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Cosmic eyeshadow, Ripe Peach blush ombre, pigments such as: Goldenaire, Jardin Aires, Sweet Sienna.
That’s all I can think of for now. xD

Have you seen the Estee Lauder Peach Nuance Blush? It is identical to Ripe Peach, worth a look!

Thanks for letting me know!
I think I saw somewhere here in temptalia.com something like that, so I’ll look into it. πŸ˜€

All the MAC Pearlglide liners so I can buy all the colours I don’t have!

And I would LOVE to see a new apricot or coral DiorSkin Shimmer!

And there is this particular shimmery pink eyeshadow in a Bourjois Petite Guide De Style e/s duo called Coquette Rosette that should be released on it’s own. Maybe as a multipurpose beauty powder – it’s freakin’ GORGEOUS!

Have you ever tried Sonia Kashuk’s large crease brush? It’s very similar, well made and (comparatively) cheap. It’s a part of their cheaper, white handled line and not the more expensive “tool” line. It’s not dead on identical (I think the SK version is more densely bristled) but close enough to kill my 226 lemming. I love it.

Haven’t tried this though I have other SK brushes, I will get this! Thanks for the suggestion!

definitely the 226 brush. i didn’t have a change to get my hands on it and it looks like a really nice crease brush! also lavender whip lipstick!

peppermint patti
Heatherette packaging
Diana Ross brushes
Show Orchid put on MAC.com permanently!!!

I would like MAC to bring back lollypop lovin and an it to the line so I wouldn’t have to worry about running out!

MAC Cinderfella black eyeshadow. It’s honestly the best eyeshadow I have ever worked with and it has just enough sparkle to be truly perfect. Actually the whole black line was amazing, I miss it πŸ™

I would also like to see a comeback of the lipstick Madly Creative from the color crafted collection.

Goldbit eyeshadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting over four years for it to come out again!!!!!!!!!

Oops, forgot to put my other ones up. Moth Brown eyeshadow and Emanuel Ungaro Pure Rose Lipstick.

Calvin Klein’s Cream blush called Radiant from their first cosmetic launch. CK’s first launch went bust and their recent second launch also failed. But I miss that blush so much. It was a cream blush that applies almost like a powder blush and the color was the most beautiful pink+lilac+mauve+blue blush color that no one can ever recreate I assume, because I’ve been lookin for its dupe for nearly 10 years.

The ENTIRE Mattene Lipsticks collection (they should make it part of the permanent line)! I wasn’t into makeup when this collection came out unfortunately. I totally regret not buying Night Violet Mattene in the Style Black Collection. πŸ™

Also, Nude Rose Lipstick from the D’squared Collection. It’s the perfect pink nude for me!

All MAC:
Peppermint patti nail polish (IsaDora vintage mint is an EXACT color dupe but tricky formula)
Petite indulgence cremesheen glass
Fun ‘n games BPB, it’s my all time fave!
The fake tan sprays Mac released last year w Style warriors! They were sooooo good!
Rebelrock blue pigment.

The ENTIRE Mattenes Lipstick Collection! I wasn’t into makeup when they released this collection unfortunately. I totally regret not buying Night Violet Mattene Lipstick when it came out with Style Black Collection!

Also, Nude Rose Lipstick from the D’squared collection. It’s the perfect pink nude for me! I need another one because I already finished half of it!

Omg, if Mac could just re-release Blooming Lovely lipstick, i’d be eternally grateful. I know it’s from such a new collection, but my roommate accidentally threw mine out and I can’t find that color anywhere… so yes, Blooming Lovely is my priority re-release right now.

NYX has a good dupe in their round lipsticks called ‘Power’. Its great for only $2 a pop.

from MAC — all the Barbie loves Mac beauty powders and blushes, Perfect Topping MSF, Goldyrocks Dazzleglass, and the entire naked honey collection πŸ™‚

this post made me think about all the collections ive missed- lets add to the list tendertones, the aqua- blue paint pot from a year or two ago, and any short handled brush. yea… some collections i just didnt get out to MAC for.

Mac Tiger Tiger and Razzledazzler lipsticks from the Raquel Welch Collection.. Tiger Tiger was THE perfect nude.

Chanel glossimer – Sarong. Found out yesterday it was discontinued πŸ™ it was my favorite nude colored gloss that did not wash me out!

Oh yeah! Lightscapade was, like, the first MAC product that caught my eye but I didn’t buy it. I’ve always been curious about it.

Bedazzled Pro longwear lipcolour from the Raquel Welch Collection. I’ve gone through 3 of these and I am on my last one. πŸ™

Not a lot:
From Barbie Loves MAC: Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder ( I still have a backup ;), Springtime Skipper Eye Shadow, Fab Blush, Malibu Barbie Lipgloss, and Real Doll Lipstick.
Others: Femme-Fi Eye Shadow (I have at least 2 backups, but I use it all of the time!), Dazzlecreme Glass (all of them :), Mystery Powder Refills that fit into the previously released compacts, and Purple Rite Lipstick.

OOOh for sure MAC’s 3N. I hear it’s perfection! And I’d like MAC’s Nude Rose.
And Chanel’s Jade.

I’ve not been into Mac for long enough to have used up anything I’ve bought, but would definitely love to get more Volcanic Ash Exfoliators and Masks (might as well make them perm!), and I would love them to re-release Pleasureflush and Metal Rock MSFs (here’s hoping they will since they’re re-releasing Stereo Rose!). Other than that, I can’t think of anything else.

MAC’s Orchidazzle lipstick, it was my first MAC product and I don’t know how to dupe it πŸ™ Also, I wish they’d re-release the Volcanic Ash products.
But my BIGGEST wish is that you could get PRO products at all MAC outlets!

MAC’s Palatial Lustreglass. It was one of those shades I kept meaning to try but never pulled the trigger on until right before it was d/c-ed. So of course I fell in love with it and have been kicking myself ever since.

Oh! and Jampacked lipglass from Cult of Cherry. I’ll never stop kicking myself for not buying back ups when I had the chance. I know Popmode lipglass is supposed to be similar, but it’s not the same!

Comet Blue Dazzleglass
Going Bananas Eyeshadow
Firespot Eyeshadow
Perky Paint Pot
Pink Grapefruit Lipglass
Marine Life High Light Powder
Ripe Peach Blush Ombre
All Girl Pigment
Sea Me Shadestick
Pink Couture Shadestick
Gracious Me Shadestick
Royal Hue Shadestick
Overcast Shadestick
Mango Mix Shadestick
Corn Shadestick
Lucky Jade Shadestick
and a lot of other things…

Mac Elite and Top Hat eyeshadows, Ripe Peach ombre blush, Tartlette lipglass, petite Indulgence Cremesheen, Naked Honey skin salve, Lilyland pearlmatte face powder. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head!

Jardin Aires! My favorite MAC Pigment! I gave my back up old school full size recently and she deserved it!

Melt In Your Mouth Cremesheen Glass, the only cremesheen that looks great on my two best friends and myself. the others ones we couldn’t agree on. i’m running so low!

also the Barbie, Heatherette, Fafi collections! i missed out on those! :'(

Chanel “Kaleidoscope” nail color.

Chanel “or et noir” nail colors… just make them a part of the permanent collection, please.

MAC “ripe peach”.

MAC “passion preserved” longwear lipcolor (for some reason, it is never available
at my local MAC store).

Guerlain “Attrape Coeur”, “Philtre d’amour”… practically anything from the vintage line with the original composition, please.

There was this Philosophy make up “book” in the late 90’s (1996 by my recollection) that I daydream about being re-released! It was about 160$ at Nordstrom and it came with five or six lipsticks(rounds in palette form) eight or ten eye shadows four blushes and a full brush set (I think it came with a mini mascara too but my mind is a bit vague on that. It was all in the prettiest most natural shades I have ever seen in a set! Also included one of the prettiest red lipsticks! I still love this set and it has been forever since I had it, I am so jaded because of it–nothing has ever matched it since. I was a teen and I saved forever to get it, I was so proud!

Anyone else longing for Lightscapade?

I’ve only seen pictures, but it looks perfect for my NW5ish skin Also, just gorgeous to look at! Not that I like to stare at my makeup or anything (um…yeah).

Coco Pigment! Used up all of mine once I had given some away and I miss it! Can’t find a taupe quite like it.

mac l/s in jest, I’m now ending my last tube πŸ™
and my ultimate HG foundation: L’oreal translucide, though the lightest color was a tad to dark/warm for me it looked amazing. I treid them all afterwards armani, chanel, bobbi brown (yiieks), MUFA, mac mineralize bla bla liquid foundation (thanx to mac,I’ve learned that I’m allergic to minerals in foundation) but nothing can compete with the cheap translucide!!!

MAC lightscapade MSF. I want it so badly! And Solar white eyeshadow, it’s a gorgeous highlighter and I’m almost afraid to use it because I never want to run out of it!

All Matte2 discontinued eyeshadows, lollipop loving lipstick in a new special packaging, Mineral blush in Intenso and Merrily, a collection of Starflash eyeshadows, make Viva Glam Cyndi permanent and available and naughty nauticals nail lacquer

Firespot e/s, Off the Radar pigment, Burnt Burgundy Pigment, Lollipop Loving lipstick and I need Victoria’s Secret to bring back the Basic Instinct perfume.

The Inventive Eyeshadow Quad from Naturally Eccentric! Viz-a-Violet pigment, Helium pigment, really pretty much all pigments every made….and all MSF ever made. Port Red lipstick too. And all creemsheen lipliners since they seem to be doing away with them now. =( And the Spiced Chocolate Quad from Cult of Cherry…I never got to get one and it looks magnificent!

Also all the colored shadesticks they ever released! And Cash Flow paint pot! (I also think they should come up with some sort of purple paint pot too, if they haven’t already!)

MAC clear lipglass: the old STICKY formula!
fresh iris milk lipstick
english ideas hint of tint lipstick — the OLD tint, not the hideous new one
the first calvin line makeup line — the colors and pkg were gorgeous
coty! they had awesome cake eyeliners and sugar-flavored lippies back in the day
shiseido mauve-brown lipstick. i loved it more than it loved me, but i don’t care!
isabella rossellini’s manifesto line — it was brilliant, all of it!

i could go on and on, but i’ll stop now!

p.s. i’m assuming everyone wants nars zulu back, right?

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Corrupt. This one came as a mini in the Super Stash last fall, and it’s the only one that was never released as a full size!

Okay, Christine, you’re really got me on a roll here: Poppy Lipsticks (her metallic collection, specifically)!

i keep thinking of more stuff after i post! anyway, id REALLY like to see mac bring back the old shadesticks but with the new creamier formula like the formula from last spring (sugar sweet collection? cant remember the exact name), ESPECIALLY *royal hue*, corn, jading, silverbleu, shimmermint. i love these and miss them so much!!!!!!! and PLEASE just make the grease paint sticks permanent already!!!!!!!

Spanish Fly lipstick!!!! It is the Club for lips, it was stunning. Mine broke and I used every last eensy bit of it. Wish I had more πŸ™

the mineralize shadows from style black (cinderfella, young punk, blue flame, they are all just absolutely gorgeous and there is NO DUPE for any of them, they are sooooooo unique) and volcanic ash exfoliator!!!!!!! id love for them to bring back that mineralize eyeshadow called ether as well, i missed that one and i WANT it!!!!!!!

MAC Metamorph eye shadow that was released with the Madame Butterfly collection. Metamorph is the most gorgeous green shade that I have not seen a dupe of since it was discontinued.

The matte 2’s, especially Velvet Moss. It’s the perfect dark matte green and mine is almost gone. πŸ™ Also, Queen’s Sin l/s and Going Bananas e/s because I missed them the first time.

yes! the matte2’s!! and black karat e/l… mac really needs to get rid of the crappy formulated e/s that they have and add matte2’s and starflash!!!

mac blooming lovely lipstick , so ceylon msf, fed dabulous minerilize blush, tendertones, mac 225 brush, mac 169 brush, mac 191 brush , mac 180 brush and lolipop loving lipstick :))

Eyeshadow: Firespot e/s and burnt burgandy in either pigment or eyeshadow form
Lipstick: overrich lipstick!!!
Packaging: idc what company does it but I’d like to see something similar to Lancome’s 2008 Color Design Eye Shadow Quad in Carnet de Velours from the Daria collection, it was sexy!
Blush: Lancome’s PINK PARFAIT Magique Blush which is a mousse blush I wish I purchased 10 of πŸ™

Arrgh I was just lamenting about this yesterday. Chanel Nouvelle Vague (yeah I talked myself out of it for a while but by the time I finally gave in it was gone, even on the Chanel website), Dior Sweet Orange nail polish, Dior Ultra Gloss Reflect in Clutch Pink (my #1 fave of all time), Chanel Inimitable mascara in Emeraude, and an affordable size bottle of Chanel Gardenia. Right now it’s only available on the Chanel site and it’s $200 for an EDT!

There are a ton of Light Flush MSFs on eBay! Imo the only hard to find ones are Pleasureflush, Stereo Rose, Metal Rock and Lightscapade, the rest you can pick up for a very reasonable price.

I just bought Light Flush MSF at my CCO a couple wks ago, I love it-it is my 1st MSF! Maybe the CCO near you has it!?

MAC 226 brush for sure!!! Miss it the first time and now I am looking for it like a mad woman….please MAC please…bring it back!!!!!

There’s a few that I wouldn’t mind seeing.. However, one that I’ve been hunting down for a loooong time is MAC Ether Mineralize Eyeshadow.

I honestly don’t even know if it’s all that great. I just love how it looks. I got really hopeful with the re-release of some from that collection. I think it’s for the DigiPops boxed looks, but yeah, no luck.

Wow, now that I’m reading up, I’m like “YEAH THAT TOO” Especially:

226 Brush
Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
matte2 eyeshadows (so much better than matte)
Comet Blue Dazzleglass

Another thing, Lancome had a color fever gloss a few years ago called “Volcanic Pink” It was a perfect bright pearly pink. I have not been able to find a suitable dupe for this, and I’ve certainly been looking.

I would love to see Benefit’s Gilded pencil re-released. I got mine for free at Macy’s a long time ago and I know it’s in the Legally Bronzed kit at Sephora, but I think they should sell it on its own because the color is so gorgeous. I still have mine, but it’ll run out eventually!

Years ago Revlon put out a liquid black shiny eye liner. When it dried, it looked like vinyl. When you were tired of it, you could just peel it off. It was great stuff.

ttfn πŸ™‚ Yuki

MAC Select MU in NC 15 (Mineralize and Sculpt have formulas that do not agree with me).
MAC Angel Blush

Mac mattenes. Moxie lipstick, Frosti lipstick… because they’re unique and I’m sick of the same old shiny semi sheer lipsticks in the same colors

My first favorite perfume when I was a kid: Volcan d’Amour by Diane von Furstenburg. It was a very sweet, heady african violet fragrance (probably too sexy for a 13 year old). There’s never been anything like it and I try every violet based perfume that comes around.

I still have the awesome asymmetrical crystal pyramid bottle it came in!

I really, really wish that Marquise’ D Lipstick from the Blonde Brunette Redhead collection would be re-released, I wish i had got a few back ups of it as it is the perfect peachey nude for my pale skin.
If any one knows of a good dupe for it that would be great!

Other than that Silverthorn eyeshadow from Rose Romance (nearly hitting pan), Lollipop Lovin L/S (missed out on this), Sweet Sienna P/M, and Virgin Isle CCB (I was planning on ordering this when I saw it had disappeared from the website).

Mostly MAC pigments: Sweet sienna, Goldenaire (i soooo much love this one… πŸ™ )and Fairylite.

MAC Most Popular
LUSH large GeoPhyzz… I really don’t like the smaller one
Sally Hansen Chrome polishes
Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure polish– ok this just came out, but it’s sold out everywhere near me!

Last Mascara you bought: l’oreal voluminous waterproof
Last Lipstick you wore: mac fresh salmon
Last Look you wore that you LOVED!: UD freelove + woodstock
Last Eyeshadow you fell in love with: same
Last Blush you wore: mac marine life
Last time you washed your brushes: too long!
Last nail polish you removed: OPI who the shrek are you

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I’d love to see MAC Cosmic and Rye eyshadows, as well as the 226 and 272 brushes. Also Chanel’s Beiges de Chanel Quad, and the Guerlain Quad from the Holiday 2009 Collection!

MAC should definately bring back So Ceylon MSF since I do need a backup of it so badly since the dome is getting flat. Also, they should re-release Going Bananas e/s, Wondergrass e/s, Big T e/s, Dark Edge e/s, Solar White e/s, Virgin Kiss l/g, Via Veneto d/g, Superdupernatural MB, Conjure Up MB, Jingle Jangle d/g, Lollipop Loving l/s and Marquise’D l/s.

– Femme Noir Veluxe eyeshadow (MAC, Please!)
– Masque lipstick (MAC, Please!)
– Velvet Moss Veluxe eyeshadow
– Rage lipstick
– Ripe Peach
– Metamorph eyeshadow
– Jasmine eyeshadow
– Stark Naked beauty blush (Don’t get me started on google results for this one)
– Lavender Whip
– Lightscapade & Northern Lights MSFs
– Boldly Bare lip liner to be permanent
– Asphalt Flower roller fragrance

Mac 226 brush for sure, Also Young Punk and Gilt By Association from Style Black bc I missed out on those. I wish they would make Fleshpot a permanent lipstick to. Oh and the Blush Ombres of course! MAC makes me crazy with all their collections and LE/DC items LOL.

Sonny Boy (Diana Ross collection)
Sweet Sienna pigment
Gold Mode pigment
Coco Motion pigment
Gold Stroke pigment
Strawberry blonde lipstick
Spiced chocolate quad
Brunette MSF
Barbie collection
the bronze and purple e/s from the style black collection.

I’d love to see re-released:

Mac lipstick in Lollipop Loving
eyeshadow in Evening aura
tendertone in pucker and tread gently
dazzleglass in Love alert, date night and baby sparks
ripe peach blush ombre
revved up pigment

everything barbie loves mac and the manish aurora palette

but man mac is evil. they release these things and leave us all craving them for years to come (seriously blm was 3 years ago or whatever, you think i would move on). anyway some of the eyeshadows, amongst other things, in the perm line are so average/bad i dont know why they just dont expand their perm line to include some of these le items. they arent getting anything from releasing these on such a small scale, and the only people that benefit are ebay scalpers and hoarders that buy up items just to sell em at a highly inflated price. BAH.

moth brown eyeshadow
going bananas eyeshadow
parrot eyeshadow
lollipop lovin lipstick (i barely use it because i dont want to run out)
volcanic ash exfoliator
any starflash e/s
they need to just make allllll of those permanent

oh yea, i want urban decay to bring back the book of shadows vol.II

…..oh yea

..oops i hit send before i could finish…lol. i ment to say “oh yea, also tlc pink fish.” =P

MAC volcanic ash exfoliator…. it’s the only scrub that got rid of all of my acne…. absolute miracle product

I would love to see the Guerlain Midnight Butterfly eyeshadow quad re-released (actually the whole collection). I didn’t see it until recently and πŸ™ I am really wishing I had know about it before but, I had just had twins when it was released so, I was makeup free for a while. Now, I’m back and wishing I could buy the whole line. Everything from that collection looks GORGEOUS! So, although I have not tried any of it I have googled all of it and read every review I could and other than price I have found nothing negative about the Midnight Butterfly collection.

mac ripe peach blush ombre, french grey e/s, chanel night sky, heatwave, holographic polishes…the mac snake eyes polishes,mac feline needs to be made perm…

I’ love to see Escada Ibiza hippie perfume again! As far as MAC, Mothbrown e/s, lovedust lipstick, and poetic license lipglass.

Thunder, Parrot, Blue Flame (Cool Heat) e/s MAC, pigments: Blue from Rebelrock, Azareal Blue, Pearlglides, that would be available in Poland, Smoke Signal collection – quads and SS pigment, Tropic Glow Slimshine, Hey, Sailor lip gloss, Meteorities Reflets de Nacres ’03

Some are MAC Lightly Ripe lipstick, MAC Preppy lipgelΓ©e, MAC She-Zam dazzleglass, MAC Red Devil lipglass, MAC Lollipop Loving lipstick, MAC Ever Hip lipstick, MAC Lavender Whip lipstick, MAC Adore It lipstick, MAC London Life lipstick, MAC Cockney lipstick, MAC Joie-De-Vivre cremeblend blush, MAC Cult of Cherry lipglass, MAC Ripe Reach blush ombre, MAC Firespot eye shadow…
and the most amazing (Ok, atleast I love it) lip gloss ever: IsaDora 3-D Glitter Gloss, I have one in Sparkling Crystals and it’s gorgeous, I need to buy something like that again!! β™₯

via veneto dazzleglass,
lightscapade msf,
fun fun lipstick,
blooming lovely lipstick,
3n lipstick,
2n lipglass, and
stray grey paint pot…
i’ll think of more later

Shore Leave from Naughty Nauticals, I’ve been using mine sparingly to make it last. Goin Bananas, cause I never got my hands on it and I need a great yellow. And finally, Little Minx from Rebel Rock.

Tony & Tina’s Herbal Aromatherapy Lipgloss in “Cura” and Black/Silver Herbal Glitter pencil. I wore these almost exclusively for several years in college (I was really into the “dark smokey eye and pale lip” look back then). I was so upset when they were discontinued!

The starflash eyeshadows from MAC, “Grand Entrance” and “Smoke and Diamonds” are the best but they are limited edition! πŸ™

Lancome’s Matte Neutrale lipstick, perhaps to add to the new matte collection?

And I wish BeneFit’s BrowZings would return to its original form as a single pan of wax-based product, ditching the powder.

MAC ‘Guilt by Accosiation’ mineralised eyeshadow. But my BIGGEST wish is that MAC would release violetta lipstick at all Mac stores, not just Pro!

hmm the only one i was really wishing mac would release is hipness blush and i finally got it (after waiting a looong time from fafi)…maybe sugar trance l/g from fafi

I wish they would come out with ripe peach again It sold out quickly and I didn’t get mines

OPI’s Alice in wonderland collection. I’m beating myself for not getting Mad as a Hatter, and now it’s incredibly pricey on e-bay

Pigments: Jardin Aires, Milk, Your Ladyship, Sweet Sienna
Lipglass: She Loves Candy, Steal My Heart, Virgin Kiss, Ember Glow, Resort Life Lipgelee (yay for VV!)
Lipstick: Lollipop Lovin’
Eyeshadow: Grand Entrance, Mink & Sable, Glamour Check, Henna, 100 Strokes, Springtime Skipper
Blush: Ripe Peach blush ombre, Tippy
and of course the beloved tendertones! Pretty Baby, Softnote

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