What are your deal-breakers for lipstick?

Taste! That is absolutely a characteristic that will make me wear so many other formulas over it. I’m not a huge fan of floral scented lip products, so anything that I can smell distinctly while wearing will probably be something I won’t reach for!

— Christine
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Too drying, anything that makes my lips feel tight or gives them a burning sensation, any nasty taste, a strong floral, chemical or plastic smell. Also, anything that doesn’t last on my lips for at least 3 hours may still get worn, but no where near as often. These are things that can turn me off to a lipstick, even if the shade is beautiful.

– Overpowering taste/scent, especially if it’s floral or soapy.
– Anything claiming to be “plumping” or containing mint/cinnamon oils makes my lips peel (though I’ve been able to use co bigelow and burt’s bees mint and cinnamon balms with no issue)
– If it’s streaky, patchy, sticky, or settles into lip lines in under 2 hours.
– A rating of less than B- by Christine 🙂

That waxy chemical or artificial floral (L’Oreal!) smell, ugh, cannot stand it!

Or anything that wears off quickly or unevenly and leaves that dreaded ring of colour around the outer edges of your lips.

On Point! I love the L’oreal Eva’s nude, but I gave it away because of the smell. Closest dupe in my collection is Mac Half & half, better smell in my opinion.

Probably more than any other category of makeup, lipstick has to meet some pretty high standards for me to wear it on a consistent basis. I tend to be the person who worries their lips throughout the day and so liquid lipsticks don’t last that long on me. I am use to that and don’t find it affects my ability to wear them as long as they can be touched up without creating a mess. I agree with Christine in that taste is a huge factor for me. I don’t mind a stronger smell but the taste cannot be florally or chemical. Those are deal breakers for me. I also avoid lip plumping lipsticks because I don’t like the sensation on my lips and invariably on my tongue. It usually feels like the tip of my tongue is going numb and I don’t like that. I cannot wear anything that is so matte that my lips turn into prunes and are uncomfortable. I have pretty highly pigmented lips so many sheer lipsticks don’t work for me. Lastly, for me, it cannot bleed or settle into lip lines. I told you I was ridiculously critical of lipsticks, LOL.

Try blaming. Gdit! Autocorrect! balming. I gave away kvd due to shrink wrap. I all but guarantee that with a sink in balming and a later light layer, you can wear even drying matte lls. Now I wear kvd with abandon, bright, dark, yes! And I’m a half decade older than you. Much as I hate fussy, it solved the drying, AIW eat me to get tiny lips effect of drying mattes. But maybe you can find something without all the bother. Lls do not retouch well. Good luck.

Arg, some extremely moisturizing formula that slides on the lips and almost looking like cream settle into lip lines, used to be very common in the drugstore.
Lipstick that doesn’t apply evenly, this includes some high end formula as well as liquid lipsticks.

I am with you about the floral scent/taste being a deal breaker. Also bad quality: Poor pigmentation; being too waxy, oily, or dry; grainy texture; patchy coverage. Poor lasting power. Too expensive.

Strong scents. Especially fruity or floral ones. They’re the worst. I’m also not into lipsticks that settles into lip lines or create that white line between lips either

I dislike a matte finish (don’t care what the “trend” is, matte isn’t flattering) and I don’t like it when lipsticks run to the point where they are unwearable without lip liner because I rarely take the time to use lip liner, even though I have a few that I like well enough. It’s just a step I can’t be fussing around with. I don’t like drying lipsticks but I also don’t want one that travels into lines around my mouth. Guerlain has the perfect balance – the lippies are so moist but don’t “travel”. Smell or taste usually aren’t things that bother me, if everything else is good.

Formula—Not a big fan of Mattes. I prefer cremes since mattes dry out my lips, for the most part. Staying power is important. I don’t mind reapplying, but don’t make it a job.The scent has to be bearable, as does the taste. Also important is if it comes in a wide range of wearable colors. Cruelty free is an added on bonus.

Taste is a big one. My other one is if it wears unevenly, leaving a ring around the outside of your lips. There are so many formulas at multiple price points that don’t do this now that to find one that does is an instant strike against it.

The biuggest turn off for me with lip products is plumping and the burning sensation. I can not stand that. After that I just need to know that it’s going to last a good six hours. I don’t like having to fuss with lip products all the time during the day.

There are so many… definitely smell is one as well (as something sitting on your lips will be under your nose).
Feathering/bleeding is another lipstick deal breaker; if the lipstick feathers, you won’t see me buying that formula again.
I can take a little dryness, but not tackiness. If it’s tacky and sticky, it’s out.
Lipstick is just one of the categories I’m very picky about. Even color is an issue; I won’t buy a lipstick if I can try the formula and color in the store. That’s why I have mostly MAC ones; and except Matte and Satin, I don’t like their formulas.

Deal breakers:
1. Color
2. Quality

I’m crazy picky about my lipsticks. Color is the first deal breaker — and that takes out about 99% of everything I see. Of the 1% remaining, I want non-negotiable, first-class quality (creamy, hydrating, pigmented, long-lasting, and the rest of the kitchen sink). And, I’m willing to pay for it when I find it — which, isn’t often!

The basics … color needs to be on point and a price point that’s practical and relative to value (I’ll pay more for something that’s excellent quality, well sized and perfect-or-close color).

Then — no-go if the review say it’s drying, and I don’t like matte lip products. Also if it’s strongly flavored or scented. Or if it’s LE; I don’t do LE’s anymore.

Number 1 issue would be fragrance. I used to wear Lancôme lippies back in the day (uh…25-30yr ago) as well as L’Oreal but eventually I just couldn’t take the “perfumey” fragrance/taste. So those brands are toast for me. I love fragrance free such as Clinique and the Revlon Color Burst(the ones they discontinued) but for the last 10 yr or so MAC has been my fave. I don’t mind the mild vanilla scent and the cremesheens are so comfortable. I did come across one cremesheen that bled like crazy and tossed it. Not fussy about super matte as they are not comfortable. Laura Mercier is another one that I have been buying lately, the sheer lipstick. The mild fragrance doesn’t bother me.

At this point, any lipstick that gets added to my collection has to be practically perfect in every way. It has to taste like nothing, and not smell like melting plastic or fake flowers. It has to apply and stay well if I don’t eat or drink. It has to wear evenly.

Also while I’m going to keep the liquid lipsticks I have, I’m just not going to buy any more no matter what. They go bad so much faster than a regular lipstick

Anything heavily scented (Plenty)
Too pricey (Tom Ford)
Design of tube….I can’t stand a crappy tube. It’s ok to get fancy (Dior Mat and Kiko) but think about functionality.
Drying (Kat Von D)
Deception (Don’t sell me pink when its really purple)
Taste (nothing sweet…ugh)
Texture (looks like silk, goes on like cotton. No thanks)

Co-signing your list.

I am going to see how long I last on a lip product no-buy in 2017 & I have to keep all these things in mind. I have drawers full of lip products that disappointed me in one or more of these ways.

It’s been hard but I have cut down on buying lip products. I am now not buying just to have I am thinking about the actual product. The other day I went online to buy the Sephora “Give Me Some Bold Lips” but then I thought about it and for that price I can get a BiTE Beauty Amouse Bouche color that I’ve been wanting and wear it more than I would the items in the set so I got the BiTE. As much as I love makeup…it’s becoming a hype-up “MUST HAVE” market for the same stuff just repackaged.

Im very lucky in the fact that my lips don’t dry out super easily from lipsticks. (but, being outside in the cold, snowy, windy Canada winter makes my poor lippies burn and crack!!)

I can wear liquid lipstick two days in a row without lip balm.

So drying doesn’t bother me, and scent doesn’t either.

BUT I HATE when lipsticks give the “lip liner” look after eating, or when you sip from a cup and it transfers to the skin around/outside my lip Line is.

Also, being a big lipped GAL. I hate when I eat, and the lipstick transfers ALL over my chin. So embarrassing!!

I just realized I’m pretty layed back with lipsticks requirements!

If it bleeds into liplines, it’s out. Also, if it is gritty at all. I can deal with most scents (even L’Oreal) but I cannot deal with anything that feels gritty or balls up weird on the lips.

I only have one: Does it dry out my lips? I am not a lipstick person. I remain haunted by the visual of watching my mother put orange lipstick on every day for years. Now, though, I feel like I’m at an age where unless I wear lip color, I look washed out, but as someone who has only worn Lip 6x Balm and/or shea butter forever, I cannot handle a lip color that doesn’t feel good.

Fragrance, floral, fruity, peppermint and/or drying formulas. I can tolerate a bit of vanilla.
Best to just leave all the flavors and scents out if you want me as a customer.

Scent. I prefer “lipstick” scent or vanilla. I do have some scented and/or flavored lip balms, but they’re all non-sweet food scents (other than one which actually has a wood note), but anything even remotely floral is going nowhere near my lips (or the rest of my face, for that matter).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention it because my aversion to it is so strong that it’s blocked from my mind: GLOSS!

Can’t stand glossy things on my lips! [shudder]

Smell, unsavory taste, if it bleeds or settles into the corners of my mouth and gravitates down. When it stays moist and smears on my teeth when I smile. I’ve bought hundreds of lipsticks, stains, gloss and lippies in my 57 years. I guess I’m hard to satisfy, lol. Still waiting for the perfect color, texture and moisture.

Matte lipsticks – just can’t wear them because they dry out my lips and some are worse than others.
Scent – nothing too strong.
Neon, nude and pink shades – cannot wear these shades at all.

Hello Christine and Temptalia community…long time reader, first time commenting. I haven’t figured out what the culprit is but, so many lipsticks and lip products make my lips peel. Does anyone else have this problem? It doesn’t matter if it’s a high end or a drug store brand. Also, if it’s a formula that’s drying to my lips, I stay away. I love the look of the matte lip trend but my lips can’t take being dried out any further. If a lip product wears off quickly that also hits a nerve. Unfortunately it seems that you trade wear time for moisture. And I agree with everything Christine stated in her answer. Any funky smell/taste is such a turnoff. If a lip product doesn’t last very long on my lips, it annoys me to no end.

Bleeding outside the liplines. If there is anything that will make me look like a clown more I don’t know what it is. Some brands (Bite) I won’t even look at anymore because they begin to slide off within minutes of application and all the lip liner in the world won’t keep them from running. Taste is another no-no, but the products that come to mind when I think of bad tasting are lipglosses not lipsticks.

Obviously, pretty lucky to have no sense of smell. Getting rigid about color choices. Plumping is out..not only do the formulas feel burny, but they are bad for your lips, at least per Paula. Any feathering that overcomes clear liner. Taste, esp fruity or sweet. Amuse Bouche is a bare pass. And the texture of Tarte’s moussey formula. Very icky. None of the other whipped type formulas can touch it for creepy. Makes me shudder to think of it. Chemical sunscreen, aloe, or anything else that fails my cosdna leave out list. If an ingredient list isn’t posted with the product, I cosdna it. And reread the ingredients on the pkg. the wrong stuff can inflame the vermillion border, or worse, both whole lips.

Too drying which is often matte, very dark, chalky appearance bc neither looks good on my complexion, strong or offensive taste or fragrance, excessive bleeding. Colors that tend to be too purple or orange again bc of complexion.

I adore roses, yet detest to apply a rose scented lipstick to my lips! Drier formulas which accentuate lip lines also are deal breakers for me.

I really hate the texture of “satin” lipsticks, including MAC’s Satin finish, though I wear and really like their mattes. I also haven’t been able to make myself like Givenchy’s lipstick, I find I can always feel the texture, so I rarely wear them.

I was gifted an Estée Lauder lipstick that is the definition of an absolute deal-breaker: sheer, bunchy and slippery when layered, settles into fine lines, has such lingering chemical scent, accentuates any dryness and is drying over time. Never thought a lipstick could be that bad *sigh*

As I’ve gotten older and since having kids (hormonal changes), heavily scented lip products are a deal breaker. I’ll toss it or take it straight back. Also if they are drying. I need light to moderate moisture or it’s just going to sit in the box and never get used again.

deal breaker for me is if lipsticks are too emollient where my hair will catch or stick to it & if it runs into my fine lines. I’ve been spoiled by liquid lipstick but at the same time i hate that they’re so drying…

I don’t buy reds. I get tons of them in subscription boxes, and the only ones I even like a little are the rarer, very warm reds. Nothing that ends up with color in the lines on my lips and nowhere else…so ugly. I really don’t wear blues and greens either, although if a blue leans very purple, I’ll give it a shot.

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