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Katherine T. Avatar

Perfume. I haven’t bought one in decades. I like the smell of some, but I’m allergic to it, makes my nose itch and eyes water. Oh well, money saved to buy more makeup.

Lisa Avatar

Eyebrow! I know they say they pull everything together but even those that are done “well” look ungodly fake to me! I watch probably over a hundred gurus and not one brow technique interest me or look amazing in my opinion.

Kylie5 Avatar

A Make-up Artist told me that my brows have the perfect shape. But I did never make anything with them. They have always been in this shape. The only thing is that they are a little bit light. The Make-up Artist showed me how to darken them and also said that the brows round up the other makeup and are important for the whole look. But I agree with you that for me no matter what I use it always looks unnatural for me. So I skip this part of the makeup.

xamyx Avatar

Eyelash curler; I’ve never needed to, and I’ve been fortunate to have just about any mascara work for me.

Blush; I’ve been a contour/highlight fan for 20 years, and prefer definition to color.

Lipstick/lgloss; I own an absurd amount, and have even been buying more, but I generally just slick on a balm…

I also do absolutely nothing to my hair, other than a ponytail or headband, unless it’s for a specific event/occasion. I don’t use products or styling tools regularly, so I don’t have to use treatments, and I pretty keep a “wash-and-go” style.

Kylie5 Avatar

I have finally ordered the shu umera curler which I wanted for a long time. I am very excited because you love it so much Christine.

Pteetsa Avatar

Bronzer – This usually just slips my mind. I have a couple of really good bronzers that I need to dig out and start wearing!
Primer – I would use primer, but I have yet to find one that does any good and doesn’t make my face itch or feel weird or allow me to blend my eyeshadow.
Lipstick – just not a lipstick person, don’t like how it feels.
Contour – I do a little light 80s action with my blush to contour sometimes, but that’s about all I’ve been able to manage so far.
Eyeliner – I try to, but I’m still getting the hang of it and if I don’t have a lot of time, I usually just don’t bother.
Fill in my brows – see bronzer above! πŸ™‚ My brows are dark and fairly thick, so they don’t really need it, but it definitely looks nice when I do it.
I would have also said highlighter up until recently, but I’ve been really liking the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance powder and have been wearing that more frequently.

Nancy T Avatar

The whole brow kit thing! I do have a clear brow gel that I picked up fairly recently, but I have to remind myself to use it. Most days it’s just my old diehard pot of L’oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa. For roughly 4 years straight!

Vanessa Avatar

foundation (bb / cc creams; tinted moisturizers) — I like naked skin look, even if a bit flawed.
mascara — I don’t like how it feels or looks on me. I know. I’m werid. πŸ˜›

Kimberly Avatar

Primer, contour, highlight! I’m pretty oily so extra ‘luminosity’ isn’t exactly a good look for me. Contour… I think my cheekbones are pretty prominent already so that’s one less thing to mess around with. I’d definitely use a mattifying primer if I could find a good one that goes with a bb cream!

Kimberly Avatar

Not yet! I’ve mostly heard good things about it but some have said that they changed the formula and it’s not as good anymore? Still, I’ll try to get my hands on a sample size when my Sephora starts carrying Hourglass (:

Fran Avatar

I haven’t noticed a difference in the formula, but that might be because I switch to the No. 28 primer in the winter, when my skin is dehydrated.

A Sephora without Hourglass is a sad thing! Is there a Nordstrom near you? They carry it, too…

Erin Avatar

Contour, same as you, Christine. I’m approaching 40 and even when I was younger, I always found it to be a rather aging look. That’s the last thing I want these days.

Anne Avatar

I don’t use much bronzer as I’m so pale (though lately I’ve seen some benefit to it via the nice woman at the Nars counter giving me some tips), and I rarely contour unless I’m doing something fancy. Depending on the look I’ll also skip highlighter.

I also tend to skip eyeliner pretty much all the time now even though I like it, as I just find getting it to look half-decent with my currently shaky-due-to-health-issues hands is impossible.

If I could, I would skip mascara because I find it annoying but if I’m using powder eyeshadow I don’t want my lashes to have the fallout hanging around so cover it with mascara, and find mascara does really make a difference in a look.

Stephanie G Avatar

Brow products. My eyebrows are thick enough that I don’t find it necessary to fill them in or do anything more than the small amount of plucking necessary to get rid of stray hairs.

Caroline Avatar

Lip liner and foundation. I prefer tinted moisturiser as it’s kinder to older skin and doesn’t settle into the creases πŸ™‚

Julia Avatar

Foundation. I just hate it. I hate how it feels heavy on my skin, and I’ve never found a color match that looked natural enough. I bought the Rainforest of the Sea foundation this week since the reviews were so good, but sadly it oxidized terribly and gave me a little breakout, so I am returning it. My normal routine is just concealer+ powder for a base, so I’ll stick with that!

Fran Avatar

I can skip brow pencil or powder most days, because I always use a tinted brow gel for coloring the bright white hairs and taming the unruly ones, and my brows are fairly full. That makes brows super-quick. It’s only if I want a more formal/polished/professional look that I need to add pencil or powder to the gel. If I use a brush like MAC or Artis Linear 1, I can fill in with powder very quickly, but I have to be careful not to overdo it, or my brows can get too dark/harsh and take over my face.

Leslie Avatar

Bronzer and contouring. Bronzer just makes my face look dirty and I never have the time to even think about contouring while applying makeup. It always seems like I’m applying my makeup with one foot out the door lol.

Ginny Avatar

I don’t contour much, either, but the one trend that I really opt out of is under-eye concealing/highlighting. I couldn’t even highlight there if I wanted to, because there is no such thing as a concealer one-to-two shades lighter than my skin.

Sarah Avatar

I’m the exact opposite, Christine. I contour every day because, well, chubby and pale makes me look like an undercooked pancake. It’s highlighting that I rarely ever do! The tops of my cheekbones and nose get oily first so I avoid looking like a grease pile.

Nicole Avatar

I rarely contour either! But, for some reason I am intrigued with cream contour palettes. I recently got the Anastasia cream contour kit. But decided it was too warm toned. So, I just ordered the MUFE kit. That is on the way.
I also don’t do eye eyeliner often and skip eye shadow and liner many days.
Oh..Primer. been skipping it lately when I’m lazy and rushing. It does seem to make a difference. But, I prefer to get sunscreen on and there was a day when primer did not exist and we did just fine. πŸ™‚

Ekaterina Avatar

Blush, definitely. Also prefer contour, and all the blushes applied on the “apples” of my cheeks make me look piggy.
Perfumes as well. No allergy, but I’m surprisingly indifferent to perfumes, have only 2 and that’s all

Fran Avatar

Blush on the apples of my cheeks just looks like my rosacea to me. It’s also aging on an older face like mine. So I put it high on my cheekbones, starting at a line parallel to the outside of my eye and blending toward the temple. It’s kind of an ‘old Holywood’ blush placement. Wayne Goss mentions this blush placement, this is where Way Bandy tells you to put blush in his books.

Brandi Avatar

Bronzer. I just don’t get it. I understand it’s supposed to make you look sun kissed. But, won’t it make your face darker than the rest of your skin? It confuses me so I just steer clear from it.

Stephanie Avatar

Lash curler-blessed with long lashes that curl on their own with masacara. And matte foundations. They age me 25 years. Maybe more.

Nicole Avatar

Contour, definitely. Occasionally I’ll contour around the perimeter of my face, but that’s only when I’m feeling extra fancy. I really don’t use liquid eyeliner or liquid lipstick. Liquid lipstick I don’t use because I feel like it’s inferior to regular lipstick and I don’t like the way it feels on my lips, regardless of brand/formula. I don’t use liquid eyeliner a lot because when my eyes are open my visible eyelid space is fairly tiny, so if I put eyeshadow on it pretty much disappears behind the eyeliner. It really has to be a look that’s all about the eyeliner for me to use it. I also almost never highlight, only because I’m so pale that almost every highlighter I use disappears on my skin and I never feel like it makes me “glow”.

Laura Avatar

I don’t do brows, contour, or eyeliner. The first 2, I’m lucky to have naturally good brows and high cheekbones, so I just leave well enough alone. I don’t use eyeliner because my eyes are really sensitive and I also feel like eyeliner can be high maintenance on my super oily lids/skin and I just don’t care to worry about it. The biggest reason for all 3, however, is that I’m lazy.

Rachel R. Avatar

False eyelashes and concealer. I occasionally cover a zit, redness, or dark undereye circles, but I don’t do that whole thing of using light concealer as a highlighter. Even if I could find a concealer a shade or two lighter than my skin (which I can’t), I just find it easier to use actual highlighter. I can’t remember the last time I wore false lashes (“falsies” meant fake boob inserts when I was growing up, so I just can’t get used to calling lashes that). Now that I’m older and my natural lashes aren’t stunning any more, I should probably wear inidividual or half lashes. Maybe someday.

I also very rarely use hair styling products and tools. My hair is so thick, fine and strong, that most styles just fall out within 10 minutesm, no matter what I try. Even salon stylists can’t figure it out. The Bed Head Deep Waver is the only thing that kind of works on me, but I only use that and some hair spray occasionally.


Eyelash curler – seems like a waste of time
Contour – doesn’t fit my face
Bronzer – I’m dark skinned so it doesn’t really matter. I only wear it when I remember


Sally C Avatar

Eyelash curler–never seems to stay curled anyway
Primer–a good moisturizer with 30SPF in it works just as well.
Contouring–it is so complicated and the older I get, the more natural contour I have anyway πŸ™‚
Perfume–try to avoid it in everything. I’d rather smell just like me.
Lip Pencil–I forget it usually, but it does look nice when I remember
Highlighting–I don’t even understand the need to do this at all.
Bronzer–when you have white hair, neutral skin tone and blonde eyebrows, bronzer looks like you are trying too hard. In addition, there is not color made that will look good on my combination.

Sarah Avatar

Eye shadow & eye shadow primer. I’m crazy right? But except for work I never use shadow. I’m a liner freak tho! Lots of kohl, liquid liner, colored waterline liner, full brows but I usually just conceal my lids and play with liner. My job requires 2-3 eye shadow colors so I oblige mostly on the jobs but sometimes I skip it and no one notices with a complicated liner look & some fake lashes! I have a million shadows n palettes too!

I always say pretty girls don’t need to contour they can just play with contour. To me it’s never been necessary!

Alex Avatar

Lip gloss. I have always loved matte lips. I always wear balm to bed, nuxe’s or bite’s. I don’t know I feel like I’m dribbling if I have gloss on.

Yen.Lin Avatar

Contour and eyebrows!
If there is someplace I need to be, I am (usually always) in a rush to get out of the house, so I don’t have time. If it’s a casual day…I don’t bother. πŸ˜› Brows do make a difference, so if it’s something special, I will make an effort. πŸ™‚

Genevieve Avatar

Eyeliner either – I have almond shaped, hooded eyes and eyeliner would overwhelm any eye shadows that I am using.
Nail polish – love it on others but it always chips on me within one or two days.
Setting sprays
False eyelashes – very tricky if you wear glasses.
Liquid lipsticks – just don’t like the sticky consistency and they dehydrate my lips
Matte lipstick – dehydrating on me
Eye lash curlers – just not necessary.

dotb Avatar

I really am a bad “girl”…I do not use foundation (although I have bought many kinds) because It always looks so fake. ( Yes, even the “poreless” ones )
I also do not contour …at my age., don’t need it.
Brows, a bit of shadow, dab ( small dab) of blush & lipstick. (not red…never was my color… peachy pinks…medium intensty.
Cannot wear mascara.

Cat Avatar

Liquid liners. Almost every time I’ve tried, I’ve either ended up making the line too thick, uneven, or getting the liquid in my eye. I’m super-talented like that! :-/ I also don’t use a lot of bronzer and I only curl my eyelashes half of the time.

Anita Avatar

Contouring, eyebrow makeup, lip liner, and bronzer.
I can’t do eyeliner either but after trying pencil, liquid, felt tip, and gel I’ve just discovered if I use black eye shadow I can actually make a straight line and can make it more subtle – which on me I really like!
I’m also trying to figure out highlighters. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground between shiny plastic person and plain old matte – but I’m still new to them so hopefully I figure it out!

Chacha Avatar

I have some primers like Laura Mercier or Clarins but iam never ready to use it because i dont know how it will work with my foundation (im using 10 different foundations so…) iam too afraid to have a bad surprise…
And mascaras,i use a curler so sometimes i just forgot to use my mascara and sometimes i dont want to use a makeup remover so i skip it (somes mascara are so difficult to remove! dammmn i never understand why?)

Denise Avatar

I wish I had the confidence to skip at least 1 or 2 products from my daily routine. I love makeup, but it sometimes is way too time consuming.
1. 2 Primers
2.face correcting color primers, green,pink and lilac.
3.eye primer,eye shadows, liners,brow powder, eye curler,mascara
4.face meteorites,contour,bronzer,blush,finishing highlight powder
5.Lip liner,lipstick,gloss
6.Face setting spray. Wayy too much stuff and too long to complete. Next is the hair and thats a whole other story. Any advice is greatly appreciated ladies.

Melissa Avatar

I don’t get the hype with contouring and colour correcting palettes. I completely understand if you have severe scarring or extremely discoloured blemishes/patches etc then these products are a godsend. Otherwise (In my opinion) it only looks passable if the make up artist is talented enough to make it appear natural, but it almost never does. To those artists I salute you!

Also couldn’t board the BB/CC cream hype train…my acne prone face just won’t tolerate them!

I’ve been eyeing the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler for a while now but I’m too lazy to purchase it… and learn how to curl properly… sigh

Kjellsea Avatar

As of right now, I don’t use facial masks (but plan to try) and I do almost nothing with my hair. I wash it, condition it, braid/bun/tail it… I usually feel pretty accomplished if I use a hair dryer or a straightener. I just don’t have a lot skill (or patience) with my hair so I make it passable and work on what I’m good at, my makeup.

Stacy Avatar

Contour – my face is already angular and bony.
Highlight – the only things “highlighted” are my pores, lines, and wrinkles.
Matte Lip Products – they add about ten years to my face

Naomi Avatar

highlighting – I have oily skin so I tend not to highlight though I have been using the elf illuminating palette just on my cheekbones a lot bc it’s really subtle
also hair products of any kind! and styling my hair in general. my lifestyle/job doesn’t allow for such luxuries! and I’ve always been a shampoo and conditioner only kinda gal.
painting my nails is another one! when I was in high school I was on the swim team so my polish would come off after just 3 days so I got out of the habit of doing it and just never got back in the habit.
I also almost always skip the foundation! just spf/moisturizer, primer, color correct, concealer, blush and most of the time contour tho I have been feeling like contouring has become a bit much lately

Karen Avatar

Setting powder and I usually skip finishing powder unless I am really taking my time and then only use a very light dusting. I have found that the fewer powdery products I apply help my skin look younger. If I am worried about longevity on a certain day I will use a setting spray.

Nikki J. Avatar

I have quite a few on my list:

1) Contour and highlight – I tried it once before and HATED it on myself. I looked like an entirely different person, and I prefer the natural, “no makeup” look, so I decided right then that I’d never do it again. Plus, I don’t think it photographs well. I can always pick out a woman who has on highlight, and I just don’t understand the need for my face to appear two-toned.

2) Mascara – I’ve never been a fan of mascara either. I tried it a handful of times, but I felt like I was losing too many eyelashes as a result of removing it. I just skip it all together now, and apply a nice thick line of eyeliner. I much prefer that look instead of thicker lashes.

3) Eyeshadow – I don’t even bother buying eyeshadow anymore because I rarely wear it. I even got rid of all my palettes except one, which is my LORAC Pro Palette that I LOVE! However, I only use it for special occasions, like weddings, date nights, and special evening events, so I can probably count on one hand how many times I use it per year.

IRockFaces Avatar

Baking, contouring, highlighting areas of their face that they don’t need to like their nose area, and color correcting which I never do.

Brittany Avatar

False lashes! I do like the look of them, but I hate messing with them and the feeling of wearing them, so I save them for special occasions.

Lash curler: another thing I do have and use once in a blue moon, but I almost always pinch my poor eyelid skin (my lids are pretty hooded and puffy) and I save that for occasions, too.

Bronzer: I don’t even own any bronzers at all. If I’m doing a full face with foundation (I skip more often than not), I’ll do a light contour, but I’m not into bronzed skin on myself.

Chris Avatar

I never wear false lashes, eyeliner and I hate Lipgloss
I rarely use concealer under my eyes, because I think it does not look flattering on me
usually I just descide for blush OR bronzer OR contouring as everything together looks and feels over the top. Therefore neutral blushes became my go to.

Tracy Avatar

Blush. I have rosacea, so I’m always trying to get rid of the pinkness in my cheeks. I basically have natural, built-in blush.

Contouring products. I have a very nice contouring palette that I’ve used a few times, but it is extremely time-consuming, I feel.

Laura Haslam Avatar

I have a full, thick fringe that covers my eyebrows so I don’t feel the need to fill them in with pencil, pomade or shadow! If I got rid of my fringe, I more than likely would, though. I also don’t apply foundation on my forehead so when I do my mum’s make-up, I sometimes forget and then have to double check and add foundation before powder haha!

RMW (Rose) Avatar

The whole contouring concept, bronzers, and different types of color concealers that I should be doing. Green, purple, yellow ect. I just use one concealer for everything on my face.

Tamika B. Avatar

I don’t use primer, contour, eyelash curlers, or bronzers! I have just gotten into baked highlighters! I kinda like it, can’t wait till I master this technique!

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