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This. Oh, and if you’re inventing this one and Temptalia’s inventing the acne one, I’ll go for something that’s HIGHLY effective on dark spots and acne scarring and actually fades them topically without stinging or damaging the skin!

A product that makes blackheads, whiteheads and pimples pop overnight, meaning you just have to wash your face to get rid of all the grime. Also, a cooling primer that reduces inflamation AND redness, and doesn’t clog pores.

yes!! also would have to get all of the hair when you use it. not just half or most. and with a pleasant smell and a 10 minute wait time. Also that it would not sting or burn or irritate skin and could be used anywhere on the body or face.

I have always had a problem with almost all lip glosses (MAC is by far the worst) and some types of lipstick (especially those with a thicker formula) leaving a seriously unattractive white ring around the inside of my mouth. I would invent a lip primer that completely prevents that from happening (’cause believe me… I’ve tried ’em all none of them even help let alone obliterate the problem).

The one that gets rid of enlarged pores forever. Same with odd skin pigmentation spots, be they darker of lighter!

Where are my chemist friends?

If we’re going into the realm of fantasy then I’m going to say something that actually cure dark circles.

For me that was isotretinoin (Accutane). I got REALLY lucky with it and it got rid of all the oil both on my face and hair, without any dryness!! Not even on my lips.
Now I don’t have to wash my hair as often or blot my face every two seconds.

A magical primer product that gets rid of all my redness but doesn’t have any coverage. Stila one step correct is decent at this, but I want ALL REDNESS GONE without any covering of the skin.

I would invent easy to use false eyelashes that adhere to your real lashes that would be easy to remove , reusable, and non damaging to your real lashes

I agree with that! A great spot treatment for me, and one that doesn’t smell atrocious.

Otherwise, I have genetic bags under my eyes and I’ve had them since I was a kid. I would love to create a product that could ‘plump’ up and smooth the undereye area without being too heavy. Often times I find strong eye creams to be too greasy and too harsh for my skin. (I don’t need them for anti-aging yet, luckily.)

I don’t know if they still make it, but The Body Shop had one a few years back that was really good. It may be worth looking into.

I would like to invent something that works efficiently against blackheads, whiteheads and comodones without drying or irritating the skin πŸ™‚

Christine, I know this is rather random, but will you be reviewing the new Illamasqua collection? πŸ™‚

If they send it, I would love to! I haven’t heard from Illamasqua yet about the collection at all, but that’s about the norm since I am U.S., there is usually a delay πŸ™‚

Aside from the acne thing- A home lash-dyeing treatment. My lashes (and feel) look thousands better tinted than in mascara, and they’re blonde so most of the time I don’t look great going natural. I always get compliments if I have it done, but it’s a pain to go in for.
(if this already exists someone tell me the name and how much it costs)

1000Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit is what I use. It’s an Australian brand, but they ship internationally. You can get it for AUD 18.95 at http://1000hour.com.au/

It’s pretty easy to do. Mix the clear liquid and colored cream in a bowl, apply with a plastic wand and leave on for 10 minutes. Apply vaseline around your eyes so the color doesn’t stick to the skin, and whatever you do, DON’T get it into your eyes, it will HURT! Lasts for about a month, or until all your lashes are renewed. One kit lasts about a year for me.

Even my hubby seconds this one! After seeing how much time I spend washing my brushes (not that much really), he seriously thinks I should try to invent one. While weΒ΄re at it, how much would you be willing to pay for one if it is good?

I can go on forever with this one…..Nail polish that mold to your nails as soon as the brush hit it. A special cream that within 1 week eradicate hyper-pigmentation, acne pock marks fine lines and wrinkles all in 1 shot. Lip gloss that have the staying power of matte lipstick that won’t dry your lips.
Sigh… I can go on forever with this one… good question…

Not a product, but a line that would have products specifically tailored to your individual coloring. When I was a teenager there was this brand called Clarion, and they had a “computer” in the drugstore that told you which colors to buy, and it was all coded and everything. But it was not that precise. Something like that but done with today’s technology would appeal to my anal-retentiveness while saving me all kinds of money!

A skincare or foundation that DESTROYS ACNE, SCARS, BLACKHEADS,WHITEHEADS, SHRINK PORES, AND REDNESS without effing up (excuse my language) your face + (absorbs/controls/prevents oil, doesn’t cause dryness and improves your face!)!

Hair dye that would tint your hair follicle, so hair grows the color you choose to have it. And a remover, so you can revert it.

Something that cures dark circles would be my biggest one, but I’d also appreciate a product that erases or tones down hyperpigmentation. Especially for red freckles. (Who gets red freckles, you ask? THIS GUY RIGHT HERE.)

I’d like to invent something that could stop that eye crud called “sleep’ that forms in the inner corners of your eyes. I hate it!

I would create a magical cream that you would apply to your skin, leave on for half an hour and when you rinse it off, you would have the flawless undamaged skin of a newborn infant.. Yes, a cream that would take away all sun spots, broken veins, scars, sun damage, wrinkles, crepiness, sagging etc. This cream would work on any part of your body including your hands. Brand new skin, to start over with now that we know how bad the sun is for your complexion. Can you imagine how wealthy I’d be from this formulation? Whoooooo!

I think I would invent the Beauty Mask so everything can be in a sticker form to just put your face in there and go to work or something, in 2 seconds makeup, you just let it air dry and done…lol that would be fantastic oooorrrrrr maybe I could invent a Makeup Machine…lol fascinating.

Something that get rids of stretch marks for real.
Foundation that transition to different shades not undertone. It’s a pain in the butt to have to buy separate foundations when your skin gets darker or lighter.

I just want something that will tighten and hydrate the wrinkly skin under my eyes. All other ageing signs and skin problems I can live with but I hate my dry, wrinkly under eyes πŸ™

Something that would put all of your makeup on in 3 seconds like that instant makeup applicator from the 5th element.

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