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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Placement- I love the way my makeup looks after I get my face done, not the amount of makeup per se (because sometimes it can be a little much), but the way it has been applied and placed to really accentuate my features. I really like the dimension and the layered look but I’m not quite able to do that on my own, yet.

Christine; same here! I *still* have that Sephora pack of falsies from 3 years ago when my daughter used to work there. Still untouched. One day, I’m just going to go for it. As long as it’s a stay inside day, that is! ?

Nancy, you should go for it! The first time I tried on falsies was a trip for sure, but it was fun. I definitely went with the “stay indoors” method of practicing lol.

I’m so glad it’s still on your list, I thought I was the only who didn’t figuered out by that time how to make it work. It has been two years and I feel like I’ve tried every thing mink lashes, sythetic, human hair, 2$ eyelashes, 30$ eyelashes, clear glue, black glue, latex glue, with mascaraca, without mascara….. But each time I don’t like the end result which tends to look like I’m wearing falselashes. And now I’m seeing this new trend of putting your eyelashes underneath your real lashes and I don’t know if I want to try this new trick (It looks dangerous).

Marielle, that whole new false eyelashes UNDERNEATH, on the tightline area, DOES appear to be quite dangerous. Not something I would ever venture to try. Glue on the waterline could seriously endanger ones eyes!

You’re right I don’t know what is happening on youtube this days, I don’t thinck it’s wise for youtubers to present/promote techniques that can be harmfull when they have a ten years old audience…

It sounds like a bad idea, I think. It’s nothing I’d do, that’s for sure.
Wearing falsies is fun, I’ve used all kinds, from super exaggerated ones to very natural ones. I think starting with natural ones, with a clear stripe could be a good idea. Just keep practising, and don’t try the youtubers idea of putting them on the waterline. It might be doable, but the area is sensetive.

I have some of those bad boys myself. I have pink undertones in my skin, so I experimented with a little pink neutralizer (UD’s is great and fairly thin) before I apply my foundation. It’s an extra step, but I find I can then use less concealer over my foundation. I’m a fan of stippling with the beauty blender, so I use all 3 steps with it, and the beauty blender allows me to build up slowly — thus avoiding the 10 kilos look. If you’re looking for a creamy concealer that you can slowly build up, I definitely recommend EL’s, the one that comes in that little round packaging. It comes in a ton of color, so you can get a good match.

Thank you for your time! You have made effort for me, I appreciate it. I use correctors, pink or peach colored, but my main issue is that they disappear after half an hour and the spots showing through, and they look really bad. I look even worse as before makeup and all my makeup end up wasted. Please ignore my english. Big hugs from Greece!

Hugs back at you! I hope you find a solution.
PS I was in Greece about 20 years ago and loved it! Your English is just fine. I couldn’t speak one word of Greek if my life depended on it. Best to you — :)))

Same dilemma here! I am now an expert of concealer dark spots on my cheeks. First I prime then use a full cover waterproof foundation. Next is concealer, I have a dozen on hand but the hardiest of them all is still laura mercier’s secret camouflage. Then I set with RCMA colorless powder. Poof! All spots have now disappeared! However, the moment I pat on my blush however gently, the spots just come out again! So frustrating!

Same exact history with me! Even when I wait to dry/set the foundation and Secret Camouflage, before light powdering with patting motions, the same. Also with the Armani correctors, that -for me- they are the best on the market because they are emollient but very pigmented…same issues. I have concluded that I prefer some spots showing through, from a cakey, heavy face. I exclude some colors that shows worse and tired my face, because of age spots and I try, despite the difficulties of life, to “wear” my smile.

I am with you on concealing age spots. I have tried everything and they always break through. My concealer drawer is packed and none of them work. So frustrating.

I have not come up with full drawer yet, but also with the Armani correctors, that -for me- they are the best on the market because they are emollient but very pigmented…same issues. I have concluded that I prefer some spots showing through, from a cakey, heavy face. I exclude some colors that shows worse and tired my face, because of age spots and I try, despite the difficulties of life, to “wear” my smile.

Winged eyeliner or contouring. I can seem to do winged eyeliner well on others, but I can’t seem to do it on myself.

False lashes, period. I feel like now matter how I apply them, or whether they’re full, half, or individual lashes, they always look odd on me.

Blending Eyeshadow I think!!

I’v mastered false eye lashes on myself, and others, And I really love the look of them even for day time, But I always have a hard time getting a smooth and even gradient on my hooded/partial monolidded eyes!!

Contouring and how far outside my lips to put lip primer to prevent feathering…I have four high end primers and still feather with all of them. Any advise?

In middle school, someone made fun of me and called my eyelashes “freakishly long.” Had a complex for years. I would run not walk away from any mascara with fibers or claiming 3x volume or length afraid I’d look like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. I swear on all that is holy never owned an eyelash curler ever until last week! So the thought of false eyelashes make me break out in a sweat! 🙂 At least I don’t have to worry about that!

I would like to get better at shading and gradations of eyeshadows. I think I do an OK?/good job, but then I see Christine’s and others masterpieces and it pops my balloon.

Same here!!! Including your eyelash story (no, mine are probably not THAT long, but long enough that I do not have to bother about falsies).

Eyelashes I have mastered since high school, because all the teenagers were following the famous,gorgeous Cher!!!!!! Only wear them on special occassions now because they really damaged my eyelashes. But I just can’t perfect that whole contouring thing. One side is always higher then the other, then comes the blush and highlighter and POUF, not good!!!!!
The comes the lipliner perfection. My lips are a little off, so I can’t follow the natural lip line and it come out like I have a half smile on !!!!!! UGH. practice and more practice. Not giving up.

I’d love to improve the application of my eyeshadow on my hooded, slightly downturning eyes. It was fine when I was younger but as I get older, I’m only 39 but the upper part of my eyelids are getting heavier on my eyelids and this in turn is making my eyes go slightly downturned. I get it from my mum (thanks Mum!) and I may have to consider eyelid surgery in the future. Caroline Hirons had to have hers done because it was affecting her eyesight. I can imagine it affecting mine too because I can feel it going the same way, my eyelids feel heavy now whereas they didn’t before.

I have the same problem. It doesn’t really affect my eyesight, yet, but I feel like my eyelashes are holding the hood up 🙂
It makes me look tired and sad or angry depending om whjat other people think.
I am considering surgery, I had hoped to get it for free, but then the eyesight must be affected to a certain degree.
I’d say that I too would need to improve the “hide the hood” application, not that there really is such a thing. I used to be able to do a fairly good winged eyeliner, but these days I can’t wing it out more than a millimeter or two.

I found a really good video tutorial on YouTube last night on makeup for hooded eyes. It was a revelation, I’ve been doing it ALL WRONG! The conventional advice to blend the eyeshadow in the socket is exactly what I shouldn’t be doing. Here’s the link, see what you think: https://youtu.be/YDXXWo9UQ8I

I kind of try to do what she does in the video, and you are right, it is a good tutorial. My hoods are sort of, how to describe tham without making them sound gross? They have a bit of fat in them, making them, in profile, rounded forward. The hoods are also uneven, one eye is a lot worse.
The things years can do to you! 🙂
I’ll watch the video again, tomorrow, trying to duplicate what she does, and then try to fix it to suit my hoods.
Thank you so much for sharing the video!

Have you given birth? You could actually have prolapsed tear ducts which is also what CH had, it was a complication caused by the births of her 4 children, all that pushing can actually cause the tear ducts to prolapse into the hood. (Excessive vomiting can also cause it.) She didn’t know until the surgeon told her and he fixed it as well as her eyelids. If you watch her video you’ll see what it means. http://www.carolinehirons.com/2016/07/my-eye-surgery-story.html?m=1

Wow, definitely a pattern in the replies!
Mine is better eyeshadow styling on my hooded eyes. I do ok, but I’d like to get better.
(My BF has done drag… he taught me false lashes… he does his own effortlessly, and mine if I want. The thing is, they don’t look “natural” on me, and I can feel them, so I feel weird wearing them out. But, the point isn’t really to look natural, right? They look neat and I look different with them on. 😉 I think one just needs to put them on, and wear them at home, or out while going grocery shopping or other (short) basic outings, to practice and get less self conscious!! And if like me you have oily lids, you might always have an issue with them coming loose on the inside edge.)

You look at your image in the mirror and see that it’s different, others would probably not notice the falsies.
Lucky you, having expert help with the falsies!

Christine, I’m sure you’ve seen something similar (you are the queen of makeup after all!) but Japonesque makes a false lash applicator. The applicator looks like a pair of elongated tweezers with rounded tips. It really helps to apply lashes more easily than using your hands (which obstructs your view) or normal tweezers (which are dangerous and sharp.)

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