MAC.

Tessa Avatar

Estee Lauder, specifically their horrendously unappealing (to me) “Estee Edit” thing. Just… hate the spokesperson, hate the font, hate the packaging, completely uninteresting products (all trend, no inspiration). Neither tradition nor innovation. Blegh.

With you on Dior, for sure. I used to be such a fangirl, too! But come on, quit disappointing us.

I’m starting to get a bit annoyed at Hourglass, too. Not a great shade range in base products (if even Maybelline can make foundation pale enough these days…), overpriced, over everything being an Ambient related product.

Heather Avatar

Hourglass–though their powders are perfectly nice, I’m so tired of their price shenanigans with “value sets.”

Too Faced/Benefit–their respective aesthetics don’t really appeal to me, and (worse) the products inside seem to underperform–so many subpar palettes/holiday sets/”limited” releases! And don’t get me started on Too Faced’s habit of using artificial scarcity to get attention. (Still lusting after Too Faced blushes, though–I’d love it if they released a blush palette like last year’s.)

MAC–the quality varies so widely even within their permanent range (there is no excuse for lousy-quality permanent single pan shadows! None!), and their “OMG SUPER SPECIAL LE RELEASE COLLABORATION YOU GUYZ!!!” thing is exhausting. It feels like there’s a new release every week, with unpredictable quality. (But do I want a lip gloss named “Khaaaaaan!”? Yes, yes I do.)

Prestige/luxury brands (especially when it comes to skincare): Dior is classy. I get it. But if they’re going to charge Viseart 12-pan prices for a quad or quint, it had better apply and blend like a dream–unfortunately, the hike in price so rarely seems justified by the quality. And luxury skincare is often packed with stuff that is either irrelevant to skin health or actively irritates it–for, like, $100 per ounce. I’ll keep my eye out for items that get good reviews, but I’m not anxiously anticipating launches anymore. :/

Pearl Avatar

YSL – I’ve only tried mascara and 2 lip products but both have been fails (too much fragrance in both for me) and I didn’t (or don’t, now) have any interest in any other products.

Urban Decay – aside from their Naked palettes I already have, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more and I don’t find myself gravitating toward any of their products.

Sonya Mann Avatar

I find Tarte’s actual products pretty boring (this is of course a personal preference) although I love their packaging. The eyeshadows seem to be pretty inconsistent in quality (going mainly off of what I’ve read there).

Katherine T. Avatar

*For eye shadows, I have given up on Bare Minerals and Bobbi Brown –basically the same 50,000 shades of brown every time, haven’t seen any new colors from them for YEARS.
*Benefit – no new shadow/lip/cheek products, they just keep re-packaging the same stuff (hoola bronzer, poreless primer, benetint, etc) into new kits
*Too Faced -way too many over-hyped products that are so-so quality and sell out way too fast due to artificially limited stock (Sweet Peach, PBJ)
*Guerlain – I still ooh and ahh over their beautiful packaging, but I only have 1 lipstick from them. Their foundations, meteorites, bronzers, and lipsticks are usually loaded with fragrance and/or alcohol, and my sensitive skin can’t take it. And their shadows fade badly on my oily lids. I had high hopes that their newly re-formulated shadows would be better, but the swatches look just as bad, if not worse than before

Denise S. Avatar

I’m not feeling Marc Jacobs , Smashbox , or Tarte eye shadows much. They make boring color combinations. Eye shadows too light and muted looking. I look better in vibrant eye shadows .I like Tarte’s blushes and Shape Tape Concealer and MJ eyeliners though. So I would have to say Smashbox because I never buy their products.

Veronica Avatar

Honestly, nobody has released anything this year that really grabbed me. The most interesting releases probably came from the drug store end – brands like Maybelline that actually released really bold ranges of lipstick that you used to have to go niche or high end for.

kjh Avatar

Right? They really hit it out of the park with the loaded bolds. Many are dupes, or pre-dupes, if you will, for HE releases later in the year, which we could then cheerfully forego. If C had not reviewed them, they never would have hit my radar. Got 4 off the bat and might do more. Great collection.

Susan Avatar

ColourPop (too difficult to layer and blend), Clinique (uninspiring), Sleek MakeUP (hit pan too quickly on the dime-size eyeshadows), Too Faced (too repetitive), Tarte (boring), Stila (inconsistent quality), Smashbox (overpriced and lacklustre), Avon (too inconsistent), Benefit (overpriced), CoverGirl (poor quality), Revlon (too heavily fragranced), Almay (boooring), Elf (poor quality), Nyx (poor quality except for some lip products), Physicians Formula (underwhelming and overpriced), Caudalie (hurt my skin), Glow (overpriced and ineffective), Garnier (underwhelming), Bioderm (overpriced), Vichy (ineffective), Olay (overpriced). There are more but this lengthy list is discouraging enough already!

Whitney Avatar

Yes on NYX!!! I worked at Ulta and people would call daily for specific NYX garbage items! I like their colored liquid liners even though some of the colors are not vivid as they claim. The lip products are ok but they don’t actually put a lot of product in it.

Jade Avatar

It’s a bit of a shame, but I’ve really lost interest in anything not readily available to me in New Zealand. Previously, when I lived in Australia, I could envision shipping things from overseas because of the exchange rate and having been on a higher income. In NZ things are prohibitively expensive, and the range is extremely limited. Buying things from overseas just seems completely unfeasible. It still makes me sad sometimes!

Ivanna Avatar

Yeah, but you live in the most heavenly place on Earth, and we need beauty to make us feel better about our lives. 😉

How is the sunscreen selection there?

Jade Avatar

Limited?? LOL. I can only think of a few major brands which make sunscreen here, and I’m still looking for my holy grail high SPF facial moisturiser which is actually non greasy and hydrating at the same time.

vivaglamdiva Avatar

I think Tarte’s and Too Faced’s palettes started the year off strong but have been pretty unimpressing with their social media collaborations.

As a big Urban Decay fan, I have been let down by their eye lineup this year (Moondust palette, Alice through Looking Glass, Naked Ultimate Basics, Liquid Moondust) but have high hopes for Full Spectrum!

Rachel R. Avatar

MAC has been losing me with it’s endless mediocre LE releases. Stila, because it doesn’t seem to be coming out with many new items, it got rid of many of my favorites, and nothing from them is exciting me any more. MUG: I was never a huge fan of their eyeshadows, and I’m not impressed with how they handled the eye sparkler packaging fiasco. I loved their blushes, but now they’ve reformulated them and changed the finish and some of the colors, and I’m not as impressed.

Katherine T. Avatar

Yes, agree on Stila! Hardly any new products, and ever since they re-formulated their shadows, I haven’t bought 1 shadow or palette from them. Their old shadow formula ( as in Stila In the Garden) was great, but the new one is lacking 🙁

Denise Avatar

So agree with you Rachel R. and Katherine, Mac lost me this year. Same blah stuff. Stila I gave up on about a year ago. Same old stuff, boring. Mug I loved when it first came out, now its off my list. Estee Lauder lost me years ago, Their perfume infused products, no great deals, poor packaging. Colorpop and NYX ughhh horrible. Oh can’t leave out Clinique . Terrible,

SusanG Avatar

Dior (my very first high-end crush), L’Occitane (though L’Occitan is still my husband’s favourite scent), Jane Iredale (customer service issues sent me elsewhere).

Brittney Avatar

Higher end brands in general. I always get excited to see luxury brands launch new and beautiful collections and then I read reviews and the products just seem to be more and more meh. For such a high price I dont want meh.

I’ve also stopped paying as much attention to Makeup Forever palette launches. I love their shadows but I find that they’re very repetitive with their palette launches. I always feel like if I buy them all I’ve have like 10 pans of at least one of the shades. So I still watch for their other products because I like the brand but I definitely don’t get as excited to see their palette releases anymore.

And while I love MAC I find myself getting less and less excited about their limited edition launches. I used to feel like I just had to snatch up all of their limited edition stuff but now I may only buy one thing from the LE release if anything. I still love them for their basic items though. Their foundations, mascaras, powders, blushes, and eyeshadows are still some of my favorites hand down. But too many mediocre LE releases have me losing interest in those offerings.

AB Avatar

YSL inconsistent quality); MAC (inconsistent quality, poor customer care, extremely short availability of LE products); Urban Decay, a little bit (except for Vice lipstick release, quality seems to vary, so no longer can I just pick up something without research)

Justine Avatar

Tom Ford

Wider distribution with price increases to maintain an air of exclusivity, inconsistent quality and so many re-releases of previous LE items. I used to eagerly await each collection and almost always purchased. I haven’t bought anything TF in months and months.

Dani Avatar

Can’t agree more, sadly. I used to chase after every LE item like crazy, now I realize that I just never use them enough to justify the price. They are sort of like Chanel bags, one black Classic Flap/Cocoa Mirage covers it all.

Erica Avatar

Tom Ford. I just cannot take the leap. The packaging and what he offers just bores me to tears. Every now and then I want a luxe product but meh, nothing in the TF line has wowed me yet. I think for any brand, considering how much makeup I do have, has to offer something unique for me to purchase whether that be through formula, color, packaging etc. I don’t buy anything expensive or not unless it wows me or it is something new for my collection. Just having the TF name is not enough for me!

Tanya Avatar

Too Faced. Their marketing technique is catering to 14 year- olds wirth their juvenile packaging and color selection. But what really irks me is what 14 year- old has 50-60 bucks to spend freely on a palette? If my daughter demanded money for makeup my response would be “go get a job!”. Too Faced as a company has lost my respect.
Another company I lost interest in is Smashbox. They haven’t put out anything innovative in ages. I’m tired of waiting.

Tanya Avatar

Too Faced. Their marketing technique is catering to 14 year- olds with their juvenile packaging and color selection. But what really irks me is what 14 year- old has 50-60 bucks to spend freely on a palette? If my daughter demanded money for makeup my response would be “go get a job!”. Too Faced as a company has lost my respect.
Another company I lost interest in is Smashbox. They haven’t put out anything innovative in ages. I’m tired of waiting.

Ashley Avatar

When I first got into makeup about 7 years ago, I was super into MAC. In recent years, I’ve probably only bought a few lipsticks from the brand. They churn out collections too frequently and most of the time they are sub-par quality.

Tracey E. Avatar

Some brands never had me and they aren’t doing anything to grab my consumer dollars: Buxom, Tarte, Too Faced, Smashbox, Clinique, UD (I won’t support their awful customer service practices started with the spectrum palette on one extreme & heavily discounting other products.)

Brands that I’ve lost interest in: MAC (exhausted by their endless releases and subpar eyeshadow palettes; well rated LE items found at CCO, including Xmas releases), YSL except for their lip products, which I like), Dior, Lancome for makeup, and Hourglass.

Deborah S. Avatar

The only brand that springs readily to mind is Bare Minerals. I use to be a big fan but the last couple of times I purchased from them the products were just, meh.
I don’t care much for Hourglass as I am tired of their business practices and most of their products just don’t work for me. They are geared to medium skin tones and their highlighters are mostly way too dark for me.

thirteen Avatar

Tarte, for sure. I have the Tartlette and it’s fine, it’s a neutral workhorse I use all the time. Almost everything I see from them is almost identical to the Tartlette. They change the names but the colors have huge overlap. Have one, no point in buying another.

Lesley Avatar

I’m totally over MAC. Back around 2000, I rabidly awaited any and every new collection. The holiday sets used to be PHENOMENAL. I still dream of the palette I received for xmas 2000 (or 2001?) Every new collection seemed to be carefully thought out and well timed. Now it’s tired old colors and formulas and way more misses than hits. Still love MAC for my basics, but refuse to give into LE fever anymore.

CJ Avatar

Too Faced and Tarte. I hit a saturation point on palettes a while ago, and even though I still get that jolt of “oh my god I want it” every time I see a new release on your blog I’m just over it. Most of their palettes are warm-toned which does not suit me.

Alecto Avatar

KVD, but I can’t say why. I don’t dislike any of her products (there were definitely a few disappointments, but honestly we got the same thing from UD and a few other brands, so … [shrug]).

For the most part, drugstore brands (other than NYX, and one or two of the other “non-mega-conglomerate” type brands — which kind of makes it sound like I object to mega-conglomerates, but that’s not the case).

Any Korean skincare brand. Probably the hype. I was starting to get interested last year, but I think the bandwagon thing is putting me off (probably to my detriment, but … oh well).

Fran Avatar

In the past year, I think I’ve lost a lot of my earlier enthusiasm for limited-release products, or at least become a lot more suspicious of how good the quality is likely to be.

I feel like, in general, brands have been churning out a lot of new stuff really quickly without a lot of real innovation or attention to quality going on, with exceptions of course.

I can’t figure out why Urban Decay discontinued the Revolution lipstick line — the Vice lipsticks are nice, too, but not better!

I’ve always been someone who likes some brands for some kinds of products and other brands for other kinds or products, rather than having enthusiasm for across all products of any particular brand. But, over the past couple of years I’ve lost enthusiasm for Tarte and Too Faced — they used to make base products with mineral sunscreen in them that I really liked, but they’ve been surpassed by It Cosmetics, and the quality of their color cosmetics is too uneven. Benefit is a brand that I always wanted to like/thought I would like, but usually didn’t really like the products when I tried them. I usually shy away from luxury brands unless I think there’s something special about a specific product (not the packaging) that makes it worth the extra $$ to me.

Stephanie Avatar

I’ve definitely lost interest in Too Faced. I just don’t think the quality of their products live up to the hype, especially after becoming more familiar with other brands. The Sweet Peach palette hysteria was just too ridiculous for me.

CatG Avatar

It’s too bad about Burberry! The products I have from them (lipsticks) are A++!

Nothing Too Faced has done has interested me at all for months and months!

Caroline Avatar

Urban Decay. I bought the Gwen Stefani lipstick in Ex Girlfriend and although I loved the colour, the lipstick casing ‘rattled’ every time I opened or closed it. The black and gold packaging looked cheap after a while, too. I expected a lot more from their Moondust palette – no matter how I wore it (alone or over a matte eye shadow) the effect and quality wasn’t what I expected at all. What a waste of £35. Unlike in the US, we don’t have a return policy here in the UK, otherwise it would have gone straight back.

Tarzi Avatar

Hmm…I think a lot of brands have been very disappointing this year! I went cruelty-free in August 2015 (half because I care, half as a means of cost control lol!) and while I expected to be fighting not to buy things from certain brands, it’s actually been pretty easy…mostly because everyone has been dropping the ball on quality this past year. In terms of cruelty-free* (*by the definitions I’m satisfied with, not by everyone’s) brands, I’ve been pretty disappointed in Tarte and Too Faced particularly. Both brands struggle with the palette version of sameface (samepalette?), repackaging the exact same shades over and over again, collaborating with Big Names in order to sell these identical palettes, etc etc. Too Faced’s packaging aesthetic & obsession with chocolate is a big turn-off for me, especially since chocolate is a migraine trigger for me and the scent can be too much. Tarte’s weakness for me is how it sometimes tries too hard to be trendy…the Lip Paints (that are already expensive copies of the NYX soft matte lip creams) have such cringey names IMO. But then Too Faced is a bit like that as well…see “Lady Balls” and “Miso Pretty” (gag). At least with Urban Decay’s ~edgy~ names, only one of the Vice lipsticks had a name that bothered me (Backdoor…would have been fine if it wasn’t chunky brown glitter….hahah).

Anna Avatar

There are brands I never really been intrested in and some I can’t actually try even if I wanted to because not sold here but I would say that to a certain extent I lost interest in UD. This is only due to the 100 lipsticks release. It is too much for me to really think about which shades to buy. That said I will still buy the products I love from the brand.
And then there is YSL. I am angry at YSL for reformulating the touche eclat Foundation. I don’t want to buy anything from them until they bring back the old formula. They can keep the new one as well if they want. But the old one needs to come back.

Emily Avatar

Honestly most makeup brands! I used to get super excited and immediately go out and purchase new releases but I don’t really care for anything anyone’s been putting out lately..
Urban Decay sticks out for me however. None of their new releases have been exciting, and their summer collection was awful – who chose those bronzer colors???
Also Hourglass, I have two products from them that I love but anything else I try is just not great..

Sarah Avatar

Too Faced, definitely. The Sweet Peach palette was overhyped to the point that I started losing interest even before I saw swatches. Becca flew under my radar, even with the Jaclyn Hill palette release. Tarte slowly declined through the year–Rainforest of the Sea was incredible quality but the colors are beyond repetitive. Last, I’m gonna say Hourglass. I was mostly interested in their Mineral Veil Primer and some of the packaging, like the marble of this holiday release. But everything is overpriced to the point that it’s off-putting!

LindaP Avatar

What I see here are a lot of ladies seriously curating their thoughts and choices. By following this stuff with Christine’s help, I know I’ve gotten a lot more selective in terms of quality and value. Good for us.

For me, I’ve lost interest in…

Too Faced/Benefit — Their aesthetic puts me off so much, I’m not sure I’d call it lost interest — never really there. Recently I tried to be open minded and tried the the Benefit Gimme Brow. I thought it was terrible and returned it. So my first foray into what I see as teeny bopper land has put me off for good.

Tom Ford — just no with those prices. Seems manipulatively exploitative.

Nars — I loved that line, but have been disappointed over and over.

MAC — I pay attention to makeup, but their crazy LE releases have me completely flummoxed. I don’t know the what and why and the “who cares” of it all? I can’t even make sense of them half the time, nor do they hold any allure whatsoever.

MUG — nah.

Lancome — Mascaras still good, but the boring Eldridge palettes. Sheesh. I know she’s all into the touch-and-dab and “only a light flush” approach a lot of the time, but it can get seriously boring. Rubbed off on the line for me. That, and their shake lipstick thingie.

Bobbi Brown — Should just name the line “brown.”

Justine Avatar

Too Faced: I love a lot of their permanent products, but there is far too much quality inconsistency with their LE items and far too much hype. I don’t think I’ve bought anything from them in about a year, sadly.
Benefit: Other than a few choice products (like Gimme Brow), I find most of their products to be gimmicky and their holiday releases are extremely repetitive.
Urban Decay: I still love them as they are one of my favorite brands, but their newer holiday releases haven’t enticed me, which is surprising. Also, a lot of their palettes lately have not been as high quality as I’ve come to expect from them, which saddens me.
Hourglass: I still love their blushes and powders, but the price for their recent holidays palettes is ridiculous for the amount of product you get.
Mac: Quality varies way too much, and many of my favorite products have been discontinued (matte squared eyeshadow formula). Plus the LE hype is annoying.
Luxury Brands: I only own a couple choice items from YSL and Dior, and I honestly just don’t find the quality worth the price (Though i do love the YSL Rouge Volupte Shines).

Lindsey Avatar

I’ve been underwhelmed by the quality of the KVD eyeshadow palettes, her new packaging for her face makeup is a nice upgrade but nothing special. Her brand feels repetitive. She’s being outshined in the liquid lipstick department. Her feud with JStar felt like a plea to stay relevant prior to the lackluster line up she launched for the holidays. All just imo.

Valentina Dumitrache Avatar

Lorac… they put me off with lack of interest and options for international buyers. Also i believe the formula has changed from the original one which i loved 🙁 a shame.

viv Avatar

i am sorry to say urban decay. i am fed up a bit with these very bright colours, i don’t need another blue or yellow. for example, i like their vice palettes and the disney collab from ca 3 years ago, but what makes me mad with these palettes are the glitterbombs, that come with every palette from them. i see it when its too late, that i used a shade with glitter. i like the base colour without the glitter and i always hoped they would make separate palettes, with and without glitter.
that massive glitter fallout looks ridiculous on me.

Karin Avatar

Tarte. Overhyped, collab after collab with beauty influencers, products are a bit and miss. I feel like they are trying to push products out so fast to keep up with these trends beauty influencers are pushing they are losing sight of product quality. The products are “meh” in the first place and I feel they aren’t catering to the public anymore, just influencers who will help them make a quick buck.

Mariela B Avatar

I do love Mac cosmetics but I used to love their LE collections now I don’t get them as often as before I still keep my staples fix+, brow set & eyeshadows. Lorac as well :/

Bon Bon Avatar

Urban Decay 2 and all eye shadow powders in my stash. I’m lovin Mallys cream wands these months. Also my Mally bronzer and other bronzes. I’ve lost interest in.

judy h. Avatar

Most definitely MAC. Their prices continue to rise at what seems an abormally high rate. Many of their new collections are near dupes to eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes of the past and many of their new eyeshadows are lesser quality than typical MAC shadows, possessing more “fall-out” than others. Also, some of their other collections seem way outside of the workable MAC collections that made me grow to enjoy their products so much.
As an aside, over the years I have purchased many MAC products online. They have changed their website into one confusing mess.

LaMaitresse Avatar

Urban Decay, the fall out and inconsistent quality drive me insane. Never was a fan of MAC post Estée Lauder, but it’s getting worse. Hourglass, for what everyone else is saying, that stick foundation was like using dollar store Halloween make up! Too Faced I don’t bother with since it’s just a bit too junior for for me, so I’m not familiar enough with it to dislike it!

LaMaitresse Avatar

Estée is too mature for me, and the whole edit line really cheapened the line. I don’t think it’s really fair to bash a line unless you have used it before, there are premium lines that are expensive that are worth the money to many people. It’s just like saying that you are only paying x amount of dollars for a Vuitton or Chanel bag, you’re not, they reject 95% of the leather presented to them, are handcrafted in Europe and not a sweatshop in China and will last a life time with proper care.

Cheryl Avatar

I used to use Estee Lauder eyeshadow and they revamped all their eyeshadows and don’t carry the one I loved. I tried the new Estee Edit and it’s terrible!

Cheryl Avatar

Nothing in the Bobbi Brown line ever works for me, eyeshadows too warm and all her lipliners turn orange on me and the quality has gone downhill too and she’s way overpriced. A lot of Mac I have sent back due to off colors and quality. I don’t bother with those really expensive brands like Dior, etc. All the ingredients are so bad for the skin I’m trying to go more organic and with ingredients that aren’t harmful. It’s taking awhile to change it all over but that’s my goal.

Helene Avatar

None, this year. I’m with you on some frequently mentioned brands (Too Faced mostly) but I lost interest last year.
This year I’ve more lost interest completely in combined blus/highlighting/contouring/bronzer sets. I wasn’t all that interested to begin with and now I can barely make myself look at one more.
I could never use all the products in a palette like that. I wish they could do a make it yourself one, pick any three, or whatever number and get a bit of a discount.

Oh, and without having any product from the brand, I am so over whichever Jenner it is that makes the lip kits.

Joi Avatar

Anastasia of Beverly Hills..I had the worst experience purchasing from their website. I’m actually still waiting for product I ordered a month ago.

Lori Avatar

I commented over on Instagram and the replies there are pretty close to here with MAC and Tarte leading the way of brands that people are disliking more and more. I don’t buy much MAC because the overload of LE releases that look meh to me and Tarte, which I used to LOVE is really putting me off with their practice of sending narcissistic you-tuber with huge followings on lavish trips so that they can give “great” reviews on upcoming releases? Who is paying the trip for all those influencers to go to Bora Bora…the consumers I bet are footing the bill. That is one business practice I’ve seen among these makeup brands that I find highly off putting.

Dianne Avatar

Nars. I desperately try to talk myself in to buying something new from them (seriously, I’ll stare at their display and swatch dozens of things), but I don’t feel like their new releases have been very good and aren’t unique at all.

Bonnie Avatar

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palettes. Mattes are mostly awful – dry, patchy, and minimal pigmentation. Shimmer wash are mostly worthless – I know they’re supposed to be a “wash”, but the base color is barely there. Nevertheless, I keep falling for the palettes. My most recent was the Paris palette. The packaging is lovely, and blush is good. Shadow portion of the palette is a big fat dud. ?

Bec Avatar

Too Faced, I used to be obsessed at the start of the year. The palettes especially seem to have gone downhill in quality. I feel like a lot of brands haven’t been performing particularly well this year.

Blue Avatar

UD-I’d still like to pick up the Naked 2 and maybe a couple e/s singles some time, but for every hit they churn out about about three total misses to me, plus their lipstick mega re-launch kind of lost me. I don’t dislike UD, it’s just not really a brand I look forward to new releases from anymore.

Estee Lauder- Since the Color Envy lipsticks (Was that 2014?), they haven’t done anything that caught my eye whatsoever. I agree with the posts mentioning Estee Edit, it doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Tom Ford for anything other than perfume-I am not convinced that the products offer anything special, they cost twice as much, I don’t gravitate toward their colors or finishes, and I don’t love the packaging. Again, I might pick up another lipstick or two some day, I just don’t look forward to new launches anymore.

KatyCT Avatar

My first thought was Too Faced. They lost me after the peach palette hype and I can’t stand the cutesy releases since then. I’m not going for any holiday eye palettes this year. I already have too many to count and everything feels repetitive. For being the holiday season I’m just not feeling it much.

Trippytink Avatar

Tarte to me has had lots of hits and huge misses in between. The holiday palette is horrible, for 59 dollars you’d think the color pay off would be at least good.
Too faced seems so wrapped up with the sweet peach products to come that it fell straight on its face with the Nikki tutorials palette. Same with them horrible shadows.
Jeffree Star products simply because I can’t support his behavior towards fans and customers.
There’s just several brands whose prices went up but their quality went down.
Oh and MAC every week it seems like a new must have collection is being released

GK Avatar

Mac keeps repromoting the same colors-even if they give it a different name. Their quality has gone way down & they’re not cruelty free!
Makeup Forever tries to be avant-garde, colors & products are boring. I expect great quality from a ‘makeup artist’ line-neither of these makes a foundation that’s the right tone, or light enough for me. And they’re also not cruelty free.

PETA Hagan Avatar

Sephora Australia. The shops are so busy you can’t see anything ( I get everyone wants to look). Worse they are always sold out of what I want. Mostly though a lack of customer service. I saw one girl tell a customer to get out of her way.. pardon. They send you off to find things yourself and as for help colour matching too busy.
Napoleon Perdis also. Their pigments were great but now it’s boring.

Miekogirl Avatar

I find although they comeback out with a lot of new stuff I’m just not interested in too faced products. Also ysl…smashbox…tarte…benefit…again lots of new stuff but nothing peaks my interest.

Bibi Maizoon Avatar

Urban Decay- ever since L’Oreal bought them out their products have gone down in quality
Kiehl’s- ever since L’Oreal bought them out their skincare has gone down in quality
Dior- bought a huge haul of their makeup & skincare because a friend of mine is a Dior SA, (she gave me tonnes of samples too) disappointed with the quality of all of them
SKII- bought about $1,000 worth of their skincare at Bangkok airport’s duty free shop. Used it for 6 months & noticed no improvement
Sisley- bought their $150 introductory kit because a friend is an SA at Sak’s, used for one month & not impressed by their overly scented mineral oil based products
Stila- quality os no longer there, my last purchase of their Kitten eyeshadow & the same shade in the smudge stick left glitter everywhere
Bobbi Brown- went to their Delhi store to buy an undereye concealer and was told I need 4 products for my undereye area- powder, concealor, color corrector, and a new eye cream. When the rep put them all on it looked horrid. My undereye area isn’t even that bad but she made them look worse.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I was addicted to Dior DiorShow mascara for yrars but it s now completely oh huh to me. Big disappointment. .ive requesed assisants o.. No response.

Regina (mybeautymusings Avatar

MAC and Urban Decay. These days none of the MAC collections appeal to me, and the quality seems medicore. Urban Decay hasn’t released any palette that WOWed me as much as the Book of shadows 3. Come on, UD! Make another palette that lights up!!!

Fionn Avatar

MAC. Which is kind of sad since they were my first higher end makeup. I still love their gel liner, but nothing they’ve come out with recently has attracted my attention, and I almost miss when I used to stop by the MAC counter every time a new release came out.

Elizabeth Avatar

I have not really lost interest, I have just made it a priority to use the things I already have. I did buy a few Chanel nail enamels, a few Urban Decay palettes and a couple of their correctors and concealers, and quite a few of the re-released items that were my favorites from long ago. I just have so many things that are just screaming to be used. It’s time for me to change out my color palette from summer to fall/winter, so I know the only thing I have to get are mascaras. I have so many things, I just need to use them before they expire. I am looking forward to wearing the deeper, richer colors for fall. I just need to stop seeing beautiful things and buying them. I also have plenty of backups I really need to use or get rid of. I am hoping I can use more of them up before I have to have a new release or limited edition. I can also be really choosy, I have enough cosmetics to stock a store, and I already got rid of my makeup kit from my free lance work. My cousins went off to uni, so I loaded them up and told them they could share the things they wouldn’t use with their friends who are on a student budget and don’t really have the money to buy cosmetics. I understand it was like Christmas for them all. It made me feel good to share.

Maria Avatar

I will mention brands that I never really had interest in Tarte, Too Faced, Mac, Hourglass, Urban Decay. Others that I lost interest in only some of their products definitely not all and still love most of their products are mostly YSL except for their foundation, Tom Ford’s LE new releases. Dior eye shadow palettes.

Tanis Avatar

Tired of Brands that are “exclusive” to a store, more specifically “Lorac to Ulta”. As a Canadian I cannot get this Brand as we do not have Ulta’s nor will they ship. IT Cosmetics is another, aligning themselves with Ulta and QVC. I actually like the Brands but not being able to get my hands on them other than when I travel south or pay grossly inflated EBay prices is annoying. I was excited to hear that IT Cosmetics was going to be available through Sephora but again, not in Canada. Frustrating to say the least.

Mo Merrell Avatar

Tarte – although I’ve never been a fan
Benefit – they just annoy me lol. Their entire set up annoys me
NARS – I just don’t like the brand
KVD – Eh nothing from her surprises me
Colour Pop – they are overbearing

Who’d I’d like to see more of (not that you asked LOL)

Lip Tar
Dose of Colors
Melt Cosmetics
Make Up Forever (I feel they are so underrated and I want to see more of them)

Blue Avatar

I love your list of brands you would like to see more of. I agree with all of them, especially the first three.

I’ve wondered a lot about OCC since they stopped distribution at Sephora. I was really sad about the timing of that because I suspected that the brand was under performing because people were a little put off by the paint tube packaging… but it changed to the doe foot applicator immediately after being phased out of Sephora. I know they’re being sold at Urban Outfitters online, but it seems like a step down. I hope the company is still doing well, I really love their products and look forward to seeing their launches. It sucks not to have a place to see the products in person anymore.

jonirae Avatar

Hmm… two brands that I’m completely over (tho I’ve never actually been “into them” much in the first place) are Benefit and TooFaced. Benefit seems super overpriced for meh products, and it’s always just kits with the same stuff in them. Plus, I hate their packaging, which brings me around to TooFaced. HATE their packaging. If I’m spending $30, $40, $50+ on a product, you could at least put it in something other than cardboard. And even the non-cardboard items just look so… childish. I’m a grown ass woman, lol, I don’t need my eyeshadow to come with stickers and smell like candy.

For high end, I’ve gotta agree with a bunch of people and go with Dior. I actually liked the eye products that just came out for holiday, but in general it’s all soo inconsistent! Beautiful packaging, the products always look amazing… but they don’t perform well. They’re new lipsticks are pretty, but they have that cheap lipstick scent that I’m used to smelling in cover girl products and the like, I can’t get past it. I do adore their highlighter though, and City Lights is still one of my all time top five favorite lipsticks! 🙂

Silvia Avatar

I been very happy lately with WetnWild all products pretty much except their mascaras which separate lashes wonderfully since they do not clump but tend to be too dry. Their eyeshadows, blushes and matte lipstick have worked perfect on me. Also L’Oréal foundations find them perfect. One product I like is NARS I always like the foundation, blush and eyeshadows just about everything. I tried Bobbi brown eyeshadow and didn’t find any better than my cheap WetnWild. Would love to try Moondist from UD but have it all otherwise in great satisfying dupes so I’ll be saving my money. I’m finding equal satisfying products at the drugstores after doing my research. There’s too much hype and special editions always running out from high ends I have grown tired of their games and exaggerated promising hype. Too expensive and not much better. Also in facial creams. My dermatologist warned beauty business is a big business and he always recommends drugstore creams such as Vanicream, Cetaphil, Eucerin, Aquaphor and Ceravé. Although Marc Jacobs design always catch my eye and few others I resist expending the money. On days I’m home I let my skin breathe no makeup at all too much promising junk out here in pretty packages.

Terry Avatar

WOW a loaded question! I could name dozens of brands for one reason or another the most bothersome for me is Chanel( why must every product contain a half bottle of perfume in it) too faced, tarte, benefit UD (except for a few classics from these brands everything else is underperforming) covergirl, nyx elf (99.9% crap!) And in general I’m so over limited editions and collabs with “beauty gurus” again mostly crap products that rarely are the same quality as their core stuff. I stick to my tried and true products that work for me and am very selective in my splurges these days and only buy from retailers that have a return policy

Brittany Avatar

Definitely MAC! I still like the products I already have from them, like my blushes and some lipsticks, but other than that, none of the limited collections have gotten me excited at all since Alluring Aquatic and Rocky Horror. There have only been a few random products here and there that I thought I’d want, but then I still never picked them up.

Also, Urban Decay. I’m SO done with all of the Naked and I’ve thought I was done since Naked 3, but they show no signs of stopping. I think I just don’t care too much about neutral palettes. Also, their limited brights palettes are a little underwhelming.

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