What are your best tips for applying false eyelashes?

What are your best tips for applying false eyelashes? Share!

One – practice before a major event!  Some totally get the hang of false eyelashes right off the bat, but others (like me!) take much longer, so it is important to give yourself some time for error prior to really needing them.  Second, cutting them in halves or thirds can be a good way to apply slowly and methodically.

Thanks to Bonnie for today’s question!

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Julie P. Avatar

Best tip for applying falsies are making sure you bend the lashes back and forth to give it a curve, then apply the glue and wait a few seconds to make sure its tacky and sticks right onto your skin w/o slipping. Using my fingers is the best way.

Steph Avatar

Those are my main tips too! Curve them, trim them to fit your eye, and make sure the glue is tacky or else you have a mess on your hands. Fingers and tweezers work for me.

Hachi Avatar

False lashes – one of my favorite topics!!!

One tip that I think a lot of girls don’t know is that usually the glue that comes packaged with a pair of lashes sucks. That’s probably why girls get so frustrated with them and think that they’re impossible to wear! My favorite glue is DUO Lash Glue, it’s the best! You can buy it at Sephora and most drugstores. I’ve been using the same tube of glue for a long time now, it lasts forever!

Another tip, if you wanna get really lash crazy – is to buy an extra pair and cut it in half. Use the inner half as bottom lashes, and then layer the outer half on your upper eyelid on top of another pair of lashes that you’ve already applied! (this probably sounds confusing – I’ve tried to explain it to a friend in person and she didn’t get it either) Anyway, you can see the outcome of layering lashes in my blog posts here~ I used Korean brand “Shisem” lashes.


And of course, practice always makes perfect!!

Pamela Avatar

After much trial and error, I’ve nearly given up on falsies. I’m hoping that in my next life I’ll be a highly skilled and sought after pro makeup artist who can apply falsies with one hand tied behind her back. Or a supermodel that has a a pro MA to do it for her.

Erica Avatar

I’d say practice, of course, but most important is buy a good glue. Seriously, the glue that I’ve used never really worked for me, they somehow just slide off… I’ve tried the Duo one but it’s the same story. Maybe I really should practice more!


Use good glue- I like Dark Duo or Revlon Precision glue. Duo is the best on the market. The glue that comes with false eyelashes just does not hold good enough. Also, wearing eyeliner to help disguise the band is very important. I have worn false eyelashes since I was 17 years old and feel something is missing with my makeup if I don’t. Also, be sure to remove the glue from the lash after wearing them so they are ready for repeat wear.

divinem (Melissa) Avatar

No tips here. I would love to hear from those of you who are nearsighted. I simply cannot SEE (even w/a 10x mirror to 1) trim the lashes to fit my small eye and 2) apply the lashes after they’ve been trimmed. I’ve tried numerous times, and simply can’t get them on!


meme Avatar

Try them on best you can first time. If you did not get a little thing that looks like a tiny chip bag clip with your lashes, go looking for one – they help getting them on a whole lot, esp. on first few weeks of trial/error. Then after getting them on for the first time – whatever, however they are, take a good look – are they too much for your eyes? Many times we go too big in picking them out and it takes time to work up to a vampy not so much you look. So out come the scissors to do a trim job. Best if you first buy 2 sets a demi set and a full set. But even the demis need a length trim most of the time. I personally like the clear glue – that way if I have made a mess, i don’t have to worry about my glue line showing! I always apply false lashes after my liner has gone on. But you might have to do some touch up to your liner after your first few lash applications. Keep with it; you will find after not too long you can toss them on in 30 second (both eyes in that length of time. I like to put them on BEFORE I am anywhere close to leaving the house so I can catch any curling up loose edges with a sewing needle or safety pin edge and some more glue. Carry some kind of liner with you always as you might loose a lash or need to pull them off for some reason. You will want to have some liner to do a quick fix when that happens.

Traci Avatar

if you find it difficult, work with half lashes – it’s so much easier and still looks great.

Also, my problem was when I applied them, they wouldn’t stick and moved around and then the glue wouldn’t really hold. When you apply the glue to the lashes, seriously stand there and WAIT about 45 seconds (I literally stand there and count) and then apply them to your lashline. They will stick and not move and voila!
I also like to use the handle of an eye brush to push the lashes into my lash line – hope that makes sense

CatherineM Avatar

The same here. Let the glue dry a bit before applying the lashes. I like to use tweezers instead of my fingers so I can grip the lashes close to the root and place them exactly where I want. And don’t give up to soon. I needed WEEKS until I got it right at first try, and now I love my falsies.

Dorna Avatar

yes bend them back and forth and wait about 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky-VERY important! If you feel you’re really bad at it, those fake eyelash applicators or tweezers make it really easy, and they’re dirt cheap. once they’re on, I use the back of a pair of tweezers or eyeshadow brush to push them into the lashline.

Jenny Avatar

The best tip for applying false lashes I have is to put a mirror at your chin and look down into it. It get’s your natural lashes out of the way. This is also a great tip for applying eyeliner.

Christina Avatar

Apply mascara on your natural lashes first. I always use a tweezer to hold one end of the lashes and fingers to hold the other edge to position the lash on my lashline. Use DUO lash adhesive (it is budge-proof if applied correctly) and once the glue is dry, use a clean mascara wand to comb through and incorporate your natural lashes with the falsies.

Celine Avatar

I disagree! tweezers are so much easier, my advice would be, make sure they’re not too long, and ALWAYS trim from the long end. Dont be stingy with the glue too! I say fingers are a no no because you can splodge glue everywhere by jamming fingers into the small eye area which then makes eyelashes stick together and its generally unpleasant. use tweezers to gently place lash strip into the middle of your eye, then stick down each end using tweezers, then gently pat down the strip the whole way along, and voila! xxxx

heidi Avatar

The half lashes are so much easier. Throw out the glue that came with it its usually crap. I love the duo lash adhessive(I like the clear) I usually use my finger but if I’m doing indivuals I use tweezers. Wait for the glue to get tacky. Use a thin layer. Apply the glue to the lashes not your lid. I made this mistake when I was new to false lashes. Bad plan. Don’t fall for gimmicks ike the kiss lashes that have the strings attached to make it easier at least in my experience they’re no easier. Measure the lashes before you put the glue on and cut accordingly. Bring extra glue with you. Try to pick lashes that don’t have a flimsy spine(the elf ones are no bueno). Do your eye makeup before applying and curl your natural lashes, they’ll blend better. And like you said, practice.

Amanda Avatar

One thing I realized, even though the diretions usually say wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky, I think you have to wait longer than that. If I only wait 30 seconds they DO NOT stick and I’m really struggling. I find if I wait a little longer, 1 to 2 minutes the stick right away and are much easier to apply.

Gillian (AKA Munchy) Avatar

make sure the glue is tacky before you apply. Lash glue dries quickly but if you start to put them on your eye before the glue dries a little, they’ll fall off. its much easier to deal with them after the glue has dried just a bit.

Ashley B Avatar

Best advice, just trim the edges to fit along your natural lash line. Use an applicator! I just use the little pink plastic ones that come with the Ardell lashes. It makes it so much easier to place them along your lash line. Also, apply a bit of black eyeliner before you place the lashes incase you don’t get it quite in the right spot so you don’t see a flesh colored gap in between the falses and your real lashes.

sonia diana Avatar

my lashes are the last thing i do when i finish my face after foundation is applied. when i start on my foundation i put the lash glue on the side to let it get tacky on it’s own. when i am finished applying my blush and adding the finishing touches my glue is about the consistancy of cottage cheese and is tacky enough to apply to the band of the lash. now if i have forgotten to do this i put the glue on a surface and put a fan in front of it and in about 3 to 5 minutes it is tacky enough.

Sheila Avatar

The best way that I have found to apply PERFECT lashes is to first trim the lashes to fit your eyes. Then, apply a glue and make sure to apply a very good amount to both ends so they don’t come up, the ends are the most important! I usually make sure there is a nice little bead of glue at each end. Let the glue dry for about 15 seconds until the glue is tacky. This is the most important part to making them apply flawlessly: grab both ends of the lashes and gently set them RIGHT on top of your natural lashes. The entire strip does NOT need to touch your lash line right away! Once you have them set and lined up, gently push them back into your lid so they just rest on top of your natural lash line. Then let them set for about 10 seconds, then use your finger to brush your own lashes upwards, which will push the falsies back into your natural lash line. Repeat it a few times, every 10 seconds or so and then just leave them alone. DO NOT try to dab or touch the lash line with your fingers because the glue will smudge onto your fingers, and very often they pull up the glue and your falsies with them, also ruining your shadow/liner with it. You also tend to get glue everywhere. I hope this was clear and that this works for you lash lovers! I LOVE false lashes and my mom has always wanted to wear lashes everytime she sees me wearing them, but always had trouble applying them with the instructions other people have given her. I finally gave her this quick run down and she has been wearing lashes almost every day since because they are SO easy to apply! Enjoy!

emily Avatar

I stick down the middle portion first and fix each side one at a time. I can’t do it from left to right or right to left, it always pops up for me. =/

Maggie Avatar

What is the best method to REMOVE false lashes?

With all these tips, I definitely want to experiment but the idea of getting glue stuck on my eyelids terrifies me.

K Avatar

Lash glue just peels off. Take one end of the falsies at the spine, and peel them off. Even with Duo Lash adhesive, this does not hurt. If you’re super scared of doing this, do it in the shower!

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