What are your tips for resisting new beauty products?

1.) Figure out if you can dupe it, whether that’s very similar shades that you already own or by layering two or three products together or just recreating a theme/vibe with what you own. 2.) Be aware of your goals and how giving in might make those harder to achieve. 3.) Push pause and give yourself more time to think about it to see if it’s something that still tempts you later on.

— Christine


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Beth Avatar

Sometimes I think about how long I have to work to earn the money to spend on the product in question. If it feels reasonable, I will make the purchase. But if I dread doing the “extra” work, I will not make the buy.

I also sometimes consider what else I could purchase for the same money to see which I would rather have.

Lastly, I try to figure out where I would store it. With my ever enlarging stash, I have minimal space left for add ons. Each new addition needs to be worthy.

Serena Avatar

For me, I just got to a point where I actually have practically anything I need to have fun with my makeup: I did some sort of overhaul over the last few years, switching from mainly drugstore products to mainly high-end products, and now I have more than enough to keep me contented and interested, so when I purchase something it’s because I’ve finished the one I’m using or it’s something truly out of this world. Also, if I may end on a slightly cheeky note, the way beauty brands have been acting lately (way too many and too blatantly “in-your-face” cash grabs – glaring at you, ABH and PMG) has really helped me keep my money in my pocket 😉

Nancy T Avatar

Don’t look! LOL!
No, but really, if “new-new” stuff is just too tempting for you personally, then perhaps it’s time to disengage from most of whatever scene it is that proves to be to much temptation for you. This is something that I know I need to work on. I need to quit following certain IG sites that stream constant previews, ie; Trendmood, Hotfire.
Another thing I always try to do, in fact, very actively, is check for dupes on your Dupe List. That feature has probably saved me many Benjamin’s!
Lastly, I really have to be honest with myself. I am 60. How much of this can I or will I get to use up before I eventually go with simpler, less convoluted makeup looks? Especially eye looks? For now, I do still enjoy putting together some very edgy eye looks, but I have very hooded eyes that time and aging are beginning to make look even more hooded, so how much longer before I give up on winged liner and 5-8 shades of shadow on my eyes?

Naomi Avatar

I do step 1 often, I hate owning the same colors or similar color stories. I have to get rid of the similar item ie. Colourpop Yes, Please for the ND Sunset palette. I have Mothership V and I am thinking to skip the Iconic Illumination quad, although I really want it. I have a feeling it will go on sale at some point, but I am thinking even then should I buy it? I am going to go with a no. I bought Ritualistic Rose, since I liked how it will pair with palettes I already own. I am realizing now I am okay with buying RR at full price, but there is no “urgency” for IC so that also speaks to things.

SL Avatar

I’m going on a no-buy for 2020 and trying to avoid temptation, so I’m unsubscribing myself from everything beauty related (which as it turns out, is a lot). Thank you for all hard work and see you in 2021, Christine!

Mariella Avatar

1. STAY AWAY from Temptalia! (just joking, sort of….)
2. Wait for reviews from Temptalia
3. Check out dupes at Temptalia

So basically, the answer to all the burning questions in my life is “Temptalia”.

Pushing “pause” is something I try to do more now than I did, say, 5 years ago. I’ve got so much makeup that it’s a bit easier to do though I still get antsy at the thought of missing out on something great that is LE.

Mindy Avatar

If I’m serious (or want to be serious) about a “no buy” period of time or know that I have all I need, I unsubscribe and block websites on my phone and computer. If I don’t see it, I can’t be tempted. It may be hard for a very short time, but after that, it’s remarkably freeing.

I also tell my daughter that when she’s thinking about purchasing something that she’s on the fence about, pause for at least a week and if you are still thinking about it after that, then it’s probably worthwhile.

disco cats Avatar

Pause. I will pretty much wait a month now on any purchases where that’s possible. If it’s makeup from Ulta or Sephora, I decide to wait till I can use their 20% off coupon. I found time is enough for me lose interest; I’ve only gotten 2 palettes, a foundation, and a setting powder for myself this year.

Corey Avatar

One thing that I started doing at the beginning of 2019 was put a hard rule that I do not buy “Limited Edition” makeup. I have done a lot of reading on forced scarcity and how it’s used as a marketing tactic and that really helped pump the breaks on FOMO and buying makeup because it’s Limited Edition.

I also depotted ALL of my powder products (eyeshadow, blushes, highlighters etc) and put them into a big magnetic palette. Usually I’ll pull what I want to use through the week into a smaller palette. But I use the big palette as my ‘forced scarcity’ as any powder product I buy has to fit in that palette. Right now there is room so I’m also using a budget to limit impulse purchases but I really like having all my makeup in one big mosaic that I can pull from however I want.

When I did the initial depotting I realized how similar SO many palettes actually are, so now whenever a new (non-LE) product comes out I try to look at just the pans instead of the packaging. As I’ve become more aware of how I do my makeup and what I like, I’ve become much more critical of new launches.

Taylor Avatar

There are some great tips in the comments as well as the ones you’ve put on here, Christine.
I plan on doing a no-buy for 2020. I’ve found myself losing interest in makeup recently, so I usually just buy things for the sake of buying things. My husband and I are moving to Europe for 2 years (leaving in April from Canada!) and we’re each only bringing 2 suitcases full of stuff so I really can’t pack a suitcase of just makeup LOL.
Wish me luck!!

Genevieve Avatar

For me, it’s about whether or not I already have the shades in question in my stash – thank goodness for the dupe list.
Another aspect is the price (horrendous here in Aus) and accessibility (usually not). So that can be a brake on any purchase.
As most eye palettes are still in love with the shades of red, pink, orange, mauve and purples – these are not shades I use, so I am pretty safe from purchasing more eye palettes.
Now lipsticks – hmmm…..

brendacr1 Avatar

1. I look through what I already have.
2. Do I really need it?
3. I put it in my cart and let it sit there for a while and if I just really can’t get it out of my mind then I will pull the trigger.
3. I know what I like and what works on me so I don’t purchase anything without researching it first and seeing what kind of review Christine gives it. I have cut way back on all my spending this way and it feels good.

Rachel R. Avatar

*Look at your budget: Can you really afford it? Is there something you’d rather have? Something else not beauty related you’d rather save long-term for? Think about how likely an item is to go on sale later, and resolve to at least wait for the sale. You might decide you don’t want it by then!
*Look at your stash. Think about whether the item fills a need or hole in your collection.
*Read reviews before you buy. Become more discerning.
*Unsubscribe from brand emails and avoid YouTube beauty channels, if resisting is really hard for you. Lessen temptation, in other words.
*I’m a huge fan of “window shopping:” Adding things to my cart, but letting them sit a few days before buying. Most of the time I never end up buying.

Susan Nevling Avatar

Actually a funny question for me. I am limited only by my disposable income demands. My income is considerably less than when I was working.
I love colors and love makeup but only feel somewhat limited by my age (70). I try not to look ridiculous but rarely err on the side of sedate.

Jill Avatar

If I get the itch to buy something new (looking at you, new Chanel liquid shadow) I check for dupes here and then I go clean and organize my collection. Having to handle everything and put it back in it’s place reminds me of what I already own, what I actually use, and what my goals are. It’s not fool-proof but I’ve had better success since I started doing this.

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