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What brand do you wish you had better access to?

What brand do you wish you had better access to? Share your wishes!

Now, I barely have any access (in person) to any beauty brands, since I live an hour or further away from the beauty counters, but half the time online launches products before counters even receive them! I’d love to have better access to MUFE’s full range of products, Inglot, and high-end brands like Edward Bess, Le Metier de Beaute, etc.

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leftycurse Avatar

I live nearly an hour or more away from any beauty stores (like Sephora, Ulta, etc.). I only have counters near me, and the selection isn’t as great. I’d love to have better access to brands like OCC and Inglot. I’d love to be able to test their products in person before buying! I’m so glad OCC lip tars are coming to Sephora! 

morlonbrondo Avatar

I just wish I had access to more reasonable prices! In Australia, most beauty products are twice the cost (MAC lipsticks are $36 here… considering the current exchange rate, that’s close to $35US), so I order a lot online, but then some places don’t deliver here… I wish I had access to a store like Sephora, too. How I miss Sephora 🙁

agarcc Avatar

it would definitely have to be Sleek Makeup for sure. I hate that they don’t have a presence here in the states, I want to try them so badly!

Summer Avatar

SOOO many. I wish we had a Nordstrom and/or a Neiman’s here! (We have a Macy’s and a Sephora but everything else department store-wise is 2 hours away, sadly.)  I would loooove to be able to get samples of and swatch Burberry, Chantecaille, Armani, Guerlain, Tom Ford, and Sisely makeup and skincare! I know I can easily buy all of these online, but it’s just not the same, you know?

blueraccoon Avatar

I’m fortunate that most brands are accessible to me – I live in a pretty urban area (not *in* the city, but we’re more than suburbs) and it’s also a pretty wealthy area, so I have a Nordstrom’s and a Neiman Marcus and a Sephora and so on all within about fifteen minutes of me. However I’m kind of intimidated by the NM and its mall, and I’ve never been there for fear of looking way too middle class and out of place, so that cuts off my access to brands like Tom Ford and LMdB. I’d love for them to be available at my Nordstrom’s, where I go all the time. (We did just get Guerlain in-store, so there’s hope, I guess, and LMDB is available online via Nordy’s.)
I’d also *love* for my fave brand, Burberry, to be available at Sephora, mostly so more people could try them and see how fantastic they are, and also so I could get points while adding to my makeup collection. But I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. At least Nordstrom’s has free shipping, right? 

Kafka Avatar

 @blueraccoon   God, I hear you on Neiman Marcus. It actually gives me anxiety. (No hyperbole.) My mother shops there nonstop and even when I go with her, it’s an ordeal. Going on my own is utter misery. I do try to dress up somewhat but, even then, there is something about the people who work there (supercilious and disdainful as HELL). Many of those who shop there, at least in Houston, aren’t much better. (Imagine Big Oil money with big hair, big boobs, too much tanning, too much Botox, and then multiple that vision by a thousand.)  It doesn’t help that it’s at a super fancy, massive mall (which also has Nordstrom’s) where the traffic and parking are a notorious nightmare or that driving there stresses me out to begin with, but no, it’s really just Neiman’s alone. <shudder> I’d rather be without the makeup than to go there!

xamyx Avatar

I would *love* to have an Inglot counter closer to me, as I’ve never been able to check them out in person, and I would really love to. Within the last year, a full MUFE store opened relatively close to me, but I haven’t made it in as of yet (I want to get through my NARS wishlist, first). I really wish one counter would carry the whole NARS range; in order to see things in person, I would have to go to about three different counters. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I live in Los Angeles, and all the counters I’ve looked up for specific products are spread far and wide, on opposite ends of town.

Veronica Avatar

Illumasqua, for one.  Not a single one of the Sephora stores in my area carries it, and as much as I’d love to try it, I’m generally hesitant to buy expensive cosmetics without seeing them in person first.  The same goes for Burberry.  I think the only counter we had for had for their products disappeared when Saks went out.  Guerlain used to be on that list, too, but we finally got one a counter back when a Nordstroms opened up in one of our malls.  (I suspect the Nordstroms is actually what put Saks out of business here.) Lipstick Queen is probably the one other brand I’d like more access to, but I just noticed that Nordstroms has picked up the brand so I’m hoping a counter will open up at ours soon.  🙂

Miss J Avatar

NARS!! I wish I lived near an actual NARS location with the full range. I want to play with the Yachiyo brush, but no counter anywhere near me at all. I also wish I had better access to MUFE, Illamasqua, and Inglot. Those are about the only brands I’m dying for. Hourglass in person would be alright, too. Hmmm, and Burberry.

Kafka Avatar

@Miss J    If NARS were a ship, I’d be a stowaway. I’d sneak out like a mouse at night and just play with all the stuff, stroke the pretty cases and sigh. I can’t imagine how great it would be to have access to the whole line in person. Do you know there are something like 48+ eyeshadow duos??! Some I’d never even heard of before, like Iceland (iridescent white intensifier highlighters for eyeshadows), until Amy told me about it. Never seen it anywhere and certainly never heard anyone talk about it. To be able to see and test out such things in person…. I’d be a happy little mouse. 🙂     Oh, btw, Hourglass just came to the Sephora near me, so maybe it will show up at yours, too.  

Miss J Avatar

@Kafka Haha, you’d be one happy little mouse for sure! I’d go crazy getting to see all the NARS goodies in person. There are a TON of duos I’ve never got to check out and play with…I just checked NARS’ sites, and it says there’s 60+!!! OMG. I would never have realized with how many they carry at my JCP Sephora. If you like cooler colors like blue-greys, check out Brumes, Underworld, and Demon Lover. I love the three of these together. As for Iceland, I can’t remember the last time I tried that one, but I really like Kilimanjaro, which is a pink side and gold side duo for highlighting; I use it for brightening the inner corner. I really want to come across the discontinued Wicked duo, though. Need more NARS! Haha. The Yachiyo brush is $50, which my cheapy heart has a hard time splurging on without testing it in person.
BTW, still absolutely adoring Outlaw! I’ve worn it everyday since its arrival. Kinda thinking I might want to get Angelika for collectors sake. Also, a friend is trying to turn me onto Super Orgasm. The color looks SO good on her, and I could barely see the gold glitter, but I don’t trust anything with that much huge chunky flecks.
In completely unrelated makeup news, I’m going to be an aunt for the first time!!!! 😀

Kafka Avatar

@Miss J  — Hurrah! Congratulations on becoming an Auntie! I hope it’s a little girl so you can expose her to makeup when she grows up! But no matter what the gender, I know you’ll be such a fun, cool, hip Auntie!!
Don’t talk to me about expensive NARS brushes. I’m still recuperating from the $50+ one I bought back in 1995 (1995!) from Bobbi Brown. LOL. 
Yes, NARS has a gazillion things that no-one ever carries. 60+ eyeshadows but also about 55+ cheek products if you include the 42 or so pure blushes (cream and powder) and all the Multiples, then about 5 Blush Duos, 5 Multiple Duos (available only on the website) and the 20+ nail varnishes.  If I’m lucky, my Sephora will carry maybe — maybe — 30 products (and that seems to be mostly the foundations).  I’ve been trying some of NARS skin care line, thanks to the complimentary deluxe set I got and one of them (the gel, oil-free moisturizer) is amazing! But would I ever know from shopping at Sephora? No, never!
My mother fell in love with Outlaw and bought it Saturday! I can’t stop wearing mine. And, long story to be avoided, I spoke to someone at NARS corporate recently and ended up suggesting that she tell their PR dept. to send Christine a new Outlaw to try. She said she would definitely tell them!
Please be careful of Super Orgasm.  The colour is so, so pretty (*much* prettier than Orgasm), but every time I wear it, I end up with glitter in my hairline and on my forehead. I even found some once on my collarbone and chest! I’ve stuck it at the back of the drawer, never to be used again until Halloween or a disco party.   I am telling you, Lokoum or Cactus Flower!  If you love Outlaw, you’ll love Cactus Flower.  And if you liked Dolce Vita at all, you’ll prefer Lokoum a thousand times more.  I ordered Luxor, btw, last night. And the Portofino Multiple that is supposed to be like the Missing Link lovechild of Orgasm & Sin!! So thought of you when I read that description!  
Wicked is discontinued now????? Since when??  I’ve seen it on eBay. In fact, just a few day ago. I have one of the Himalayas colours in a palette and I love it!  And Demon Lover is super high on my list along with Underworld! God, I lust for Demon Lover!!  We have such an identical taste in all this. Do me a favour and google NARS New Wave palette! It’s a special limited edition palette that has just come out and which almost made me fall off my chair last night when I saw it. I ordered it from Nordstrom within 15 minutes of seeing it. It is THAT hot!

Miss J Avatar

@Kafka I’m just thrilled! He/She is going to be one pampered kid, lol. Not due for another 6-7 months, but already want to shop for baby!
Our NARS selection (at least the one at the closest Sephora) is SO limited. I can’t even get my foundation shade there because they got rid of it. They have a handful of products in each category, but not nearly enough to satisfy my lust for NARS.
My mom loved Outlaw, too. She usually groans and tells me I have too much blush when I tell her about a new blush, but when I opened the compact of Outlaw she said with delight, “OOOH! That’s SO pretty! I like that one!” That is A LOT coming from my mom who is not into makeup. Good to hear Christine may get to try it again! I hope she does!
Lokoum and Cactus Flower are at the top of my blush list, actually. 🙂 I just keep wanting to “complete” my NARS powder blush collection. Though, I never buy any of the ones that don’t work at all for me because that’d just be a waste. I’m veeerrrrry apprehensive of Super Orgasm. I’ve heard the color is much better and more likely to show up, but I don’t trust the glitter in it. I’ve heard from a few that the glitter falls off the brush in application and then I’ve heard people tell me the glitter goes everywhere. I thought maybe for nights out or holiday parties? How are the sparkles in Angelika for you? Also, let me know how you like Copacabana compared to Luxor. As for Portofino, love it, but I don’t get Sin from it…hm. I usually layer it under Torrid or Gilda.
I think Wicked has been discontinued for a couple years at least. It was another one of the ones on my list that was there one day then gone the next. OMG…WHY can’t I find the New Wave palette on Nordstrom?!?! That looks AMAZING.

Kafka Avatar

 @Miss J   Do you want the link to New Wave? (I don’t know if that’s okay to do but I’m assuming so.)  I ordered it last night from Nordstrom’s but they also sell it at Saks and, I hear, Neiman Marcus as well. It looks STUNNING. Even my mother blinked and gave a little gasp when I showed it to her today. I’m going to give her my Daphne when I get it and she’s now interested in Outremer, too. 
Re. Angelika, I really don’t see sparkles. I say “sparkles” because it’s nowhere close to being big enough to call glitter, imo. Christine’s review was dead-on when she said the sparkles somehow vanished between the brush and the cheek.  Perhaps they just blend in super smoothly??? I think Angelika might be nice, esp. when paired with Laguna.  I’ll let you know about Luxor. I didn’t know you had Portofino but I do recall you loving Riviera. Which one do you prefer? I want to get Riviera but I hear some contradictory things about its smoothness and creaminess.  
So, SO happy to hear that about Lokoum and Cactus Flower. I know you prefer powder, but it’s much better to get a lovely, gorgeous cream than to some powder colour that isn’t really your cup of tea. (Side note, I keep forgetting to tell you that I wish they’d bring back Seratao too!)  You know what I can’t stop looking out but which will freak you out, colour wise? Montenegro! I really think that deep maroon red will end up being a sort of Exhibit A-type thing, in terms of being sheered out to a lovely colour. Plus, the creams are rarely as intense as the powders. 
I hope Bubba won’t get too jealous of your new love when the baby comes. If he does, send him to me for some pampering. 😉 

Miss J Avatar

 @Kafka FINALLY. Thanks for letting me know it was available elsewhere. I googled it and it came up at Saks! Your mom has excellent taste!
While I really, really love Portofino (mainly in the summer), I prefer Riviera. I describe it as a mid, glowy, semi-bright pink with small shimmer. I have no problems with the texture at all. It goes on easily for me…feels silky to the touch, but blends nicely then feels like a mixture between silky cream and soft powder. I still have G-Spot on my list along with Maui, and possibly Orgasm to layer with the blush. If Undress Me didn’t have so much damn silver sparkle/glitter, I’d get it, but have you seen how much of a chunk one that is? Karen’s swatch for it really showed alllllllll the silver grit.
Cactus Flower is a definite. I think Lokoum looks beautiful, but I don’t know if it’s too similar to Taos. I was looking at Montenegro the other day in another beauty blogger’s swatches because it was right next to the swatch for Constantinople, which I’ve been considering.
I’d jump for joy if Sertao came back. I remember a lot of people having problems with that one breaking on them, though, because the powder was SO soft that it would just crumble and break. But it was beautiful as a highlight/bronzer mix in the summer.
Haha, I’m worried about the dog when the baby comes. I don’t know how he’ll react to a baby in person. He gets really excited around little kids, and when babies or kids are on the tv, he’ll sit there and run up to the screen almost pouncing at it while whining. He’s never been around anyone younger than 1-2, so I’m a bit nervous he’ll get excited and want to rush the baby, especially if it’s at his level. Oy.

RachaelHobbyWortley Avatar

First Barry m, because it’s impossible for me to get it without ordering it online! I ABSOLUTELY love there stuff! Then Nyx because there’s only one place in my city I have ever seen having NYX,  which is torrid, and they had maybe 3 things..nothing I wanted!

nacacijin Avatar

A week ago I would have said Shiseido, but we just got a counter in the mall near me! But there are still a few others:
From Sephora, I’d love to be able to get a good look at Illamasqua and Bobbi Brown. There are four Sephora’s within a half hour of my house, but none of them carry either brand.
Make Up For Ever, definitely. I can’t wait until my next trip to LA (or my first to NYC) in order to get into one of their Boutiques to see the whole range of products.
Inglot. Kiehls. LUSH (there is one downtown and it’s only about 15 minutes away, but it’s a hassle to get down there, especially with city parking!)…
And a bunch of Asian brands! But I’m hoping that the local Japanese supermarket carries some…fingers crossed 🙂

stacey Avatar

Japanese brands like Jill Stuart and the likes which the Muse talks about so much, Canadian brands. I live near the city and several malls thank goodness, because I never buy from Sephora anymore. I just wish I live in NYC.  BTW Macys in SF has Inglot, so maybe other Macys also have Inglot.

Vanillasnow Avatar

Pretty much every brand that doesn’t ship up to Canada.  Most of the time, it’s cheaper to shop in the American stores or online because the prices are so much better and there’s promotions all the time.  I wouldn’t even mind paying for shipping or not seeing the product first (I rely on swatches and reviews either way), but many companies still don’t offer this option.  They won’t even let me buy it online with a Canadian credit card and ship it to my family or friends who live in the States.  I don’t want to bug someone to help me buy things every time there is a FF sale!  This holds true for Sephora as well.

Kafka Avatar

 @Vanillasnow  Yikes, how frustrating. Why do you think Sephora won’t ship to Canada or take a Canadian credit card?  I am pretty sure I recently saw something on Sephora that mentioned Canadian customers, so I went and looked just now and found this:  They say they take Canadian credit cards for shipment to a Canadian address, so maybe they’ve changed their policies? I hope so, for your sake. 🙂

wwendalynne Avatar

 @Kafka  @Vanillasnow Sephora is in Canada as well, Kafka and there are a number of stores across the country in the major centers. has always accepted Canadian credit cards for shipment to Canada.  I’ve been on-line shopping on Sephora for at least 10 years or more.  The problem comes with certain brands where Sephora does not have selling rights across the border.. meaning, they can sell the item in their Canadian stores to Canadian customers, but not from their US store for shipment to Canada.  I hope this clears things up for Vanillasnow too!  Lots of great finds on-line still!!!!  🙂

queen_frostine Avatar

Inglot!!!  I’ve been to two of their stores while on vacation so I’ve managed to acquire a fair amount of their stuff, but I do wish I had local access.  Hell I’d settle for them opening a store in a neighboring state.  Right now, my “closest” store is Chicago, a good 800 miles away.
i’d also love better access to NYX products.  Ulta carries them, but they don’t carry a lot of the line. 

wwendalynne Avatar

Practically every brand I love, I have to go through hoops to obtain due to cross-border issues on-line.  On both Nordies and Saks, I cannot order Tom Ford for shipment to Canada so I have to ship to a US address and then ship to Canada.. argh!!!.  Ditto for Chanel and countless other brands, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, etc..of which I usually only purchase one offs.  Illamasqua I have to purchase from overseas!  Sephora has many similar issues and NONE of the product info sheets tell me whether or not I can order and ship to Cannuckville until I have the suckers in my cart..but still no message until I actually check out.  Then it is some obscure error number and I have to figure out what bloody products are offending the check out process.   
Giddy up, I can order Guerlain, Nars, Armani for direct import surprisingly :).  So overall, it is quite a feat to get my hot and sweaty hands on some of the things I absolutely have to HAVE and it’s gets even more expensive when shipping/duty costs are added to the fray.  So, I typically look for sites where I can at least get free shipping or sites with loyalty programs so I feel like I am winning part of the time.  Timing is a pain in the arse too as frequently items are released in the US before Canada and so shopping at Holt Renfrew, one of the few stores carrying almost all luxury lines, can also leave me empty handed and super ticked for the 2 hour drive from Toronto back to my farm.
Online shopping is my very dear friend and fortunately over the past 5 years or so I have lived out in the boonies, I have devised lots of tricks and a helluva an impressive set of bookmarks for getting what I want!!!.  I really do not miss living in the city whatsoever, but I can honestly say I dearly miss the shopping.  In the little towns/cities closer to my farm, the selections are appalling and Wal Mart aka Wally World is the big draw card.  Get this, I once calculated the nearest place to purchase my mascara was 60 miles away.  Former Big City Diva almost cried ;(

Quinctia Avatar

I’ve got one store I can think of that carries any Milani, despite having several stores from chains that DO carry it in my area.  It doesn’t carry everything in the line, because I love the HD Advance lip color and I have to order them online.  I’d probably have 3x as many by now if my CVS had them.  They may be a little pricey for drugstore, and they may smell like fake watermelon, but it’s still a fantastic lipstick, haha.
And on the other end of the spectrum, maybe Guerlain?  I can’t see or smell any of it in person, so I’ve bought a couple of lipsticks that I’ve liked, but I had to go conservative on shade choice, because without being able to swatch something in person, I don’t want to go too bright or too neutral based on online shots.  With their tendency to perfume everything, I can’t just buy a foundation or face powder unsmelled, or I risk having a $50 migraine inducer in my makeup bag.

Jasmine Valistreri Avatar

Ha! Seeing this made me chuckle. This topic is something I do have an opinion on. I live on the big island of Hawaii, which means four things:
1. new launches get here about 3 months after they are released,
2. the Big Island isn’t nearly as metropolitan as say Oahu, so we have Very Limited Selection. The only makeup counters are the ones at Macy’s which are just a handful for each side. (I feel bad for the even more sparsely populated islands) And
3. every package has to come over the ocean to get to us and there are two methods for this:
A. airmail (pricey when absolutely everything you buy must be shipped this way, it does add up) or
B. via barge ( this takes literally 3 months each and every time) unfortunately most stores don’t have a clear or comprehensive shipping option list so you either have to chance it or call them which may mean having to call at an irregular hour due to time difference, (and sometimes you pay for one shipping and they just change it on you for no reason which has happened to me three times so far).
4. some items are not allowed to be shipped via airmail like potentially hazardous chemicals that are apparently in some of the eyeshadows and nail polishes I have wanted in the past.
So nothing in terms of makeup is actually easily accessible to me (except old pieces carried by the handful of brands at Macy’s). I wish I had a Nordstrom or Bergdorf Goodman on my island because the really high end brands are awfully difficult to find swatches of online. Mid-high end brands like anything Sephora sells are really easy to find swatches of, but swatches of things like Sisley Paris eyeshadows are non-exsistant, which is annoying when you are contemplating spending that much on their makeup (by the way I wasn’t a big fan of their eyeshadows, they’re nice but not nice enough for the price tag).

jesspug Avatar

sleek. i think the prices and quality are outstanding. i’ve ordered online and gotten items in hand by visitors from london (the ultra mattes are AMAZING) but don’t know what i’ll do in the future if items aren’t available through the website!!

Laura Avatar

The prices in Germany are ridiculous, I wish I could get a bottle of OPI for less than ~20$. At least OPI is easy to find here. There’s only one chain that carries China Glaze and the nearest store is more than an hour away from me, most people aren’t even that lucky, and the prices are much too high as well.

N Avatar

Tom Ford! Hourglass, NARS, Jack Black, a gazillion skincare brands, etc.  Most brands are not available in my country and it is beyond annoying. I wish there was at least one website I could order Tom Ford from.

Ani_BEE Avatar

 @Phyrra Same in Canada. Inglot in particular is clustered their stores only in Quebec for some reason. Why not love for Toronto? The closest store to me is south of the boarder in New York. >_< lol

Phyrra Avatar

 @Ani_BEE  I can drive 4.5 hours to Miami to see Inglot. There’s nowhere I can drive for the full range of Milani, and the CVS has very limited product range. For Illamasqua I have to head to Orlando to have more than the nail polish because it seems like most of the stores have yanked the larger displays.

peachoo Avatar

There was an Inglot in Toronto but it closed down.  I think this was around 2008.  At that time, it wasn’t popular.  It was at First Canadian Place in downtown Toronto.  sad…  i love inglot!

Anita Avatar

There are so many brands that are not sold here in Austria, so my list could be REALLY long, but I’ll limit it to NARS, Urban Decay, Tom Ford (there’s one store here that sells just the lipsticks, nothing else) and Burberry. It’s really frustrating to live here and read about all the amazing things that are available elsewhere with no, or hardly any, possibility of getting them. We’re just such a small market that I think we’re not interesting for any of these brands.

CatherineM Avatar

Burberry! I have to rely on online swatches and reviews since the next Burberry counter is 500km away. I love their lipsticks and eyeshadows, but I can only buy them online, which is always a risk.

MiettaReynolds Avatar

I live in Australia so we don’t really have MUFE. Or NYX. Well..we had NYX where I’m from but the only place that stocked it at a decent price shut down. So..I’m pretty mad about that! >=( We don’t have Sleek, I have ordered some things off Ebay for that brand and will do the same for NYX. I’d like to have Barry M too. We also don’t have Dolce and Gabbana makeup in our department stores, which is REALLY annoying because I want one of their lipsticks. I’ve been watching NikkieTutorials on youtube and now I want MakeupStudio things! What else…Urban Decay. And overall just better prices. It’s ridiculous how much we are ripped off down here in Aus! Makes me cry when I hear how much Americans are charged for makeup 🙁

Alison Cole Avatar

I live in Australia, and I wish that we had access to brands like Le Metier de Beaute, Cle de Peau, Urban Decay. 
I’d love it if we could have Bergdorf Goodman stores, and Sephora! 

candleashes Avatar

I live in NYC, so most things are easily accessible to me. The one brand that baffles me with their lack of store representation is NYX. Why don’t any of the drugstores carry it? Other than that, it’s some less main stream perfumes like Juliette Has a Gun, Etat Libre d’Orange etc. There are places I can buy them online, but unlike most makeup, it’s a very expensive purchase that you can’t even guess if you’ll like till you try it (no way to look up a swatch or see a review, perfume is far too subjective). Even to get a tiny sample, most places have you pay a few $, it’s a pain. Guess if I could just walk into a store and pickup some Zoya, that would be nice too (it’s available through some salons here, but that’s very inconvenient), but I really don’t mind buying that online, I hardly ever miss what the color is going to look like and they have nice perks.


 @candleashes I LOVE Etat Libre d’Orange!! Jealous of your NYC residency. I take the train up there every couple of months to go to saks and bergdorf goodmans. I need to make a perfume journey one of these days.

misscheriamor Avatar

Higher end, I wish my Sephora carried Illamasqua. Out of 6 stores by me none carry their products, other than some polishes. As far as drugstore brands go, I just wish that they were more consistent with their products and what they sold. It drives me crazy that some Walgreens will carry a certain brand and then others won’t. There are endless nail polish brands I wish were easier to obtain.

DelilahC Avatar

Armani and MUFE.  I live nowhere near a store which sells these brands.  Trying to chose colours from photographs not the best.  I love to feel the textures etc.

paneradfisk Avatar

I live in Sweden and can’t access Bobbi Brown, MUFE, Illamasqua, Revlon, Benefit, NARS and many more. Some of them are available online, but the shipping is very high and the taxes in Sweden are also very high. I would love to have all of them here.

Mariella Avatar

Probably Inglot because having been at an Inglot store in March, and finding it wonderful, I’d love to go back again (it doesn’t help that their online swatches are dreadful and ordering in Canada is almost as bad). I’d also love access to some of the English/British brands that are reasonably priced and seem very good – MUA, Sleek, Barry M, Becca.  I would also love to be able to try Eve Pearl concealers/correctors.  I’d like one, I want one but I won’t buy one til I can try them out.

Aislin M Avatar

Everything in Australia is harder to get and is SO much more expensive. Apart from this, Australia also gets products much later than other countries. It really is a shame for all us beauty lovers in Australia 🙁

Ana G Avatar

Illamasqua, Nars, Laura Mercier, just to name a few! It’s only been a year since we have UD here at Sephora and not every conter has it! I order Illamasqua online but I would really like to see the products and test them out.

John 3D Avatar

I’m pretty fortunate to live in an area, Southern California-LA suburb, so I have access to virtually every brand on the US market. You name it, we’ve got it. There’s Macys, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, and botiques galore. The most difficult brand I can think of when it comes to access, would be Dolce and Gabbana makeup, which is only available at the Saks in Beverly Hills. But even that is only like 45 minutes away.

t_zwiggy Avatar

Oh gosh, where do I start? I live in Norway, so there are lots of brand that we don’t have here. My closest MAC counter is a two hour drive away, so I certainly wish that was closer.
Brands like NARS, MUFE, Illamasqua, Inglot, Urban Decay, Shu Uemura, Cle de Peau, Le Metier de Beaute, Burberry, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown I have to order online 🙁
I do appreciate my extremely easy access to Chanel, Dior and Guerlain to mention a few. They are all in 3 minutes walking distance. However, with the outrageous prices in Norway, that’s not necessarily a good thing for my wallet 😛

Kafka Avatar

 @t_zwiggy  Totally OT, I was in an area of Sweden last Oct. that was right near the border with Norway. Fjällnäs, high up north (near the Arctic Circle, I think) and only accessible by flying into a small airport in Norway (via Oslo), and then taking a long bus trip through a bit of the neighboring Norwegian countryside until we got to Sweden & Fjällnäs. You have a magnificent country!! I’m definitely going to go back at some point to see more of Norway itself and not just Oslo.

yellowlantern Avatar

Milani! It’s hard to find in stores and much of the line isn’t even online. 🙁 
Guerlain is harder to find as well. Sephora only carries their bronzers, primers and the meteorites powder. I’m also curious about the Sunday Riley brand and wish it was more accessible too.   

Kafka Avatar

 @yellowlantern  I’m starting to think that the Milani eyeshadows that got such great reviews from Christine are like unicorns…..  😉


I live in an area where my Sephora has a lot of MUFE, illamasqua, some guerlain, givenchy, and ysl so it’s not that bad. I do wish that i did have access to higher end brands like Cle de Peau, Le metier de Beaute, Armani, etc.

avamiav Avatar

10 minute trip to Ulta, 30 minute trip to Sephora, so I’m going to have to say Inglot.  No Inglot in or around Philly.  Think the closest one is New Jersey.

Daniela Avatar

Lots of brands aren’t available here so I’ll say NARS, Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, NYX, OCC, Make Up Store, China Glaze and OPI (OPI is available here but the prices are insane compared to what people pay in the US)

greensocksrocks Avatar

Revlon. i hear all the buzz about the brand and i don’t have them in my country, or at least in very selected places where the price is 3 times pricier than in the US, which i think is nonsense since it is suposed to be a reasonably cheap brand. i only have a colourstay foundation which order from ebay and got it for the incredible price of 7 euros!! in stores they are sold at 22 euros or plus, and i dont agree with that so i dont buy them – thats the way i work. i could invest in more online shoping but the shipping rates are somewhat so high that they are almost the price of a product itself, which discourages me to buy. i might like a product very much, or wanted to try it very hard, but if i don’t agree with the shopping policy, i skip it and stay true to myself.  

Kate MacDonald Avatar

Burberry! It’s only available at two counters in all of Canada and most retailers won’t ship products here. You can order from the Burberry web site, but the shipping rates are insane.
I’d also like it if Chantecaille was more widely available. I used to live near a store that carried them, so I assumed they were everywhere, but as I’ve found out, I was living next to pretty much the only place that carried them. At least their stuff I can order from NM, but it’s always better to be able to swatch something in person.

Kiss and Makeup Avatar

Definitely Inglot, but also many of the American brands. I live in Belgium so I order a lot of stuff online, but I’d love to be able to just walk into the store and actually see all the products. And I definitely wouldn’t miss the shipping costs and the waiting 🙂

Liz9969 Avatar

I can’t think of any HE brands that I’m interested in that I don’ have access to.  I live in NYC and we don’t have any Ulta stores.  That’s a bummer because they have good prices.  The drugstores by me don’t seem to sell Milani or NYX.  I’ve never tried either brand, which is a shame because I read so many nice things about it.  

Liz9969 Avatar

I can’t think of any HE brands that I’m interested in that I don’ have access to. Has anyone else noticed a lot of MUFE out of stock at  It seems like the last couple of products I wanted to buy were not available.  
I live in NYC and we don’t have any Ulta stores.  That’s a bummer because they have good prices.  The drugstores by me don’t seem to sell Milani or NYX.  I’ve never tried either brand, which is a shame because I read so many nice things about them. 

Nicole L Avatar

I live in a state that doesn’t have a Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s or a Macy’s! We have ONE MAC COUNTER and ONE Sephora in the entire state as well.. So pretty much every single brand is hard to come by for me! Needless to say I do massive amounts of internet shopping and spend hours pouring over online swatches.

peachoo Avatar

what state is this?  I live in Canada so I’m shocked to read this!!  i have access to 5 MAC counters (including a PRO store) but no Illamasqua or Inglot.  sad 🙁

StephanieT Avatar

Cle de peau, ysl, and inglot. Cle de peau and ysl aren’t that hard I just have to go into the city, maybe about an hour and a half away. I live pretty much in Toronto and the is closest inglot is Montreal 🙁

Daniellenm30 Avatar

I have pretty good access to most beauty brands, but I would like to see better ranges of nail polish in stores. A lot of places like Sally Beauty and Ricky’s only have a limited selection and Ulta usually looks picked over. That being said, I am perfectly fine with ordering polishes online. Otherwise, I wish I had access to British brands like Sleek and Barry M. The shipping costs for the Sleek palettes are fairly high.

zamedine Avatar

I have to agree with every other poster from Australia- we get next to nothing and/or it’s prohibitively expensive. And we don’t have many homegrown brands here- red earth went out of business and Chi-Chi seems to be aimed exclusively at the drag queen or pre-teen market. 

Brenda Avatar

Any of them!!   My daughter is 9 months old and a handful so I barely get to leave the house!!  But really,  Illamasqua and Inglot.  Neither will ship to Canada and even if I try to order Illamasqua through Sephora, it’s prohibited to ship for whatever reason.  It’s disappointing because I love their campaigns and would like the opportunity to at least try it out.

Kafka Avatar

@Brenda,  Another poster mentioned the difficulty of ordering from Canada. It sounds terrible. Why do you think Illamasqua won’t ship to Canada?  I saw that Sephora ships to Canada but to single out one brand (Illamasqua) for a complete block seems crazy. And totally frustrating!

wwendalynne Avatar

 @Kafka It’s actually all about selling rights. Sephora probably only has the right to sell Illamasqua to Canadians from their Canadian stores.  Since their on-line store purchases actually come from the States and get shipped to Canada, they do not have this right and cannot do so.  It’s all about selling rights to a label and those rights are very costly.

Kafka Avatar

 @wwendalynne  Really interesting, thank you. Since Sephora does have stores now in Canada, I wonder why they don’t have a Canadian warehouse to facilitate delivery of online purchases? It shouldn’t get in the way of any right to sell Illamasqua to Canadians only from their Canadian stores.  Never mind, too complicated for a Monday. lol 

shelleyb Avatar

 Same with me.  I just read a recent blog about the wonderful eyeliner pencils by THREE by “drivel about frivol” (I think that’s the name) and the company sounds wonderful . . . but unbelievably expensive!  Yen to dollars!  I’ve bought Burberry online sight unseen and have been mostly happy by the colors.  However, I might have skipped a couple if I could’ve tried them in person.

Julia B Avatar

Becca, Illamasqua, embryolisse, bourjois, Daniel sandler, OCC, Tom Ford, and Burberry. I’m not a fan of online buying. I like to be able to swatch things before I buy them.

Kafka Avatar

NARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To see the *full* line, in person, would be…. <wistful sigh>   Then, in order: Illamasqua, Inglot, the full shu uemura line, OCC (which I hear repeatedly is finally coming to Sephora in September but we’ll see), theBalm (just to see if all the hype is warranted because my one, limited experience with them left me unimpressed thus far), & The Cult nail polish.

Ravn94 Avatar

All of them, aside from luxury brands since those are the only ones we get in store here. I’m in Norway, and half the beauty world doesn’t ship here, OR they do, but the shipping costs twice the price of the product bought. It’s just not do-able.

keleighbeth Avatar

Definitely Inglot – I live in NC and there is NOTHING close to go look at the shadows and other products. I’d also love to have access to Sleek stuff in person!

MMiriam Avatar

I live in new york city, manhattan, so im kind of close to anything and everything. There are tons of sephoras here and every other block there are like 2 drugstores atleast, but we dont have any ulta store, or walmart, or sallys beauty supply, and target is also somewhat far away like over 100 st. so its hard to go there, i guess id like to have access to walmart, target the pixi brand, and the hard candy line. and just theres a lot more decent but cheaper brands at target like sonia kashuk id like to go there. But thats pretty far away from where i live. Otherwise I have absolute access to the drugstores, and to sephora stores cause there are so many of them, and theres an old brand i used to really like, that used to be at sephora now its only in europe but its made by chanel its called bourjois its a great brand and i do see it on ebay, but i totally wish they carried it here. I think the only way to get it is through ebay, but its a great brand cause its the cheaper alternative to Chanel

Lisa Hamilton Avatar


Yes ,it’s true that those stores are not in Manhattan. However, there is an Ulta store in Queens and Sally’s Beauty Suppy stores as well as Target stores are located in both Brooklyn and Queens. It all depends on how far you want/ need to travel in search of make up.

Kris Avatar

Japanese brands! I adore seeing the photos of collections and swatches of eyeshadows, but I feel so uncomfortable just browsing brand after brand online without being able to try it out for myself!

sanguine13 Avatar

I was just about to post the same thing – at least we can buy Japanese brands from ebay, amazon,ect. but it would be nice to have the option of testing the products in-store.

Nicola Avatar

Living in Canada, we do get a lot of the brands however, I wish we had better access to theBalm (without the ridiculous shipping charge), ELF,  Lorac, Inglot, Sleek Makeup, and although we do have Milani here, the line isn’t nearly as extensive!

Dominique33 Avatar

Definitely Chantecaille, then Zoya and then Illamasqua. Chantecaille is not beautiful, packagings of the quads are more classy than some brands here, I just love those quads all the more as Chantecaille is committed to environmental issues. Zoya is Vegan so it’s great, Illamasqua is very pretty, never seen such dreamy collections even if it’s not so easy to wear.

Sophie Avatar

I live in Montreal so I have pretty good access to most brands (like Inglot), however I would LOVE to be able to get Illamasqua here. The Sephoras here only carry their nail polishes, which is nice and all, but it would be great if we could get the full range of products (especially since Sephora doesn’t want to ship Illamasqua’s stuff to Canada for some reason). 
Also, it doesn’t bug me as much, but it would be nice to also have access to NYX products. 

Gina Avatar

Burberry, for sure! There’s several Nordstrom stores within my state, and a few outside of it, but none of them within 100 miles of me carry Burberry Beauty! I love Burberry’s cosmetics, and I’d buy more if I could see them in person.
To a lesser extent, I wish Guerlain and Milani were more available. None of my local Sephora’s carry Guerlain, so I have to go to Nordstrom for that (despite having one in-state, it’s still a far trip). And while there’s a couple drugstores very close to me that carry Milani, I never remember which one actually has it, and some of them don’t have all the products! So with Milani, I’d just like to see more consistency.

Amy88 Avatar

I live in a city has most of the makeup brands available.  However, i love Japanese high end makeup brands, that is kind of hard for me to get unless i buy it on ebay by paying premium.  And one makeup brand i really want to try is called “Sqquq”, it is available in certain countries, like, Japan, and England…I heard that their makeup brushes and eyeshadow are to die for, the eyeshadow are most silky one among the world, the pigmentation is subtle, which most of the Asians prefer nature color…..

Amy88 Avatar

I live in a city has most of the makeup brands available.  However, i love Japanese high end makeup brands, that is kind of hard for me to get unless i buy it on ebay by paying premium.  And one makeup brand i really want to try is called “Suqqu”, it is available in certain countries, like, Japan, and England…I heard that their makeup brushes and eyeshadow are to die for, the eyeshadow are most silky one among the world, the pigmentation is subtle, which most of the Asians prefer nature color…..When it will be available in the US?

shellygrrl Avatar

I don’t have in-person access to any high-end brands, either. I’m two-and-a-half hours from the nearest Macy’s (it has Clinique, Estee Lauder, Prescriptives, Lancome, and *maybe* Elizabeth Arden? can’t remember.); four hours from the nearest Ulta; six hours from the nearest in-country Sephora (I think there’s one in Quebec City or Montreal that’s closer) and MAC counter; and the nearest in-country Inglot anything (freestanding store or counter) is at least a day’s roadtrip away, as there are no Inglots in New England at all. (Again, I’d be closer to the ones in Quebec City or Montreal.) 🙁 At least I can access this stuff online! 🙂
Anyway. Brand-wise, I’d love better access to the Make Up For Ever products that aren’t carried through Sephora. Similar with Illamasqua and MAC’s Pro products. I’d also love better access to some of the UK drugstore brands — particularly Sleek (although, yeah, you can buy their products online, too, I’d love to see it get a US distributor), MUA (Makeup Academy), and Collection 2000. Also, Louise Young (love the brushes!) and Bourjois (some products are on ASOS but it doesn’t carry every shade or every product; would love to see it get a dedicated US distributor again).

ItalyTEN Avatar

I’m dying for Bioderma to be sold in the USA. DYING! I went to Denmark a few weeks ago and I literally drove my sister in-law insane looking for it. With no luck. I found an amazing brand in Denmark, Nilens Nord. Paraben free, absolutely amazing pigment and colors. Of course I love it and it’s nowhere to be found in the USA. Kiko is another brand I wish I could get in the USA. 
For everyone looking for Inglot, I’m very sure that you can get that with ease online in the USA. 

shellygrrl Avatar

 @ItalyTEN I’ve found Bioderma products on Amazon, but easier access would be fantastic.
And yeah, while Inglot is available online Stateside, it’d still be nice to have more physical access to it.

makeupmatters3 Avatar

I wish I had better acccess to NYX stuff. The Harmon Beauty Supply by me has a very limited selection and there isn’t an Ulta in my state (though I hear one is coming soon!).  I would also LOVE to have access to Maqpro or Sleek or some of the other European brands I see from Pixiwoo.  I honestly think we’ll start to see more of that, Sephora has started to carry Eyeko & Illamasqua so hopefully people will support these brands so we can expand our selection.

Twirly Girly Avatar

 NYX can be purchased directly from the NYX website, or Cherry Culture. Cherry Culture often discounts NYX products.

BooBooNinja Avatar

1) Rouge Bunny Rouge — the whole line looks dreamy. I’d like to try their eyeshadows, blushes, liquid highlighters…
2) Le Metier de Beauté
3) Becca — I’d like to try their beach tints and eye tints

annedreshfield Avatar

 @shellygrrl I’d heard that Sephora was starting to carry Eyeko! I just got a sample of theirs in this month’s Birchbox and loved it…but I really like to test colors and products in person instead of ordering online. I loved the sample I got, so I’m happy to hear that we might see some stuff from Eyeko in Sephora! 

Jasslyn Saffold Avatar

Inglot. The nearest counter to me is Downtown chicago- but I am not always downtown. I could go for more shadows before I start my no buy lol.

artimis10 Avatar

OCC, I want to try their concealers, and foundations but I’m really uncomfortable buying those kind of products without seeing them in person.  I also want Makeup Atelier Paris because I’ve heard their gel liners stay on forever and are safe in the waterline but alas I can’t find them in the US

Jenny86 Avatar

Also I forgot to say Stila! I can only buy their products online in Ebay or other sites but not even directly on their website because Stila only ships to US & Japan 🙁

hwendy Avatar

Tarina Tarantino — I have been curious about this brand but really donno where to get it in uk.
MUFE — the only place I can find this brand and try in person is very inconvenient.
rouge bunny rouge — for this price range, I really don’t enjoy ordering through internet without trying at all.

Twirly Girly Avatar

Inglot! I know I can purchase directly from their website, but I prefer to try a few products “in person” from a brand before purchasing online…..

Leticia Avatar

I’d love it if I could have access to the full lines that drugstore brands like L’oreal, Revlon, Maybelline and Wet n’ Wild release in the US. For example, HIP eyeshadows are not sold here in Mexico, we don´t get all the colors of Lip Butters or nail enamels available in the US 🙁 , nor the larger Wet n’ Wild eyeshadow palettes. I´d also love to have access to Milani, Inglot, Illamasqua,Tarina Tarantino and OCC.

MariNaclq Avatar

I hear you! Today I went to the nearest of the new Sephora stores in Guadalajara and they didn’t have Tarina Tarantino, nor any of the Powder sunscreens I was looking for, they were out of them. And it is 3 hours from where 8 live. Fortunately, it seems that You can get inglot by mail, I think they could ship it to you. You should ask in their FB page if it is possible.

Leticia Avatar

 @MariNaclq  @Leticia Thank you, MariNaclq! I’ll try Inglot´s FB page. I am sorry you did not find the products you were looking for at Sephora…..3 hours is too far away!  It’s a little frustrating that even though we now have Sephora in Mexico, we still don´t have access to all the brands they carry in the US!

eltscott Avatar

I’m not one for purchasing makeup online unless it is something I’ve used and know I’ll love. Because of that, I’ve never tried Bourjois or Inglot and I really want to. I think there are a few Inglot stores in the US, but none near where I live. 🙁 shame

beachgal Avatar

I am a good 3.5 hr hard road drive from any shopping with higher end brands. I tend not to like to mail order because I hate the shipping costs. Nordstrom is one place I will order from if they continue to do the free returns on cosmetics. I hate getting things that I never can try first at counter or even really see and find they are so NOT me! I am getting to the point I get what I need when I am able to – kind of test some new waters on occassion around same/similar brands I know I like. Closing of so many major dept store chains and the lack of shipping into my area for ‘nicer end’ drugstore carried lines just is dried up and gone.

diamond_8806 Avatar

Illamasqua!  I have searched high and low to find a Sephora that carries this brand in store, only to find out there is only ONE in my entire state!  -__-   I really want to try their Intense Lip Glosses but I would love to swatch them first.  I hate buying sight-unseen online and having to return the product!  

diamond_8806 Avatar

Illamasqua!  I have searched high and low to find a Sephora that carries this brand in store, only to find out there is only ONE in my entire state (and of course it’s 2.5 hours away)!   -__-   I really want to try their Intense Lip Glosses but I would love to swatch them first.  I hate buying sight-unseen online and having to return the product!  

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Due to a handicap, the local Sephora is difficult for me to patronize. Same problem with Malls. I would like better access to NARS, MUFE, Bobbi Brown, Caudilie, and Laura Mercier. I have an Ulta with close parking but they don’t carry those brands. 🙁

Alisha Avatar

illamasqua, inglot, guerlain, shu, bobbi brown.  closest bobbi brown counter would either be milwaukee or madison…over an hour…:-(

ingerasata Avatar

Burberry beauty. The closest counter to where I live is a 6h drive. Of course, I’ve never been there. Sometimes I wish I could see things in person and not have to order online all the time. Sometimes it’s jut fun to go look at all the pretty things :).

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