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I love Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Lightweight Body Lotion SPF 30!! It’s light with an SPF of 30, but very moisturizing, and has a hint of scent that smells like coconut!

I ‘m going to get serious criticism for this , but I very rarely use sunscreen . Especially not when I’m at home in Canada 🙂

Doesn’t matter how cloudy and cold the weather tends to be up here in Canada the majority of the year, you really need sunscreen! I don’t wear sunscreen if I’m only at home all day and getting no more than like, 20 minutes of partial and random sun exposure, but if I’ll be leaving the house for more than half an hour, even if I’m spending most of my time indoors after leaving the house, I’d wear sunscreen.

I don’t currently have one, though, for my face or my body. I can’t find any good large sunscreen bottles for the body that contain zinc oxide, they all seem to be chemical only. And I’d rather not be forced to reapply every two hours on a normal day. And I haven’t found one for my face that contains zinc and that doesn’t break me out or make me shiny. Uhg.

I have! I’ve had no problems using it (oily, kind of acne prone skin) although I’ve heard that it can sting really sensitive skin.

I use neutrogena sunscreen. Very light weight and dries quick. Never feel sticky! Spf 45 is what I am using, but they are also available in spf 60. Combat both UVA/UVB!

i love neutrogena too! its one of the best i think and its very inexpensive. now they even have an SPF 90

yeah i used to love their sunscreen too, but then i found out that they test on animals.. guess i’ll have to find a new HG sunscreen

I’m currently using Sheseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion. I was using Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock, but the controversy of Oxybenzone made me toss it.

I love cliniques sunscreen! it leaves a non greasy feel and doesnt break me out! I use the spf 50 face lotion everyday 🙂

Because I’m so fair and I get bad heat rash (I’ve been told the kind I get is probably the sunscrean reacting with the sun and my skin, which causes a lot of redness and big tender itchy welts), so i have to use senstitive sunscreen, I was recommended Piz Buin Allergy SPF 50. I tried it last weekend and it was brilliant, no lumps, redness or itching.

i know the question was about body sunscreen, but for my face I’ve just recieved Elizabeth Arden 8 hour sun defence cream SPF 50 in the post, which is oil free as I have spot prone skin, so I’m quite interested to try that out.

Michelle Phan has her IQQU sunscreen which is apparently amazing and you can wear it over top of makeup and reapply without messing your makeup up obviously it’s for the face (I’m sure you can use it on the body?)

But otherwise I ADORE Hawaiian Tropics LOTION sunscreen in the cream coloured bottle. It smells amazing and doesn’t feel like sunscreen when you put it on and moisturizes your skin! It’s glorious and it’s not suuuper expensive!

aveeno’s continous protection! it’s amaaazing!
kinda thick but after it melts in it’s great!
my cousins even noticed how non greasy and non sticky it was just make sure to rub in well.
it’s spf 100 too!

I use Aveda’s Daily Light Guard with SPF 15.. I don’t actually use it every day, but just when I’m on vacation and in the summer. I actually really like it because it doesn’t have a sunscreen-y feel, and I like the Aveda scent 🙂

I love La Roche-Posay sunscreen in SPF 60. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and very long lasting.

The whole Lancaster Tan activating range! AMAZING stuff! A shimmery, silky lotion that makes my milky white skin tan in NO time, without ANY redness. Pricey, but definatly worth it!

I use Aveeno baby SPF55 and then layer that with Neutrogena SPF70. I find that since baby sunscreen is thin it blends better, plus my derm gave me a sample so I assume its okay 🙂

I don’t use any but I am looking into facial sunscreen atm!
Christine I have a dark skin tone, would it be okay to use SPF40 everyday even though the weather is constantly changing where I live? Or is it too much? Thanks! 🙂

STill looking for recommendations, since everything’s breaking my skin out! Right now, I’ve settled for mixing a TINY amount of Cetaphils SPF 50 with my Clinique moisturizer in the morning. If i use too much, I break out, but if i use a teeny amount, the moisturizer helps me cover my whole face with it, and I can use it on my body, since I don’t really care about getting infections/irritations anywhere but my face.

Living in Florida – I’ve become somewhat of an expert – 2 that are really good for the body at the beach – Shiseido & Lancaster (Bliss and Clarins are not bad) (Clinque & Lancome are ok)

For the face for daily use MAC Prep & Prime 50 or Chanel – for the beach for the face – Shisedo/Lancaster/Clarins.

Lancaster has some great products – They didn’t sell in the states for a while but now you can buy at Nordies.

I’ve been using Yes To Carrots spf 30 body lotion, and I have to say, after trying so many expensive ones, this rocks!

for the body I love the whole nivea sun range, the smell reminds me of my childhood vacations. Only for the face and decollete I use products from the pharmacy like la roche-pasay anthelios xl50

Christine, I had that Clinique sunscreen earlier, but it ran out so fast! Maybe because I always apply a generous amount. I am now using the Neutrogena one – don’t really know what it’s called, but it is huge and very cheap when I got it on sale in CVS.

It should! You’re supposed to use approximately 1 oz. of sunscreen for the entire body, and given it’s only a 5 oz. bottle, I’d definitely say you’d run through it QUICK!

Im using Shisheido body milk with spf 50. I absolutly loooveee it! You can use it on the face or on the body and it isn’t greasy at all.

For the body, I just use basic drugstore sunscreen in SPF 55. That way, I can spend extra money on high quality sunscreen for my face.

Shiseido spf 55 IS the best!
Nothing compares to it I burn with every other sunscreen I’ve used!

I use banana boat spray on sunscreen with spf 50. Its waterproof and sweat proof, too. I LOVE that its a spray on, it really is a lot more convenient for me then a lotion.

I love Chanel’s SPF 50 because it does triple duty as a face serum, sunscreen, and primer. It’s a perfectly sheer liquid that you shake before applying. Neutrogena has also recently come out with the same type of liquid formula, but it’s very dry and must be worn with a separate moisturizer. On any other part of my body exposed to the sun, I like Neutrogena’s face sunscreen in SPF 100.

I have Chanel’s SPF 50 too. I didn’t know it can be used as a primer though. Interesting. I should start using it on my neck though.

I actually really love Banana Boat Ultra Defense SPF 15 with AvoTriplex. I think it might come in higher SPFs, too. It’s nice and light – feels more like a lotion than a sunscreen – but it’s also longlasting.
Another favorite of mine is Ocean Potion Broad Spectrum Anti-Aging Sunblock, which comes in SPF 15, 30 and 50. It’s also nice and light on your skin and smells like creamsicles.

Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen is the best! No chemicals, no smell, and it’s waterproof! I use it on my face too. I would highly recommend it 🙂

I use the Neutrogena spf 45 for my shoulders since I tend to burn mostly on my shoulders, and Banana Boat dry tanning oil spf 15 for legs, arms, and chest area.

I also use the Neutrogena face sunscreen.

lately i’ve been using the neutrogena cooling off ones or any sunscreen that comes in a spray since i hate slathering on thick sunscreen on my skin

I swear by shiseido because it actually blocks out more different types of rays. Furthermore, higher spf doesn’t mean anything. I asked my doctor and she said that anyther above 40 or 50 is just playing with you (Obviously not her exact words) and that what really matters in a sunscreen is that you reapply it after every 2 hours!

But I want to look into the clinique one. Is it good?

i have an allergy for some brands, shiseido and clinique cause major ichy red bumps but i love to use clarins, lancaster and because of the scent hawaiian tropic on my feet and calves 🙂

i have an allergy for some brands, shiseido and clinique cause major ichy red bumps but i love to use clarins, lancaster and because of the scent hawaiian tropic on my feet and calves 🙂

i almost forgot to mention, i always use a very high spf (at least 30)face product on my chest because the face products in general have more active anti aging ingredients and we want to keep them happy right 🙂

I’ve been using Clinique Sun Body, too (SPF 50)! I ran out this past weekend and didn’t want to pay $20 to replenish 5 oz of product, so I ran out to Whole Foods and bought the Kiss My Face SPF 50 Sport Spray sunscreen. It’s $17 and you get 7 oz of product, and it’s paraben free and isn’t tested on animals. It has a nice, natural coconut smell, which makes the sunscreen odor a bit less obnoxious, is super easy to apply, and dries fairly nicely. I’d definitely recommend it as a body sunscreen :).

For my face I am trying Clinique even better foundation (Bought it today) but it only has SPF15 (probably ok for the UK)i find most sunscreen breaks me out on the face. Nivea has given me an allergic reaction so am trying out the Simple Sun Sensitive range with Sunflower extract. Mainly because you can buy packs very reasonably off their website. Dont think they ship to the US though. Neutrogena seems to come out well through these comments

I have sensitive skin so use either the Boots Soltan range or Simple. Simple products are on offer in Sainsbury’s at half price at the moment, though not sure if this includes sunscreen as they don’t stock it in my branch. Always good to try new things when on offer especially if you can be allergic like me!

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