What brand has lost its identity?

I don’t know if they’ve lost it, but I feel like Urban Decay’s identity (neutrals with pops) has changed over time but they won’t leave their original identity (edgy) in the past. I feel like they’ve really shifted in a new direction but a lot of their shade names and branding don’t reflect that.

— Christine
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UD was the first “high end” make up i fell in love with and they have held a special place in my heart for the last 15 years or so, but i agree with you. They seem to struggle with their identity in recent years, and I think that has even bled into the quality of the products. Its a real shame.

I agree. UD was my first love of a line. Bought virtually all the palettes I could. Didn’t worry about the names bc I couldn’t read them w my glasses off anyway. Haven’t bought a palette in ages except Honey bc I liked the colors. I liked the more glossy translucent lips but hate all mattes and at one poin owned every 24/7 eyeliner. My heart has broken. They now seem like another commercial conglomerate makeup company. Mediocre w an occasional good and a lot not.

I would say KVD for obvious reasons, but it was also losing its identity while Kat was still with the company. Before Kat left they started changing their packaging and changed the formulas of their iconic products to make them vegan. I also feel like they’re focusing on more neutral and universally loved products now instead of the alternative vampy makeup products that they started out with.

Stila. Aside from their cute typeface logo… What happened to the cute indie fashion-feel products? They had fun, playful formulas and colors to match. Now their releases are basics and a marriage to the kitten line. I think they’ve fallen into the same boat as UD.

So many of them are in a rut, nothing new and exciting, MAC, Bobbie Brown, Estée Lauder, Too Faced, Laura Mercer, don’t buy from any of them anymore, Origins too, nothing exciting.
I pretty much get my eyeshadows from Sydney Grace only. The rest tried and true that I’ve been wearing for yrs.

UD has COMPLETELY gone off the rails. I remember in the mid-90s, they were very “we sell NO pinks.” and very grunge-themed. I desperately wish they’d stay true to their alternative roots! They have not mooved me in ages.

I completely agree with this. I think they’d have success again if they went back to their grunge roots, only without the drug references which are not edgy in any way. Give me some grunge!

Yes the grunge-glam was popular for awhile on tutorials and such. I think UD really could have banked on that trend. I wish they had more products with the purple packaging. Now it’s a mix of purple, silver, gunmetal, gold and rose gold. But I love purple!

Even though their identity crisis began a few years back, ColourPop is still steadily devolving down the colorless spiral. In the early years of the brand, they gave us COLOUR, unapologetically at that. Bold metallic shadows, interesting duochromes, vivid neons, and unique shades of neutral, too. But now? One look at their recent desert themed palette gives one the general idea of where they’re heading. Also, why discontinue so many very well loved SSS’s and SSC’s shades? And then to only replace them with a few neutrals here and there? I really hope that they find themselves again!

Yes I miss those sss shadows too. Hope they will continue to make more of them. Many were discounted. I wish makeup companies would use and pay Temptalia as a consultant!!?

Too Faced. Anyone remember their Quickie Chronicles palettes from the 00s? They were very much into sexy, tongue-in-cheek naughty packaging and shade names. Now most of their products (palettes especially) look like they’re designed for tweens. They still have the Better Than Sex mascara name which is the only item I can think of that is reminiscent of their past identity, and I don’t think it fits well with the rest of their line now.

Tarte went from kinda granola, mom-appropriate fare to yaassss, Instagram full beat. They’re still thoroughly white, but it feels like they tried to age down a generation. Then again, they have so many lines that are trying to play all sides (Maneater, Double Duty Beauty, Amazonian clay, [Rainforest of the] Sea, Tarteist, Maracuja, even Sugar Rush…)

Surprised no one’s mentioned ABH going from a posh, curated luxury-feel to Colour Pop-paced… well… based purely on Christine’s reviews the main ABH palette line has maintained its quality but the Norvina line sounds like a travesty. I mean, that’s a loss of identity right there in that its identity is almost purely Norvina’s now.

I was wondering the same! Instead of being edgy and introducing something new and groundbreaking, they’ve just veered drastically off course and…….?

Bite Beauty. If their foundation is that great, good for them and everyone who loves it, but I can’t forgive and will never forget. Sooo many holy grail lip products discontinued and now they’ve almost entirely abandoned the product(s) that ‘made’ them who they were. Okay, I’m bitter. Maybe I’m alone. But my heart literally hurts at the thought of all that used to be.

Y’know what? I had forgotten all about Bite’s HORRIFIC axing of their wonderful lipstick lines and possibly the glosses, as well. Major betrayal!

Yes, Bite! I haven’t bought anything from them since they came out with the new lines. There’s one or two colors that I might get eventually but in general the collection feels very neutral and boring. I miss seeing the variety they used to have. They were one of my favorite lipstick brands.

Off the top of my head, the brands that come to mind are ABH, ColourPop, TooFaced, Urban Decay & Tarte. The last ABH release that was interesting was the Jackie Aina palette. The bigger Norvina color stories just aren’t my jam. ColourPop hasn’t had an interesting release to me in a very long time. TooFaced is so confused about who they are it’s sad. That new pumpkin spice palette looks a lot like their last two holiday releases. I agree with your assessment of Urban Decay. And Tarte hasn’t been on my radar for a while. I guess my tastes have changed and these brands just haven’t kept up.

I second this post…. ABH, UD, Tarte and CP!

Also where did IT cosmetics go? I feel they left town after buying the creator out.

I would agree with you Christine about UD – it’s been a very long, long time since I purchased anything from UD. Apart from the problems with their formulas, their shade range (and names of the shades) has been uninspiring.
bareMinerals has lost their get up and go since they moved away from their Ready formula, which was so successful. Once upon a time their quads and 8 pans were filled with beautiful shades and colour combinations, but now it is just so so.
Colour Pop – which once gave us fabulous singles (like Sydney Grace does nowadays) and stunning lipsticks (the Lux range) is becoming like Too Faced – releases every other week with poorly formulated shades – each palette looking similar to the last ten. And no additions to their Lux lipstick line.

Bare Mineral’s Ready compacts were brilliant. I have no idea what the brand’s about today… it can’t seem to settle on a demographic or POV.

Bobbi Brown – once the neutrals brand now the nothing brand? C’mon, give us a gorgeous, on-trend, neutral palette & an assortment of neutral blushes, lip products etc,
Estee Lauder- once a classic American luxury brand now seems a bit stale. Come on EL, you have amazing formulas (lippies, foundation, blush, mascaras, etc.) but I’m certain even the “mature” ladies (like me) would appreciate something a bit more “on trend” like a tasteful eyeshadow palette or another collab like you did with Victoria Beckham.

Definitely Urban Decay, for all the reasons mentioned here. The went from being indy, grungy, and trend-setting to mainstream in terms of products and audience. The Naked Palettes were so innovative and different at the time, but their popularity were where the brand’s image started to change. Now it’s just like any other brand They’ve become the brand for moms my age saying, “See, we’ere still cool!” But the cool people have moved on to Melt.

ColourPop used to literally be about the bright pop of colors you couldn’t get anywhere else: Vivid neons, glittery brights, weird duochromes. Now they seem much more subdued, with lots of neutrals and mauves. Which I like, too, but I miss their really colorful and creative days. I’m not writing them off yet, though.

Anastasia lost it’s identity this last year. It may have well have been renamed “Norvina.” Even before the big Norbvina palettes came out, the brand felt different.

Not trying to brag or anything, but I first discovered Urban Decay when they were so brand new, they only had maybe 10 lipsticks and nail polishes. That was all, and the only place I could find their products were at 2or 3 shops on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village, NYC. This was back in 1995, or ’96. I was a curious and loyal customer from the beginning, because the brand spoke to me, and my style. It almost felt like a secret between friends, and every purchase made me feel confident, and cool.
I can’t begrudge a small business for wanting to expand and try different things, but I definitely think that in the years since, UD has definitely ‘lost the plot’, in terms of their brand identity. I was in my early 20’s when I first started buying their products. They’ve changed, and so have I. Having said that, I wish they’d stuck with their original branding and identity.
Not gonna lie, I still buy their products every now and then, but they’re not my go-to for unique colors, and a unique point of view anymore. As someone else said in their comment (forgive me for paraphrasing), they’ve become indistinguishable from every other makeup conglomerate.
As someone who discovered UD so early on, and felt that it was a brand that truly understood and reflected my own esthetic and point of view, this makes me so very, very sad.

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