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I am not sure what is meant by “pain points” but I am going to assume it has to do with things that bother us or that we are unsure of? I agree with Christine in that it is hard to judge when a skin care product is working as you have to use them for so long before you see any benefit and if there isn’t it is hard not to feel that you wasted that time and money. I have many more concerns as I have aged and am still struggling to deal with crepy eyelids, sagging skin, under eye bags and hyperpigmentation. I look at Instagram pictures of these young women with beautiful skin, eyes, etc. and although I can buy the products, apply them without difficulty, I will never be able to make them look that good unless someone discovers a miracle cure for aging skin, LOL. It can be depressing at times. I still enjoy the process though and can only deal with what I have to work with at the time. I imagine as I age further I will look back at my makeup looks now and think they are wonderful compared to what it will look like 15 years from now, LOL. I have found through this blog a lot of women who face the same challenges and even more. It is nice to have support from like minded people and to be able to learn from each other, find products to try and just to know of people who do not think your makeup obsession is ridiculous or that you are “too old for makeup”. Thank you to all who share here and to Christine for providing such a wonderful experience.

I AWAYS struggle with lashes because one corner always wants to pop up before they set and I’m usually going in with glue again to get it to stick. I also have to be very close to the mirror to apply them as well like contact lenses. I need to see the details while trying to get them one. lol

You will never see me apply these on camera/videos because it doesn’t look good while I’m doing it. lol

All the acrobatics I have to do in order to have the appearance of nice eyelashes. Seriously. Gotta tightline up under them to make them look full, curl them upwards in almost a crimp to give them a fluttery, long look, then a few coats of waterproof mascara to hold that curl all day long, no matter the weather. All because I haven’t a clue how to do falsies! Those suckers just scare me, LOL.

My pain points are trying not to have eyeliner stamped above the crease of my eyes as a result of my hooded eyes; and getting the next level improvement from my skincare routine (i.e. treat/soften deeper wrinkles under my eyes).

Tracey E., I can relate to the struggle of the hooded eyes and eyeliner battle! The only thing that never, ever transfers onto my hood is a good gel eyeliner. I use Essence Midnight In Paris Gel Liner for my near trademark black winged eyeliner look. Also MAC Fluidline and the potted gel liners by ColourPop have all stayed put all day long. I use a small angled liner brush to apply them.

Hi Nancy! I second MAC fluidline. I got a grip of how to apply it, so I get the line I want 90% of the time and I never had it smudge or fade during the day. It just stays there the entire 10 hours I wear makeup a day. The only thing is, I still have to use a pencil for my tight line (but that’s expected, I guess).

Ha, ha! Too many!

Foundations, concealers, etc. : Finding a match for very fair skin that also has neutral undertones is a freaking nightmare. On top of that, my skin is oily and loves to oxidize face products to bright orange, so that narrows down my choices even more. Primer is a must, and I usually have to go high end.

Contour powders and bronzers: Almost always too dark and too warm for my skintone. (see above)

Mascara: I’m allergic to most mascaras, especially waterproof. I’ve found a handful of brands whose regular formula I can wear, plus 2 or 3 waterproof formulas. It’s getting harder and harder to find my drugstore brands’ waterproof formulas, though.

Eyebrows: I still don’t feel like I’m great at doing them. Mine are pretty full and grown in quickly, so there’s a lot of annoying maintenance plucking involved.

False eyelashes: I’m allergic to most of the adhesives.

Eyeshadows: Powders will crease within an hour or two without primer. Cream eyeshadows are worse. My super-oily eyelids make them crease within minutes, with or without primer. ColourPop and Maybelline Color Tattoo are the only creams that work on me.

My fingernails: They’re thin and they peel no matter what treatment I give them or how I change my diet. Maybe because I used to be a nail biter. Switching to acrylics ten years ago was the best thing I ever did for their health, then recently I became sensitive to the traditional acrylics. Now I’m using the NexGen acrylics (the powders you dip your nails into), which is working out great, but is considerably more expensive.

My hair: I can’t do anything with it. It’s fine and stick straight. It won’t hold a curl. Stylists never believe me, and are sure they have the right combo of super-hold products and know-how. Then they say they’ve never seen hair lose a curl so quickly. Perms don’t take. Braids fall out unless a ton of styling product and hair spray is used. (On the plus side, it always looks healthy and shiny and feels super-soft, even though I dye it regularly.)

Rachel, I’ll trade hair with ya! I wish mine was straight and silky, but mine is a curly frizzpuff unless I use a ton of smoothing products, a HUGE round brush for blowing it out, hitting it with a very powerful flat iron when I have it shorter (like now), and having to put into a topknot overnight or wrap it to prevent reversion while I sleep! It’s maddening! ?

My can’t dye my hair because of the curly frizzpuff that is is being Auburn. It’s also high humidity season so my hair is basically Merida from Brave from May to September…. why I like our short fall season and wearing wigs. lol

I can take dye but bleaching it to a base tone it very damaging because it soooo hard to get out the orange tone out. I’ll be a granny happy to dye my silver hair all the shades of the rainbow when I turn silver. lol

It just so hard to find a brand that understands fair skin is not pastel…. We are lacking pigment and adding just white to foundation shades that are 3 shades darker is not going to equal fair/pale skin tones, they just turn the foundation pastel. We have desaturated damn it, we need to go less vivid/ almost greyer in shades, most of us need a touch of blue to our foundation instead of staying in the pink to yellow range to cool those pastel foundation shades down. lol

Same problem with hair and stylists. Ungracious and cynical thoughts have led me to think more than once that they initially say that to get your business first and then admit to being wrong.

Can I ask what haircare products you use?

Maggie: I honestly don’t use much. I shampoo a couple times a week with Riveting Reds Color Replenishing Shampoo from Sally Beauty, and I use the matching conditioner every once in a while. That’s it.

Lol I didn’t know what this question was asking at first. I guess… liquid liner and getting a good flick. I’m too impatient but I also have a bit of a hooded eye so it’s difficult. And my OCD/perfectionism never think it’s good or even enough so I give up and wash it off πŸ™‚

that mascara makes a world of difference but is such a pain to curl and apply without any blotches or stains. but i look so tired without it…

False Eyelashes – putting them on myself is such an issue, that I just gave up altogether. I don’t need it, but I thought it’d be fun to wear a few times a year.
Foundation & concealer – it’s such a pain to find a good enough color, I have to end up mixing foundations in oder to get a near enough shade match.

I have several and have to continually remind myself that:

my brows are sisters not twins
keep trying to apply strip false lashes, you will get it
acne scars will fade with the right combo of products

Skin care. So many techniques and practices, so many different types and brands of products, so important to one’s look and well being, my skin changes so I need to adapt/change as it goes, so many claims out there, so much time involved to see if a product does or doesn’t work, and so much cost involved.

Contouring: Sometimes I want to define my round face but I either end up looking muddy or like Trixie Mattel. There is no in-between.

Winged liner: I have found ways to make it easier, but I can never seem to get those Instagram-sharp wings that I crave. Ah well! Practice makes perfect I suppose.

I totally agree with you about contouring round faces! I got the Sterotypical round native face with the chubby cheeks. And it’s SO frustrating ahaha!

Winged liner!

I have severely hooded eyes. We’re talking my one eye, the hood touches my lash line. And the other eye, is less hooded but still very hooded!

So winged liner is nearly impossible to look good!

For me, the thing that made a big difference with false eyelashes was finding a pair that fit my eyes right. I still find them uncomfortable but at least I can get them on! For me its foundation, I have such a hard time finding a shade (I’m very fair and olive), and then I’m super picky with finishes, because I like medium coverage, natural finish, and it needs to LAST, like at least 8-10 hours, which is hard to find with a natural finish.

I agree with your points on applying false lashes and measuring the efficacy of skincare products. My other pain points are:

1. Hiding hyperpigmentiaon and pores with the right type of primers
2. Wearing dark liquid lipstick and trying to make sure it doesn’t bleed throughout the day
3. Using the right type of skincare products based on various seasons as skin reacts differently

Hi All!

My main pain is waterline/lashline eyeliner running in the corners of my eyes. I have watery eyes, especially when I talk or drink. πŸ™‚ So, keeping a small pack of q-tips in my purse to clean the corners has just become a part of my routine. It’s gotten better with the Marc Jacobs Highliner. A little clean up on the outer corners is all I need to get through the day.
I actually love a winged liner on the top lash line, but I just don’t even bother anymore because of this issue. I hate looking in the mirror and being horrified that I was just talking to a bunch of people with running eyeliner. Not cute!!!

Anti-aging skincare. I spent a considerable amount of money on Kiehl’s products and had one of the worst skin reactions ever. So, I gifted those products to a friend, but I’m over here living my life at 37 years old and wondering what in the heck should I do for anti-aging. Now I’m nervous about reactions with stronger products.

Wear sunscreen as if your life depends on it (it may–melanoma risk) and use a vitamin C serum. I’m 57 and have spent a ton of money on anti-aging stuff. None of it works–the peels, the creams, the serums. Those two products are the best you can use, and they work wonders. And they don’t have to be expensive. I look for products with short ingredient lists (I currently use NuFountain Vitamin C serum and Bioderma Photoderm Laser Creme SPF 50+–both pretty basic [I’m not affiliated with either]) so my skin isn’t exposed to a lot of junk ingredients = irritation. Other than that, gentle products (I use CeraVe) and a little exfoliation are all you need. Save the $$ you don’t spend on the supposed anti-aging products for procedures, if you’d choose to have them later. Honest.

I agree re sunscreen! Btw, this month’s Consumer Reports includes review of several dozen sunscreens. Spoiler alert: Top rated are La Roche Posay Anthelioa 60 and Trader Joes spray, both got 100

Iron Maiden – Thank you so much for all of your helpful suggestions. This was also very reaffirming for me. Once I stopped using anti-aging products – my skin cleared up considerably – more than it had in years. I will look into the NuFountain Vit C and Bioderma for sunscreen – both excellent calls. And I will continue with simple skin care in the mean time. Thanks again!

As a 60+ years person, with sensitive skin, I don’t go for a lot of the high percentage retinol products either and I can understand your concerns.
What I can recommend is a gentle milk cleanser (no foams) – doesn’t matter what brand
Exfoliate only once a week – no more than that or you can irritate your skin
Daily moisturiser with a hefty sunscreen – the La Roche Posay line has a fantastic one
Night time moisturiser, a serum and a facial oil. Argon oil and rosehip oils are really good.

Check out Beautypeadia for the best performing one and some of them will surprise you as they are not expensive at all.

Thanks Genevieve!!! I’ve actually tried La Roche Posay. Maybe I should just go back to it. After that terrible skin reaction, I’ve been so scared to go back to my products. But sunscreen is paramount! Time to get back on it but still be gentle and mindful of my skin. Thanks again!

I cannot get any type of color to stay on my lower lash line. My eyes tend to water in the outer corners, and between that and the oiliness of the area, nothing sticks to my outer lower lash line. I’ve tried primers, waterproof liquids, UD 24/7 pencils, MUF waterproof liners, powder shadows alone, powder shadows on top of other liners, etc. So I just leave my lower lash line bare. I wonder if a Sharpie pen would work…just kidding!

I am with you regarding lower lash line products. My outer corners water no matter what I put on the lower lash line and even bullet proof products disappear within an hour or so. It is funny because I don’t have watery eyes normally, just after applying product. I too am looking for something that will last and so far nothing has worked.

I don’t use any products on my lower lash line for the same reason as you Seraphine. It always smudges when I do and I end up looking like I have panda eyes. So I don’t do that anymore.

Two of my main issues are foundations looking cakey on my nose, and having eyelashes that insist on pointing downwards… You’d think that these two issues should be easy fixes, but I fail at solving them most of the time!

I feel you Lulle!

I have pretty curly lashes, they usually curl up towards my brows, but I have two lashes that grow DOWN and point towards my lower lashes!

I hear you about false lashes! I have trouble finding any that fit, and then getting them on is a struggle and a half. I also have a really hard time with bronzer as I can’t get it to look natural.

Undereye concealer. I give up. I can’t get it to work the way it should. I’ve tried several kinds.

I just focus on undereye cream twice a day and if there are undereye circles after that and my tinted moisturizer, so be it. It’s me and I’m okay with it.

I agree with judging if ones skin care is working or not. There is sooooo much out there and a lot of it looks promising but where do you begin? The money that is made from beauty companies is crazy. I wish there would be away to know if something is worth investing in before you purchase the line and find out ahead of time if it would work for you or not. I try to see what is in the active ingredients that makes it worth purchasing beforehand so at least I have an idea as to if it might work or not. Also, reviews help a lot but there is definitely too many choices to know and too expensive to try everything.

I agree with everyones comments about False Eyelashes . I’ve given up.

Biggest issue is dark circles under my eyes . Nothing works to adequately cover them and I’ve used every corrector and concealer combo in the world . The eye creams I’ve purchased haven’t done a thing , either …even the extremely expensive ones .

Wearing glasses, I don’t ever bother with false eye lashes, but applying mascara evenly is tricky for me.
I do agree with you Christine about the whole skincare issue and knowing whether something is working or not.
I must say that when I started using Physicians Formula Argon Oil – my skin really did respond to it, it was very soothing and I think that works. It would probably be the same for any facial oil.

I’m at 54 with great skin so far I’m afraid all the sun abuse I have taken baking in Miami Beach when I was a teenager when my parents visited family. I have also have run 10 marathons that’s a lot of eye squinting early mornings in the beach even wearing my Nike caps on which I own in every color of the rainbow. Hate wearing sunglasses for runners as they all glide off with sweat and impact and love gardening. Sun worshipper but afraid of the consequences once karma unfolds. I do have a few sun spots in my arms and hands my mom has then too. I’m just starting to research heavily on aging products have begun using the trio Revitalift from L’OrΓ©al the spf, the peel pads, the bottle with two tubes inside one red/one white and keep in the shower their facial cleanser with glyolic acid. I am noticing a difference my skin is more clear and bright so that’s great! I’m finishing their small white jar of moisturizer and have enjoyed it also. Also purchased the Anew and Vitamin C from Avon have tried yet. Waiting to see final results when I finish L’OrΓ©al and then proceed. I’m liking Loreal. Have always worn spf though when running cause I know I’ll be hours out here training but then completely forget when home gardening! I agree, to me there’s so much confusion with every company trying to win you over is really insane! And so are the prices! I have hooded eyes also and wearing eyeshadows is always a challenge more now getting older I started trying WetnWild eye primer and it works! That eyeshadow sticks like glue! I won’t wear on face though don’t like heavy gooey tons of products. I been using Cera Ve as sort of primer and moisturizer also love the facial wash more so than Cetaphil, then my spf then foundation which I apply minimum only to even out redness or ocasional breakouts. Won’t dare dream putting on false lashes haven’t mastered the perfect smoky eyes yet and never will. Lol! I do love makeup always have but I’m very fair so I have to play it very natural. I doubt I’ll bother with buying more contouring products hardly use them. Bronzer I prefer as without it or better yet, blush, I’m a ghost lost in the fog. Blush and mascara are my best friends. I’m preferring lately cream blushes over powder specially for Summer it goes in so natural and dewy but also find a bit more tricky to apply than just grab a stipple brush for blush. Have fallen over heels for highliters and have collected many but I use very little. Just love them! I usually just purchase things on impulse the colors, packaging even after watching tons of videos. I don’t fall hard for all the trends and fads just like to look pretty and healthy and decent I don’t fall for all those promises I’m going to get old and there’s that I’m just enjoying my life but not worrying so much about it as going under the knife ever or harsh alterations. I’m happy with what I have. Just like to look my best and not like a man after all that crazy running! Lol! First year I bought bunch of skirts and dresses I thought I’ll turn into a guy and grow a mustache. Lol! But is been so much fun in the sun and fun friends I know Venice beach and Santa Monica like the palms of my hands training like a headless chicken all over the place. I want to look feminine after a hard earned marathon. I’m petite 5’3, ghostly cool, wavy soft curls, hazel eyes, oval faced. curvy, bubbly and talk a lot! Finding the right size of clothes to fit arms and length is another battle just like finding the right ‘so called’ anti aging creams and potions. That’s another story. Struggles! Struggles! πŸ˜‰

Winged eyeliner. I can get one eye to look fabulous then the other eye not so great. Yet winged eyeliner looks so amazing on me. I avoided the whole issue for years by wearing strip lashes. Why I can put on strip lashes with no problem but not use liquid liner is beyond me.

Anywho I finally had feline flicks permanently applied (tattooed) about 6 yrs ago and I love it! I use them as a template to trace over them with eyeshadow, pencil, or gel liner for emphasis.

I love the look of the inner eye highlight, but I really struggle to make it through the day without touching the inner eye area. (Ugh, allergies and itchy, watery eye season.) During this time of year those same watery eyes mean it takes forever to get ready because I end up stopping with a tissue after each step. IE Put on eye cream, wipe eyes, eye primer, wipe tears, eye shadow and liner, well, you get the idea.

I’m glad I’ve never had to fool with fake lashes (never even put a pair on!) because if anything I can have the opposite problem. I try NOT to get mascaras that promise crazy length and texture because it makes me look like a clown, not to mention getting smudges just below the browbone if I open my eyes before it dries. I know it’s not the worst problem to have though.

And the last pain for me: red and dark lipsticks. I don’t know why, but it feels like it takes 20 minutes to get reds and darks just perfect. Today I wore Kat Von D’s Adora and it definitely took way to long to get the lines perfect. I guess it’s lucky my gotos are mauves, nudes and light browns.

I can’t do winged liner to save my life, and I’m not sure that it looks good with my eyes anyways. I also don’t do the ultra matte lips; they just aren’t flattering on my lips.

Oh, I completely agree with you here! Eyelashes are a pain!! One always seems to get glued to my actual eyelashes and then I just want to cry when I try to get them off!

Actually, applying makeup is mostly joy points, cannot complain πŸ™‚ I would say taking it off is a bit of a pain. Not cause I do not want to take it off, cause at the end of the day I do, but the entire 7-10 minutes of washing, rubbing, etc. Also cleaning the brushes πŸ™‚

OMG…me too with the false eyelashes. I have finally become at least ok with liquid liner, but I still struggle with lashes. It’s like for me to get them to stick, I have to use a pretty wide glue-band, and then the lashline doesn’t look natural or take makeup well.

I have one hooded lid and one unhooded, so the hooded side eats eyeshadow unevenly! It restricts me to wearing only close-to-my-skin-color shades on my lids, or bringing “touch up” products with me for a serious night out. I hear botox fixes that kinda thing but I’m not willing to go that far…

Second struggle is my sensitive skin and allergies. Finishing sprays, primers, cleansing oils, serums and moisturizers frequenly break me out, and lipsticks make my lips peel, can’t tolerate many perfumes (literally allergic as in sneezing), etc.

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