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1. Reach for products that make my beauty lovin’ heart go pitter-patter.  That means favorites, special occasion-only products, and shades I know flatter me best. 2. Give myself enough time to get ready to the nines and not feel rushed; when I feel the time crunch, then I lose out on the fun that is creating and applying a look.  3. Eat right! I always feel guilty, gross, and terrible if I overindulge in really bad food.

— Christine

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1. Staying away from people who make me feel horrible.

2. Not worrying about the opinion of people who don’t know much about me to begin with.

3. Eat, wear, and do what makes ME happy.

1. Take a long, hot, decadent shower, followed by body lotion or moisturizer of your choice. I don’t know if this makes me feel *beautiful* but it sure helps me feel fantastic and I’m happier about my body and appearance in general when I’m clean from head to toe and my skin looks good.

2. Have a good hair day *g* I always feel better about my looks when my hair looks good. This is why #2 can sometimes depend on #1 (in related news I’m looking for a good conditioner for fine curly hair, anyone got a suggestion?)

3. Have plenty of time to get ready. I hate mornings when I’m running out the door and my hair’s in a clip because I didn’t get to shower and I don’t have time to deal with it and forget makeup, I’m lucky if I have a chance to swipe on lip balm and there’s a giant zit on my chin I haven’t covered and…yeah. I always feel prettier when I have time to even just put on a bit of powder and mascara.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner – plus the shampoo are the only things that work for my curly hair!! Plus they aren’t that expensive at all 🙂

In re:#2, I have fine curly & wavy hair … I’ve been using living proof no frizz conditioner as well as carols daughter monoi hair mask and phyto phytodefrisant mask. I like this stuff and got it 20% with sephora vib but I might switch to drugstore when it’s finished. … aveda brilliant is really awesome if you’re looking to splurge

The three things I do to make me feel the most beautiful:
1. Fix my hair either by tying it up or styling it with products. I think hair contributes more to a woman’s appearance than makeup.
2. Pick a simple but classy outfit. Jeans and a nice shirt or even a skirt.
3. Walk with confidence.Or at least, walk with posture you learn as a child. Men notice this and it’s very flattering.

1. enough sleep
2. good ..x life
3. no stress (financial worries, deadlines, peace with friends& family, no enemies..)

I think these factors are the most determining to look my best. Make up is more a tool to enhance beauty or to reflect state of mind, which is fun. Plus to be honest my first three points are pure luxury and more fiction than reality to have all this balance, whereas make up does the magic regardless of the circumstances.

I really agree with Christine on number 2. It’s hard to feel decadent when you’re rushed. Also, while I can certainly slap on a nice look in 10 minutes, it’s not enough time to really pay attention to details.

1) A pink or peach blush instantly brightens my face
2) Exercise running or dancing makes me feel healthy and beautiful
3) Chocolate

1. Use Soul Purpose Body Balm in Brown Surgar.
2. Wear a bright pink lipstick.
3. Wear a sexy bra and matching panty.
4. Wear a Spring/Summer sheath.

1.) Regularly sweating makes me happy. I have to go to the gym at least five days a week to get a boost of endorphins. Plus, even if I am not loosing weight, it keeps everything nice and tight. 😉

2.) I try to eat healthy. I, like Christine, find that when I eat healthy I feel good.

3.) Makeup, wearing it and purchasing it, also makes me very happy.

1. Blush! It helps with everything.
2. Wear pink. It always instantly brightens my mood.
3. Drink some tea. Having a few minutes to myself to enjoy something so simple is really calming.

1. Consistently work out and when I can tell my body is getting more toned I feel so good about it.
2. Take care of my skin, so I can go without makeup more often 🙂
3. Smile!

1. Yoga. Eating fresh, doing yoga in the morning and evening. It’s the best ways I have for making my body feel new again.

2. Skin care. I’ve spent more money on making my skin look it’s best than I ever have on makeup. Once I found my perfect products, I’ve felt the best while wearing the least amount of makeup.

3. Filling in my eyebrows. No joke! I had no idea how much more perfect my face could look but the first time a makeup artist filled in my brows, I was set. It’s the one absolute that I do in my makeup routine daily.

1. Taking care of my skin: I never ever go to sleep with makeup on, I use eye cream morning and night, use my Clarisonic about once a week/every other week, use Retain-A gel at night, use amazing moisturizers, and always apply lip balm before bed.

2. Nail art. Different textures of polishes (like the Pixie Dust or Speckled polishes), painting/drawing designs on my nails, new takes on traditional nail art, etc.

3. This would be a tie between fun jewelery/accessories (right now I am in to knuckle rings and half gloves) OR wearing an amazing perfume.

And I’ve stopped judging myself/trying to change myself. I am who I am. Take it or leave it. No one is perfect and if you aren’t happy with yourself, you’re going to be blue. I would love a less judge-y world.

Ive written a strict skincare regime, and i love following it because i feel so pampered after it all, and i notice the difference in when i do follow it and when i dont.

Applying makeup with all the time in the world. I hate being rushed, but when i got the time, i let my creativity run wild and it always looks sooo pretty.

Curling my hair, ive recently discovered the best curling wand ever (so amazing and alsoo sooo cheap i bought another three as backups because i use it all the time), my hair is so long and thick, and it has a red tint to it, my boyfriend absolutely adores it when i curl my hair, he says even without the makeup, if i just curled my hair, it makes me look so beautiful/

1: Eating right. If I don’t, I feel guilty and disgusting, and just blech. D;

2: Straightening my hair! It looks so much better straight, and it helps with flyaways, frizz, etc.

3: Doing my makeup for as long as I want to. Being able to just sit and listen to music and not be rushed while I do my makeup is a treat, because I have to get up at 4:15 AM for work.

1. Giving myself a nice mani/pedi
2. Taking time to fill in my eyebrows perfectly — they are very thin, and they make the biggest difference in my look.
3. Not being rushed and taking my sweet, sweet time!

1) Guerlain Samsara, paired with a smile!
2) Nice lingerie, that’s not too fancy but with a great cut, fabric, and overall design.
3) Doing some work-out. I’ve had back problems and I don’t want them back, so a lot of sports are a no-go for me, but when I have more time on my hands (like not right now, unfortunately), I really enjoy callanetics. It soothes me, and I do feel more toned!

1. Proper hygiene.

2. Staying away from negative people & situations. Even if the negtivity isn’t towards me, I still prefer to stay away from it.

3. Wearing what I want, because I like it, and I don’t care what *anyone* else thinks (as long as it’s appropriate for the situation or environment I’m in). This goes for clothes, makeup, accessories, etc.

1. Have my hair colored, cut and styled – it makes me feel totally renewed!
2. Wear my favorite makeup products! Even if no one else notices any difference, knowing I’m wearing them makes me happy.
3. Treating myself with a manicure and a face mask.

And of course, sleep well – that depends too much on what’s going on in my life, but I do try to get a good night sleep as often as possible!

1. Exercising. Sometimes it takes some work to motivate myself to the gym, but I always feel like a champ after I pound out an hour on the treadmill.

2. Dressing beautifully and looking polished. I’m in scrubs 40 hours a week, so putting time in my appearance is fun.

3. Bold lipstick. Red lipstick is a statement all its own.

1) hydration: a shower with my favorite moisturizing body wash and drinking lots of water. 2) A restful sleep and 3) giving myself enough time to listen and sing along to my favorite songs while putting on my favorite makeup.

1. drink lots of water and green tea
2. eat healthy; lots of veggies, lean protein, whole grains, and fruit
3. exercise regularly

If I’m doing these three things then makeup is the icing on the cake! You’ve gotta feel good on the inside for the products to look good on the outside.

1. I never ever leave the house without my hair being styled to perfection! Nothing makes me feel prettier than a great hair style!
2. I absolutely love and look forward to getting my monthly pedicures. The massage is the best part, and the feeling of being pampered is well worth the money! I’m a busy wife/mom, and the “me” time allows me to recharge. I always leave the salon feeling my best and having pretty feet is nice too! 🙂
3. I stick to my daily skincare routine because I believe in feeling beautiful with and without make up. Skincare is also important to me because I feel using make up to cover up acne and irritated skin only worsens the issue. If I have a skin issue, I don’t even consider applying make up to my skin.

1. Morning workout/yoga session. There is nothing that feels as amazing as knowing I started my day just right, and it’s amazing how good I feel the rest of the day.
2. Put on my favorite face and hair masks while taking a bath and listening to some wonderful music.
3. Spend time doing makeup. And, especially a red lipstick. Makes me feel fabulous!

1) Being freshly showered, shampoo’d, shaved, and moisturized. Being clean all over.
2) Wearing flattering makeup and hairstyle.
3) Feeling happy, healthy and calm. Deep breathing and appreciating what I have instead of worrying about what I don’t have. Work to fix what you can and accept what you cannot change. Lay it to rest and you’ll have a more peaceful soul.

1. Wear my favourite perfume, the elixir of the Chanel No 5 perfume. Love this, makes me feel so calm and sensual.

2. Like Christine, wearing my favourite special occasion only make up products.

I know this is probably really sad but…that’s about it and maybe not even those! So I’m reading other comments and getting some tips to make me feel that way 🙂

1. Getting and keeping my skin clear. I don’t have to wear so much foundation and makeup is more fun with clear skin.
2. Having the love of my family and friends.
3. Working out (it really keeps blues away).

1.Buy a new bold lippie, when my lips are hot, I feel like I can rule the world.
2. trip to the spa & salon, nothing makes me feel more woamnly than a day full of pampering facials, massages, hair and nails.
3. working out, working up a sweat at the gym or taking in a class of water pilates makes me feel beautiful because i know i’m taking care of my body.

1. Working out: I can forget all troubles while sweating
2. Treating myself under the shower: hair mask, shaving, …
3. Applying nice make-up and perfume

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