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I have no tips, but I’m excited to see what other people say because sleep does not come well to a busy college student haha

Visene to help with redness, Bare Escentuals Well Rested under the eyes and a white shimmery highlight in the inner corners!

Great question, BooBooNinja!

A long night tends to show the most in the eyes and face. For me, I get crazy bloodshot looking eyes when I don’t sleep well, so anti-red eye drops are a great fix for that. I also add a luminzer to my foundation like MAC Strobe Cream or their Lustre Drops. Fix+ also helps to make my skin look more radiant and not so dull or dehydrated. I also find pink blush perks my face up a lot. I personally am loving Benefit Hervana and NARS Desire. For under the eyes, love moisturizers with caffeine or other ingredients that help de-puff or firm the skin. Corrector, concealer, and brightening powders or liquid illuminators for the eye area also help a lot to conceal any added darkness. Other tricks for the eye area: flesh colored liner takes out the red from my waterline, which helps to brighten, and bringing concealer or a highlighting product in the inner corner of the eye helps to diminish shadows making eyes look brighter and slightly bigger. Curling lashes also helps to lift the eye up as well.

I think this is pretty standard for many when it comes to faking the awake look.

Then after I do all this, I go grab a delicious iced latte, so I can get that oh-so-wonderful caffeine buzz! πŸ˜€

Sometimes I have problems with water retention in the facial area when I awake. If the eyelid swelling is too obvious, I take a shower to open my pores and wet a paper towel with cold water, placing a single ice cube inside the paper towel. I move the ice back and forth between each eye until I feel the swelling go down. After about 10 minutes, there is a noticeable reduction in the swelling.

An 8 oz cup of coffee also helps to eliminate water retention as the morning moves on.

As far as makeup is concerned, minimal is best on days when I’m looking puffy, but I do put a darker shadow on to force the appearance of puffiness to recede as much as possible. No eyeliner, which tends to make the eye look smaller, except beneath the outer third of the lower lid (not on the waterline). I also give it a little flick to make my eyes appear larger and detract attention from the puffiness at the inner corners and under the eye.

– Drink lots of water/fluids
– Coffee/Tea for caffeine

– shimmery eyeshadow
– a flush of blush (non-red shade)

I agree with Christine.

I would also like to add … A good eye gel/cream, an OTC eye redness reducer drops (like Rhoto) and plenty of water.

When I wake up in the morning usually my skin looks greyish and dull; in order to prepare my skin for the makeup I wash my face with a good face lotion and afterwards I apply moisturizer and eye cream specific for dark circles.
In those days I work expecially with warm colors;peach blush, beige or light orange eyeshadow,tinted lip balm and a good beigey-orange concealer for my HUGE dark circles (I use MAC studio finish concealer in NW25 only around my eye area, even if I’m NC10, and after I mix it with a fair concealer that matches my skintone better)
Uh, sorry for my english but it’s not my native language πŸ˜€

My secret ? Bio rosewater from Sanoflore and a good blush ( Hervana, rosy glow from Dior, Angelika from Nars ). Otherwise I use la crΓ¨me prodigieuse from Nuxe, it’s a perfect cream really.

I use Benefit Lemonaid from lid to brow to cover all my tired eye capillaries and redness/shadows and what not. then I take it underneath the eye and cover my dark circles. I lightly powdr it into place with MAC sheer mystery powder. and then I try to moisturize my lips and do something colorful with them but not belligerent. Then I add MAC just a pinch gel blush I put this together in a taqueria restroom on a roadtrip to homeland security. and If I do say so myself, this look worked out fine.

A good serum to smooth the skin and make foundation stay on, eye drops to help with dry and gritty eyes, a good light shade to bring light and life back to my eyes (my favorite include UD Sin, Half Baked, and MAC Woodwinked). Highlighting the inner corners is a step I wouldn’t skip anyways, but I find that in particular helps when I haven’t slept well. I would keep things sweet and simple when I haven’t got much sleep, because dramatic makeup could make me look a bit too gloomy!

I start with Visine and a ton of water.
For face, I use a luminizing primer (loving Laura Mercier Radiance right now) and UDPP under the eyes to keep all that concealer from creasing. I make sure to apply concealer on the inner corner of the eyes (kind of on the sides of the nose) because I tend to get kind of blue there. For tired days, I like Kat Von D Tattoo concealer, set with a slightly shimmery powder.
I do a neutral eye (MAC Naked on lid, UD Naked in crease, MAC Vanilla highlight), liner on only the outer half of the lids (to open up my eyes), and lots of mascara.
I make sure to contour, blush, and highlight my cheeks, and a soft pink lip color wakes my face up. It’s kind of a lot of steps but worth it, I’ve gone a whole day at work without anyone knowing I was hungover before lol.

I conceal really well then just use a light powder or tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation, then I’d groom my brows and use a nice blush and highlight properly. Nothing says put together and awake than a simple and crisp look.

A light shimmery lavender eyeshadow wash does wonders to make me look more awake! Also, sometimes I line my waterline with a light peach color to brighten my eye area and reduce the look of redness. A sheer brightening fresh pink lip product and/or blush help too.

As a mum, I know what it’s like to stay awake at night! To disguise, I use an highlight pen under my eyes, immediately underneath the eyebrow and nose sides( don’t know the English word for this); then, a good concealer (mac prolongwear)- what I love about this concealer is that it’s buildable without being too much; a foundation that adds a certain glow, light eyeshadow, highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and pink blush – just to add a flush!!Ah, before makeup, a good eye cream!!

A light, bright-finished shadow on my lids/inner corners (something like Naked Lunch or All That Glitters from MAC), a bit of tight-lining, concealer under my eyes and a flesh toned liner on my waterline if needed and a natural looking blush (Pinch o’Peach works for me) and a rosy toned lip gloss.

I deal with puffy eyes all the time and my new favorite product is 100% MAC Prep & Prime Vibrancy Eye primer. Mega eye depuffer got me! It’s got caffeine, just like MAC Fast Response cream (which was my old favorite), but it’s got so much more!

First, it’s much gentler on my skin than Fast Response ever was – not drying and very easy to spread without any heaviness. Then, it does triple duty as a luminizer, color-corrector (it’s peach toned to deal with circles) and eyeshadow base. I don’t think it really offers any skin treatment advantages over time, but it doesn’t do anything harsh that would work against the delicate eye area. It works fine over moisturizer and lasts all day without doing anything weird.

If MAC’s next version has moisturizers and SPF, there’s seriously nothing this product won’t do.

I definitely use BB Corrector as an undereye concealer, I apply a shimmery wash on my lids and inner corner and line with black liner, apply a healthy dose of blush and highlighter

MAC Vanilla eyeshadow (shadow, not pigment). Usually it’s a bit too chalky and stark, but man is it amazing when you’ve got dark circles or red eyes. It’s so good at waking up the face. ^^ Also a bright lipstick, which I think helps detract from tired eyes because the focus is all on the lips.

I start my morning with a cup of green tea and I wash my face. Using my Clarisonic helps buff away any dead skin and get the blood flowing as well as the hot water. I also use a good eye cream to help with any puffiness or circles when I haven’t had enough sleep.

My two beauty must haves to help me look more awake is my Holika Holika BB Cream, it works better than any concealer on my skin and mascara. I have long lashes so pulling them up and adding curl will make my eyes pop more and make me look more with it!

I’ve also found adding a sweep of my favorite blush helps brighten my face and distract from any droppy eye feeling that I have, and it also gives me a boost of confidence.

benefit erase paste is amazing for brightening eyes and covering up late night dark circles. also a champagne shade in the corners of eyes and under eyebrow. pink blush also does wonders! also a fun lipstick on a bare face always looks fresh too! like a fruit punch, soft berry or pop of red look super cute.

white eyeliner is any form or light/shimmer in the inner corners . yellow concealer over my dark circle which are very blue and bruise like. cool tones like a pretty sky blue eyeliner makes my skin look clear and glowy no matter what. mMy new rule is to wear colors of cloths and makeup for my color season im a winter so bright cool colors,cool jewel tones and pastels are my best friend

A nude pencil in the waterline, concealer for sure, Visene, highlighter around the tear ducts and brow bone curl the lashes, lots of mascara. Don’t go to “matte” something lighter will make you appear more awake too I think.

Alternate H20 with Caffeine. You NEED both, caffeine might wake you up but it also dries you out.

DO NOT wear eyeliner on your waterline! It makes you look even more tired and draws attention to your already sleepy-looking eyes. Obviously, make sure you apply a concealer to dark circles under your eyes. I also find that wearing a blush that compliments your skin tone makes you look more awake and healthy(:

People always say mascara is the one beauty product no girl should be without, but I think it’s an under eye brightener and concealer. I could have the most beautiful and polished look, but if I have dark circles it’s the only thing I notice. I think too look more awake you have to fake it with concealers and eye brighteners. Once you manage the eye issue THEN put mascara on, put a little tinted moisturizer, a pop of lipgloss or tinted balm & you should be good. My main focus is always the eyes though.

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