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reviews of products I want to see, not random reviews. I cannot think of her name now…but her voice is easy on the ears….Christine sometime have on the Sunday video.

I like haul videos, but I’m with you, Christine – I love seeing storage and organization videos, how people organize their stash. So much fun.

I love collection videos, swatch videos, and review videos probably the most. I do love watching tutorials, but sometimes I find it hard to get through a whole vid; I don’t know if it’s me or the person doing the vid, but I’ll just get so annoyed or bored that I start spacing out, or click to something else. Also, I do enjoy storage/organization vids, if the information is something interesting/different.

i’m super picky, i don’t like hauls, ootds, tag videos i think they are so pointless. i like first impressions and foundation routines

I actually watch very few beauty videos… the ones I do are from people who I like to watch, not because of what they’re doing (even if that’s what got me interested in the first place) but because I’ve been watching them for so long that it’s like catching up with friends when I see their videos πŸ™‚

Occasionally I’ll find someone new (to me) and then become obsessed with their videos and marathon everything they’ve done over a weekend! LOL!

I love tutorials with short reviews of the products that are being used…and storage videos too! Christine’s are amazing: Temptalia’s collection is so neatly organized!

Reviews of interesting products by people who seem like they know what they’re talking about. I used to watch hauls, but after awhile they all seemed kind of the same and a little obnoxious.

i need to watch storage vids lol…and buy stuff to store them in. i just store them in shoe boxes, lol, the one on the left is the one i use the most.

i watch tutorials inspired by celebs, reviews sometimes, tho i prefer reading them. hauls are boring, like ‘look what i bought!!!’ but no info on them.

I enjoy collection videos, I admire other people’s huge collections! Mine is big but nothing like the ones I see! Makes me want to own all of MAC lipsticks LOL!!! I also like big haul videos! I want to go out and buy make up!

I only watch tutorial videos – mainly Lisa Eldridge and other few whom I like, the point that all have in common is they are short, precise and directly to the point.I can’t stand 11 min videos with unnecessarily long intros and blabbing.Everything else, I prefer pictures and writing (so I can scroll down quickly πŸ™‚ )

Dramatic eye makeup tutorials, storage videos, and makeovers sometimes by the pixiwoo sisters or Tanya burr.

Collection, organization and haul videos! But it’s really important that I like the way they store/organize everything and that I like the products they have hauled, otherwise it’s no fun to watch. I get easily frustrated watching some of the collection videos, though, if it’s badly organized I just want to jump through the screen and fix it for them, lol.

Me too Christine – I love storage videos, there are some creative people out there! I also like swatch and review videos. Haul videos bore me.

It’s so funny how different we all are. I can’t ever make it through haul or storage videos… they bore me to tears. I like to watch “Top 10” videos, like top 10 MAC blushes, lipsticks, etc… I also like watching tutorials, depending on the person in the video. Jaclynhill1 and Sharon Farrell are my favorites!

I like nearly every type of beauty video if they come from someone I enjoy in general. The only ones I really don’t like are clothing ones that they like to slip in every now and then and hauls unless they use some of the items in a tutorial soon after or review them eventually.

eye makeup tutorials, if i need a new idea or inspiration, there are very helpful.
Storage videos gave me the feeling i need much more make up. I donΒ΄t watch them. For myself itΒ΄s important to have thinks which i realy need, and not have everything, but donΒ΄t need it.

I don’t really like watching beauty videos much, to be honest! Occasionally I’ll watch hair tutorials, but I rarely actually *do* them. I like storage videos, though, because my makeup storage is kinda all over the place. =P

I am the same. Makeup collections, closet tours, jewelry tours, what is on their dresser, vanity, etc. These are my favourites. Then hauls. πŸ™‚

Make up Collections or Lucky Dip Make up (from Lauren Luke aka panacea81) are my favorites video πŸ™‚

I’ve watched so many empties and hit pan videos — I just find them so satisfying! (The most satisfying thing is when someone hits pan in the middle of a tutorial, though!)

I also love storage, collection, and what’s-in-my-makeup-bag videos, because I am an incredibly nosy individual and it’s a non-creepy way to snoop on people’s rooms and possessions.

Lately its been room tours, im decorating my room and am always looking for ideas to make it look more interesting.

I love perfume collection videos, tutorials of all kinds, hauls and product reviews. I love seeing how different products work for different people and seeing the different tastes people have. Get Ready With Me videos are really fun too. I find it really relaxing to just watch someone put on their makeup and do their hair; I need to get a life hahaha.

Videos that quickly show the product, give a quick rating, and a demo of application. NOT ones where the person spends 20 minutes giving a review of their personal life before even showing the product.

Definitely storage vidoes! Have a huge collection which is all over the place & needs organization…looking for the best idea! Now that I know yours is on youtube, I’m going there now.

i love product reviews, swatches, hauls, organization, make up, fashion and, i have my very fav make up gurus that i totally look forward to watching.

I watch a little bit of everything, but lately I’ve become hooked on Empties videos!
It gives more credibility to someone’s opinion on a product if you have that proof that they’ve actually used it repeatedly and lived with it, in my opinion.

I LOOOVE monthly favorites because it always is interesting to see what other people are into as far as beauty items. Also, I love to watch foundation routines and skincare routines. It keeps me educated on different types of skincare and what products to look for.

I really like the creative tutorials and special effects, as it really gives u a chance to see how their creative mind works…. sadly most people only do them around halloweenbut other than that i like new collection reviews and more collections that storage as i am slightly ocd and find storage videos frustrating as all the products arnt the same size and style. stupid i no but in my own collection it annoys me sbut as long as the vids about make up ill watch it πŸ™‚

I’m a huge fan of reviews. I can spend hrs on YouTube watching videos about products I’m interested in purchasing to find out how they work for a variety of people and the pros and cons of owning them. I very rarely buy any beauty product without seeing or reading every review about it that I can first.

i really dont like collections video, it doesnt really matter to me what products the other person has, BUT I LOVE LOVE Make-up storage videos. When i think about it, it really doesnt make sense to me but i love to see the creative ways people store and diaplay there make-up.

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